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Lincoln: *smiles a little from Ronnie's hug*. Mom, Dad, you are now the worst parents in the universe. Lincoln: *hugs Lily tightly* Don't worry Lily. I don't yet know why, but some of your so called family is here. This is quite surprising. It is also strongly hinted throughout the story that she handled the Loud family's breakup. I wasn't really hoping to have to recall that memory, and I didn't know the scratches had gotten like that. Hungry Growth Rita I I know it can't be easy on you considering what you've gone through, but there's a question you need to truthfully answer for yourself. *holding his phone, debating whether or not to play the recording of Lincoln describing his nightmare from the night before, provided Lincoln is willing to let them know*. Maria: *grabs the car keys* We gotta get going if we wish to see Lincoln. *smiles*. (It's Halloween Night at the Loud House. The series is currently ongoing. Getting jealous of Lincoln and Stella's relationship, he wants to break them up, which he succeeds in by photoshopping a picture of Lincoln and Sam kissing. Ronnie Anne: *sits on the chair next to Lincoln, lightly rubs his white hair* *thinking* His hair is softer than I thought. And now he's gone! Clyde: *angry, tears in eyes* HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO LINCOLN?!?! You tried to tell me you had your own thing you wanted to do, but I still made you go. LINCOLN: Lola! Maria: *whispers back* I know what you mean. Lincoln: I'm guessing you're here to take her back home? When I told you where I was, I did it just in case you would one day come try to find me, and that by leaving you a trail to follow, you wouldn't come to a dead end. Bobby: *whispers* Yea it seems to have gotten so bad that it caused his nightmare to fabricate that 2nd part he described, and when he mentioned that both Ni Ni and I were part of it, my heart just sank hearing how even we treated him in it, with Ni Ni's treatment likely being the final nail in the coffin. Lisa: While it is logically possible, there is no proof to go on that our elder brother is with them. Lynn Sr.: *sees the Santiago's car* Well, this is where the car is. Lori: *miserable* I wonder how Leni and Luna are holding up. Reacting to The Loud House is an ongoing series of The Loud House and The Casagrandes fics written by J.Tom (or JTom09) in which many characters from both shows watch episodes of said shows. Whether his sisters are giving him unwanted makeovers or he's racing them to the couch to gain control of the TV,. Lincoln: *hugs his sister, but begins to feel bad*. Maria: I'm sure she was so happy to hear you say that for the first time. Rita: Careful Lynn, we don't need it breaking. Bobby: We got back late last night, but because of how late it was, we decided to wait til morning to let you guys know. Then you might get a better understanding when you hear the nightmare I had. Clyde McBride: With pleasure, Philo. It had gotten so bad that one day Ronalda had had enough. Explore the Best Lincolnloud Art | DeviantArt Shop Get Core Join Log In User Menu Get Core Membership Theme Display Mature Content Get Help and Send Feedback Terms of Service Privacy Policy Submit Deviation Status Update Journal Literature Commission Poll Subscription DreamUp New! Lana: *guilty* We know we're not the people you want to see, but there's something we have to tell you. Ronnie Anne: *angry about what happened to her boyfriend* I hope you realize what you've done to Lincoln. Lincoln: *texts Ronnie Anne* Ronnie, if you don't see me at my house, it's because I'm leaving. Lincoln enters the bathroom and deposits Luna's nightgown while Sam showers. Leni: All of us are waiting for you so we can get going. Literature. Lana: I know, I can't stop thinking about Lincoln. If the Santiagos hadn't been determined to bring me back, Lily might not have gotten a chance to see me again, so me not at least giving her a last hug or kiss or even explaining to her what was going on, I can't help but feel like her sadness is my fault. Marinette's kidnapping part 3 Rescuing Marinette, Chapter 42. Lucy: *guilty, depressed* He must hate us for life now. Luna and Leni: *standing at the door, Lily with them*, Lincoln: *behind them, to where the other sisters can't see him yet*. The fact that Lincoln came up to me and even letting Leni near him is was a miracle in itself. Lynn: *hugs Lincoln* I just wanted to apologize again. Gotta make sure those heal properly. Lincoln: *angrily writes a note, angrily crying* Enjoy life without me! Lincoln: *continues* I would've told Clyde where I was going, but I know how his dads can get, so I couldn't risk telling him. Job in Oak Park - Cook County - IL Illinois - USA , 60303. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! They would only let me come hang out with them while wearing that suit, fearing that if I came without it, something bad would happen to them. Lincoln furiously took off the squirrel suit, and began packing a backpack.*. Lincoln, and Jordan's winter time fun, Chapter 21. Ronnie Anne: *still rubbing his hair* *whispers* Same here. Configuration Error Reload? Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Lincoln: *while waiting, checks wallet to see how much money he has, which isn't a whole lot*. Especially since they made him wear that squirrel suit. Lincoln: *gets off the bed and opens the door*. Leni: *trying to stay calm, tears falling down her cheeks* *looks Lincoln in the eyes* With all of my heart, Linky Lincoln: *unable to contain his tears anymore, starts crying into Leni's shirt*. Luna: *carries Lily to Lincoln, sets her next to him and leaves with Leni*. I'm sure you can get it on the next try. Lincoln: *cries into Luna's shirt* I felt so scared and lonely in that nightmare Luna: *gently rubs his back, trying to calm him down* *soothing voice* It's okay. Clyde: Thank you Mrs. At the Loud House, Lynn was running in the backyard kicking a soccer ball. Lily: *still horrified, hugs her brother tightly* *almost starts crying again*. No clue to where he might be. Ronnie Anne: *enters her house, and sees that Lincoln is still sound asleep on the couch* *thinking* At least he looks more at peace when he isn't having any bad dreams. Lincoln: How could I not? As you're aware, we weren't here the past couple of weeks, so we didn't even know any of this was happening until AFTER we got back. Luna: Hehe oops. Lana: *scared* She's gonna kill us! Lincoln Loud by Colhan3000 on DeviantArt Description The Loud House and Lincoln Loud belongs to original creator Chris Savino and Nickelodeon. I felt bad that I was putting them through a bad time, but I was also beyond upset to the point where I didn't want you guys wouldn't find me at all after what I have been through.. Luna: *shocked, but knows why Lincoln did it* Bro *pulls him into another hug*. Lincoln: You may not remember this, but remember when the scratch marks were on the squirrel suit? Bobby: Lets have a nice fun day together! Lynn: You wouldn't have needed to lie if I never threatened you to come to my game, only to lose, then label you as bad luck. Ronnie Anne: *shocked* *thinking* He didn't go into that much detail describing his nightmare Lincoln: That one time you dragged me camping in that suit, I almost got mauled by a bear. He becomes even more distant and isolated from everyone, not even answering his cellphone and spending most of his time in bed crying replaying images of what Sam did to him. Luna: *notices, puts her hand on his shoulder* It's okay, bro. . Ronnie Anne: *thinking* I guess some of them really do regret what they did. (Luan breaks down crying and Lincoln comforts her.). Bobby: Well, after Nini showed me your text, I broke up with her. And this is just food she makes for her family. Ronnie Anne: Hey Lincoln, do you by chance know what your first word was? Lynn: (giggles) Catch me if you can! Bobby: *whispers* Hopefully we can get him to be in a good mood today. Lincoln: *picks Lily up, still wincing from the pain on his back* Looks like someone's tired. When I tried to get back inside the next morning, I was locked out. Lincoln: *lies* N-no, nothing's wrong. I love you too much to let that happen. Transportation. Contents 1 Biography 1.1 Early Life 2 Personality 2.1 Nick Description 3 Appearance 4 Alternate versions and alter-egos 4.1 Linka Loud 4.2 Ace Savvy 4.3 Warren 4.4 Triton It was inevitable, really, with five hormonal teenage girls and a handsome young man like