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Before I get there the history of performing Black and brown people on English-speaking stages has always been a white property. Can't just blame it on the company imo . Youtube. Anyway i respect your opinion i just wanted to share why i found your post a bit too much to call JYP racist because of a performance 20 years ago in another country based on today standard. I wasnt even thinking about about what you guys were talking about until I saw the comments. he commented about the body of the 17 year old girl JYP told her that she lacks self care because of her weight I'm- she's 17 and that could have caused her to have body issues, 4. twice, straykidz are over worked and some groups are ignored or not given a comeback, 5. hypocritical. A letter to the editor in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from 1946 called a blackface performance grotesque and said it attacked by ridicule and cheap buffoonery the self-respect of every American Negro. The letter was written by a state lawmaker, the Inter-Racial Action Council, the Inter-Denominational Ministers Alliance and the publisher of The Pittsburgh Courier. The onus cant be on people of color to carry this history forward. I think it had the same ethos of We are post racial and racist.. I really dont like artists/idols who promote self love (not just itzy but any artist in general) when they clearly try to fit the beauty standards. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Can't just blame it on the company imo NfamousKaye 1 yr. ago I forgot about that blackface thing. JYP's blackface performance 50 comments 75% Upvoted This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast The image generated intense pressure for Northam to resign and offered the latest example of a prominent white person facing harsh criticism for wearing blackface. She recalls the comic's performance in the comedy series, El Negrito y El Gallego (Blackie and the Spaniard), which . Its a competitive industry where girls can be replaced. Opinion | A Brief Guide to 21st-Century Blackface - The New York Times. But also I dont understand if its possible. . From its outset blackface was performed by white, mostly male northern performers who crossed racial and gender boundaries by mimicking African Americans (e.g., they would wear bright red lipstick, darken their faces with coal-black make-up, exaggerate their facial expressions, and cross dress) in order to entertain audiences with the supposedly 2007 - 2023 6Theory Media, LLC. I personally dont like him because of how he treated Jay B and the rest of Got7. All I've ever known is his general comments towards female idols or the songs he writes for them, but like aside from that this is probably the worst thing he's ever done. Almost dropped my phone. Conversations about Blackface, when white people darken their skin . <3 love you all!!! Check your own cards. A Miami daycare is facing backlash after they put toddlers in blackface for Black History Month. There were three [white] 8-year-olds in Blackface, performing their heroes Martin Luther King, Serena Williams and Arthur Ashe. Yuna also gets so revealing outfits but its not that bad. It would be nice if there was someone to say, We should talk about this. Perhaps the Academy could sponsor a book club or something. This is what makes me unsure of this comment, 2- This one is wrong. most of your points come off as disliking jyp the person, not jyp the company, who are still, in comparison to others, among the most humane companies in kpop, which, for example, jae from day6 has said himself. But JYP just gave an honest recommendation. July 6th, 2020. Meet your favorite KPOP artist and watch how they performed at KPOP Music concert MAMA 2015.Who won the best KPOP artist on the largest KPOP world festival \u0026 KPOP award - MAMA 2015?Watch your KPOP idols' live performance rocking the stage! Ive also seen some people say its because he was friends with R. Kelly (friends being R. People are not just angry with the character's blackface they have also called out the entire outfit. Chicago Tribune . Sad; it gives you a perspective of how you will be treated in SK as a foreingner, this wasn't in 1850 yikes, hope he learned something from this. ya'll know that ITZY is promoting self love right? In 2017, confrontations broke out in the Netherlands over the helper of the Dutch version of Santa Claus. Good lord that's indefensible. KARD add more cities to their concert tour in America! the way he sexualized them (trainees ) some people say it's his character, no. Build a site and generate income from purchases, subscriptions, and courses. JYP did the right things, he treat the black like normal people who can sing, dance, as part of the culture. today people rationalize that it was "just for fun" with no harm behind, butmaybe in 20 years it will be differentand people will say that Wendy is trash/racist based on that. Id believe it, honestly JYP seemed to be running a tight ship at the time with plenty of other mental and emotional abuse/strict dieting going on, so why wouldnt he be beating them? Florida Secretary of State Mike Ertel resigned last month after a newspaper obtained photos of him in blackface and wearing earrings, a New Orleans Saints bandanna and fake breasts under a purple T-shirt that said Katrina Victim. The photos were taken two months after the deadly storm ravaged the Gulf Coast in 2005, killing more than a thousand people. Many fans and followers reacted negatively to the post,expressing their disappointment at his choice to repost the fan-edited photo on his Instagram. But we're expected to know everything about the history of Korea and Japan, when some of them won't even acknowledge the fact that blackface, cultural appropriation, and saying the n-word are offensive to black people. This includes makeup, fake noses, wigs, and so on. he give the most revealing outfits to the youngest members of wonder girls. All of this happened in the 21st century. Love. Whose idea was that, to fully inhabit your hero, you had to employ racial prosthetics? Ive seen some people say they hate him because of how he manages groups, but he isnt even the CEO anymore, so that reason is a bit wonky to me. I think about the way that television and film has moved dramatically away from something simple like depictions of people smoking. Blackface performances were condemned as offensive from the beginning. 