lucius plugs harry fanfiction lucius plugs harry fanfiction

Answer was simply Albus Fucking Dumbledore and his cute little friends. The Celebrations Continue Warnings: mpreg Author: jemi Summer Fun Warnings: OOC Warnings: AU Summary: Harry and Lucius continue their discreet relationship, until Narcissa gets wind of it. Ministry Meeting Author: Hijja Pairings: Harry/Lucius/Blaise 14 entries total. That Fateful Summer Summary: Harry has his fantasies too. Summary: Lucius is on the hunt. Naked in an unlocked room, like a two-Knut whore waiting for a patron?. Granted And It Rained Rating: M Summary: I am not thinking about the Dark Arts, Auror Potter. His voice dropped into a languid drawl. Find the two wizards screwing around in the corner, hand them a Warnings, and back home before you can say Fizzing Whizbees.. Author: The Drow Rating: NC-17 Summary: The Dark Lord Voldemort changed his ideals and wants Harry Potter on his side. Houseboy Hes finally worked up the nerve to tell Lucius his Secret. Rating: NC-17 Summary: Lucius looks down at him from high up, with a face frozen into a disgusted grimace, but eyes that hurt his forehead. Rating: R Who better to teach him than Lucius Malfoy? Lucius Malfoy, second in power only to the Dark Lord, is in need of a new boy. Author: digthewriter Rating: NC-17 A Reward For Service Will he risk his career to help Harry? Never let it be said that Malfoys dont make extravagant gestures for those they love. No Real Risk Summary: Harry has a secret. Author: daiseechain Warnings: underage When the clock turns twelve and something happens. Summary:Severus and Draco find Harry in the astronomy tower. Summary: In private, Lucius and Harry tend towards mutual provocation. 00M For the Dictionary Drabble prompt Performance, operating on the better-late-than-never theory. Author: Yih Harry felt so lucky to be his. Author: keikokin Author: purple mangosteen That was why he kept coming back for more. Author: ArielSakura Snake Healer: The Malfoy Muggle Lover Author: Iulia Linnea Warnings: muggle AU, genderswap Summary:Classic Canon Challenge. Rating: NC-17 Author: Kandakickass Warnings: dub con, bondage, voyeurism Sequel: And Another Life Begins* Pairings: past Harry/T. Rating: NC-17 Starting Over Harry is mystified about why he seems to be attracting a lot of strange attention lately. It was Dracos father Lucius Malfoy.. Rating: R Summary: Concerned that a mysterious dark wizard is trying to recruit his son, Lucius hires Auror Harry Potter to investigate. Cronos* Challenge: I will find a center in you/I will chew it up and leave/I will work to elevate you/just enough to bring you down. Author: annescriblerian But all wishes are for naught when one belonged to Him-the son of heaven. Summary:Finding his loves strange fetish of him wearing women clothes goes farther then usual for a ball when he has to wear a dress. No Desert* Author: Dovahkin91 Warnings: creature!fic In The Malfoy Name Author: Mello_McQueen Summary:Too long to be a drabble, just a brief story of what if. Summary: Harry and Lucius grow unexpectedly close after Dracos death. Once broken in Voldemort himself begins using him. Rating: R Author: Marks Rating: NC-17 Author: Maeglin Yedi Summary: After Severus recovers his human horcrux Voldemort gives him the task of breaking him in. Author: leni_jess Sing Me A Song* Summary: A day in the life of Harry Potter The Boy-Who-Lived to be the slave of Lucius Malfoy. Rating: M I think that explains everything. That was why he kept coming back for more. Rating: NC-17 Curl Up At My Side Warnings: Harry/Draco centric, non con, threesome, bloodplay, D/s, bondage, character deaths, exhibitionism, humiliation, torture, multiple partners Thank you to all creators who inspired me to start this project, and especially Anne Phoenix and Hijja; to Missa and Stacey, who helped me get the idea off the ground; and to all who went years listening to me talk about the list and supported my efforts. He was a fool. Summary: No summary provided. Hadrian Peverell will be everything that he could not be. My name is Sacha Meyes and I was once a happy Gay disaster of a stripper, that made BANK! Pairings: Harry/Lucius, Harry/Tom, Harry/Severus Greenhouse Talk To their mutual satisfaction, they find they can mix them pretty well. Catching Up* Harry Potter Lucius Malfoy Narcissa Black Malfoy Severus Snape Draco Malfoy Griphook the Goblin (Harry Potter) Gornuk the Goblin (Harry Potter) Dobby (Harry Potter) Kreacher (Harry Potter) Hedwig (Harry Potter) Nagini (Harry Potter) Tom Riddle | Voldemort Fred Weasley George Weasley Neville Longbottom Luna Lovegood Dursley Family (Harry Potter) Rating: M Author: Silver Elf Summary: When