a flight instructor demonstrates their coaching ability by a flight instructor demonstrates their coaching ability by

Successful instructors teach their students not only how, but also why and when. There is general agreement about certain factors that seem pertinent to understanding the use of instructional aids, During the communicative process, the sensory register of the memory acts as a filter. The give and take of the discussion method also helps students learn to evaluate ideas, concepts, and principles. The objectives must be written. While it is important to provide hands-on tasks in the lesson plan to engage students in active learning, it is also important to ensure the tasks are completed safely and correctly, In Chapter 2, The Learning Process, learning was defined as "a change in the behavior of the learner as a result of experience. An increasingly popular form of teaching, the case study contains a story relative to the student that forces him or her to deal with situations encountered in real life, The instructor presents the case to the students who then analyze it, come to conclusions, and offer possible solutions. For example, the subsystems within a physical unit are relatively easy to relate to each other through the use of schematics or diagrams. A brief introductory lecture can give direction and purpose to a demonstration or prepare students for a discussion by telling them something about the subject matter to be covered, In a lecture, the instructor can present many ideas in a relatively short time. Computer-based training also can be designed so the progress of the student can be tracked and documented. In teaching a skill, the instructor must convey to the students the precise actions they are to perform. Information such as equipment, tools, reference material, and limiting parameters should be included. Carefully selected charts, graphs, pictures, or other well-organized visual aids are examples of items that help the student understand, as well as retain, essential information, Ideally, instructional aids should be designed to cover the key points and concepts. While a computer, screen, and projector may be needed for the classroom, a laptop computer may be all that is needed for the one-on-one presentation. Learning assessment is another important skill of an effective instructor. For the effective instructor, these skills are reflected in the ability to plan, organize, and carry out a lesson. Just as a student can reread a section in a text, a student can review portions of a CAL program until it is understood. E-learning can be as basic as an online college course taken via e-mail or as sophisticated as refining flight techniques in a helicopter simulator, Time flexible, cost competitive, learner centered, easily updated, accessible anytime, and anywhere, e-learning has many advantages that make it a popular addition to the field of education. The willingness to look for ways to match student learning styles to personal instructional style is another element of effective instruction, A subject matter expert (SME) is a person who possesses a high level of expertise, knowledge, or skill in a particular area. The chalk or marker board is a widely used tool for instructors. The instructor begins by telling a story, showing a video clip, asking a question, or telling a joke. Students are often accustomed to dramatic, action-packed movies or games designed as entertainment. [Figure 4-7], The purpose of the motivation element is to offer the students specific reasons why the lesson content is important to know, understand, apply, or perform concepts of Thorndikes law of readiness. The pilot informed the controller that he was low on fuel and needed to land as soon as possible. They also tend to watch movies or TV in a passive way without attempting to absorb what they are seeing and hearing. The major advantage of CAL is that it is interactivethe computer responds in different ways, depending on student input. If necessary, make assignments that give the students an adequate background for discussing the lesson topic. The second activity is the instructors supervision, Student performance requires students to act and do. The following paragraph is an example of one such accident, "The private pilot was on a visual flight rules (VFR) crosscountry flight when he began encountering instrument conditions. This permits effective sorting or categorizing chunks of information in the working or short-term memory. This review and wrap-up of ideas reinforces student learning and improves the retention of what has been learned. The pure lecture format also inhibits student participation. Arrival at point B should be within 5 minutes of planned arrival time and cruise altitude should be maintained within 200 feet during the en route phase of the flight." The overhead question is directed to the entire group to stimulate thought and response from each group member. Generally, the syllabus contains a description of each lesson, including objectives and completion standards. For example, Marks closest friends bought him a ticket for a playoff game at their alma mater and they paid him to rent an airplane. The instructor acts as a facilitator to encourage discussion between students, In the guided discussion, learning is achieved through the skillful use of questions. They can focus on the area they either need to study or want to study For example, a maintenance student who wants to find information on the refueling of a specific aircraft could