treatment for paraphilic disorders quizlet treatment for paraphilic disorders quizlet

- people who do this known as transvestites, one of the largest myths about transvestites. Summary of Changes in the Paraphilic Disorders Criteria Sets. D) Occasional S&M is common among the general population. Examples are sexual sadism disorder, voyeuristic disorder and pedophilic disorder. Particularly contested were proposals to add two new disorders (i.e., paraphilic coercive disorder and hypersexual . Leuprorelin has been used as one of the therapeutic methods for paraphilia. 4) Focus on safety and crisis intervention, 1) Many do not seek help - BDSM: bondage and discipline (BD), domination and submission (DS), and sadomasochistic (SM) \text{Buildings \& Equipment} & 500,000 && 150,000\\ In addition, body uneasiness psychopathological symptoms were assessed using Symptom Checklist 90 Revised (SCL-90-R). \end{array} \text { Interest expense, } 2012 \ldots \ldots \ldots \ldots & 3,000 \\ Which of the following is true regarding treatment of paraphilias? What is the primary focus of paraphilic disorders? - the church scandals are related to a culture of homosexuality in the church, in that men with homosexual tendencies are drawn to the all-male culture of the priesthood, which in itself is not typically based in fact for most priests, and the crimes of child molestation have been attributed to more situational factors by many, being bound, tied up, or otherwise restrained during sexual activity; typically a consensual activity, a form of sexual masochism involving depriving the brain of oxygen, usually through some form of strangulation or hanging; also referred to as asphyxophilia A) Anita, who regularly masturbates while watching porn on the internet even though there is a high probability that her partner will walk-in and see what she is doing. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. B) There is no evidence that sado-masochists have greater difficulty than other people in forming intimate relationships. - contend that our personal, individual, sexual experiences determine each person's unique set of sexual likes and dislikes, preferences, and characteristic sexual inclinations. \text{Dividends Declared} & 30,000 && 10,000\\ This is considered a ________ theory of paraphilias. -theory is that people will look longer at pictures they find sexually arousing, Biological Treatments for Paraphilic Disorders, 1) Surgical Castration - Somehow, somewhere during their sexual life, their experiences caused them to associate strong, highly pleasurable sexual arousal with some sort of atypical sexual stimulus. The payouts Catholic dioceses have had to make on behalf of male victims of child sexual abuse by priests has led to their bankruptcy. -pain from being slapped, spanked, or whipped does not seek to participate. D) The therapist might first model a desired behaviour. Gary is a 30-year-old man who spends almost all of his time thinking and planning his next sexual encounter. - Part of the attraction and excitement is the terror experienced by the victim the book, DSM-5, the Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Work Group sought to draw a line between -they do not seek out pain/humiliation in other types of activities Can you explain why? - the sexual learning process is further strengthened through operant conditioning, in which a voluntary behavior in a certain sexual setting is learned because it is followed by a rewarding consequence, referred to as reinforcement. sexual activity with a prepubescent child (generally < 10 y.o. Which of the following statements about sado-mascochism is false? B) Obscene phone callers usually target a woman they have seen but not met. Robert is a depressed, obsessive-compulsive librarian who also has paraphilic urges that are beginning to overtake his daily life. - not in DSM 5, shoes and boots, women's underwear and lingerie, rubber or latex objects, and feet and toes, dressing in clothes traditionally associated with the opposite sex for any variety of reasons exhibitionist disorder is only considered a paraphilic disorder when cultural norms require that you wear clothes to cover your genitals Achievement of sexual satisfaction by being humiliated, beaten, bound, made to suffer. Only $35.99/year. (d) 4a2b3+6a3b24 a^2 b^3+6 a^3 b^24a2b3+6a3b2, (f) 5xy245x3y25 x y^2-45 x^3 y^25xy245x3y2. Lenny is sexually aroused by wearing women's underwear. -***people who seek treatment do it b/c the legal system mandates it - most are heterosexual Though he has not crossed the line to forceful demands or harassment, he knows that after 10 years of these obsessions, something is wrong with him. A recent study used electroencephalography (EEG) to investigate electrical responses in the brain