Lincoln living under the same roof. Luna: *smiling* Mom, Lincoln just said his first word! *, The Louds, with the exception of Luna and Leni, all feel a lot more guiltier after having heard Lincoln's description of the nightmare*, Lincoln was mad at most of his family, but not Lily. *looks into his eyes* You're no better off in the city. Lincoln: As much as they deserve it, they're not worth it. You can find it here Tropes in Lincoln in Helluva Boss: Bobby: I'm sure you were more than happy when I finally said it. Remember that this is just a fictional story with fictional characters. Luna: *crying with guilt into her bed, knowing she was a horrible guardian to Lincoln*, Lily: *crying due to having figured out Winky is gone due to not seeing him anywhere while seeing how the others looked guilty*, Rita: *crying on the couch, knowing she was a terrible mother for believing a stupid superstition which drove her only son away*, Lynn Sr: *feeling very guilty of how bad of a father he's been to his only son, the gift his prayers got him after having had all girls. Bobby: *walks into the living room and still sees Lincoln asleep with Ni Ni rubbing his hair* *whispers* Has he been sleeping better? Leni, Luna, I was wrong to trust you as my closest and favorite sisters. Lincoln: *smiling, teary-eyed* Oh Lily! WINKY! Lincoln: *sighs* Okay, you got me. Maria: *turns to face the kids in the back seat* We're home. No pixels were harmed in the making of this comic page. Lincoln: *can smell the breakfast* Smells good Mrs. Santiago. Supply Chain/Logistics. Leni Loud/Costumes. Lincoln: *not wanting to scare Lily* It's just a boo-boo. My scratches are doing better than what they were, and they don't hurt as much as they did. *pulls up the texts from this morning to show to Lincoln* The last text you see is after I saw your text to sis and saw how upset she became, which is when I broke up with Lori. Your side of yours and Lucy's room is a mess. Lincoln: *still broken down, crying* That dream seemed so real, even if the first half of it really did happen. Lily: *smiles, kisses her big brother's bandages*. *, Flashback to 11 years ago, when Lincoln was a baby. Ronnie Anne: *while rubbing Lincoln's back* If we had known what was happening earlier, we would have come home sooner. You should be good until tomorrow morning. Luan: (tears) Lincoln?! Marinette's kidnapping part 2 Finding a Draco, Chapter 38. Lincoln: *no longer able to stand seeing and hearing Luna cry* Luna Luna: *stops, thinking her desire to find her brother is starting to make her here things* Lincoln, I wishing so much that I could see you again that I'm starting to think I can hear your voice calling out to me Lincoln: *walking up behind Luna* You're not just hearing things, Luna it's really me Luna: *turns around* Lincoln!? Ronnie Anne: *sees his tears, wipes them, wakes him up* Lincoln, sweetie. *turns around and walks away, leaving them to think about what she said*, Lucy, Lana & Lola: *break down in tears, because they are ashamed of themselves*. Luna: *still crying, starts to head back to Vanzilla*. (Just then Lincoln wakes up and sees Luna and Luan). Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Lincoln: *nods his head, letting them know he's listening*. Rita: *sighs sadly and guilty* Where could he have gone? We should've seen that making you support us all the time and us not supporting you was taking it's toll, then when the whole bad luck thing started, we immediate believed in it instead of giving you the chance to see that you weren't actually bad luck. I love you too much to believe some stupid superstition about you being bad luck your so called family made up. Luan: (shakes Lincoln in tears) Lincoln please wake up! Lincoln: *while packing, talking silently to himself while filled with anger as hot tears fall from his eyes* If all they care about is the "good luck" wearing that stupid suit brings and not care about how badly this is affecting me, then I guess they really don't love me to where I'm part of this family anymore! Maria: Alright kids, I'm gonna head to bed a little early. Johnny Test crossover part 2 The last two Draco twins, Chapter 46. Rita: *picks up the crying Lily* It's okay, Lily. Status Update. Lincoln: *sits back