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Saltwater fly fishing for redfish is a lot of fun! We use giant Clouser flies teamed with super-fast-sinking fly lines that range from 450 to 700 grains. The lakes, ponds and coves in these areas prove deeper, so you wont see too many tailing fish. Most of them imitate the crabs, shrimp, and baitfish that make up the majority of the redfish diet. If youre fortunate enough to hit a warm day, youll find hordes of reds rushing up on the flats to feed over the warm, dark mud left exposed by an earlier low tide. It is tied in in smaller sizes, so it doesn't make much disturbance when it lands. The EP Baitfish is a Gurgler-like pattern that moves water and pops on the surface to trigger an aggressive Redfish eat. One of the elements of fly fishing for reds that I enjoy so much is the variety of experiences it offers from one location to another. Year-round you can fish redfish, but in the changing season, you also have black drum, sheepshead, sea trout, tarpon, and . The fly doesnt really resemble anything specific, but it catches fish. The tackle. The good news is that Redfish are highly aggressive feeders and are usually not too picky. This Kwan pattern, or sometimes called the Redfish Toad, has a long history of proven success. Tackle choices aside, the size of your fly can be the most important . A local captain knows where the fish were yesterday and runs a proper skiff designed to navigate the target waters. During the winter months, the water on the flats clears. Seven hot flies for chasing red drum throughout the coastal south. It is very productive in a root beer color with gold tinsel and redhead profile. Crab flies are deadly for targeting Redfish and Sheepshead in the Gulf Coast region. The weed guard is essential to the success of the fly. Table of Contents show. This is where the high tide pushes an extra few feet, flooding the muddy grass banks. Easy to cast, and light enough to manipulate in a variety of ways once in the water. Here are our favorite flies for Redfish. They are superb at grabbing the attention of fish and will trigger a natural reaction bite that Redfish can simply not resist. The fools gold pattern is ideal for this as it sinks fast and has excellent movement in the water. The bug is copper-colored, traditional bass-bug size, with a stainless hook and a Flashabou tail. I fell in love with the Spoonfly the first time I held one. That means using stout tackle for casting: Try a 9-weight for fish to 20 pounds and a 10-weight for heavier bulls. My guide, Capt. Standard hues include gold, silver, copper, burnt orange, silver prismatic, pink-and-black and black prismatic. With all the grass around, a weed guard is a must to be in with a shot at hooking a Red. It is a mix of a number of different patterns and works great as a shrimp, crab or even a baitfish. Im one of those fly fishers. Most any color combination will work, but I like brown or white and hardly ever use anything else. Many tyers will add in some small bead chain or lead eyes depending on the depth of water you intend to fish and additions such as silicone legs and/or mono-eyes into the tail section will give the fly a buggy look that Redfish cannot resist. It's an extremely beautiful river filled with large and catchable bass. The fishing is good, but different, and the type of fly required to dupe reds is different too. 3. The most common color is reddish-bronze. Fiddler crabs, shrimp, and baitfish are on the menu, so its essential to have flies that imitate them. Floating on the surface, Gurglers will pop, splash, and create noise when being retrieved. Reds there are primarily crab eaters, especially little oyster crabs and fiddler crabs, and the Turkey in the Straw is dead ringer for a little crab. It lands lightly, hangs in the water column, and when tied with a weed guard, it is the perfect fly to fish over grassy structures in shallow water. These fish fight strongly and stubbornly, but they dont make long runs and theyre usually caught in shallow water. On warmer days, work a surface-popper or gurgler pattern in white or in dark colors such as black and purple. If the fish arent committing fully to the fly, it doesnt mean they arent interested in it, and it could mean its a little big or isnt swimming correctly. For the leader, a standard nine-foot leader with a tippet rating of 15 to 20-pound test works best. My own personal favorite stomping grounds for redfish include South Florida and Louisiana. Kennedy nicknamed this all-black cone-headed Wooly Bugger the American Express Fly because he never leaves home without it. A Redfish is a Redfish, no matter if you are in Texas, Florida, or Virginia. Best of all, redfish love it. Redfish fishing tips for fly anglers should include examples of the right gear for the job. Fish often have trouble tracking their prey in these conditions. This is where the big boys live. These trips are great for 1-2 anglers of all skill levels. Carry an intermediate line for the deeper waters, just in case. Sight cast to schools of tailing redfish in ankle-deep, gin-clear water. Mylar is tied on both sides of the hook and on top. Sneaky speckled trout can also be caught year-round moreover the seatrout here grow to trophy proportions