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But blue and grey and clear. Vain, he struts it feels untamed and beastly. The bird's song was vapid, the flowers awaited May. Who were living their best lockdown life. But this is her most difficult task. We smiled and laughed and she was fine. Space outside All over the world people are slowing down and reflecting Brother Richard Hendrick, a Capuchin Franciscan living in Ireland, penned this touching poem about the coronavirus pandemic. Though they go unnoticed, we can't do without them. Until a vaccine was invented. Written by Stewart Pink in One 2 Three 1,847. When we all emerge from our coma Share this: Twitter Facebook Loading. Resided in Bourton th Water But if we stick together, it can be enough. Yes there is fear. The decline was unmistakable, Found her social life suddenly stood still Were so, so exciting - Insinuations vile He tried his hand shearing Oh Michael Palins book just for me, Lets all Pepuptheday says Bee I awoke to a pestilence, a pandemic across the nations, The Nazis could not kill my wife. I wanted to be alone again and trapped in darkness. No more shaking hands. What end to life is this? but I am happier to have more time with my mom and I have more days to play. Workshops, Lockdown, a Poem by Franciscan Richard Hendrick. Stay home: thats the plan Let's relish all the quiet. To support this podcast you can purchase my ebook "Pandemic Poetry: The Covid Collection" on the Amazon Kindle store, all proceeds go towards keeping this podcast alive! (0). If we all keep our hands squeaky clean. Limerick writing He could meet the needs of his wife, a food snob There's a jungle on my head. And give thanks for all that is new. So just enjoy Pep up the Day! So we can go get sozzled, We enjoyed Anne's limerick and thought that it conjured up a feeling that we can all relate to in the current time. Collingridges poem deftly captures the uncertainty of living under lockdown during a pandemic, and the attendant need to change ones perspective as well as ones daily routine (the waiting, and the looking for something to do). PepUpTheDay.com We are alone but still together, His original post has received more than 19k positive reactions and has been shared more than 34k times. Its been claimed that Kathleen OMeara wrote it in 1869 following the devastating Irish famine of the mid-nineteenth century. County Durham's not far. 9 I hope that this ends so I can go back to seeing my friends. When it is? Well folks, the inspiration for this, needs no explanation ! For shed become frigid Board games were won The Iceman with his blocks of ice, Imploring you for a treat, Dozens of coronavirus limericks. No Cummings and goings The love, the sadness and the hurt. You can hear the birds again. So we pray and we remember that Our Solace unveiled by its wee acorn. Gold cannot buy you health; Physic himself must fade; Our pantry's slowly dwindling, inadequately stocked. The lovely young maiden Miss Vickers, But may we use this time to focus on the most important things and slow down in a way weve never been forced to do before. Our casualties of war. To create edible life. it was only a few days ago I found it and made some adjustments. As COVID-19 continues to have devastating consequences for children and their rights, 1.6 billionchildren have been out of school during the pandemic and temporary closures have impacted over 90% of students worldwide. Yet we're close because we care, And they will, of that I'm sure, I seem to be on the other side, dreaming of my freedom. And though you may not be able The Milkman in the early morn, His adventures impressing the Queen The Government made some new laws The world was very good to me. Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of new posts by email. A coronavirus lockdown poem written by a priest in Ireland has gone viral. It isnt about freedom, my dude A lovely pint, Two weeks in, a circus of an overenthusiastic clown. 3 Not all were limericks either. what plaguesthere is no knowing! Old in body, young in heart, Will come from my son, Somehow, the world had passed me by. But it is not mine to give, nor yours to take., Understanding your rights under the recently enacted No Surprises Act. In places far away, To just wear a mask There was a man named Fred And now, every day, she's " over the hill ", If I'd needed to shut down my life 'Oh, how I miss my bed!'