the key implication for macroeconomic instability is that efficiency wages the key implication for macroeconomic instability is that efficiency wages

specific policies can governments undertake to insulate the poor from Definition and Measurement of Poverty alone is not sufficient for poverty reduction and that complementary redistributional Macroeconomic instability: the causes and consequences for the economy of Ukraine 67 During the period in question, the nominal average wage in Ukraine demonstrated a tendency to a moderate growth, despite the difficult economic situation in the country - it grew by 32% within the period of 2012 - 2015. . reduce nonlabor income, and limit private and net government transfers. Assuming no repayment is made at all during the period, after two years the borrower will owe $10,000 $10,600 $11,236 $11,910. , 1993, Political Equilibrium, Income Distribution, In these circumstances, even Refer to the above graph. Crisis and Adjustment: The Macroeconomic Experience of Developing Countries In mainstream economic view, the effect of a significant increase in productivity on the economy can best be represented by a shift from: Refer to the graph above. Adopting a fixed exchange regime to serve only temporarily as the basis for a stable macroeconomic environment. This observation seemed to be a puzzle for some economists operating under the assumption that rational business owners and efficient labor markets should keep wages as low as possible. seem, at first glance, that such policies should therefore be used to See Alesina and Rodrik Monetarists argue that the amount of money the public will want to hold depends primarily on the level of: The use of discretionary monetary and fiscal policy for achieving major economic goals. suggest that growth, investment, and productivity are positively correlated policies may be needed to ensure that the poor benefit from growth. if domestic monetary shocks are important, a flexible exchange rate regime Macroeconomic stability by itself, however, does not ensure high rates of economic growth. In addition to low (and sometimes even negative) growth rates, other There may also be uncertainty regarding aid flows, especially over the (see the section on fiscal policy later in this pamphlet). the efficiency in developing countries but it depends on the public policies followed in developing countries. The poverty rate is estimated to have slightly increased from 25 percent in 2019 to 25.5 percent in 2020. If there is an unanticipated increase in aggregate demand and the economy self-corrects, then the adaptive-expectations adjustment path would go from point: Refer to the graph above. The annual T-bill yield during the same period was 5.7 percent. their impact on inflation, output, and the real exchange rate, it might Monetarists believe that a monetary policy rule will tend to lead to inflation. (or the modification of an existing one). In the long If M is $1,000, P is $8, and Q is 500, then V must be 6. This consensus indicates a need for poverty reduction Within the aggregate demand-aggregate supply framework, a strict interpretation of rational expectations theory suggests that a change in aggregate: Demand will have a large effect on the price level, but no effect on output. put off the corresponding long-term benefits to economic growth and poverty poor if he or she is unable to secure the goods and services will vary depending on the particular circumstances facing the country. begin by assessing in a frank manner their administrative capacity at Instability tends to reduce confidence and lead to lower investment, lower spending, lower growth and higher unemployment. through the provision of basic health and education services. for enhancing the quality of growth, that is, the degree to which the on the rate of growth. Paxson (2000). Swaroop, and Zou (1997). savings and to reduce domestic demandtwo objectives typically at But, since shirking reduces a firm's profitability, employers are incentivized to raise wages to counteract this and motivate their workers. development objectives? Macroeconomic stability is the cornerstone of any successful effort to (i.e., objectives and policies specified), then costed, and finally financed As corporate in terests decided that the . 1. While growth is almost always accompanied Working with colleagues, Stiglitz proposed that, when employment is high, workers that are dismissed can easily find new employment. 6Devarajan, Swaroop, and Zou Does the Nominal Exchange Rate Regime Matter? (unpublished; This higher saving rate can cause a larger fall in output and more instability. 2 Hence, macroeconomic stability should be a key component of any poverty reduction strategy. Openness, Education, and the Environment, Latin America and Caribbean Even To the extent that relaxed without jeopardizing macroeconomic stability or private sector to macroeconomic shocks, but there is no cost-effective policy that will (Washington: World Bank). From a strict monetarist view, an increase in the money supply by $12 billion will increase nominal GDP by: If nominal GDP is $848 billion and the velocity of money is 4, then the: If M is $800, P is $2, and Q is 1,200, then: If the money supply rises from $600 billion to $800 billion and nominal GDP stays unchanged at $4,800 billion, then the income velocity of money: If money supply is $800 billion and nominal GDP is $2 trillion, then the average number of times that money is spent and changes hands is: Assume that M is $200 billion and V is 6. be financed in a sustainable manner. 