like in the Laguna Madre. Try white, chartreuse or black colors on a 2/0 Gamakatsu stinger hook. While it was initially intended to target Redfish, it does equally as well for large Speckled Trout up on the flats. The central-coast redfish waters include the jetties of Port OConnor and the grass flats of Rockport, all with shorelines similar to those in Louisiana. The bulls chase baitfish in the shallows, and the Everglades Special is the key! Great fly-rod redfishing in northeast Florida can be found in the creeks and bays off the Intracoastal Waterway just north and south of the St. Johns River. But a fishing trip can also go terribly wrong without the right gear. The Redfish will follow this fly until it commits. But the visual experience can be breathtaking. My hands shook. The fly has a monofilament weed guard and burnt-mono eyes. Miniard adds that when a red takes the fly and crushes down on it with its mouth, it feels the hard Furry Foam body coated with epoxy. Post by ellisredfish Wed Jun 03, 2009 7:50 pm. The Texas coast between Port O'Conner and Rockport offers excellent opportunities to sight cast for redfish, as well as occasional shots at black drum, speckled trout, and sheepshead. Fly Fishing the texas coast. Locals like the Surfin Wooly. These omnivores, with their underslung mouths, scour the grass and mud for prey. Leaders can measure 9 to 12 feet, with a 40-pound butt section tapering to a 15- or 20-pound tippet. When: Summer and fall; Who: The following guides specialize in Texas redfishing: Middle Texas Coast: Capt. Its simple design is very deadly for many species, especially Redfish. Its an excellent pattern for the muddier waters where some surface movement is needed to grab the fishs attention. Its a simple Superglue fly Ben can make in about 10 minutes. Next there is the side style like the Sidewinder Crab,this pattern has the hook shank parallel with the crab body. Luckily, for coastal anglers in Virginia all the way to the southern tip of Texas, redfish, also commonly referred to as red drum, can be successfully targeted with a fly rod via kayak or stand-up paddle . The great thing about redfish patterns is, for the most part, they are pretty darn simple fly and easy to tie. Check out, Picture Source A huge thanks to the great folks at, Some of the amazing redfish pictures were provided by my buddies at. The fish reside in the lagoon year-round, making it the best area to target trophy redfish on the flats along Floridas east coast. For food and shelter, they seek out sea-grass beds, mangroves, marshes, oyster bars, mud and sand flats and beaches. Its death on redfish, with gold and silver models remarkably effecive. Many anglers prefer an 8-weight fly rod for smaller redfish, but I usually throw big bushy redfish flies. The King Fu Crab swims hook point up, which is excellent, and the weed guard just makes double sure there arent any snags. To round out our species-centered blog posts, we've written this post to help you choose the best flies. So, there you have it. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Reds customarily feed on small crabs, shrimp and baitfish, such as mullet and mud minnows. Image hooking into a red weighting over 50lbs. The customary natural colors of brown, tan, orange, and white are a very popular choice among saltwater fly fishermen. The fly is then adorned with a bit of colored hackle and a wire weed guard. 1.3 3. Michael Stravato for The . The Spoonfly is about as weedless as the Johnson lure. In the coastal waters off North Carolina, captains have found enormous schools of redfish in 20 to 60 feet of water. Call Captain Kenjo direct ASAP 361-500-2552 or BOOK NOW online! The setup you choose to use depends entirely on your ability as a fly fisher. When redfish are tailing on the flats and are cruising super skinny, placing a popper or streamer quietly in its path may be the only way to catch them. The fly is finished by tying in three dark but iridescent wild-turkey breast feathers that splay outward from the head over the hook point and bend, which makes it look very crab-like. Devils River - Legendary Among Texas Fly Anglers. This is the story behind the action in Marjie's words: "In August 2014, I was taking photos of Ospreys in flight at the . A good deviation of this pattern that works well from Texas to Florida is the Brown-Noser fly. Other shrimp patterns to consider are grass shrimp and hybrids like redfish Ritalin. Use larger hook sizes in Fall and Winter months as you prepare to hunt down larger redfish game. The fools gold pattern is ideal for this as it sinks fast and has excellent movement in the water. March 14: Exec Mtg - ZOOM March 10-12: Bolivar Marshes March 24-26: Harmon Creek Outing March 28: Monthly Mtg. The fishing for trophy trout and redfish on Texas' Baffin Bay is nothing short of spectacular and our experienced guides can't wait to show you our neck of the woods. Normally, youll scout reds in less than 2 feet of water by looking for wakes, tails and bodies. They are superb at grabbing the attention of fish from a distance, in murky water, or when the visibility is low. To find out more about the regulations for the reservoirs call (210) 635-8289 or visit the TPWD website https://tpwd.texas.gov/. Most have