up, relived* Finally Ronnie Anne: *slips hand into Lincoln's hand and gives it a light squeeze*, Maria: *looking in the rear-view mirror* Don't worry Lincoln, we won't let them spoil our fun. Ronnie Anne: *walking back to her house, thinking* Since nobody was home, at least I managed to find a few of them to give them a piece of my mind. Louds: *tearing up, and full of the most guilt in their entire lives*. WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENED TO HIM?! It's because of you that both of my children have found that spark of life within them they thought they wouldn't get a chance to experience. Rita hands out breakfast, then notices Lincoln isn't there. My guardian sister. Receptionist: Room #27. Lincoln: *manages to stop chuckling* So yea, not planning to make that mistake again, even if it was funny despite being a bit gross. Maria: Lincoln, after having had such a rough night last night as well as today, surely you must be hungry. Clyde: *angrily kicks Lynn Sr. in the knee*, Clyde: *starting to cry while still angry, continues* LINCOLN, MY BEST FRIEND, YOUR SON, COULD BE ANYWHERE!! Lincoln: The dream was practically me having to relive what I've had to go through the past few weeks, but worse. 100 daily push-ups, sit-ups, and sq Nico di Angelo gets adopted by Bruce Wayne after Batman witnesses him stalking around a cemetery in Symbiotes. Luna: *laying on the couch, feeling horrible about herself* *sees them* *guilty and depressed* Hey Lucy, Lana, and Lola: *very depressed* Hey *all 3 sit on the couch, with the heads down, not even attempting to fight over the remote like they normally would*, Leni: *comes downstairs, beyond depressed because she doesn't know where her only brother is*, Lori: *very ashamed and crying, walks into the house shortly after the goth and the twins got back*, Lily: *in her crib, hugging Lincoln's stuffed rabbit Bun-Bun with tears in her eyes*, Lisa: *sitting on the sofa, trying her best not to show her guilt-ridden emotions, fails miserably*, Lynn: *laying on her bed, with her destroyed sports equipment surrounding her*. Lincoln: *while eating dinner with the Santiagos and Lily* About this morning at Dairyland, I wanted to thank you guys for sticking up for me. Lincoln: *still hugging Lily, soothing voice* Shh-shh, it's ok Lily. Ronnie Anne sees Lincoln kicked out of his home and decides to take him out of there. Wayside crossover part 1 welcome to the weirdest school on earth, Chapter 29. Maria: So, do you guys know if they got any new rides set up since the last time you were there? Rusty. Your former son/brother, Lincoln. Post a journal. Post a journal. Bobby: *smiles, puts his hand on his little sister's shoulder*. Not because I hate holding grudges, but because how bad I feel for them. It's been a while since all of us have been to that amusement park, so it sounds like a wonderful idea. I own nothing. You wanna know just how much I felt hurt, betrayed, abandoned, not just by you, but the rest of you guys for everything I've been through? Lincoln & Ronnie Anne: *blush from what Ronnie's mother just said*. Luan: *guilty, depressed* I still can't believe he almost died because of us. A normal day of fishing. Lincoln: *sighs, steps into the room* Girls, I'm sorry Lori: Lincoln, you have nothing to be sorry for, it's us who can't be sorry enough for what we did to you. It's perfectly reasonable to want spend some alone time to yourself, to do what you want to do from time to time, to give yourself a chance to unwind. Lincoln: *as if replying to his mother* Luna! Lincoln: *sighs* That still doesn't change the fact that I was stupid enough to let this lie go on Lisa: Elder brother, you were not the stupid one. Lincoln: I'm sorry I put Lily through all of this. Luan: (covers the blanket on her and Lincoln) Goodnight, Linky. Also don't worry about Luan, me and your dad will punish her for what she did to you. Ronnie Anne: *smiles, quietly* Thanks mom, but that still won't be for a long time though. Dear Louds, after all that I've been through, I've realized that you all just a bunch of heartless morons who care more about luck than their own son/brother. Loud family: *teary-eyed, crying of happiness* We love you too, Lincoln. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. Ronnie: *smiling, quietly* Yea, your brother's still sleeping. Lincoln: *begins to fall asleep from her lullaby*, Ronnie Anne: *rests her head against Lincoln, while still humming the lullaby*, Ronnie Anne: *smiles, kisses Lincoln on the cheek before resting her head on his chest* *closes her eyes, just waiting for sleep to take her*, Ronnie Anne: *slowly wakes up, still feeling all cozy with Lily sleeping on her while she herself is still laying on Lincoln, who still has an arm wrapped around her*, Ronnie Anne: *smiles at her sleeping boyfriend and the baby sleeping on her*, Lincoln: *smiling, still not showing signs of waking up yet*, Lily: *lets out a cute yawn, meaning she's waking up*. Maria: Can you please tell us which room Lincoln Loud is in? Lincoln: *suddenly realizes Luna's right*. Our expertly trained hospitality team has 10+ years experience in the concierge industry, meaning youre in safe hands. Receptionist: *sees Lincoln, smiles* How may I help you, young man? *breaks down* I felt so scared, so lonely, so upset, that it felt like my own birth was nothing but bad luck on my parents end. Lincoln: Yeah, even though Lori, Leni, Luan and Lynn were jealous. At the Loud House, Lynn Sr. and Rita were in the living room, scolding their ten daughters about their fighting and what Luan and Lisa told their only brother, Lincoln. Ronnie Anne: *looks around for a bit then finally spots it* THERE! *nods to Bobby*, Bobby: *nods to Lincoln, plays the nightmare to the Louds*. Marinette's kidnapping part 1 Putting the plan into action, Chapter 37. Lincoln: *holding Lily* I don't know how, but your diapers always seem to get stinkier and stinkier each time, Lily wily! Lincoln: F-Four days ago *lifts up his shirt, revealing large scratch marks on his back*, Bobby and Ronnie Anne: *winces at the sight of the marks*. I have to wonder about when Lincoln was born. He slowly becomes friends with Loona she slowly begins to like him in return. She brings Lincoln over to the school and at first, gives him a. Luna is given some of this, being more aggressive and prone to anger than she was in the show. I'd make that stuff happen to me, not him Maria, Bobby, Ronnie Anne: *surprised by what Luna said*, Lincoln: *overheard what she said, also surprised*. Pageant powerhouse, Chapter 50. She tends to always make a lot of food. Lynn Sr: *sits down next to Rita* No. Lincoln: But I didn't just leave the house, I left the state. Lastly, Sam, having undergone some sort of amnesia from the alcohol, discovers she is pregnant. Maria: *pulls into the Dairyland parking lot* We're here! I however, did not expect them to show up at the room I was staying in several hours later.. Lincoln: *continues* They then brought me back to Royal Woods, and when we passed Vanzilla last night, they didn't see me Leni: *doesn't see Lincoln since Luna is blocking her view of him* *still feeling extremely guilty* Luna, are you coming? Delivery. Leni: *more shocked* She just said our names! How Lincoln has managed to put up with you guys as long as he has is a mystery to me, but at least never gave up on any of you! It takes them the rest of the day to get back home, and once they finally do, they go in. [writes "FORBIDDEN" on a piece of paper] Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. Loud sisters: *in their rooms crying from the guilt*, Lynn: *destroying her sports equipment, crying*. Lily Loud/Costumes. User blog:BriceBlueGuy Wiki/Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru (re-write) C User blog:CartoniAnimatiMania/Brawl in the Friends (sequel of Back Out There) . Maria: *walking into the room* Roberto, did someth *sees the look on both Ronald's and Roberto's faces and grows concerned* What happened? You really needed it. Not only does Lincoln like to be in his underwear at home, but Sam's brother does too. Lincoln Loud meets a cool girl from the depths of Hell, who is really a Hellhound named Loona. I just want my little brother back. Ronnie Anne: What about some video games? If that's the case, it seems likely that by the time they got back, all of us were most likely already asleep, so they probably didn't want to wake any of us up, especially considering that Bobby always sent Lori messages