. We are all in this together. I don't know how I'm feeling Alone we all sat, avoiding the ravage This world uncertain is: 0 For let's face it, we need more lerts!!! And do P.E. Fear, unsustainable, a knowledge this couldn't last. This was a lovely poem. The last two stanzas have kind of been my mantra in getting me through my bad days lately. But I am a bookish nerd. Thank you! Which made everyone a big moaner Once, the world was infected, Signed book Sackful of Limericks too Steams from th infernal furnace, hot and fierce, You rotated your neck and winked at me feverishly.How was I to knowthe hairs were itching under your blouse and the sun was splintering in your eyes? And the public matched each by their generous pound Take 30 seconds, be still in your mind; On today's #One2ThreeShow The Poetry Podcast features a couple of lockdown limericks.. There's also new music from THE ANCHORESS, Ben Howard, Imelda May, Noel Gallagher, RONNIE WOOD, TOM JONES, BABY QUEEN, A CAUSE IN DISTRESS, Taylor Swift, WEEZER & more, plus Mark Searby's in for film . And spent furlough in her dressing gown, There was a young girl from Belgravia When I wrote the poem, I certainly didn't think we'd still be going through it. All shopkeepers were closed, all kegs were untapped, I spent weeks working up the courageto tell you how I really feltabout the days and hours we had spent together.Just as I was getting to the interesting partyou left the room to make a coffeebecause you thought I was finished.It turns out you were right. How are poets of today writing about the current pandemic? A role that couldn't be compared to any amount of wealth. I can't thank you enough. For them, the world was bright and new, 4 By providing my mobile phone number, I agree to receive recurring text messages from Save the Children (48188) and phone calls with opportunitiesto donate and ways to engage in our mission to support children around the world. Thousands of people are dying with co vid 19 Interesting Literature is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon.co.uk. Imagine the end of Corona Once the darkness subsides. Home-schooling with Mum and with Dad? And other real dangers Who went crying back to his mom I know I'm new to your life, And spreads th infectious influence oer his fame! The Organ Grinder and his Monkey, too, %PDF-1.4 Rich men, trust not in wealth, Now, youll be among the first to know how Save the Children is responding to the most urgent needs of children, every day and in times of crisisand how your support can make a difference. They can close bars, concert halls and barbershops. That wonderful girl from Belgravia, My heart was filled with sorrow This bored his wife rigid Im afraid that my family and friends will get sick. Shops will open, buzzing again. the conversation just flows Adieu, farewell earths bliss! You know your friends all have their struggles, The midnight drive when work was done. The repeated refrain at the end of each stanza Lord, have mercy on us! strikes at the heart as much now as it must have done over 400 years ago. Touched by the poem? Ask Mum for a generous sub By Susan - Lots of people relate to the homeschooling issues. On each work day And dreaming of trips to Barcelona, Its lockdown day 93 Protect us, Lord, and send your healing, A limerick is a five-line poem that follows a definite pattern. I wanted to go back to the time when I was very depressed and had nothing. Rules are for fools, for the herd, for the thick. To appreciate what we have. This quarantine makes me think, For all locked indoors That lurk all around in the dirt, Its boring to sit in your room How did poets of previous generations deal with, and respond to, plague and mass illness? It's me and them and you. On Friday a picture of a goat Thanks to those who care Or it could be December, Stay at home, keep your head Who due to a worldwide pandemic The poem celebrates thousands of "tiny local kindnesses". If lockdown makes you feel grey Ross and Russel. A bed soon becomes vacant, Not Witty, just boring I married late but married well. Probably the first poem of note to be written in response to the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, this four-line poem is especially poignant because it was written by a man who would later die of the disease. Multiple interlocking crises have shaped 2022, including global conflict, the climate crisis and an unprecedented hunger crisis. 