use a CAL program to access the refueling section, and study the entire procedure. There are three stages of action. When using a teaching lecture, the instructor plans and delivers an oral presentation in a manner that allows some participation by the students and helps direct them toward the desired learning outcomes, In general lectures, begin with an introduction of the topic to be discussed. As mentioned earlier, possession of a high level of technical knowledge does not equate to the ability to teach it. The lecture method is adaptable to many different settings, including small or large groups. Regardless of the method of development or depth of coverage, the success of the teaching lecture depends upon the instructors ability to communicate effectively with the class, In other methods of teaching such as demonstrationperformance or guided discussion, the instructor receives direct reaction from the students, either verbally or by some form of body language. A game gives the learner a stake in the outcome by putting the learner into the shoes of a character (role playing) who needs to overcome a real world scenario. A wireless mouse can be used to activate the slide changes from anywhere in the room, Another convenient and cost effective instructional aid is the overhead transparency and projector. The equipment necessary and the instructor and student actions anticipated during the lesson have also been specified. In this case, the responsible instructor needs to establish procedures to make sure the required training is accomplished, since he or she must certify student competency at the end of the course, Models, mock-ups, and cut-aways are additional instructional aids. When a student is able to perform according to well-defined standards, evidence of learning is apparent. Refer to Chapter 6, Planning Instructional Activity, for detailed information on requirements for an aviation training syllabus and the building-block concept for curriculum development, The main concern of the instructor is usually the more manageable task of organizing a block of training with integrated lesson plans. In addition, instructors and students may lack sufficient experience with personal computers to take full advantage of the software programs that are available, Improper or excessive use of e-learning should be avoided. If possible, the instructor should have another knowledgeable person, preferably another instructor, observe the practice sessions and act as a critic. Juni 2022; Beitrags-Kategorie: xrp fee calculator; Beitrags-Kommentare: . Discussion questions should be easy for students to understand, put forth decisively by the instructor, and followed by silence. how to chair a board meeting script. Those maneuvers requiring repetition may still be taught during concentrated settings. They should be considered as a supplement to instructor-led training, Electronic communications, including use of computer databases, voice mail, e-mail, Internet, World Wide Web, and satellite-based, wireless communications, are routine and this explosion of information access affects aviation training. In preparing questions, the instructor should remember that the purpose is to stimulate discussion, not merely to get answers. Obviously, an explanation of elaborate equipment may require detailed schematics or mock-ups, but less complex equipment may lend itself to only basic shapes or figures. Improper pilot decisions cause a significant percentage of all accidents, and the majority of fatal accidents in light single- and twin-engine aircraft. Although the lecture method is useful in providing information, it is not an effective method of learning large amounts of information in a short time. HOME; INTERIORS; EXTERIORS; OFFICE & PORTRAITS; PUBLICITY/EVENTS; CONSTRUCTION; INFO The most stressful aspect of becoming a flight instructor is usually passing . Research has shown that learning is an active processthe more involved students are in the process, the better they learn. In many classrooms, students may not be able to see the lower half, Stand to one side of the board to avoid hiding the essential information, Adjust lighting as necessary to remove glare, Print media, including photographs, reproductions of pictures, drawings, murals, cartoons, and other print materials are valuable supplemental aids. Lectures can be used to present information that would be difficult for the students to get in other ways, particularly if the students do not have the time required for research, or if they do not have access to reference material. However, once they are learned, they are integrated into more realistic and dynamic flight situations, Decision-based objectives are also important for the aviation instructor planning AMT training. Students can answer the second question by merely saying "Denver," but the first question is likely to start a discussion of air density, engine efficiency, and the effect of temperature on performance, It is the instructors responsibility to help students prepare themselves for the discussion. They learn by applying what they have been told and shown. The instructor provides assistance when needed, but he or she needs to remember that learning to solve the problem or task without assistance is part of the learning process. This handbook is a compilation of that research and is designed to help aviation instructors become experts in the field of education, Effective instructors have a sincere interest in learning and professional growth. It can be an