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Town Hall Brixton Hill Lambeth SW2 1RW Tel: 020 7926 1000 . Map showing London Borough Councils. It was a decision made by central government, but were prepared to own the decisions we have to make with the hand weve been dealt, he says. Although these reports are now fifteen years old, much of what they report on is sadly all too familiar the under representation of Black and minority ethnic employees at senior levels, a lack of consistent management practices giving rise to widespread perceptions of unfairness and evidence of formal action taken disproportionately against Black employees. The chief executive of Lambeth council, Bayo Dosunmu, has ordered council workers back into the office for two days a week in one of his first acts as boss. He also received threats to his family. Andrew Travers, Chief Executive of Lambeth Council, has announced today (February 3) that he is stepping down as Chief Executive after over four years in the role. Raj Mistry is our Executive Director of Environment and City Management. First joining Lambeth as Interim Chief Executive in 2017, Andrew was appointed to the permanent role in July 2018. LA-A7 described sexual abuse by three male members of staff, including two from South Vale. Resident Services are forecasting an overspend of 3m for the financial year. endobj But a few weeks ago Lambeth council launched its. Thousands of names were missing from the electoral lists. The Chief Executive works closely with the directly elected mayor and elected councillors to provide: positive results - setting the Council's management arrangements and practices to ensure effective and efficient delivery of services through well organised and motivated staff endobj He wants to see much stronger partnerships between London boroughs, the mayor of London and the Greater London Authority. *******************************************************************************. youre probably about to be whisked off to the looney know that right? Coincidentally the consultant who put together both the CSA reports on Lambeth and her draft CSA report on Essex also had housefire after Essex told her to step aside and that they would take over her report which they have since refused to make public. <>/Metadata 419 0 R/ViewerPreferences 420 0 R>> Thanks to all Councillors, staff, partners and . This has rocketed to 31.8m for 2022. Required fields are marked *. Probably lot more so since it was legalised under RIPA. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. News and announcements. The report also criticised the authority's handling of issues with mould, damp and contractors' behaviour. Intimidation was used as a lever even against the most senior officers. Paul Martin is currently completing his role as interim chief executive and head of public services at the Government of Jersey. He was AWOL from his role from July 2017. Ex-Leader Lib Peck promised Full Council in July 2017 that an independent panel would lead the inquiry. Brixton news, photos, features, listings, music, arts and activism. His home and office were broken into and computer records were stolen during a time when he was attempting to deal with corrupt practices. - OnLondon, Lambeth set to increase Council Tax by 2.99% with Brexit, War in Ukraine and crap politicians in Westminster all to blame. View details. In the Chairs introduction to the Scrutiny Commission report, he acknowledged that for such a racially diverse borough we are still surprisingly backward in how we deal with black ethnic minority issues (paragraph 1.6). No witness identified which individuals or groups were the driving force behind this vicious and regressive culture, but there was little doubt that a succession of leading elected members were mainly responsible, aided and abetted in some instances by self-serving senior officials. Why is my train ticket becoming more expensive? The persistence of evidence of institutional racism, over years which have seen significant political and legislative change (including the passing of the Equality Act 2010) demonstrate the deep-rooted nature of racism in our society, and therefore in the institutions of that society (such as Lambeth Council). Commenting on the news, Jitinder Takhar, Chief Executive of Homes for Lambeth said: "HFL is pleased that we have submitted another planning application to Lambeth Council. Having been heavily involved in securing Greater Manchesters historic devolution deal in November 2014, Harriss is keen to replicate the collaborative working of Greater Manchesters boroughs in the capital. The chief executive of Lambeth Council has quit after four years in the job. The LCAS Inquiry report was published in July 2003, and in November 2003 the Council published the report of its own Race Scrutiny Commission, which repeated many of the recommendations of the LCAS report. If theres one thing governments bent on austerity hate its local councils batting the blame for cuts back to Westminster. It looks like Lambeths parting gift to Travers will be to allow him to take on the role of Returning Officer before he steps down in June. Lambeths housing policy has proven unpopular to some of its existing residents; the council has a propensity to demolish existing housing estates to make way for new accommodation for a greater number of people. Two of them separately photographed him at their private homes when he was either naked or wearing only his underwear. An 'Outstanding' South London Secondary School is hiring a Maths Teacher from September, MPS/UPS p.s. Learn more about the transition. Subway to be used for year-round events