1 Rossetti (1830-94) captures the terrifying suddenness of plague as it gripped the living and rapidly transformed them into the dead indeed, the multitude dead. We are all stuck indoors But remember us, Lord, and let this pandemic virus end. Shielding in Bushey Earth will keep moving. . Waking up without my alarms, So dear friends I do hope youre alert No days out, no holidays, I think a tiger lives in there; Our Locations But we never will surrender Share your story! We must respect this valued band of women and men. Its like a little quarantine pardon. Each of us may have our sins, And now lives in a mansion that changes couleur A brave nurse, that she is, Who mourneth for the multitude dead here? /Annots I don't know if I'm sad. R We all share the beautiful sky high above. We always had before. Baking was done, They say that a hotel in the West of Ireland Just like me and you. Then new wonders appeared before my eyes. Learn about the 6 biggest challenges facing childre Our experts share tips on how to help grandchildren understand difficult social transitions, like being away from grandparents, due to the coronavirus outbreak. With the help of Pepuptheday Yes there is panic buying. Gained some wrinkles and some pounds, But Boris let him off with aplomb, There was a man in isolation Each episode features an original poem inspired by something that has caught my eye or captured my imagination. When the Covid pandemic was rife, There are no neutral zones. There is a jungle on my head; And Francis said "This is the life!". So he didnt need the help of a medic, She reached for the gin When you have to say goodbye, Hold onto that feeling. Have been in lock down forever its seems Twas from Moreton Montaine he came from Across much of the globe, the frantic pace and headlong industry of life have been forcibly slowed. /Resources Blame Pep Up The Day We've no haircuts or schools, 5 Who decided her friends could now meet her Sing. How sped michael palin to interpret what those whistlings mean Was sick, didnt say Here stands a watch, with guard of partizans, Amazingly, antelope stew, . While 'A Song' is hopeful, stating that it took a . Watching the news Without mass objection With a careless chuck If you have reason to believe this advert is out of date, please click here to report it to PepUpTheDay.com. At Samaritan, we are deeply aware of how foundational it is to wellbeing to have reliable, caring relationships with others. Staff, students, parents of students: we want to hear about your experiences of work and . It's our actions that define us- The man would say whilst stood on his head Which will be seen near my face Looking about But are we just waiting to pass the current situation and waiting to resume our same old mistakes? who watched bands so they didn't have to talk >> One day I will be back, At the same time, we may pass on without diving deep, without downloading . Touched by the poem? across the empty squares, Today I'm not too sure. You can open them by clicking on the icons below. Whom we all do adore. Weve had social distancing picnics, social distancing walks, But this I know is true. A Limerick is: - A five line poem - Normally humorous/funny - Follows the rhyming pattern AABBA - Usually starts with 'There once was a .' - Lines 1, 2 and 5 - have the same amount of syllables (usually 7-10) - Lines 3 and 4 have the same syllables (between 5-7) , Lockdown! A Poem written By Big Virge 23/3/2020, strange professions and true confessions from a lockdown town. Still Boris kept on shaking hands So, I penned 26 pages of limericks and poems to create a little book that I called "Lockdown Limericks". Give light to all the darker moments We are all in this together. endobj The world was waiting there for me Friday night out . The first, second and fifth lines must rhyme and the third and fourth lines must rhyme. Was it part of a cunning plan ? Not all were limericks either. Stuck her head in a wasps nest and swore Thursdays he clangered for the NHS. /Filter There was an old codger called Tom COVID-19 has spread across the globe, bringing with it sickness, death, uncertainty, anxiety, and economic upheaval. Our freedom, because of a virus, Both young and old must be prepared Website: Click Here. Whose wife got Covid and was sick Frustrated by her growing dependency. 0 Poem Offering Comfort For Coronavirus Anxiety, Spending Time In Nature During The Pandemic, Funny Poem About Sheltering In Place With Pets, Pregnancy And Infant Loss Awareness Month, Poems That Bring Awareness To Alzheimer's Disease, Happy Father's Day Poems From Sons And Daughters, Positive Mother-Child Relationships Poems, Poems About Bad Father Child Relationships, Poems And Quotes About Love And Relationships, Poems For Elementary Students (Grades 3-6), Poems For Primary Elementary Students (Grades K-3), Published by Family Friend Poems April 2020, Published by Family Friend Poems March 2020, Published by Family Friend Poems June 2020, Published by Family Friend Poems October 2020, Published by Family Friend Poems May 2020, Published by Family Friend Poems November 2020, Published by Family Friend Poems August 2020. A funny limerick this time /Parent Sitting on Have only just begun. About the price we've all had to pay. She replaces the sheets as tears flow, The future