confronting Draco on his treatment of Hermione, Harry is accidentally port-keyed to a lavish bathroom in Malfoy Manor. Just Once, sequel to Kiss It Better Harry has a list of things he wants to do before the Festive season is over and it's not going well with the first one Lord Abraxas Malfoy weds his seventeen year-old omega son to Lord Cygnus Black, but after enduring five years in a dreadful marriage, Lucius has yet to give his lord husband a male heir. Rating: PG-13 Sequel: All Those He Touches Summary: Lucius thinks Harry needs a little discipline. Author: TheFoundersFour Author:MarauderNextGen Author: Cal_Kemist2121 Author: Sefiru Summary:In the rain what started a life ended it. Rating: PG-13 He wants a taste of that tasty but forbidden fruit. Author: abstractconcept Lucius is moved to save his lover, Harry. Rating: R Warnings: incest, Polyjuice, violence, character death But will Draco lose his mind when he finds out that his ex his now married to his father and pregnant. Rating: NC-17 Summary:An indecent request sends Lucius Malfoy on a plight to help his son. How will he cope? Warnings: dark!Harry, BDSM, non con, multiple partners Summary: tension~ noun, 1~the state of being stretched tight 2~mental or emotional strain. Author: Pastel_Pink_and_Peace_Signs Summary: Harry and Hermione accidentally say the taboo and get caught out by death eaters before Voldemort organizes snatchers and get the Elite after them. Pairings: Harry/Lucius, Lucius/Draco, Draco/OC Well and Truly Fucked Author: Hile Summary:Harry is almost twenty and ready to consider the next step with his mates, children. Obliviate Summary: The War is over, Voldemort is dead and the Light has lost. Author: LdDurham Harry Potter must struggle through each day just to survive the consequences of one small change in reality. Author: leela_cat Rating: NC-17 Rating: R Pairings: Harry/Draco/Lucius/Severus Mercy* Warnings: mpreg, child exploitation, dub con, D/s, mild violence, other pairings Author: Confessions Summary: Harry has the hots for his best friends father. Summary: Draco has two Veela after him, one of which is Harry Potter. Time was against him. Author: Furorscribiendi And hes accustomed to getting what he wants, and tired of waiting. Excidium Summary: Harry has become a magical creature and Draco, who wont get over himself, is his abusive mate. In Your Lies (Day 1) Imago Summary: A Dictionary Drabble based on the word exempt.. Author:Lomonaaeren Lucius is happy to take advantage, AO3** | LJ | Chinese translation | Italian translation | Italian translation 2**. Author: Depraved Necromancer (BvinYa_Raama) Warnings: non con, underage, bloodplay, violence Harry gets more than he bargained for on his 18th birthday. Warnings: non con, BDSM Warnings: OS Author: alafaye Summary: Should be easy enough, anyway. Pairings: Harry/Draco/Lucius Rating: R Rating: R Summary: In which London is rainy, in which accidents happen, in which love smells of lemongrass and ginger. Author: Skye Author: luciusmistress Hes not ready. Rating: PG-13 Heart and Hearth Until Harry meets Dracos father. Voldemorts Daughter, part 4 of Lucius/Harry Stories Green Lights He Defines Me* Summary:Harry is enjoying the simple secrets of life hes had time to discover since the war. Narcissas Story Summary: Coincidences happen. Does it still work if youre day dreaming? Author: Shivani Warnings: threesome Rating: NC-17 Rating: R Summary: I am truly sorry, Harry. Pairings: Harry/Lucius, Harry/Severus, Lucius/Narcissa, Harry/Other Call Me Daddy Author: Lomonaaeren Summary: Lord Lucius receives the sweetest gift of all from his friends, a darling little boy. Summary:OS with LuciusxHarry and little Lucien. Summary: They shouldnt have loved each other. Late, Again From Darkness Emerges Waiting for Death* Lucius has grown bored of his slave and invokes Montagues Law, a public and cruel repudiation of ownership. Author:Sphirex Pet Warnings: OOC Summary: Lucius has a special Halloween present for Harry. Rating: NC-17 Author: Pestilence Rating: NC-17 Author: LinW Needs Must Harry Potter must live with someone after a the war is over. The dress he wore was black and soft, and short enough that his thighs were bare despite the long, black stockings that wrapped around his legs. Survivors Guilt Rating: PG-13 Rating: PG-13 Summary: Harry knows the ending, he knows his Rose. Warnings: character death, suicide Hermione. AS | Italian translation** | Chinese translation | Russian translation. In this new world ruled by a shadowy Dark Lord, Muggleborn Lily Evans raises her son alone. Warnings: crack Pairings: Harry/Lucius, Harry/Snape. Summary:Lucius Malfoy had always loved contrasting colours. Warnings: non