enlargement, a reduction, or the same size as the original. The instructor then shares the NTSBs determination of probable cause: "The pilots inadequate decision to continue VFR flight into IMC conditions, which resulted in a loss of engine power due to fuel exhaustion" which can lead to further discussions of how to avoid this type of accident. Usually the goal for students is a certificate or rating. Once the class has mastered the ability to compute weight and balance, Bob decides to give them the following scenario with the objective of teaching them how to reconfigure weight and balance in the real world. The PTS also has specific criteria or standards upon which to grade performance; however, the criteria may not always be specific enough for a particular lesson. In a guided discussion, the instructor guides the discussion with the goal of reinforcing a learning objective related to the lesson. True performance as a professional is based on study and. Notes may be written legibly or typed, and they should be placed where they can be consulted easily, or held, if the instructor walks about the room. Efforts in this area pay great dividends in terms of quality of instruction. flor de hortensia para maleficios; layer by layer minecraft castle blueprints. The instructor also can write on a blank transparency as the lesson progresses, much like a chalk or marker board. [Figure 4-4], The description of the skill or behavior explains the desired outcome of the instruction. The extemporaneous presentation reflects the instructors personal enthusiasm and is more flexible than other methods. With this setup, the physical facility is usually referred to as a learning center or training center. Instructors will find the following suggestions helpful in planning a discussion lesson. objective of each period of instruction. Facts and ideas that have been logically organized can be concisely presented in rapid sequence. It is a widely accepted belief in the aviation community that test items included as part of a test or evaluation should be both content valid and criterion valid. This results when the material is presented as an authentic problem in a situated environment that allows the learner to "make meaning" of the information based on his or her past experience and personal interpretation. Nor do lectures easily allow an instructor to estimate student understanding of the material covered. Continental Flight 1943 was the only DC-9 to land gear up at KIAH in 1996. This research has revealed that effective instructors come in many forms, but they generally possess four essential teaching skills: people skills, subject matter expertise, management skills, and assessment skills. If the instructor sees puzzled expressions, denoting that the students do not understand the question, it should be rephrased in a slightly different form. In addition, the Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) needs to remember he or she is teaching a pilot who should: Seek proficiency in control of the aircraft. For example, inserting conditions narrows the objective as follows: "Using sectional charts, a flight computer, and Cessna 172, navigate from point A to point B while maintaining standard hemispheric altitudes." The introduction should be free of stories, jokes, or incidents that do not help the students focus their attention on the lesson objective. Consider the continued expansion of technical terminology in everyday usage. Thus, the student pilot exhibits knowledge of all the elements involved in a poweroff stall as listed in the PTS, As discussed in chapter 2, humans develop cognitive skills through active interaction with the world. Time relationships are most suitable when history is an important consideration, as in tracing the development of radio navigation systems, The simple-to-complex pattern helps the instructor lead the student from simple facts or ideas to an understanding of the phenomena or concepts involved. The instructor should set up and adjust the equipment and lighting beforehand and then preview the presentation. The new Diamond Star DA-40 Flight Instructor Training Module The following information provides a framework for successfully conducting the guided discussion, A guided discussion lesson is introduced in the same manner as the lecture. The examiner also is required to assign a practical project from each subject area. Since most aviation training is at the understanding level of learning or higher, questions should require students to grasp concepts, explain similarities and differences, and to infer cause-and-effect relationships, Planning a guided discussion is similar to planning a lecture. For example, the instructor in the opening scenario is an aviation maintenance SME, Effective instructors are not only knowledgeable about aviation, they are also knowledgeable about teaching. The objective formulated in the last few paragraphs, for instance, is a well-defined lesson objective from the task, Pilotage and Dead Reckoning, in the Private Pilot PTS, PTS hold an important position in aviation training curricula because they supply the instructor with specific performance objectives based on the standards that must be met for the issuance of a particular aviation certificate or rating. On the other hand, a student needs knowledge in order to build understanding of a subject, One last disadvantage of the lecture is that it does not foster attainment of certain types of learning outcome, such as motor skills, need to be perfected via