unfolding is not so bright. My days were filled with joy and fun. Suddenly, and abruptly I felt peace, and it was oh so serene. To capture their experiences, Save the Children invited children from countries around the world to write short poems about COVID-19, life under lockdown, and how the pandemic has changed their lives. And spread blessings along the way, So one big advantage of Zoom ByThe Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society, There was a young lady called Mary In self-isolation we stay; So trust me, I'm up for this task. What an insufferable prick, Netflix and Hulu and Prime It's just academic, There is a new virus in town To every volunteer coming forward like they have. *He lived with his wife on the lazy river front To stop this Pandemic, So, drive through the forest I go, I began to see green. I don't - I make a coffee And yet fear feeds on our weakness, The world seems so strange, just not the same. At least four inches wide. To fight for all our sakes. Why won't it go away? Just make sure youre parted 2 metres. I'm busy doing nothing For they follow you about. I was deeply moved by Tim Dlugos My Death. From his foule sweat, himselfe he so bestirres: But she walked every day and stayed trim. Folks had to observe, 24 Poems About The COVID-19 Pandemic 1. Bringing within Look For The Blossom By Jessica Bryan Published by Family Friend Poems April 2020 Struggling during the current Coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to write something that urged me to keep positive. Many chose to do physical things to raise money. Once again for the world and I. When told to lockdown "Eey up, lad, We need thee over in t' Dales. I don't know how I'm feeling. But what we don't see Signed book Sackful of Limericks too Some of the poems were funny and some were not. There as an old tory called Dom Lockdown Limericks. Given the pandemic the world is currently grappling with, our thoughts here at IL Towers during this lockdown period have, perhaps naturally, turned to plague, pestilence, and pandemics. 6 Always at their beck and call, One of Mum's favourite quotes. 0 Well be in touch! And both felt a couple of tilts! There was a young farmer loved Wales There was a recluse of Verona Won't take for granted anything Please follow, Lockdown Poems from Children Across the World Experiencing Life During COVID-19, 5 COVID-19 Poems from Children About Life During Lockdown, 501 Kings Highway East, Suite 400, Fairfield, CT 06825, Children's Poems that Capture Life During COVID-19, Learn more about our work in the Democratic Republic of Congo, so many children been out of school at the same time, In Photos: A Timeline of the War in Syria, The 6 Biggest Challenges Facing Children in 2022, How Grandparents Can Stay Connected with Their Grandkids, Despite Social Distancing. obj 0 To stoppe their passages, or to or fro, Dark clouds above will disappear with time. And our friends we must rely on She's weakened my loyal resistance ! Dark days are fast approaching. /DeviceRGB Bare fridge and empty pasta tub A limerick for your lockdown Broadcast Fri 30 Jul 2021 at 2:30am Friday 30 Jul 2021 at 2:30am Fri 30 Jul 2021 at 2:30am Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and . Mary Latter (1725-77) was an English poet, essayist and playwright whose name has fallen out of the history books, but she gave us this dramatic evocation of living in a time of Contagion (published in 1759). But now all he's hearing is Were fighting a deadly pandemic I didnt know all of these when I started researching the post it was Armitages recent poem that gave me the idea :), Fabulous choices thanks so much for digging them out for us. So once again our future looks bright. How to help Share your story! It's so much deeper than that. So we can meet again some day The law says you cant drive while drunk But this storm intolerable to weather. We wish you no successes every day running lives across the nation i'm not sure how this ended up being about punk, but i'll take it. They can be clever, naughty or topical and should give the listener or reader a smile or even a Yet stupid as the ostrich, ass and owl; Should he be Number One ? She whispers under her breath, A 2 metre gap to pass by us!! He made a picnic Samaritan Center exists to help people cope, rebound, and heal from the unexpected difficulties life can bring. My friends and family, they're all fine. Our pets are now teaching us A rest that's been well-earned. But just like time, all things will pass, All this will pass, we will be fine, if we take care of ourselves [and] wash our hands, the virus will die. Fought bravely in the Second World War As divisions continue to harden, Quick, dear Mary, the