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450 McClellan Highway East Boston, MA 02128. High-performing, dedicated agents have reasonable potential to make $50,000 - $100,000 / year or more after establishing a strong client base. In 2003, Michael worked as an Organizer at Local 174, helping to organize groups at Columbia Distributors and the Operators at Cedar Grove. He was an Alternate Delegate to the 2006 and 2011 IBT Conventions, and a Delegate for the 2016 and 2021 Conventions. Marcus brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience via the industries he has represented. Brian is the primary representative of the following bargaining units: UPS (Elma, Chehalis, & Tumwater), First Student (Rochester & Tenino), and Peninsula Truck Lines. Unbeknownst to him, he had found the niche where he would spend his career. Somerville He was elected to serve as a Delegate to the last two IBT Conventions, and he was appointed to the Local 117 Executive Board as Vice President in 2015. It's as though we were living in a whole new millennium. With this information, Business Agents participate in the negotiation process to get the best agreement possible for the members. Teamsters Local 25 Bilingual candidates encouraged to apply. Marcus also has meaningful leadership experience., 176 Centre Street Business Agent at Teamsters Local 727 Real Estate Professionals earn money for each transaction they complete. 781-767-5400, Hiring Professional Drivers Chelsea, Holbrook Erics UPS jurisdiction includes: Redmond Twilight and Night; BFI Twilight; Port of Tacoma Twilight and Night; Seattle Twilight; Import. The third Sunday of each month prior to General Membership Meetings. average salary for a Business Agent is $57,313 per year in United States, The Ultimate Job Interview Preparation Guide. Visit for more information. He was a shop steward representing the needs of his Seattle coworkers for 11 years before finally making the jump to represent his Brothers and Sisters across UPS as a Local 174 Business Agent. At Safeway, he also served as a shop steward and was elected to the Bargaining Committee in 2005. Masks required and social distancing guidelines will be followed. He became a permanent employee in January of 1995, and has served as a Shop Steward since 1998. Qualifications: Class A License with Hazmat, Full Teamsters Health & Welfare, Pension and Annuity Benefits, Contact Kathleen Rowell: [email protected], 28 Sterling Road This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. 104B Glenn Street, Lawrence, MA, Qualifications: Class A Drivers License preferred but will hire Class B. He will work under the leadership of Teamsters Package Division Director Sean OBrien. Carls Teamster career began in 1984 when he joined Teamsters Local 741 as a dock worker at Pacific International Express (PIE). Eric first became a Teamster in 1994 when he was hired as a temporary peak season worker at the Redmond UPS building. Teamsters Local 1932. 544 Main Street Wilmington Village, Apply online: and email Business Agent Joseph Foti: [email protected], Hiring 1 Full-Time Driver Class A with hazmat endorsement In addition to her Business Agent responsibilities Patty is responsible for negotiating all first contracts and is the co-chair with Secretary-Treasurer Rick Hicks for most of the large contract negotiations. Corey was recognized by theIrish Echo Newspaperas 2021 Irish American Labor Leader honoree. Prior to becoming a full time Business Agent in the spring of 2018, Adam served the Local 174 membership as a Trustee on the Executive Board from 2013-2018. 8AM 1 hour post meeting, Teamsters Local 25 He became a Business Agent once again in February 2019, and looks forward to putting his experience back to work serving the members. He stays true to his roots, representing members in the beer, wine, and liquor industry where he came from. You will find that the more time and work you put in, the more potential you will have for higher income. Today, Teamsters Local 25 reaches out to members in areas we couldn't have dreamed of back in the good old days: health care. The estimated base pay is $55,792 per year. at the age of 18 working in the rigging industry as a heavy-equipment driver Read More Fred Zuckerman General Secretary-Treasurer SOURCE: TEAMSTER.ORG | (WASHINGTON) International Brotherhood of Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa has appointed John A. Murphy