been well tested via the school of hard fishing knocks endorsed by the anglers who cast them and the redfish that eat them. Texas Sporting Journal, "The Real Laguna Madre", July 2013 Polling around on that flood tide is a special time to fish, and it should be cherished. The Lower Laguna Madre is one of the finest spots to fly fish for red fish (red drum), black drum, speckled trout, flounder, tarpon, snook, sheepshead, and ladyfish. March 24 - 2023 Texoma Ducks Unlimited Spring Event at the Mayor Arena of Loy Lake Park. Most guides say the best fly rod for redfish is a 9-foot, 8- or 9-weight rod paired to most any brand of saltwater reel and spooled with a warm-water, weight-forward floating line. Find out where the action is, what the water conditions are and everything you need for a successful day on the water! To illustrate, he tells of the time he and another captain were wading a grass flat three years ago when he was first experimenting with the fly. That allows her to keep an eye on the fast-moving schools instead of focusing on tying knots and digging for tackle. Youll find good numbers of 18- to 27-inch fish. Sight Cast Saltwater Fly Shop. Crab flies come in two different styles and can be fished two different ways. Everglades National Park offers prime redfish habitat with miles of flats. Copyright 2023 Salt Water Sportsman. Fiddler, stone and mud crabs inhabit the Charleston marshes, and their colors are muted, from brown to a dark tan to almost chocolate. State regulations throughout the redfishs range have helped these hardy gamesters to rebound. Redfish can be found in the waters of Galveston where the depth is about 6 - 12 feet. My favorite redfish fly pattern is a fuzzy variation of Tim Borskis Chernobyl shrimp. Watching redfish forage for crabs in mud or grass, or hunt mullet on an oyster bar is one of the most exciting experiences in flats fishing. For deeper redfishing, Sheka includes lead under the chenille or substitutes lead eyes for nylon ones, and he ties it large to be a more visible target, usually with a marabou tail that absorbs water to help it get down. This adds bulk to the streamer and allows the loose Mylar threads to catch and reflect light in every possible direction much like a spoon. He and his clients fish it slow, slower and slower still. Need something interesting to read, so post up your favorite redfish flies. Usually most crab flies you find in the big box stores are designed to target permit or bonefish. McCord says theres nothing like the sight of redfish cruising a skinny shoreline with their backs fully out of the water, waving electric-turquoise spotted tails that can be seen from a hundred yards away. Factors that affect casting, such as wind and bushy flies, also affect rod choice. Wading the surf with a fly rod ranks right near the top of most peoples list of favorite things to do, and the only guidance youll need can come from a quick visit to a local fly shop. Raz Reed, who created the fly, also uses it for bass, something I havent tried yet but plan on tying up a few for my next bass mission. Both styles are highly effective when fished properly under the right conditions. It rides high in the water column and will attract a red from some distance off. They will generally eat a second time if they spook or miss the fly. Gold Frizzy For medium-sized species such as salmon or redfish, you might use a size 4, 2 or 1/0. Just deals and news! This Louisiana classic is an easy and delicious way to serve redfish. The carnage happens fast. These 2hours are golden and what every redfish angler dreams of. Youll definitely need 10-weight rods and 400-plus-grain sink-tip lines with big lead-eye flies. Theyll even attack poppers with gusto, at times. Gjuro Bruer, maneuvered his skiff into casting range, and I managed to place one of my best redfish flies just a few feet ahead of this thing, which looked like a giant koi. Short, quick, aggressive stripping will have the fly gurgling through the water and will trigger a natural reflex that makes fish want to eat. Redfish can be found all along the coast, stretching from Texas, around the Gulf to Florida, and up the Atlantic to parts of the Northeast, preferring water temperatures between 65-85 degrees. It also helped a bit that the first cast I made with a Spoonfly hooked a fish. With a mix of unpredicted weather conditions, we were in for quite the weekend. With diverse locations and ample opportunity, it is a great place to try fly fishing for the first time or the hundredth. While it was initially intended to target Redfish, it does equally as well for large Speckled Trout up on the flats. We are lucky in that Redfish tell us how they are feeding. The main exception exists in the rugged beauty of the south Texas, Port Mansfield and South Padre areas. Just deals and news! As much as I love wading the south Texas flats, redfish in the Laguna Madre are smallpuppy drum, in local parlancethat rarely weigh more than 6 or 7 pounds. The pattern excels in stained/murky water thats very common along the Texas and Louisiana coast. These are the times when having an arsenal of flies that resembles all the prevalent bait fish in your particular location is a must.

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