6. weird vibes. I think it had the same ethos of We are post racial and racist., Lets talk about all of the comedians: Jimmy Fallon doing Chris Rock on SNL, Jimmy Kimmel doing Oprah Winfrey and Carl Malone on The Man Show, Sarah Silverman doing a whole Blackface routine on The Sarah Silverman Program, four episodes of 30 Rock, and five years of Fred Armisen as Obama on SNL. He said his act Jump, Jim Crow (or Jumping Jim Crow) was inspired by a slave he saw. Humans can survive 1 month without food, one week is totally possible. Here are some issues with JYP as a person and as a company, Like the comments stated, obvious use of blackface, Alleged physical abuse of a boy group, I believe 2PM/TVXQ, Lack of proper care of groups under the company (see issues with GOT7 and DAY6), While he has taken a creative backseat, under his control JYPE was allegedly overworking their idols to the point of exhaustion sickness and putting them on starvation diets to lose weight. So many perfectly talented groups that could make some great music, but are just forgotten. Mnet Asian Music Awards.Not only is MAMA simultaneously broadcast in 4 continents, including Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania, it is a global K-pop music festival that brings global K-pop fans together and enables them to communicate beyond the TV screen, through online, mobile and various other platforms.Subscribe Now! By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. They could all come to the collective decision that Blackface is a public harm and we can play a role in stopping it. Fans were not happy when Big Bang's Taeyang celebrated the year of the monkey using a popular Snapchat filter with American rapper Kanye West's face. RT @lippluvs9: Nayeon prometeu melody project de Hello e at hoje nada, Momo prometeu o 2 performance project e at hoje nada, Jeongyeong prometeu o melody tambm e at agora nada. Its something about him that just throws me off to be honest. JIHYO DIDN'T LOOK THAT BAD. So many have done it its hard to keep up with. All Rights Reserved. Courtesy Images. The former "Dancing With the Stars" pro took to social media to express her regret for a 2013 Halloween costume where she used. You got your 2AMs, 2PMs, JYJs, your TVXQs/DBSKs. I could see through his eyes that I was in irrationally angry Black woman. The Youtube video of the show is now unavailable, and according to Yonhap News SBS issued an apology for any "inconvenience" to its viewers. jyp is not best company but definitely more better than the other big company. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. US residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. 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Purple Panda. Thompson recently discussed her new book with Variety, on a topic she finds increasingly relevant for creators and executives in show business who may lack deeper context around this issue. Even in middle-nineties, most Asian countries had little knowledge of Afro-American culture beyond radio and bits of music programs on national broadcasts - to judge our parents' era by the measure of information we have now due to so many books and internet and cable channels i undestand what you were trying to say but i don't get the reference. White men would darken their faces to create caricatures of black people, including large mouths, lips and eyes, woolly hair and coal-black skin. In the Black arts movement in the late 1960s, there was an attempt by BIPOC artists to say, Were going to create our own art where we can represent ourselves fully. That helped kill Blackface minstrelsy. FILE - This 1920s image shows comedian Eddie Cantor wearing blackface while performing "If You Knew Susie." Like could you actually survive 1 week only eating ice. They recognized that that was a harm, something actively harming the public because it was creating perceptions of smoking as either sexy or something you do when you need self care. In 1848, after watching a blackface act, abolitionist Fredrick Douglass called the performers the filthy scum of white society in The North Star newspaper. This is "jyp blackface dance" by Purple Panda on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Watch again JYP video because there was obviously not attempt of mocking or "stigmatizing and discrimination", this was not this kind of performance and people at that time probably rationalized it in the same way of "just for fun" without harm. A place to ask your K-Pop questions. Real people. he also sexualizes young idols- but he's still far from YG. However when you see the way people talk about him it becomes clear that people arent mad or making fun of him bc of these legitimate reasons. Weve moved away from that pretty hard, to the benefit of society. i also want to commend them on how theyre treating idols that struggle with mental health - both mina and jisung were pretty much allowed to pick and choose which activities they feel comfortable taking part in, while some other companies would push them to their limit. Someone mentioned TVXQ was under SM so thank you whoever that was. Variety is a