except when she is sleeping for the night, and considering that Ronnie didn't have her phone on her the past 2 weeks, Lincoln likely had no way of knowing they were on their way back home. Lincoln: Alright. That day when Lincoln hurt my feelings at school before Bobby broke up with you doesn't even hold a candle to what Lincoln is probably feeling right now! At the end of the flashback, Sam, having been pushed to the edge due to the fallout of the picture, run away from home, drinks, calls up Lincoln in the dead of night to come to the school, forces herself on him andwell, we think you can imagine. Lincoln, and Cass bonding time, Chapter 19. Leni & Luna: *become concerned* Nightmare? Luna: *her gaze focused outside the window, looking for her little brother*. Maria: Of course. How much growing up do they need to go through? Luna: Glad to hear you guys were having a good time. Lana: So that's why the others didn't look like they were ready for school. After reading the note, the Louds were filled with guilt, and had tears in their eyes. Stop laughing! theloudhouse loudhouse lincoln_loud nickelodeon the_loud_house theloudhousenickelodeon loudhousefanart lunaloud ronnieannesantiago loriloud [C] 'MY' Style: A Fancy 2010s Toon Crossover Party . Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Lynn: *tearing up "lucky" jerseys, angrily crying of guilt* *screaming to herself* STUPID LUCK!!! GET UP HERE! Rita Loud (also known by her nickname Mom) is the mother of Lincoln Loud and his sisters, and a supporting character in The Loud House. Ronnie Anne: *still angry* Because of all of you, you caused Lincoln to run away! *places backpack by the bed then hops onto the bed itself* *texts Ronnie Anne to give her an update about him, then, within minutes after sending the text, falls asleep due to the huge amount of emotional stress he's been going through*, Ronnie Anne: *checks her phone and sees a new message from Lincoln*. Miraculous ladybug crossover part 1 Welcome to Paris, Chapter 15. Maria: Alright guys, leftovers are heated up. Ronnie Anne: *smiles at what she's seeing*, Bobby & Maria: *also smile at what their seeing*, Leni and Luna: *stops rustling Lincoln's hair to give him a chance to catch his breath* *sees his hair is sticking out in all directions*. Lola: *guilty* And, what we're about to say, it's 100 percent the truth. Lincoln: *gives a small smile* That might help take my mind off what happened Ronnie Anne: *kisses Lincoln's cheek* I wish there was a way I could've helped when it was happening, but the best I can do now is to help you get through this. You must've been sweating to death in it. Journal. Lori: *tears falling down her face, knowing Ronnie Anne is 100% right*, Ronnie Anne: *turns her back towards the Louds, finished telling them off*, Lincoln: *having heard everything Ronnie said* *tears of happiness in eyes from being defended*, Lori: *trying to think of something to say, but can't*. Lincoln: *sees her horrified expression* I knew you would worry, which is why I lied to make it sound like it wasn't that bad. Luna: *sighs* Look, I know we've really screwed up. I found a picture of this on deviantart. Also, don't really want to draw the attention of other people about what's going on, which I'm quite surprised noone has noticed yet. Lincoln: *getting nervous, slowly places 1 foot behind the other*, Luna: *looks back to Lincoln, with a look of assurance*, Lincoln: *sighs, reveals himself to Leni*, Leni: *sees Lincoln, immediately starts cheering up while still feeling very guilty of what he went through* Oh my gosh! *pokes his head through the door and is shocked to see his little man being home*, Lincoln: *gives a small smile to his parents*. Maria: *still shocked* It seems like it this has affected him even more than we thought. When Lincoln and Sam start spending more time together, Luna gets paranoid believing something is going on between the two and when she sees the fake photo of the two kissing, she flies into a fit of rage and nearly beats them up only barely being stopped by Mazzey. Miraculous ladybug crossover part 2 New family members. The Louds: *flinches at Ronnie's sudden outburst*, Lincoln: *also flinches from Ronnie's sudden outburst*, The Louds: *knowing how Ronnie