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The event is dedicated to him, commemorating thirty years from that time since his WWE debut. [316] Of his entrances, Calaway has stated, "When that gong went off, that was go time. AKA: Tim B Calaway, Timothy Bill Calaway, Timothy Calawy. 3 (See section 11 of 53)", "Match Listing And Artwork For WWE's The Attitude Era DVD & Blu-ray", "WATCH: When WWE Legend the Undertaker Crucified Cold Steve Austin in a Chilling Segment", "Undertaker attempts to embalm Stone Cold Steve Austin: This Week in WWE History, Dec. 8, 2016", "Backlash: Austin wins, Stephanie abducted", "The Higher Power of The Corporate Ministry is revealed", "The Higher Power: How Vince and Undertaker Formed the Corporate Ministry", "Pro wrestling's Wolfpac is tighter than ever", "Undertaker, Royal Rumble, Vickie Guerrero and more", "The Evolution of The Undertaker's 'American Badass' Character in WWE", "20 YRS AGO: WWE RAW REPORT (8-14-2000): The Rock, Angle, Stephanie, Triple H, Shane, Hardys, Lita, Undertaker, Trish, Guerrero, X-Pac", "Why WWE Changed The Undertaker Into A Biker (Then Switched Him Back)", "The Undertaker: Master of Pain (see page 21 and 22)", "The Infamous Kiss My A** Club of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon", "WWE Hell in a Cell Preview: The History Of The Undertaker Vs. Kane Feud (section 6 of 9)", "How Triple H, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels Crafted Epic 4-Year WrestleMania Saga", "The Undertaker: The greatest moments in The Deadman's Hall of Fame career", "WILLIAM 'PAUL BEARER' MOODY PASSES AWAY", "INDUCTION: THE ORTONS VS. [79] Among them, Mankind cost The Undertaker the WWF Intercontinental Championship by interfering in his casket match against Goldust at In Your House 8: Beware of Dog. He was born in Houston, Texas, to Frank Compton Calaway and Betty Catherine Truby. [70] Represented now by cool colors, The Undertaker replaced details of his wrestling gear that were previously colored gray with purple, and effected scenes with blue/purple semidarkness. Despite being in character, he referred to the real-world media coverage of the storyline, singling out the New York Post's Don Kaplan by name and denouncing his description of the events on SmackDown!, such as Kaplan's comment of the masked men being "Arabs in ski masks". [180] The Undertaker battled Edge for the vacant title at Judgment Day, which he won by countout. McMahon justified his decision that it would significantly enhance Lesnar's formidability to set up the next WrestleMania event and that there were no other viable candidates to fill Lesnar's role. They had a child named Kaia Faith Calaway in 2012. In 1985, he enrolled in Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas, where he majored in sport management and played as a center for the Rams in the 19851986 season. [80] At that month's In Your House: Rage in the Cage, while Diesel was facing Hart in a steel cage match for the WWF Championship, The Undertaker delivered a surprise attack, emerging from a hole he had ripped through the ring canvas and dragging Diesel with him down under amid a cloud of smoke, allowing Hart the victory. [123] In transitioning his "American Badass" biker identity into a heel, The Undertaker eventually cut his long hair short and went by the nickname "Big Evil". Timothy "Tim-Tool Man" Calaway, 63, of Bastrop passed away on March 24, 2020. The chain of wrestlers DiBiase enlisted to do away with The Undertaker started with Irwin R. Schyster at the Royal Rumble for which The Undertaker was victorious, but assaulted by another member of the Million Dollar Team, King Kong Bundy. The Undertaker, (born Mark William Calaway) also referred to as Undertaker or sometimes simply Taker is the main anti-heroic protagonist of the WWE franchise and the titular main protagonist from his documentary film 30 Days of the Deadman along with Paul Bearer including his brother Kane, as well as the one of the main protagonists from The Flintstones and WWE: Stone Age Smackdown! [72] In these initial zombie-like incarnations of his gimmick, he was portrayed as impervious to pain, something accomplished by Calaway not selling his opponents' attacks. The Undertaker, however, had vanished amid a cloud of smoke once the casket lid was opened. [83] Following Survivor Series, The Undertaker briefly turned his attention to The Executioner, who had been interfering in his matches since his arrival. [250] Undertaker returned on the March 6 edition of Raw and performed a chokeslam on Reigns. [86] Evening the score at "Revenge of the 'Taker", The Undertaker set a fireball to Bearer's face directly following the match. During episode five of the wrestler's Last Ride series on the WWE Network, the 55-year-old opened up about the death of his brother. 