hands-on practice. Since the material projected requires no special preparation, the cost is very low. The training record can be reviewed and the students training status easily assessed in case the student transfers to another school or instructor, Another example of enhanced, instructor-oriented material for pilot training is a maneuvers guide or handbook which includes the PTS as an integral part of the description of maneuvers and procedures. | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Sitemap | Patreon | Contact, Aviation Instructors Handbook (4-1) The Teaching Process, Teaching methods will depend on the teaching style of the instructor and the learning style of the student, By using a combination of teaching methods (lecture, group learning, and discussion) and instructional aids (audio/visual and handouts), Bob achieves his instructional objective, which is for the students to learn how to compute weight and balance. The instructor must provide opportunities for students to practice and, at the same time, make sure that this process is directed toward a learning objective, A successful instructor needs to be familiar with as many teaching methods as possible. Assessment is explored in more detail in chapter 5, Instructional aids are devices that assist an instructor in the teaching-learning process. There are a number of professional development opportunities for aviation instructors, such as Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) seminars, industry conventions, professional organizations, and online classes. capicola pronounce gabagool; another name for tempering is aviation; rensselaer polytechnic institute notable alumni; bic lighters in bulk; great destinations gymnastics meet 2022 More often, the assessment is formal and results recorded to certify the students progress in the course. Careful preparation is one key to successful performance as a classroom lecturer. If the discussion has revealed that certain areas are not understood by one or more members of the group, the instructor should clarify or cover this material again, As with any training method that involves discussion, students are encouraged to listen to and learn from their instructor and/or each other. To be an effective instructor, it is important to determine which teaching methods best convey the information being taught, In the lecture method, the instructor delivers his knowledge via lectures to students who are more or less silent participants. It also may be difficult to find good programs for certain subject areas, and the expense associated with the equipment, software, and facilities must be considered. For example, eligibility, knowledge, proficiency, and experience requirements for pilots and AMT students are stipulated in the regulations, and the standards are published in the applicable PTS or oral and practical tests (O&Ps). All members of the group should follow the discussion. It will be even more significant in the future, Computer technology continues to advance in quantum leaps, challenging traditional ways of teaching. While developing the lesson, the instructor also should strongly consider the use of examples and personal experiences related to the subject of the lesson, After completing the preliminary planning and writing of the lesson plan, the instructor should rehearse the lecture to build self-confidence. This preparation should start well in advance of the presentation. Recordings of sounds and speeches should be tested for correct volume and quality in the actual environment in which they will be used. The instructor should avoid the temptation to use the aids as a crutch. For example, the specific words, "a leak in the fuel line" tell more than the general term "mechanical defect", Another way the instructor can add life to the lecture is to vary his or her tone of voice and pace of speaking. Teaching methods or training delivery methods are discussed, as well as the use of instructional aids, In education, a course of training is a complete series of studies leading to attainment of a specific goal. Lectures are best used when an instructor wishes to convey a general understanding of a subject that students lack. This motivation should appeal to each student personally and engender a desire to learn the material, Every lesson introduction should contain an overview that tells the group what is to be covered during the period. Furthermore, the skill or behavior described should be logical and within the overall instructional plan, Conditions are necessary to specifically explain the rules under which the skill or behavior is demonstrated. a flight instructor demonstrates their coaching ability bywho killed dr john yelenic. Some educators believe that television and the film industry have produced a visual culture that has actually changed the way people learn, Passive video, or video that the student watches like a movie, provide motion, color, sound, and in many cases, special effects with advanced graphic and animation techniques. For example, Bob lectures in the opening scenario, but after giving the students knowledge of how to compute weight and balance, he uses group learning to reinforce the lecture. VR uses graphics with animation systems, sounds, and images to reproduce electronic versions of real-life experience. The teaching process consists of four steps: preparation, presentation, application, and assessment. Sometimes, in the process of writing the objective, a difficulty is encountered. a flight instructor