car. A lesson may be learned, A crowded theater And lasted all night I think I feel all right. But Corona Ive already caught ya, It been very strange times for us all Each female basilisk with forky sting, But look up at the sun. They say that in the streets of Assisi Night after sleepless nightI stay up late and wonder what I could have done differentlyin order to have lured youinto my roomjust moments before the lockdown began. But there's no use holding back; Simon Armitage, 'Lockdown'. When all this ends, I will go to the park to skate. An extra Gin, Her children came home She started to exercise with Joe Wicks. It's been ages since I saw a barber. But not all is bad In fact she was really quite scary. 7 Tidying their drawers and sick of chores. Washed her hands all the time Please help these people recover, Lord. What wonders filled my little eyes. Neighbors, friends, and family, We bought it before we heard that Michael Palin was sending a copy for the winner - so we thought we would give it as a runner up prize), We know that the lockdown is tough, Who used to like to go whalin But together we can beat this; only together we can change. Wondering on 720 There once was a man from Herne bay 0 To sit and cry and wonder, I think of elders forced to die alone. Who was strangely excessively proud She eats such a lot, So none for me, thank you dear Rick. And though you try, you can't avoid it, For this week's poem click play below We have to be aware. Who awoke with a throbbing nightstick Great post, Thanks, Lynn! From morning until night. Who self isolated to avoid danger. /S /CS I'd have done it away from my wife, There was a young man called Derek Gaze up at the sky and pick out a star. The gardens untilled, the boats tied to dock. They can be clever, naughty or topical and should give the listener or reader a smile or even a good belly laugh. Im always asking my wife, they said what?, There once was a virus called Corona Who liked to Stay in bed I post pics of my Beef Bourguignon(e), There was a round woman from Stow There was a young poet called Sam I am a surgeon. They think you can't do without. All teaching is strictly taboo. When we all unite The coronavirus pandemic has provided so many unlikely opportunities for inner reflection and self-improvement. Things would improve, we'd still do them all. And the rot in our teeth was so sad. His one is more consoling while my poem insists more on taking a note on our dependence on God. Dear Dad, youre a gonna, thats that! They are best read with a whole page to view at a time. She loved doing quizzes all Day The soliloquy is reproduced in full below: (With particular reference to Mrs. ______r and Co.). Tim Dlugos, My Death. endobj For now must be denied. Touched by the poem? I'm writing a limerick today in so many ways! There was a young lady called Ellie With harsh stentorian tone, disdainful, flings We all love our Kuenssbergs and Piers', But I learnt how to cook Text STOP to opt-out, HELP for info. It's timely, playful, and totally relatable. Which he by heapes in groundlesse graves interres. Got stuck in in a dirty great lockdown Val wins a copy of A Sackful of Limericks signed by Michael Palin and a hand-knitted Clanger of her choice. To smell, to touch, to taste, to see. I miss playing with my friends at school. Pass the gin, my problems could double. View our Privacy Policy atsavethechildren.org/privacy. We'll maybe take this moment They can be about anything! Meghan ORourke, The Night Where You No Longer Live. So that the elders may have someone to call on. But there can always be a rebirth of love. Be there for one another; try to be a good friend. Just sitting on Again there's thousands more. For quite a while now, knight, oxford revue, history degree, cbe to his name >> Psst..listen, keep it under your hats, 11 comments for " A Lockdown Limerick " dumbestblogger. There once was a PM in lockdown Sounds and sights I'd never heard or seen. 1 talking about this. Christina Rossetti, The Plague. This haunting and enigmatic poem was published in Poetry magazine in 2015, and seems especially apt five years on, especially with its references to a 'virus' and 'the world's keening'. And not seeing our loved ones is rough, Specially crafted for you and me I saw you from across the street and smiled at you from under my mask.You looked ravishing in that snug-fit sweaterand your freshly-coiffed hair.Like the goddess of a small town. Avoiding friends and the fam I know I'm not the perfect fit. ALL ENTRIES - THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO TOOK THE TIME TO ENTER. I'm not here to start a new trend. Of the virus, hed have to be shot!

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