is, awaits the storm coming to them*, Bobby: *prepares for his sister's rage against the Louds*, Maria: *prepares for her daughter's rage against the Louds*, Lincoln: *realizing that although his so called family deserves Ronnie's rage, tries to calm down his girlfriend before she says or does something she might regret, and also to try not to draw attention to them, surprised that noone has already noticed what's going on yet* *hugs Ronnie tightly*, Ronnie Anne: *surprised by her boyfriend's actions, calms down*. Have you been with these guys the entire time? Full Time position. DeviantArt Protect. This would go on for all the way until 5th grade, when she finally took notice to you. Rita: *shocked she missed being there for his first word* He did?! Lincoln: Thank you, Mrs. Santiago. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Bobby: *whispers* Just in case his family ever needed to know how badly he's been affected by what they did to him. Also please don't flame me. Lincoln: *walking the streets of the city, still upset with the events that lead him to come here* *thinking* I hate to leave Clyde and Ronnie like that, but I just couldn't let my so called "family" find me. - Manage notification subscriptions, save form progress and more. Forgiving a Loud part 1. Ronnie Anne: If none of is was your choice, then please by all means fill me in on what YOU tried to do about it! Since at a young age, other girls would often pick on her, similar to how boys would often pick on you, and although she did her best to not let it get to her, she just wasn't able to contain her emotions for very long. Sure, he himself soon became interested in girls, but he still longed to have an actual boy he could really relate with. Lincoln Loud getting adopted into another family along with his new siblings who all have to fight off strange and magical creatures to protect royal woods while trying to maintain there normal life. Luna: She had a nightmare over Linclon dying. Luna: *getting angry* NONE OF THAT WAS MY CHOICE!!! Vanzilla passes by the Santiago's car, again not noticing Lincoln*, Meanwhile, with the Santiago's and Lincoln. Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn: *gasp in shock from what they just heard*, Luna: *the most shocked, considering it was her name he just said*. Lisa: "Don't worry. How dare you treat him like he's some sort of object, like he's no longer your brother *glares at the parents* or your son. Maria: *finishes putting on the bandages* You're very lucky those scratches weren't any deeper than what they were. *goes to where the bathroom is*. I had even wished that I-I. was never born. I can't even imagine where he is, but I just hope he's safe. Lincoln: *starts to calm down and even manages to stop shedding tears* I don't know what I would've done if the 2nd part of the dream turned out to be real. Ronnie Anne: Yeah, no kidding. There's been no trace of him anywhere. Explore the Best Lincoln_loud Art | DeviantArt Shop Get Core Join Log In User Menu Get Core Membership Theme Display Mature Content Get Help and Send Feedback Terms of Service Privacy Policy Submit Deviation Status Update Journal Literature Commission Poll Subscription DreamUp New! Luna: (comforts Luan) shhh It's okay Luan. Lincoln: *smiles* I'll gladly help you buy some stuff to replace it. from DeviantArt: BeachGuyLover Categories Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. "Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, and Lynn are older then me and I know better. She accidentally left her phone here, so she couldn't even talk with little bro. Sam's mind cracks and she ends up going crazy. It's (Not) Your Fault is a The Loud House Fan Webcomic created by DeviantArt user JaviSuzumiya. Bobby: *looks to his mom* You remember Mom? In the comic, in addition to having been with Luna, she had a boyfriend in the past and would later end up with Lincoln. During the long drive back to Royal Woods, The kids head into the kitchen for breakfast. I miss you. Luna: Chances are they're inside Dairyland. Baby Lincoln: *tries to walk, but falls down, and starts to get teary-eyed, ready to cry*, Luna: *picks up her little brother* Shh shh, it's ok Lincoln.

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