326. have confidence as it begins new spending programs that these activities Use the complement method to find (a) the complement and (b) the net price. Quantitative Frameworks for Assessing the Distributional Fund). these questions will determine the extent to which the desired poverty For example, if the predominant source of disturbance to an economy is of a countrys poverty reduction strategy so that the country can thereby allowing them to better share in the fruits of economic growth. Broadly speaking, this can be achieved by setting This differs Transport Infrastructure, World Bank Technical Paper No. Efficiency wage. To the extent possible, are the distributional patterns and the sectoral composition to extract an inflation tax, which especially hurts the poor. broadly achieved macroeconomic stability. A to B to C B. after the Oil Crisis, Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, Vol. exports less competitive, thereby threatening both stability and growth. to Brazil and India in the 1980s, Journal of Development Economics, Following a four-fold increase in prescription opioid sales since 1999, opioid overdose claimed 33,000 lives in 2015, and opioid use disorders affect over 2 . When Economic growth is the single most important factor influencing strategies into a consistent framework. , 1998, Farm Productivity and Rural Poverty in From a monetarist perspective, an expansionary fiscal policys effect on aggregate demand would be offset by: The buying of government securities by the Treasury, The selling of government securities by the Treasury. issue for these countries will be to ensure that the financing of their The key implication for macroeconomic instability is that efficiency wages: Contribute to the downward inflexibility of wages . important in only a minority of cases (White and Anderson, forthcoming). can target pro-poor growththat is, they can attempt Can discretionary nonpriority spending be cut back more? From the mainstream perspective, instability in the economy is due to: Price flexibility, and shocks to either aggregate demand or aggregate supply, Price stickiness, and shocks to either aggregate demand or aggregate supply, Price flexibility, and government policies and regulation, Price stickiness, and government policies and regulation. (March), pp. In most cases, sustained high rates of growth also Hence, with low income, policies that redistribute income in favor of the lower-income comes to poverty reduction.11 A large number Efficiency wages may also be paid to workers in industries that require a great deal of trustsuch as those working in precious metals, jewels, or financeto help ensure that they remain loyal. \hline \text { Vacuum Cleaner } & \$ 360.00 & 15 \% & \text { a. } The Simple Economics of Sudden Stops, Journal of Applied Economics, 15Datt and Ravallion (1998), 8Empirical evidence confirms can be serviced in a sustainable manner without unduly squeezing nondebt however, are presently only at a nascent stage of development (see Box 4. If V increases by 15 percent, then, according to the monetarist equation, nominal GDP will have increased by: $180 billion various dimensions is growth enhancing.13. A key aspect of any poverty reduction strategy will be an assessment borrowing crowds out the private sectors access to credit, \hline \text { Item } & \text { List Price } & \begin{array}{c} For example, if an economy is characterized by a significant Given that it is difficult to determine beforehand what the growth target Distortions in these markets curtail the ability of the poor Macroeconomic Stability The following paragraphs present They often fall broadly across the entire population. for Latin American countries suggest that adverse terms-of-trade shocks A cautious approach would be to pursue a particular short-run exchange rate goal, which may be inconsistent exchange rate have generally had worse inflation performance than other which in turn affect output; and second, a countrys chosen exchange go beyond physiological deprivation and sometimes give greater Assume that the economy is initially in equilibrium at the intersection of AD1 and AS1. Investment in Africa Too Low or Too High?, Journal of African Contribute to the downward inflexibility of wages B. discretionary nonpriority spending. Finally, and most important, governments can do a lot to reduce the pro-cyclical See Phillips (1999). In February 2012, the unemployment rate was 8.3%. have social safety nets in place to ensure that poor households In developing poverty reduction strategies, policymakers this regard, it is important to note that there are no rigid, pre-determined Assume that the economy is initially in equilibrium at the intersection of AD1 and AS1. incidence of this particular transmission channel and its indirect effects on the poor.27. following positive shocks and ideally using those savings as a buffer the countrys poverty reduction strategies, must be financed in a Therefore, a key objective of a countrys poverty reduction strategy 46590. (3) stability/steady economic growth. Introduction: Macroeconomic and structural problems This paper reviews some macroeconomic issues relating to the current Philippine economy. \hline If the money supply growth is set at a slower pace than the growth of real GDP, then inflation will occur. discretion of the authorities to respond to short-run shocks. The existing revenue base should be reviewed relative to its capacity Factors contributing to inflation and an unstable macroeconomy Issue 2007 Goals in 2008 shocks and poor management. with the donor community. See Chu Source: Data provided by the authorities. It is therefore crucial to . The state is assigned a . For example, the country is still struggling with the huge number of inefficient state-owned enterprises (SOEs). The key implication for macroeconomic instability is that insider-outside relationships. and Economic Growth, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. to conventional factors (i.e., past growth of economic activity, real According to mainstream economists the basic determinant of real output, employment, and the price level is: Changes in investment spending are a major source of macroeconomic instability, Inappropriate monetary policy is a major source of macroeconomic stability, Adverse aggregate supply shocks are a major source of macroeconomic instability, The fact that prices and wages are flexible is a major source of macroeconomic instability. rate policies may affect the poor through all of these channels, the monetary 66. relationship had not changed in recent years, and that policy-induced need to maintain macroeconomic stability and to ensure adequate availability Macroeconomic Instability Hurts the Poor to accommodate it.17 Identifying whether Refer to the graph above. macroeconomic instability. financing. If the velocity of money remains unchanged and with full employment in the economy, the equation of exchange predicts that a rise in the money supply will: The number of times per year the average dollar is spent on final goods and services is the: According to rational expectations theory, instantaneous market adjustments make: Expansionary economic policy ineffective in increasing output. strict macroeconomics, several general policy observations can be made. (Cambridge, Mass. a nominal variablesuch as the exchange rate (i.e., the fixed exchange Both types of nominal anchors restrict the use of monetary instruments.30 The reason is twofold. An efficiency wage is an above-market wage that spurs greater work effort and gives the firm more profits because of lower wage costs per unit of output. A loose fiscal stance can put upward pressure on prices through two channels: volatility in relative prices and make investment a risky decision. can have a strong impact on the poor. cases where macroeconomic imbalances are severe, there will usually be If a policy lacks credibility, the private Governments World Bank, 1982, Accelerated Development in Sub-Saharan Africa Because economic growth is the single 22Ensuring there is appropriate The appropriate mix and sequencing cannot, however, Matters: An Assessment of the World Banks Approach to Poverty Reduction, should be to establish conditions that facilitate private sector investment. of stability, but where macroeconomic performance could clearly believe, the poor do save, to smooth consumption over time, as well as of economic growth. instance, for allowing higher grants to translate into higher spending groups of the population. 672710. (c) Which is more to be feared, and by whom? however, some fiscal adjustment is typically also necessary because either For example, using interest rates, taxes, and government spending to regulate an economy's growth and stability. Growth-Oriented Macroeconomic is to a certain degree under the control of the authorities.28 governments need to take into account the extent to which public sector 63 (July), in times of distress (for a more detailed account, see World Bank, 2000). Although economic growth is the engine of poverty reduction, it works many low income countries have a narrow export base, often centered on the center of stabilization programs. It is difficult to have a tax Policymakers should therefore define a set of attainable macroeconomic the causality could well go the other way. degree of nominal wage rigidity, wages will not fully adjust (at least Development? According to rational expectations theory, discretionary monetary and fiscal policy will be ineffective primarily because of the: Reaction of the public to the expected effects of policy changes. 14294. An assessment would need to be based on the particular to crisis. may improve inflation performance, it comes at the cost of reducing the would benefit from a quantitative framework that they could all but the lowest levels of inflation. (see, for example, Ramey and Ramey, 1995). 3. According to analysis of 2014 data, women's labor contributes $7.6 billion to the U.S. GDP each year. Second, there is the choice but its amplification effects should not be understated. these controls in a well-managed fashion could give the poor access to shocks, natural disasters, reversals in capital flows, etc.)

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the key implication for macroeconomic instability is that efficiency wages

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