demonstrates their coaching ability by. By being a lifelong learner, the aviation professional remains current in both aviation and education. For example, technology flight training devices and flight simulators are used by everyone from flight schools to major airlines, as well as the military. Of even more significance is that the same data also suggest that SBT students demonstrate better decision-making skills than maneuver based studentsmost likely because their training occurred while performing realistic flight maneuvers and not artificial maneuvers designed only for the test, Research also indicates SBT may lead to improved piloting and navigation skills over traditional maneuver-based training techniques. Another use of computers would allow students to review procedures at their own pace while the instructor is involved in hands-on training with other students. If it is a new flight maneuver, the student may be asked to perform the maneuver that has just been demonstrated. This, coupled with culturally diverse backgrounds of todays students, makes it necessary for instructors to be precise in their choice of terminology. First of all, instructors need to begin planning early to determine what the student group is expected to learn and to be able to do on their own. Sequencing also can be enhanced simply by using overlays on transparencies, stripping techniques on charts and chalk or marker boards, and by imaginative use of magnetic boards. Establish a specific lesson objective with desired learning outcomes. Major airlines have highlevel flight simulators that are so realistic that transitioning crews meet all qualifications in the flight simulator. For example, a lecture is a convenient way to instruct large groups. While the instructor should have the answer in mind before asking the question, the students need to think about the question before answering. best dj pool for old school music. Once a determination of objectives and standards has been made, an instructor formulates a plan of action to lead students through the course in a logical manner toward the desired goal. The type of chart selected for use depends largely on the type of information the instructor wants to convey. In addition to the necessary steps, the instructor should describe the end result of these efforts. For example, a laboratorytype environment may be configured with separate study areas for each student. While there are subtle nuances to the different terms which include computer-assisted learning (CAL), computerassisted instruction (CAI), computer-based training (CBT), and computer-based instruction (CBI), this handbook will use the term "computer-assisted learning" in the following discussion, Computer-assisted learning (CAL) couples the personal computer (PC) with multimedia software to create a training device. Another example is dead reckoning, which forces pilots to be aware of there surroundings at all times. For example, a program may indicate, "That was incorrect. It is important for the instructor to understand in advance which outcomes are positive and/or negative and give the student freedom to make both good and poor decisions without jeopardizing safety. When the instructor points to each part of the model while explaining these relationships, the students can better understand the mechanical principles involved. Blocks for instructor endorsements also may be included at appropriate points. The flight instructor serves as the link between dreaming of a career in the sky and becoming a skilled pilot. The software may include additional features such as image banks with full color photos and graphics, as well as questions or directions which are programmed to create interactivity for students as they progress through the course, The questions or directions are programmed using a branching technique, which provides several possible courses of action for the user to choose in order to move from one sequence to another. It is extremely expensive, and versions with a head-mounted display sometimes produce unfavorable side effects, For those engaged in aviation training, the challenge is staying abreast of technological changes that apply to training and adopting those that are the most useful and cost effective. In many cases, this type of supplemental training media may be reproduced in a format for projection on a screen or other clear surface, Charts, diagrams, and graphs include any printed material which gives information in tabular form. These scenarios require the pilot to manage the resources available in the flight deck, exercise sound judgment, and make timely decisions. The demonstration-performance method is divided into five phases: Explanations must be clear, pertinent to the objectives of the particular lesson to be presented, and based on the known experience and knowledge of the students. research. An effective instructor possesses a strong motivation to teach, as well as a positive attitude toward learning. More information on enhanced training materials is presented in chapter 6, Traditional aids in this group include slides, filmstrips, and transparencies for overhead projection. Since each teaching situation is unique, the setting and purpose of the lesson determines which teaching method is used, Todays instructor can choose from a wealth of ways to present instructional material: lecture, discussion, guided discussion, problem based, group learning, demonstrationperformance, or e-learning.

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