as UPS Freight Director in the Teamsters Package Division. A year later, he became a full-time garbage truck driver, and never looked back. They have the best medical, vision, dental & eye!, Learn How to State Your Case and Earn Your Raise, Climb the Ladder With These Proven Promotion Tips, A Guide to Negotiating the Salary You Deserve, How to Prepare for Your Interview and Land the Job. Send your contact information [email protected] Union Business Agent & Internal Organizer at Teamsters Local 727 Greater Chicago Area. Murphy is a 40-year Teamster who currently serves as a business agent at Teamsters Local 25 in Boston. Email: [email protected] Training period will consist of 40 hours per week (all Covid policies apply) Masks, Social distancing, etc. Murphy has served on various Teamster freight committees, including the Eastern Region Freight Committee, the National Freight Negotiating Committee, the UPS Cartage National Committee, as well as national negotiating committees for agreements at DHL and Air Express International. Holbrook, MA 02343 He served as a Shop Steward for over two years, and joined the team at Local 174 as a Business Agent in February 2019. Rons experience with UPS and the Teamsters goes beyond the walls of the Seattle UPS building, as he has served as a Delegate to the IBT Convention in 2011 and 2016 and was a member of the UPS Bargaining Committee during the 2013UPS Negotiations. He has been a Teamster since 1979 when he was hired by UPS, and has been a Steward and Alternate at UPS. Within UPS, he was responsible for multiple package centers and feeder hubs. Dane is the primary representative of the following bargaining units: City of Centralia (Streets & Parks, Office Clerical, Police Clerical, & Police Officers),City of Elma, City of McCleary, City of Montesano (Administration, Non-Uniformed, & Police Officers), City of Oakville, City of Westport (Public Works & Police Officers), Harbor Pacific Bottling, L&E Bottling, City of Ocean Shores (Public Works, Office Clerical, & Police Officers),Lemay Transfer, Harbor Disposal, Hometown Sanitation, Rochester School District,Pacific Disposal Refuse & Recycle, Ocean Spray, Olympic Eagle Distributing, South Beach Vision Clinic, and Lakeside. He served as a Shop Steward for over two years, and joined the team at Local 174 as a Business Agent in February 2019. The next General Membership meeting is Sunday, March 19, 2023. Visit for more information. In addition, Chris was instrumental in helping to organize a new group of Reddaway Tacoma workers into Local 174, resulting in over 100 new members of our Local Union. Van driving and/or personal care experience highly desirable. Murphy has served on various Teamster freight committees, including the Eastern Region Freight Committee, the National Freight Negotiating Committee, the UPS Cartage National Committee, as well as national negotiating committees for agreements at DHL and Air Express International. Teamsters Local 174 George Cavano Annual Scholarship Fund, James R. Hoffa Training and Vocational Programs Scholarship, General Teamster Retirees Club Scholarship, International Teamster Womens Caucus (ITWC) Scholarship, If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my Union representative or steward be present at this meeting. Phone: (202) 624-6911. Local 25 Teamsters Union 544 Main Street Boston, MA 02129 Total # Copies: 16,000 Paid and/or requested Circulation: None Total Distribution: 14,923 Copies not Distributed: 1,077 (office use..etc) Teamsters Boston @teamsters25 @teamsters25 Follow us! General Membership Meetings are held every third Sunday of the month at the Local Union Hall. Boston, MA 02129-1113. Longinue is extremely excited to join our family. Sizes Men's Small - XXXL. Apply online: and email Business Agent Joseph F. Foti: [email protected]. As IBT Vice President At-Large, she is focused on mobilizing members,with enthusiasm and energy, todemand results on the issues that matter to working people. 