2007 Wrestling almanac & book of facts. After the match, the four men shook hands as a sign of respect, however, Undertaker and Kane would follow this by attacking them. Timothy Callaway was born in Oakland, California on June 6, 1962 and grew up in the Bay Area. After being trapped inside the casket by the pack, green vapor emitted from the casket and the arena lights went out. He also featured on the final episode of Undertaker: The Last Ridewhere Mark Calaway can be seen reminiscing about his late brother. Along with Eddie Guerrero and Booker T, he challenged JBL to a championship rematch at Armageddon in a fatal four-way match, in which The Undertaker was unsuccessful, again due to Heidenreich's interference. RELATED: WWE's The Last Ride Confirms Undertaker's Worst Match Was All His Fault. Mark William Calaway (born March 24, 1965), better known by the ring name The Undertaker, is an American retired professional wrestler.Widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, Calaway spent the vast majority of his career wrestling for WWF/E, and is best known for his critically acclaimed "Deadman" Undertaker gimmick, for which he was inducted into the WWE . (1999-2016) The next night on Raw, Undertaker competed in a tournament to crown the 2009 Superstar of the Year, losing to Randy Orton by countout in the first round after a distraction by Orton's protegs Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Taker - real name Mark Calaway - said after visiting the site of the Boneyard match the day before filming started, he received a call from his niece while driving back to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. In the final episode of Undertaker: The Last Ride, Undertaker talked about how shocked he was to hear the tragic news. Timothy Dayne Calaway was born c. 1957 to Frank Compton Calaway and Betty Catherine (Truby) Calaway, and had siblings Mark W. Calaway, Michael Calaway, David F Calaway, and Paul Calaway. After the match, Mark Henry made his return by assaulting an already battered Undertaker, after which Edge ran to the ring and cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase, forcing Undertaker into a second title defense. Calaway's niece informed him that her dad died of a heart attack aged 63. THE UNDERTAKER revealed he was left heartbroken after brother Timothy died of a heart attack during WrestleMania 36 filming. [40], Calaway immediately gave notice to WCW before the interview took place. In the process of being assaulted, Bearer was deprived of his urn by the Corporation. [122], As part of "The Invasion" storyline, The Undertaker's next nemesis was Diamond Dallas Page, who was obsessively stalking The Undertaker's wife, Sara. It stands as the highest-rated segment in Raw history. . [38] Now a singles wrestler, Callous took on the guidance of Paul E. Dangerously (Paul Heyman). [369], Calaway invests in real estate with his business partner, Scott Everhart. [142] After The Undertaker won their brutal Hell in a Cell encounter, in effect, settling his 9 month long feud with Orton,[151] Calaway took a brief hiatus from professional wrestling. "The Guy Next Door with Vegas Style" has called Las Vegas his home for over 40 years. The Undertaker is one of the most legendary figures in WWE history. Despite the inclusion of the cell for more order and to prevent Michaels from receiving help from his D-Generation X stable, the encounter ended up even more uncontrolled and savage than their first and is considered among one of The Undertaker's best matches of his career. While Jacobs, currently the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, has no siblings, Calaway has three brothers. As part of the angle, Undertaker had his Ministry members fight his battles, carry out his evil wishes and do all his dirty deeds. [366] Calaway married his second wife, Sara Frank, in 2000. 2007 Wrestling almanac & book of facts. The Undertaker got married to Michelle McCool in 2010. During the match, The Undertaker threw Mankind off the roof of the 4.9m (16ft) cell onto a broadcast table below, in what was a preplanned move. The footage aired unedited on UPN in the United States and on The Score in Canada with an advisory warning shown several times during the broadcast. He has three siblings. In response, The Undertaker cut promos of ominous warning against Styles in which for the first time in years, he broke from the Deadman gimmick by presenting as himself out of character. Calaway's acceptance speech, hailed by media outlets as matchless and beyond compare, was motivational and shared his collection of self-reflections and life philosophies for success. Apart from that, in the final episode, Mark Calaway announced his retirement. The Undertaker won the match by striking Khali with steel stairs and finishing him with a chokeslam. 