con, kink, pwp No Objections Ashes to Ashes* Rating: NC-17 Author: malika azrael Author: Cest La Vivienne Bottoms Up Abused Summary: The cane wasnt as bad as Aunt Marge made it out to be. Rating: R After leaving Kings Cross station with the Dursleys, Harry was abducted by Death Eaters. Summary: 12 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry gets impregnated by Draco and Lucius takes him in. Some days, business is rather booming. Author: lastcrazyhorn Author: Cluegirl Rating: NC-17 Wild Magic, sequel to The Running Man Summary: Harry finds himself on the losing side of a battle with Lucius Malfoy, and Lucius claims his reward. Pairings: Harry/Lucius, Harry/Fenrir, Harry/Voldemort Author: Furorscribiendi Rating: T Word: Oubliette. Author: Cut-Wrist Kate Warnings: non con, BDSM Author: Amanuensis Lord Malfoy would disown his son after such a disgrace. Ser Ronald Weasley, a knight and captain of the guard at Godric's Hollow, never thought he would one day become Uncle Ron to the children of his sworn-brother and childhood friend. But whose hair does Lucius want to use? Rating: NC-17 He had to swallow when he realised that the person was really familiar to him. Warnings: implied Snarry Can Lucius and Harry save the day? Author: DobbyRocksSocks Warnings: non con, violence, multiple partners Harry Potter and the Secret of Nature* Warnings: minor character death, violence Warnings: threesome Completing the Collection Author: rainclowd Warnings: multiple partners Summary: Someone pays a visit to an old enemy-cum-ally and a relative. Rating: NC-17 Warnings: BDSM Rating: NC-17 Rating: PG-13 Pairings: Harry/Snape, Harry/Voldemort, Harry/Lucius, Harry/Bellatrix/Lestranges, Harry/Others Always* Warnings: femboy!Harry Warnings: threesome, OOC Author: lidane Summary:Draco is woken up to a shocking surprise. Author: keikokin Author: iulia_linnea Lucius knows something about the Death Chamber / Veil, and Harry will do (almost) anything to get the information. Author: kelex Author: keikokin Author: Twisted Mind He seems to be in great pain! Summary: At Harry Potters coming of age gala, Lucius Malfoy insists that he is a veela and Harry is his mate; one kiss from Harry will save his life. Rating: M Congress Tripartite* Proof Enough, sequel to Well Always Have Stockholm Author: Twisted Savior Pairings: Harry/Lucius/Draco Author: Ellory Warnings: incest, threesome Author: Hijja Author: amanuensis Warnings: kink Author: maebytonight Summary: After tiring of using Draco and a Polyjuice Potion, Lucius finally gets his hands on the real Harry Just once before he hands him over. Some of My Finer Work* Rating: R Rating: NC-17 Trouser Snake Rating: NC-17 Rating: PG-13 Authors comment: The first, longest, and one of the nastiest pieces Ive written for the HP universe. Rating: R Summary: Harry is unhappy after the war with Voldemort, only one person seems to truly understand and that is Narcissa Malfoy. Author: scarletscarlet (ships_harry) Alouette Series The pleasure is not enhanced, and the inconvenience is often considerable. Pairings: Harry/Lucius, Harry/Fenrir, Harry/Severus I Love Him* Rating: PG With far-reaching consequences! Summary: Snape has a fantasy. Summary: Harry found a way to hide from a world that wanted too much from him. A Different Fate* Summary: Loyalty is often an ambiguous thing. Rating: NC-17 Summary: Kink, pink, tulle, and tears, in a few hundred words. Summary: Harry has to speak to Lucius privately in order to proposition him. Rating: NC-17 Rating: NC-17 Not Master Severus, Just Severus* Soon he finds himself falling for someone who he once thought to be his enemy. What could be the problem. Pairings: Harry/Lucius, Harry/Severus Author: Depraved Necromancer (BvinYa_Raama) Summary: Weakness makes fine cowards, yes, but it also makes brave heroes. Warnings: non con, AU Pairings: Harry/Lucius, Harry/Voldemort He will have a child. Summary: Remus has been a solitary creature for most of his life. Summary: No summary provided. Rating: NC-17 Unconventional Relationships* Cut off from the outside world he was cast into Hell. Unsung Heroes* Author: Lomonaaeren Rating: R kinks Author: literaryspell Warnings: AU, veela!fic Sympathy for the Predators Thank You Draco, sequel to Dream Lovers Warnings: mpreg Author: Minxie Rating: NC-17 Butterfly* Behold the gradual degradation of morality. Summary: A malfunction with a Time Turner sends Harry back to 1973 where he learns a dark secret about the Light side, finds his family and love. Summary: Can Harry allow his relationship with Lucius to evolve? Pairings: Harry/Lucius, Harry/Severus, Lucius/Harry/Severus Rating: M Warnings: violence, mpreg, OOC Pairings: Harry/Lucius, implied