136 South Main Street She has a wealth of experience and is a valuable resource for staff and members alike. After 15 years representing members on the shop floor as a Steward, Janita Stone has finally made the commitment to bring her natural leadership skillset to the Teamsters Local 174 staff as a UPS Business Agent. Business Agents visit members on the job directly and through proposal meetings with members to ascertain the most important needs and concerns of the members. In 2009, Ken was elected to the position of Vice President of Local 174, and was reelected to that position in 2012 and 2015. Then in 2014, Corey was hired as an Assistant Business Agent for Local 580. She also serves on the national negotiating committees for Air Canada, ACTS Aviation and Gate Gourmet. Brian Davis had always spoken very highly of Chris and his ability, and would be very proud to see him in this new role. (Refer and Further Treatment) Meetings held every Saturday @ 9 a.m. at the Teamsters Care Office parking lot at 1214 Park Street, Stoughton, MA., R.A.F.T. Yards: Chelsea, Braintree, Hopkinton. Boston, MA 02129-1113. The next General Membership meeting is Sunday, March 19, 2023. Hewas trained and mentored by his former Business Agent and longtime friend Brian Davis. Related Searches:All Business Agent Salaries|All Teamsters Salaries. TERRENCE J. HANCOCK, President Terrence J. Hancock joined the Teamsters in 1979 as a rank-and-file semi-dump tractor/trailer chauffeur. In 1987, he learned the difficult carhaul trade, and continued his career as a carhaul driver for 16 years. Joan Corey joined the Teamsters after organizing her co-workers at the City of Woburn in 2009. Abe represents: AB Sales of Washington, Coca-Cola Bottling of Washington, Coca-Cola Bottling Co Checkers, HERC, Pepsi-Cola, Shasta Beverage, Southern Wine & Spirits, United Warehouse Co. #4, United Warehouse Co/Gro Ser Center, United Warehouse Tukwila. Visit to submit an online application. Teamsters Union Local 252 Executive Board Kevin Aselton - President - UPS Chehalis Buddy Croy - Vice President - Centralia Police Department Debbie Hart - Recording Secretary - Teamsters 252 Lindsey Nelson - Trustee - Ocean Spray John Schilt - Trustee - Centralia School District Shaun Carney - Trustee - City of Tumwater Staff Your input helps Glassdoor refine our pay estimates over time. Local 1932 News; The Voice Newsletter; Teamsters News Headlines; Contact; Member Login; Contact Us. Masks required and social distancing guidelines will be followed. Joan C. Corey, Business Agent Teamsters Local 25 Business Agent report for April 19, 2020 #teamsterslocal25 #teamstersboston #newenglandteamsters Click. Period. After a long and difficult campaign, Abe and his 300+ coworkers voted to join Teamsters Local 174, and he has never looked back. JOB OPPORTUNITIES Updated 2/22/23 UNITED PARCEL SERVICE (UPS) Hiring all positions Part-Time: Tickets are now available for the Teamsters Local 25 Autism Gala, taking R.A.F.T. The Teamsters are known as the champion of freight drivers and warehouse workers but have organized workers in virtually every occupation imaginable, both professional and nonprofessional, private sector and public sector. Chris represents: ABF, DHL, Reddaway, Reddaway (Western), Peninsula Truck Lines, YRCW. if you need helpask for it. I look forward to working together with John to represent our Package Division members at UPS Freight and secure a strong contract in 2018.. He was also nominated and elected to represent his coworkers at every contract negotiation during those years. His UPS jurisdiction includes: Redmond Preload and Drivers; Tukwila Preload, Drivers, and Local Sort. They know you, know your contract, enforce the agreement and ensure that your rights are protected. Click Here to Order Now, Pay Later $75 each, Colors are Navy Blue, Cream, or Black. Rob is the Senior Business Agent responsible for the training, coaching, and mentoring of the Locals new Business Agents. After a few years of disciplined work, it's not unusual for a Real Estate Agent to be earning $50000 - $100000 / year or more. Thomas G. Mari Boston, MA 02129-1113. He joined Teamsters Local 25 in Charlestown, Mass. He got his start as a Teamster at age 19, working at Amerisource-Bergen as a member of Teamsters Local 117. Starting Minimum Rates Effective October 1, 2022: Online applications only** Janita began her career at UPS in 1992 in the Tukwila building, and subsequently moved to the Pacific building when it opened. He was also a Teamsters Local 174 UPS Business Agent for three years. Calvin McDowell Email: [email protected] Representing: Commercials, Music Videos, Jeeves Transportation, King Kong Production Vehicle, Quixote Production Vehicles, Quixote Grip & Lighting Warehouse, Sirreel, ABC TV Network Drivers ABC Office / ABC, Inc." .

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