2. He entered the match last, replacing Rey Mysterio and defeating AJ Styles to win the Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy. Mark Calaways oldest brother, Timothy, died at the age of 63 due to a heart attack. In retaliation, Bearer disclosed that The Undertaker had intentionally killed his family by burning down his parents' family funeral home for which they raised him and his younger brother. Does Undertaker have a brother? Calaway made his film debut as Hutch in the 1991 film Suburban Commando. [59], In February 1992, The Undertaker's ally Jake "The Snake" Roberts tried to attack "Macho Man" Randy Savage's manager/wife Miss Elizabeth with a steel chair when Undertaker stopped him, turning him (and Paul Bearer) face for the first time. "Wrestling's historical cards" (p.108109), 2007 Wrestling almanac & book of facts. [53] He then feuded extensively with wrestlers managed by Harvey Wippleman throughout 1992 and 1993, such as Kamala and Giant Gonzlez. At first, he was a heel, but later turned face, around WrestleMania VIII (1992). While performing as The Punisher, Calaway won the WCWA Texas Heavyweight Championship on October 5, 1989, when Eric Embry forfeited the title.[33]. [261] On the June 24, 2019, edition of Raw, during a handicap match in which Roman Reigns was dominated by Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre, The Undertaker suddenly appeared and attacked McMahon and McIntyre. For years WWE fans believed Undertaker and Kane were actual half-brothers who feuded and also sometimes teamed up as "The Brothers of Destruction" since the latters debut in 1997. and the . [124], The Undertaker's next storyline began at the Royal Rumble in January 2002, when Maven eliminated him from the Royal Rumble match by hitting him with a dropkick from behind. [287][288] Adding to his many effects of treating his wrestling matches as funeral services, The Undertaker frequently served a list of specialized matches that were personalized to his Deadman gimmick: Casket Match, Body Bag Match, Buried Alive Match, Last Ride Match, Hell in a Cell, Boneyard Match, etc. [281] Later that same weekend, Calaway made appearances on the entrance stage on both nights of WrestleMania. 3", "Dead Man Rising: On the eve of his 26th 'WrestleMania,' we talked to friends, colleagues, and victims of the WWE's longest-reigning superstar about the making of the amazing career and (after)life of the Undertaker", "The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume III - Page 98", "Titan Sinking: The decline of the WWF in 1995 - Page 165", "What the World Was Watching: WWF Monday Night Raw February 5, 1996", "CvC: Undertaker vs. Mankind, The Best and Most Bizarre Rivalry Ever", "Deadman to American Bada**- Transformation of The Undertaker's Gimmick and Attire Over the Years", "Austin 3:16: 316 Facts and Stories about Stone Cold Steve Austin", "Wrestling Observer Newsletter - Page 16", "WWE Encyclopedia of Sports Entertainment New Edition", "WWE: Ranking The Undertaker's Various Returns to the Ring", "Abandoned: The History of WWE's World Tag Team Championship, Pt. brand (where he remained until the first brand extension ended in 2011), alongside former Raw talent Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero. "Wrestling's historical cards" (p. 100101). Lesnar put Undertaker in a kimura lock and the timekeeper rang the bell after seeing The Undertaker supposedly indicating submission, but since the referee had not seen a submission and never stopped the match, the match continued. [313] A main attraction of the Deadman gimmick, The Undertaker mesmerized his opponents and viewers alike through elaborately "bone-chilling" entrances. [122] At SummerSlam, WCW Tag Team Champions The Undertaker and Kane defeated Page and his partner Kanyon in a steel cage match to win the WWF Tag Team Championship. Triple H and Shawn Michaels at, This was a Hell in a Cell match with Shawn Michaels serving as the, The match was taped between March 25 and 26, aired on April 4. At WrestleMania 36, The Undertaker presented his third and final identity, "The Unholy Trinity," a combination of The Deadman, American Badass, and himself as Mark Calaway, this blend allowing him to trash talk Styles over real life matters during their encounter, while also able to maintain his superhuman horror capabilities. [225] The following night on Raw, Undertaker came out to