Harry/Severus Unfortunately, Seamus doesnt deal well when he feels threatened. Rating: T Author: Jade Summary: Harry was adopted by the Malfoys, but hes not really part of the family. Warnings: character death, OOC Warnings: crossover, bonding, first time, character death Rating: PG Authors Comment: The most compelling story idea Ive ever had conceived it and wrote it in two hours of giggling frenzy. Rating: NC-17 Warnings: top!Harry Summary:While Harry is away at his third year Vernon gets into massive gambling debt. Rating: NC-17 Rating: R Without Harry there, the Battle of Hogwarts went quite differently, and now, after several months as Lucius Malfoys personal pet, Harrys mind, body, and soul are quite different than they were as a schoolboy. Rating: R Author: AnyaYanko Warnings: character death, OOC Warnings: non con, bondage, D/s, whipping, implied use of a house-elf Summary: A room with one purpose can drive the best of men to madness. He knows about Harry being his Horcrux, so he sends Bellatrix to seduce him. That Malfoy Family Author: lantaana Rating: NC-17 Shattered Curses Summary: Lucius employs a highly unorthodox method to discern the extent of Harrys power. Parody of the movie A Knights Tale. Author: Twisted Mind Rating: NC-17 Hot (But also cold), part 5 of Larry snippets I owe the idea to Vorabizas Secrets. Rating: NC-17 Pairings: Harry/Lucius, Harry/Draco Summary: A few years after the war Harry finds himself in a muggle bar when the last person he expects to see walks in. Summary: An older fic (drabble!fic from the Beloved Enemies community from *ages* ago), based on the word relinquish.. Rating: NC-17 What Remains Is Nothing Like Author: Cheeseydare Rating: NC-17 Warnings: Dom/sub, mpreg Offers are made and much confusion ensues. Summary: Lucius is a Veela whos time is running out, for the second time! Author: keikokin Pavo Cristatus Summary: Pain and grief turned into anger, and he ruthlessly slaughtered everything in his path. Warnings: threesome, OOC Rating: NC-17 Author: aisling Rating: NC-17 Its kind of nice having Lucius Malfoy under house arrest instead of in Azkaban, so that Harry doesnt have to deal with worries about him escaping or dying. Author: snowbabygirl Rating: R Author: DictionaryWrites Rating: R Damage Control*, sequel to And Just Plain Wrong* Author: jemi Rating: M Love Blossoms Anew Summary: This fic is part of the Beloved Enemies Harry/Lucius Fuh-Q-Fest. Summary:I dont think I ever realized how much they meant to each other until that day. Rating: PG Rating: R Warnings: violence, torture Summary: When Harry defeats Voldemort, he loses all interest in life. Warnings: creature!fic Rating: R Summary:Harry is a disgrace to the Ministry galas and the new Ministerwho can be very charminghas coaxed him into taking dance lessons with Lucius. Spoils of War* Rating: NC-17 Author: ms_anthropy Warnings: female!Harry Author: Vox Furiae Summary: The unspeakables are more than researchers, and they are not as secure as they think they are. Timeless Lucius Lady Warnings: torture, non con, violence Kingdom of Sweets* With You With the Last of This Days Sun Warnings: non con, character death, violence Pairings: Lucius/Harry/Severus Pairings: Harry/Sirius, Harry/Remus, Harry/Lucius, Harry/Draco, Harry/Others But when he is sent to the Malfoy Manor, will the presence of an ex schoolmate be enough to shift his loyalties? Warnings: blood and violence Luckily, Draco has Harrys number (in more ways than one). Rating: NC-17 Rating: NC-17 Everything Lucius says is careful. Author: DemonYazuha Pairings: Harry/Lucius/Severus AO3. Summary:Harry is kidnapped and falls into the hands of Lucius Malfoy who makes him his pet. Now all he has to do is change sides. Wrapped Up In You Lord Black has every right to have the marriage dissolved if no child is conceived. Rating: PG Im not calling him father, Father!,part 1 of the Im not calling him father, Father! series Pairings: Harry/Lucius, Harry/Snape Untitled, Pointless, Harry Potter Crack Drama: The Musical Warnings: AU, violence, character death, D/s, dub con, torture Song of Joy Rating: PG-13 Rating: NC-17 Rating: NC-17 Rating: NC-17 Warnings: veela Summary: Harry has been keeping a secret from the school which is about to be revealed. The Orchard of Shattered Dreams, part 1 of The Orchard and its Bonus Works series Redemption He wasn't aware of wish magic and his wish was fulfilled. Warnings: creature!fic, abuse, violence Rating: PG-13 Dark Harry AU. Author: ladyofsd Summary: When you think night and day and every moment only of pleasing me, things will be very easy for you.. Summary: Dictionary Drabble Challenge.

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