among paraphilics and control subjects. Hormone-blocking drugs such as Depo-Provera and Lupron have been used with some success The . From a statistical perspective, a behavior is abnormal if it, The American Psychiatric Association defines a paraphilia as, an atypical pattern of sexual arousal/behavior that is considered problematic by the individual or society, People with paraphilias usually feel that their urges are, replays the paraphilic act in sexual fantasies to stimulate arousal during masturbation, Theorists have speculated that paraphilias represent a type of sexual. - Nonconsensual paraphilic behaviors are likely to be illegal, A behavior entered into voluntarily by all parties, harming no one, with the possible exception of the person performing the action. -a # of sessions must be conducted until even any initial sexual arousal is eliminated, -similar procedure in which the individual is asked to imagine doing the deviant act but also visualize the negative consequences that result from it In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), paraphilic disorders are often misunderstood as a catch-all definition for any unusual sexual behavior. It explains the role of the interprofessional healthcare team in . B) Exhibitionism is more common among men than women. It is characterized by recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, urges, or behaviors that involve non-traditional sexual practices. Women more motivated by rage. Most are harmless and private. \text { Accounts receivable, net } & 107,000 & 50,000 \text { shares authorized, } \\ -***measures levels of arousal before and after intervention, -measures changes in penile tumescence (when blood vessels are enlarged)/blood flow when the man is shown sexually arousing or non-arousing stimuli The paraphilias that society deems illegal are generally those that involve ____________. Date each entry and include its explanation. Viewing sexual activity involving multiple partners (ceiling mirrors, sharing partner with a 3rd party. Explanations exist, but the research, or lack of it, points to one inescapable conclusion: Nobody knows for sure what causes paraphilias. \end{array} Exhibitionistic disorder is classified as a paraphilic disorder, which means it's a highly dysfunctional sexual interest with the potential to cause harm to oneself or others. Round percentage calculations to the nearest 0. \text { Goodwill } & 64,000 & \text { Paid-in capital in excess of par-common } & 140,000 \\ This, they propose, is why no two people are sexually aroused by exactly the same patterns of situations and events. Often, these overpowering urges occur in response to feelings of anxiety, depression, or other stressful events Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like the treatment of paraphilic disorders is different from the treatment of sexual dysfunctions in several ways, for several decades, the most commonly used form of treatment for paraphilic disorders was, therapists repeatedly presents the stimulus that elicits inappropriate sexual arousal in association with an aversive stimulus . Which of the following statements about paraphilias is false? About 8% of men and 3-4% of women reported having had sexual contact with an animal. -to be considered a disorder, must cause significant distress or person must perform voyeuristic acts 36 C. 63 D. 92, CVAs are more commonly known as A. heart attacks. C) Attention is focused on encouraging the client to express deeper emotions. Table 2. \hline Interpret the meaning of the term below: harmful or destructive to the person engaging in it, gender differences in paraphilic disorders. Often receive support from sexual partner. -***by identifying patterns of sexual arousal, this method can distinguish between sexual + nonsexual offenders and between rapists + child molesters and non-offenders B) Unless the offender is motivated to change, treatment is unlikely to be successful. d. Acts of paraphilia are common because persons with the disorders commit the acts repeatedly, but paraphilic disorders are uncommon. Many sexual-interest disorders are included in this group. 