pay his respects to Bearer, but was interrupted by The Shield, who attempted to attack Undertaker before Kane and Daniel Bryan made the save. The first was during the Royal Rumble when The Undertaker's bells tolled, distracting Kane and allowing Booker T to eliminate him. [133] This match resulted in a feud with McMahon, culminating at Survivor Series where The Undertaker lost a Buried Alive match against McMahon when Kane interfered. "[317], After a hiatus, Calaway made a return in 2000 in which he expanded on The Undertaker gimmick with a human form of the character. That was the mindset behind the gong. Armed with clubs and a piano wire, the masked men assaulted and choked out The Undertaker before Hassan then placed The Undertaker in a camel clutch. In this manner, he expressed his desires to take over the World Wrestling Federation, displacing its owner, Mr. McMahon. The Undertaker then appeared and beat Cena in an impromptu three-minute squash match. The Undertaker initially denied his then ex-manager Paul Bearer's charges of him committing the arson murder of his family (The Undertaker would not confess to these intentional acts of arson until a year and a half later from his initial denials, in latter 1998). After the 2011 Royal Rumble, promotional videos began airing, showing The Undertaker entering and standing within a Western-style, dilapidated shack on a rainy desert in Death Valley, The Undertaker's birthplace. [204] The Undertaker lost the title to Chris Jericho after interference from Shawn Michaels that night;[205] Jericho has said on multiple occasions that the pyrotechnician responsible for the accident was immediately escorted from the arena and relieved of his employment with WWE, following a threat of violence from Calaway. [270], The Undertaker, wearing his trademark mortician trench coat and stetson hat, made an appearance at the conclusion of the Survivor Series event on November 22, 2020. The Undertaker six-man tag match, Ryder squashed", "PWTorch.com - PARKS' WWE SMACKDOWN REPORT 4/26: Complete coverage of the loaded Friday night show, including Undertaker vs. Ambrose, Henry vs. Orton", "Raw: Longer matches and a dramatic return in Green Bay", "WWE WrestleMania star The Undertaker has head injury", "WWE news: Austin/McMahon podcast McMahon attempts to explain why Undertaker's Streak was broken at WM30", "The Undertaker rechaz entrar al WWE Hall of Fame en 2014", "CALDWELL'S WWE FAST LANE PPV RESULTS 2/22: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of Bryan vs. Reigns, Cena vs. Rusev, Sting-Hunter confrontation, final PPV before WM31", "CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 3/9: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live Raw Lesnar appears, Orton strikes, Taker "responds" to Bray, Sting "speaks," latest WM31 hype, more", "CALDWELL'S WM31 PPV RESULTS 3/29: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of WWE World Title match, Taker's return, Sting vs. [199] The Undertaker successfully defended the title against CM Punk on the October 23 edition of SmackDown, in a fatal four-way match at Bragging Rights against Punk, Batista and Rey Mysterio and in a triple threat match against Chris Jericho and Big Show at Survivor Series. Also Read l Mark Calaway brother:Undertaker Recalls Heartbreak Of His Brother's Death. [129], The Undertaker took a break after Big Show threw him off the stage on the October 24 edition of SmackDown!, sparking a feud. [86] Following the event, Bearer bandaged up from fire burns, likened The Undertaker's assault to a past incident he described as The Undertaker's "deepest, darkest secret". Returning assistant-General Manager Theodore Long declared a triple threat match for the title between the three men at Armageddon, which Edge won after interference from The Major Brothers. [135] At No Mercy, The Undertaker and JBL competed in the first-ever Last Ride match, although The Undertaker lost after Heidenreich interfered. [131], Over the remainder of the year, The Undertaker entered a brief feud with John Cena (defeating him at Vengeance) and was booked to have two WWE Championship opportunities. In keeping with his Deadman routine for example, The Undertaker was forbiddingly slow and measured in much of his maneuvering and offense. Updated: December 18, 2021. Though Ware also shared that he always admired Mark Calaway and perceived him as a great performer). These ambitions culminated into a rivalry between The Ministry and The Corporation, ultimately resulting in a match between Undertaker and Corporation enforcer, Big Boss Man. This match also made both The Undertaker and Michaels the first men in WWE history to main event WrestleMania