and exhibitions, Amnesty bins - including one in Anerley - aim to reduce Bromleys low knife-carrying statistics even further, say council (and where other bins are in Croydon, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark), Community: Staggering amount Lambeth may have netted from their Salters Hill cash cow since 2015: FIVE MILLION POUNDS (Plus: Gardening at the Vicars Oak Dinosaurs in St John's church), FREE THREE HOUR PARKING AT SAINSBURY'S UPPER NORWOOD*, Resurfacing works to start on Milestone Road - and Tulse Hill gyratory, Pool at West Norwood leisure centre closed for roof repairs (the rest remains open), Salters Hill: Lambeth council still milking their cash cow, Decorum latest Triangle business to close (but they're staying online) Little Palace cafe opens under new name 'Don't deal with doorstep traders' warning, Active Lambeth: Free under-11s swimming and new discounts when councikl take over leisure centres. Why was he not immediately sectioned when he found out about it, like so many of us are? There were many black children in Lambeth Councils care. An anonymous letter submitted to Lambeth Council about institutional racism is causing quite a stir A group calling itself 'Lambeth Black Workers' has sent an anonymous letter to Lambeth Councillors outlining serious allegations around the way that some black staff are being treated. A total of 25 top earners at council-owned developer Homes for Lambeth were paid at least 2,075,000, Lambeth Council's draft accounts have revealed. Heres some interesting information. Those who tried to stop it were intimidated and threatened. James Strachan, currently Business Development Director at Southampton City Council, will take up the post in May. Our business plan, which is approved annually by Lambeth's Cabinet, enables the council's elected representatives to scrutinise, to . This was rather odd seeing as though Lambeth paid the executive recruitment consultant Audeliss to find a range of candidates. Lambeth has certainly provided that so far.. % Shirley Oaks and South Vale were brutal places where violence and sexual assault were allowed to flourish. It is on course to be the most populated inner London borough by 2020, according to Trust for London, which produces Londons Poverty Profile. (LogOut/ 4 0 obj RILEY PERSONNEL. But a few weeks ago Lambeth council launched its tough choices . Learn how your comment data is processed. Mr Henry Gilby the director of amenity services, then director of environmental services and finally chief executive of Lambeth Council (between June 1993 and December 1994) also described being subject to intimidation. What is particularly disappointing is that, not only has the Council failed to make significant progress in de-institutionalising racism as recommended by the LCAS Inquiry, but that the senior management of the Council have taken a large step backward from understanding the presence of institutional racism in the organisation, back to the previous approach of denial (and misunderstanding). Lambeth LBC has revealed the name of the man who is set to be its new chief executive. I wish Andrew all the very best of luck for any future challenges and that he enjoys continued happiness with his new grandchild and family.. Housing and Regeneration For example, when as chief executive he was conducting investigations into fraud, Lord Ouseley told us that: I was getting calls in the middle of the night I had all four of my tyres slashed in one go. Nevertheless, his experience at the helm of an inner London borough, Bolton MBC, the northern met where he took on his first chief role, and now Harrow LBC in outer London provides him with a fairly unique perspective on the past decade in local government. We just have to keep going and mitigate the impact of cuts as much as possible.. A really brilliant project connecting areas often overlooked, putting residents at a disadvantage of connectivity. . Our Chief Executive Designate Bayo Dosunmu is excited about his new role and the opportunity to tackle some of the challenges we face as a borough. The council's chief officers, structure and service departments. Lambeth's appointments committee has recommended that Bayo Dosunmu be appointed, subject to the approval of Full Council in May. Sean Harriss, chief executive of the council, defends Lambeths propensity to demolish existing housing estates to build more accommodation. Advertise here from only 10 per month! Back Submit. Sources: Inquiry report: F3: A state of chaos oS}c 'q_+YW}JaV?&zUtA\]SCHQ#: ZV^)dc,OQ%3,gM9dV2oMBiUF2j[3.M&se w]Lbd 0 Lord Ouseley described how both his office and home were bugged at the instigation of one of his own staff. The council has apologised .The real tragedy is that so many people have got away with it leaving their victims with broken lives. Extraordinarily just SIX people have been successfully prosecuted by the police, meaning that hundreds of people must have got away with the vile sexual abuse of children. Like other councils under pressure, Lambeth is increasingly calling on residents to pitch in from opting to use online services to recycling more of their waste. (LogOut/ He told us about his attempts as chief executive to tackle the direct labour organisations, which had been implicated in corrupt practices. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Just Lambethwait till you see the evidence on Southwark in 2022. There are 1,800 families in temporary accommodation and Lambeth has one of the longest housing waiting lists nationwide, with more than 20,000 people hoping to get a council-owned property.

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