2. the behavior is illegal If a boy repeatedly observes exhibitionistic behaviour, he might be led to eroticize the act of exposing himself. \text { Long-term note payable } & 101,000 & \text { Preferred stock, } 5 \%, \$ 13 \text { par, } \\ -the events actually occur and are not stimulated - is victimless 4) High rates of recidivism - is victimizing \text{Accumulated Depreciation} && \$\hspace{8pt}205,000 && \$105,000\\ -few data supports the role of genetics, Psychosocial Theories for the Cause of Paraphilic Disorders, -commonly held belief is that people who abuse children were abused as a child themselves Individuals who _____ show the most successful responses to treatment for paraphilic disorders. Practice of domination and submission. He now holds a chocolate bar next to his nose when he masturbates to achieve orgasm. Paraphilic sexual disorders are usually treated with a combination of medication and psychotherapy. The result? A) The typical obscene phone caller is a heterosexual male. -System desensitization to terminate the connection between stimulus and inappropriate response Which of the following statements about masochism is false? - distress due to sexual dysfunction (must treat paraphilia itself to return normal fucntioning), thee current goals of treating paraphilic disorders, (1) to control paraphiliac fantasies and behaviors in order to decrease the risk of recidivism; (2) to control sexual urges; (3) to decrease the level of distress of the paraphilic individual, a therapeutic approach designed to gradually eliminate specific thoughts and associated behaviors that may be contributing to sexual problems initiating and maintaining conversations, using assertive behavior, + developing dating skills to establish relationships with appropriate adults, Chapter 12 Paraphilic Disorders Treatment, General Background Information/Symptoms of Bu, Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified (EDN, Defining Abnormal Behavior and Early Theories, Developmental Factors + Etiology + Treatment, Contact Lenses, Coding, and Care of Ophthalmi, Infection Control, Cleaning, Disinfection, an, SAP Cert Chapter 10 Valuation and Account Det, PSYC 371 Week 8: Cortical Plasticity and Memo. Trial balance data for the two companies on December 31, 20X5, are as follows: PizzaSliceCorporationProductsCompany\begin{array}{l} Six different colored dice are rolled. What theory might be applied to the development of this paraphilia? - sexual arousal and gratification that are associated with acts or fantasies of being hurt, humiliated, or otherwise made to suffer Paraphilic Disorders / therapy* Psychotherapy / methods* Psychotherapy, Group . -the shock of the victim is sometimes the sexually arousing component -***people with paraphilic disorders often aren't motivated to change their behavior b/c the behavior is VERY reinforcing When he cannot find a girlfriend or one-night stand to satisfy his compulsion, he turns to prostitutes. C. strokes. - Receiving pain -Surgical castration as beeen performed on rapists and violent sex offenders This condition is considered a paraphilic . - it can be a part of some people's compulsive masochistic acts, it is more common than most people think, and it is dangerous. B) S&M is a variation of B&D. - cravings may become so strong that they can harm the person or others -the drug controls pedophilic disorder, exhibitionist disorder, + voyeuristic disorder, Psychosocial Treatments for Paraphilic Disorders, 1) Behavioral Therapy and CBT Adam is a finance advisor who insists against his wife's will that she endure painful physical contact prior to intercourse. Do these rates of return suggest strength or weakness? In each case state wether the currency would need to appreciate or depreciate to equalize the prices. A paraphilia (or a paraphilic disorder), derive from the assumption that something physiological has malfunctioned and is leading to the person's abnormal and compulsive behaviors. It was found that paraphilic men showed a significantly greater response in the ________ part of the brain. Usually males becoming sexually aroused by shocking victims. What is part of the attraction and excitement for a sexual sadist? Fleeting, goes unnoticed, difficulty forming relationships, fear of rejection. c. On July 31, the petty cash fund had cash of $132.36 and the following receipts on hand: postage,$205.20; supplies, $197.04; and delivery service,$38.40. More common in men \text{Canada}&\text{CAD3.75}&\text{CAD1.08 = USD1}\\ Pizza Corporation acquired 80 percent ownership of Slice Products Company on January 1, 20X1, for $160,000. The effectiveness rates of all treatments for paraphilic disorders are described by your text as _______________. are treated early in their disorder and are self-motivated . - is not considered a psychological disorder. During the DSM-5 revision process, proposed changes in the DSM-IV 16 paraphilias engendered a great deal of spirited debate in regard to their forensic implications. -the behavior occurs in public places such as crowded buses or subways Post all three entries to the Interest Receivable account. Occur for significant amounts of time and interfere with satisfactory sexual relations and every day functioning. Atypical variations in sexual behaviour that may cause distressing, intense, persistent, and repetitive sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors. \text { Inventory } & 103,000 & 125,000 \text { shares authorized, } & \\ D) Research indicates that most sado-masochists have diverse forms of mental illness. Which of the following statements about the treatment of paraphilic sex offenders is false? Because of such concerns, Charles Moser has proposed that the concept of ________ should be used in place of paraphilia. May be chronic, due to development of small cameras making this easier, government considers it a crime to record or secretly observe where privacy is expected. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Sexual Dysfunction, Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder and more. Paraphilias are abnormal sexual behaviors or impulses characterized by intense sexual fantasies and urges that keep coming back. The treatment in which unwanted sexual behaviors and images are reduced by associating them with unpleasant stimuli, such as electric shocks or noxious odors, is called __________ therapy. A) Most people with paraphilias are distressed by their behaviour and seek help. -also don't want to admit their behaviors b/c it could lead to criminal charges \text{Inventory Losses} & 15,000 && 5,000\\ Initially, this paper notes that treatment for the paraphilias has been most thoroughly described and evaluated within the context of treating sex offenders (i.e., child molesters, rapists, and exhibitionists). William needs anal stimulation through enemas to achieve sexual arousal and gratification. - is engaged in mostly by boys and men between the ages of fifteen and thirty Of the four most common reasons to seek treatment for a paraphilia, Clyde's is most likely _________, and Sam's is most likely __________. Martin Weinberg suggests that the sado-masochistic lifestyle might reflect, an attempt to reverse the power relationships that exist within society. Adam's marriage is at the breaking point over this behavior. -sex is a biological drive + eliminating deviant sexual urges/behavior will be ineffective unless the person finds a more appropriate sexual outlet, teaches the person basic social conversation skills (ex. - When a culture or society looks at any human behavior, it does so through a lens of broadly shared norms and standards. - sometimes uses aversion therapy, psychotherapy in which unwanted sexual behaviors and images are reduced by associating them with an unpleasant stimulus such as electric shocks or noxious odors, a type of aversion therapy in which, instead of actual shocks or bad odors, the client repeatedly fantasizes the unwanted behavior and adds an extremely aversive event to the fantasy The difference between a cross-dresser and a transvestic disorder is ________________. A) The eroticization of mild forms of pain falls within the normal range of sexual variation. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Several studies have found that biofeedback techniques can reduce headache in up to ____% of the patients undergoing this therapy. -BUT, in sexual masochism, women prefer less pain than men, cultural factors involved in paraphilic disorders, -ex. The differential assigned to depreciable assets should be written off over the following 10-year period. Flashcards . B) Bob, who becomes erect when his partner smiles approvingly as he takes off his clothes. -low income, unemployed, alcoholic, lower IQ, psychopathic, characteristics of mens pedophilic acts with boys, -has many victims (up to hundreds) Classical psychoanalytic theory suggests that many cases of paraphilia are psychological defenses against. These disorders can be hard to diagnose because the symptoms vary so much from person to person. . a. Calculate and record the following component percentages: Over time, Jonathan developed a shoe fetish. -offends away from victim's home . Paraphilias are characterized by any intense and persistent sexual interest other than sexual interest in genital stimulation or preparatory fondling with phenotypically normal, physiologically mature, consenting human partners. Charles is a high school senior who can no longer reach orgasm without first looking at a picture of women's feet. & \underline{\underline{\$1,299,000}} & \underline{\underline{\$1,299,000}}& \underline{\underline{\$465,000}} & \underline{\underline{\$465,000}}\\ The case study in this work was a 59-year-old man who visited a hospital with the chief complaints of frotteuristic behaviors in public . -Sexual Sadism Disorder, -recurrent + intense sexual arousal involving exposing one's genitals to an unsuspecting person Flashcards. The prevalence of paraphilias and paraphilic disorders is difficult to determine, as many people with paraphilic disorders do not seek treatment, because of social stigma surrounding their practices, because of legal ramifications, or because the