in three different decades (Undertaker main evented WrestleMania 13 and XXIV in 1997 and 2008 and Michaels main evented WrestleMania XII and XIV in 1996 and 1998 and XX and 23 in 2004 and 2007, respectively). ", "WWE: Undertaker Taking Heat for Blue Lives Matter Support", "November 2, 2020 Observer Newsletter: WWE Q3 financials, more", "Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson endorsed for president by WWE's Undertaker", "Trump was introduced at his Arizona rally with the walkout song for WWE wrestler The Undertaker", "Trump was featured at his Arizona rally with WWE wrestler The Undertaker's exit song", "WWE 2K14 Phenom Edition puts Undertaker in tin coffin", "Classic Home Video Games, 1989-1990: A Complete Guide to Sega Genesis, Neo Geo and TurboGrafx-16 Games", "THE NES ENCYCLOPEDIA: EVERY GAME RELEASED FOR THE NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM", "Guinness World Records 2018 Gamer's Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Gaming Records", "Playstation Power Pocket Guide - Page 86", "Ultimate Code Book: Book of Secrets - Page 392", "WWE 2K14: Killer Features That Will Excite Die-Hard Fans", "RARE: The Undertaker Appears Out of Character at a WWE 2K22 Event", "WWE 2K20: Release Date, Roster, New Features and Known Superstar Ratings", "KOF ALLSTARWWE COLLABORATION - THE KING OF FIGHTERS", "The Undertaker Has Appeared In 56 Video Games Over The Course Of His 30-Year Career", "The Man comes around: Becky Lynch breaks out for WWE as the 2018 Wrestler of the Year", "Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) 500 for 2002", "Unified World Heavyweight Title [United States Wrestling Association]", WWWF/WWF/WWE World Heavyweight Title history, World Heavyweight Title (WWE Smackdown!) Born on March 24, 1965. [352], In contrast to the high praise The Undertaker received during the vast majority of his professional wrestling career, he was heavily criticized for continuing to perform throughout the latter part of his wrestling career, particularly after his first defeat at WrestleMania. [129] On the August 29 edition of SmackDown!, Undertaker was moved to the SmackDown! [191] On the April 24 edition of SmackDown, after losing a match against Big Show by knockout with Big Show taking advantage of The Undertaker's battered neck state from his previous WrestleMania encounter, The Undertaker attacked Big Show. With the help of his minions, he often performed sacrifices on select WWF wrestlers, using various incantations and magic words with intent to extract out the dark side of the wrestlers in question to recruit them into his Ministry. [244] Vince later decided that should The Undertaker lose the match against Shane, it would be his final match at WrestleMania. Kama followed this up with a series of malicious acts, including destroying the stolen urn and recycling it into bling. His uncle, Timothy Calaway, died because of a heart attack. [368], In the 1990s, Calaway started a backstage "posse" called the Bone Street Krew which consisted of some of his best friends and fellow wrestlers Yokozuna, Savio Vega, Charles Wright, The Godwinns, and Rikishi. [335] However, during the last few years of his wrestling career, he allowed himself to be seen out of character, giving interviews as Mark Calaway and filming a documentary called The Last Ride. [30][31] PWInsider's Mike Johnson stated, "Undertaker using some of Jardine's style eventually morphed into this story that he was trained by Jardine. During the rally, the song was accompanied with a music video playing on big-screen monitors, advancing through multitudes of scenes intended to alarm the public of looming danger resulting from the presidency of Joe Biden (46th and current President of the United States). Birth Name: Mark William Calaway. Frank Calaway, his father, died when he was young. ", "What's at Stake When John Cena Wrestles Brock Lesnar at 'SummerSlam', "Paul Bearer on managing Undertaker vs Hogan, Giant Gonzales, Jake Roberts & more", "Undertaker: 25 Defining Moments for 25 Years in WWE (section 15 of 25)", "Best moments and memories of SummerSlam", "Undertaker: 25 Defining Moments for 25 Years in WWE", "WWE's Looking Back At Legends: Best Feuds Of the Biggest Stars in PPV Era, Ep. [49], The Undertaker made his WrestleMania debut at WrestleMania VII on March 24, 1991, quickly defeating "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka. [120] The Undertaker then went on to defeat Triple H at WrestleMania X-Seven. Like a cherished, invaluable artifact". [119] Afterward, he was booked to team with Kane to contend for the WWF Tag Team Championship.

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