part of Penske Media Corporation. A letter to the editor in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from 1946 called a blackface performance "grotesque" and said it attacked "by ridicule and cheap buffoonery the self-respect of every American Negro." The letter was written by a state lawmaker, the Inter-Racial Action Council, the Inter-Denominational Ministers Alliance and the . Not that it matters or makes anything ok but I would like to point out that jyp has always been obsessed with black culture especially when it comes to music. some people can dance regardless of weight + the photographer attacked jihyo that she looked fat which was far from that. In an industry where looks and weight are very important, especially for girl groups, he was just preparing her so she would not face backlash from the general public when they debut, 3- Same case as Jihyo. This laughter-inducing negrito created a vehicle for Rivero's political critiques of US imperialism and humanitarianism. Whoops, got my boy groups mixed up. Mr. Lee . gosh racist really? They recognized that that was a harm, something actively harming the public because it was creating perceptions of smoking as either sexy or something you do when you need self care. You really saw it hugely right before and right after Barack Obamas election. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. An employee of JYP Entertainment has recently bashed on YG Entertainment after the scandals surrounding the agency's former idol SeungRi. But keep in mind its show business. Hes done some very questionable stuff like the r Kelly thing, doing performances with backup dancers in blackface, and over sexualizing minors (this one is the company but I mean his name is attached for a reason). That's my main reason too. This unheard of girl group (nugu) debuted with blackface and released a few albums with the same image until it sparked huge controversy. -1 Likes, 0 Comments - mc (@mc_limjisoo) on Instagram: "KEY ANG haesunggroup key ang performance photo time #mc # # #jyp" Comedian Billy Crystal was criticized in 2012 for impersonating Sammy Davis Jr. in blackface during his opening montage at the Oscars, a repeat of his oft-performed skit from Saturday Night Live from the 1980s. I hope this book is the last book about this. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. This is the first time that blackface has caused any sort of response from the perpetrator. It was only after his fame reached international proportions that he was allowed to tour with an all-white minstrel troupe and to perform without blackface. Hemispheric blackface is grounded in two fundamental claims in performance studies: the first is that performances are acts of transfer ( Taylor 2007) that produce and transmit knowledge through "twice-behaved" behavior or restored behavior ( Schechner 1985 ). Before I get there the history of performing Black and brown people on English-speaking stages has always been a white property. The employee stated: "A company with poor and unstable foundation. "To conclude, I agree JYP sucks, more the individual than the company that is, but he doesnt suck as much as people make him out to be", agree so much holy shit. Dont know why mangers and jyp couldnt see that. Its taken me 10 years to write this book. CONTROVERIAL FROM THE START Blackface performances were condemned as offensive from the beginning. I sorta discovered that when jyp released his MV still alive. Hyuna was 15 and definitly marketed as the "sexy" member. Ralph Northams political career. So yeah. OneHallyu 2022. And then, of course, there's Robert Downey Jr.'s performance as Kirk Lazarus, a self-obsessed, Oscar-winning white Australian actor, who undergoes surgery to have his skin darkened to play the role of a Black sergeant. He wrote that coming of age ceremony song, I had completely forgotten about the blackface thing. This includes makeup, fake noses, wigs, and so on. I had to write something that people could hand to their teachers, their friends, their colleagues, students, to say Heres why this is problematic. Why dont Black and brown kids think that they should put white face on when theyre doing Halloween costumes? BuzzFeed has reached out to SBS for comment. we know this kpop industry shady af and every company want to make PROFIT, JY Park is Creepy. Since the middle ages, when there have been devilish characters in religious plays, and then non-religious works in Shakespeares time where they had tons of Africans and Moors and Turks all performed with racial prosthetics. For many in Puerto Rico, this blackface persona was an enactment of Puerto Rican liberation that simultaneously "celebrated . White men would darken their faces to create caricatures of black people, including large mouths, lips and eyes, woolly hair and coal-black skin. But its not always about decades or centuries ago. If you think this is appropriate, tell me how do you want us to treat them? This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Some of the sites addons were developed by. Thats important as a foundation for what allows people to believe in their own white innocence. Thats important as a foundation for what allows people to believe in their own white innocence. Our hearts had joined and so we were together You must log in or register to reply here. In some cases, historical means the minstrels of 19th century theater, silent films, or the more recent history of satire like Robert Downey Jr.s 2008 film Tropic Thunder, which has aged horribly in a Hollywood landscape that demands sensitive and authentic portrayals, regardless of genre. From now on people who initiate arguments and take part in them will get their comments removed. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Even Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd blacked up. Id say a few idols like hwasa, jessi (hers is borderline black fishing but thats another story) cant think of anymore but yhhh they really exude confidence in themselves and I hope they dont change. No jyp himself has over sexualized minors too. edit: 7. Think of an employer looking at 500 resumes. take it seriously that this is our shared American history. Conversations about Blackface, when white people darken their skin to perform exaggerated versions of nonwhite characters, often centers on the historical when it comes to the medias role in perpetuating the racist act. Lesson learned, do not comment on things while running on 6 hours of weird feverish sleep. Poor Hyuna, Suzy and all the other members. A leading television station in Peru was fined $26,000 for airing the popular comedy character Negro Mama on an entertainment show in 2013. Maybe. This was likely done out of pure ignorance rather than him trying to make a joke out of black people. i'm tired of people digging this 20y old performance and doing the anachronism of judging by today standard of their country just reiterating what i said the last time: Blackface in Korea in the 90s was a non issue and not perceived as offensive but like just a cosplay in the same way Katy Perry cosplaying a gaisha or Beyonce cosplaying indians (and so on and so on). Civil rights organizations have publicly condemned blackface for decades, saying it dehumanizes blacks by introducing and reinforcing racial stereotypes. that's sorta why there were people on the "still Alive" video with random fros, because the orignial proformances in the 90s did contain blackface. The once famous comedian is now making headlines for all the wrong reasons after donning blackface on SBS' 'Legend Match.' - Enhance your Star Cards to Power Up and Upgrade them for more points! JavaScript is disabled. Dozens of other whites, including college fraternities and sororities, public officials and law enforcement officers, have also been criticized for blackface incidents. He didnt feel this was something we shared collectively. By Matt Donnelly. Ive always gotten and unsettled vibe from him tbb, haha i seriously don't get why you got downvoted because this is so true. Sorry! I do ask, are Black and brown people not as innocent because we dont presume that this is a performance mode that is open to us? WASHINGTON (AP) A racist photo from a 1984 yearbook threatens to end Virginia Gov. Fuck You!! While the Momoiro Clover Z and Rats & Star blackface performance is a terrible thing overall, we feel the slightest sliver of hope at the steadily growing blacklash. You really saw it hugely right before and right after Barack Obamas election. Predictable official . Also after finding out about the whole blackface thing he did and his treatment of got7, he just dont sit right with me, 1- This was straight up wrong. im not a company stan by any means, but jyp, in my opinion, is the last company to come after. By Aisha Harris Aisha Harris is a culture writer and the co-host of the NPR podcast "Pop Culture Happy Hour.". We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. Inspire employees with compelling live and on-demand video experiences. A dance performance opening China's biggest Lunar New Year gala show has sparked debate and criticism online for putting blackface onstage once again. Business Solutions; PC Repair; Apple Repair; Networking; Data Recovery Services I think that was such a wasted opportunity to bring back that "twice" group shout. On how JYP looked down on Jay B's own songs and skills and also how the members viewed JYP. stan twt basically act like they discovered shit like a treasure hunter that found the treasure chest. 04 Mar 2023 21:38:37 The yearbook name, Corks and Curls, referenced UVA student terminology for classroom and examination performance that dated back at least to the 1840s. Power your marketing strategy with perfectly branded videos to drive better ROI. Press J to jump to the feed. And lets not even to get into Tropic Thunder and Zoolander., There was a desire by comedians. people either seem to make him out to be a monster or a perfect angel no inbetweens. Knowing his wickedness I doubt if the cafeteria he speaks about so proudly is even an inch organic. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Calling artist racist because of their stage is as stupid as calling actors racist because they cosplay other culture in movie in my opinion (it works for gender and any other "sensitive" topic). ', Empire State Building to turn TWICE's official colors on March 10, BTS members V and Jungkook spotted hanging out together, IVE's Leeseo officially becomes a high school student, #Jin's Instagram update from the military with #Jhope and #Jimin becomes a hot topic in South Korea, BTS wins 'Favorite Music Group' at the 'Kids' Choice Awards' for fourth consecutive year, Enlisted DAY6 member Wonpil takes to Instagram for first time in nearly eight months, Cherry Bullet's Haeyoon releases emotional cover of Kwon Jin Ah's 'Stupid Love', Netizens react coldly to Lee Soo Man's letter dedicated to the SM Entertainment family and fans, Bang Si Hyuk reveals sadness over "a good company like SM having such a poor governance structure" and sheds light on acquisition of SM: "Not Monopolization", The court sides with Lee Soo Man and bans SM from issuing new shares and convertible bonds to Kakao, Bang Si Hyuk personally addresses concerns of a 'monopoly' in the K-Pop industry in an interview with CNN. I dont get it. we should not generalize that. That's the point you are doing an anachronism by judging this video on today standard of your culture. 10 Unfortunate Incidents of Blackface in Korea 1.

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