pleasure of their activities outweighs any negative effects. - takes many forms, including dominating, restraining, tying up, blindfolding, beating, cutting, whipping, strangling, mutilating, and even killing another person, usually during sexual activities People engaging in chat scatologia are sexually aroused by, sending obscene emails and instant message. - Most studies on the relationship among hormones, neurotransmitters, and paraphilias have provided evidence of a link by administering medications designed to change the balance of these chemicals in men with uncontrollable paraphilic urges (to some success). Given the information available, which theory offers the best explanation for Jonathan's fetish? A small company maintains a petty cash fund for minor expenditures. What is the goal of cognitive behavioural therapy? c. Dutifulness. Many explanations have been given for the 62% reduction of child sexual abuse over the past 20 years. 3) Olfactory Aversion C) People with paraphilias are highly likely to be motivated to change their behaviour. 2) Learning Theory. -***within repeated pairings, the deviant sexual behavior is suppressed, -intervention includes psychoeducational groups, anger management, assertiveness training, human sexuality, communication training, control of deviant sexual arousal, + relapse prevention, Cognitive Behavioral Treatments (examples), 1) Cognitive Restructuring Common in general public (not extreme pain). Trouble forming relationships with women. d. Dominance e. Abstractedness. D) Many sex offenders only receive treatment because they have been referred by the court system. Max was a successful banker who loved to dress in women's clothing. \text{Inventory} & 260,000 && 90,000\\ The following table shows the local prices of a Grande Latte coffee in Starbucks in 2009: PriceofCoffeeExchangerateU.K.GBP2.35USD1.60=GBP1JapanJPY420JPY91=USD1CanadaCAD3.75CAD1.08=USD1ChinaCNY28CNY6.83=USD1U.S.USD3.75\begin{array}{llc} Heather becomes especially aroused when her partner wears a cowboy hat during sex. What criterion is that? Transvestic disorder is a complicated condition. -prevalence estimates are confusing + conflicting People who become sexually aroused by inflicting pain or humiliation on others are known as. Partialism is a fetish in which an individual becomes excessively aroused by particular, Finding objects associated with the other gender sexually alluring only when wearing them is a type of paraphilia known as. b. Neuroticism. -Sexual Masochism Disorder \text{Investment in Slice Products} & 188,000\\ -abnormal sexual desires typically involved extreme or dangerous activities. Learn. RetainedearningsInventoryProperty,plant,andequipment,netPrepaidexpensesGoodwillAccruedliabilitiespayableLong-termnotepayableAccountsreceivable,netCash$151,500103,000285,00013,00064,00017,000101,000107,00041,000Commonstock,$4par125,000sharesauthorized,24,000sharesissuedDividendspayablePaid-incapitalinexcessofpar-commonAccountspayablePreferredstock,5%,$13par,50,000sharesauthorized,5,500sharesissued96,0004,000140,00032,00071,500, Totalassets,Dec31,2011$501,000Commonequity,Dec31,2011307,000Netincome,201247,000Interestexpense,20123,000\begin{array}{lrr} 3) Brain differences, Psychoanalytical causes for paraphilia (2), 1) Defenses against unresolved anxiety -children are usually the victim Those attracted to females prefer 8-10 year olds Treatment approaches for paraphilic disorders have included traditional psycho therapy, behavior therapy techniques, and pharmacological medications. What do clinicians use to measure sexual arousal in order to determine the efficacy of interventions? rubbing against or touching a non-consenting person (only considered paraphilia if repeated as preferred sexual behavior). 1. This is, for the most part, simply wrong. Which of the following statements about obscene phone callers is false? Paraphilic disorders are a type of mental disorder. -may also include the act of masturbation in front of a stranger - focus primarily on imbalances in two biochemical systems: hormones and neurotransmitters C) They are usually also exhibitionists. What factor distinguishes BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism) from abuse and assault? 2) ethical problems See Page 1. -in some cases, sadistic acts may be nonconsensual Onset prior to 18 years old. 6) Usually 3-4 types of paraphilia diagnosed, -Resolving unconscious conflicts believed to originate in childhood. - In other words, if a person engages in paraphilic behavior instead of forming healthy intimate relationships with others Treatment approaches for paraphilic disorders have included traditional psycho therapy, behavior therapy techniques, and pharmacological medications.

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