delphi murders bodies posed delphi murders bodies posed

In the first four years, two LE officers only affirmed one rumor each. I think perhaps I saw the same things this guy did. Im curious if Mr X knew KAK or his father? You made a mistake my friend. I guess I also wonder how everyone put such and effort to look only a few hours after being missing. Can you email me with her name, please? and that you think he already knew that they would be there.. youre smart enough you should be able to figure it out by these bomb-sized hints we keep dropping. Neither one can possibly be BG. Others close to the victims, who I will not name, have channeled their grief into rage and lashing out at everyone around them. Indiana State Police's analysis of Allen's gun "determined the unspent round located within two feet" of one of the victims "had been cycled through Richard M. Allen's Sig Sauer Model P226," the probable cause affidavit said. Instant person of interest. We believe that the running away and months of therapy were also staged. In other words, they were faked. He states when he got home that night (13th) one of his neighbors had came over to ask if he could search his property, looking for the girls. These photos were posted years ago by Robert Lindsey. The last person on Earth to protect the killer is poor Becky Patty, God bless her mortal soul. The doc is his property. But we are not naming person. That is all it can possibly be. He raped women, not young teenage girls. Mr. Lindsay, Your critiques are not even making sense. Instead pay attention to this new sketch, some kid. Homeless for a period in the 2000s, where he resided at a homeless shelter. Police still have not released their causes of death. A suspect has been arrested and charged in connection with the murders of two Indiana teens who were slain on a hiking trail near Delphi, Indiana, more than five years ago, Indiana State Police. Idle speculation at its finest. It is certainly an interesting question, is it not? Could it that the killers were middle aged men, DP and not sure yet, maybe FSG but both dressed exact same so people would be confused? Highly suspicious and the states that are responsible are more interested in getting into pissing contests as opposed to finding her. Richard Allen, 50, was charged with the murders of Abby Williams, 13, and Libby German, 14, in Delphi, Ind., in February 2017. (The person from the FB post that is) their bodies were quite close to water. There were definitely some perverse acts done to these girls, but I believe they were done to them after they were already dead. Really. I almost have to wonder if thats why he later concocted the story about the keys, perhaps as an afterthought when he realized it would be hard to explain why he asked to search for the girls but then didnt find them somehow, Uhh I was more focused on finding my keys, I must have overlooked the two dead girls I was looking for in the first place.. But that too could have been either misleading or true. Did he not see BG? There is evidence that may have worked at a Tyson packing plant in Logansport in 2011-2012. If others want to dig around and find out who he is, thats their business. We believe that those reactions were overblown. They have also suggested that the crime scene was odd in nature. These guys are mostly narcissists and they dont believe in cooperation. The other person involved that is kin to this POI. They just think its a sin that needs to be overcome. "In a small town, in a place where there's a small amount of traffic on this abandoned railroad bridge your suspect pool is fairly small," Garrett said, so police likely concentrated their investigation on Delphi and the surrounding communities. Best friends Libby German, 14, and Abby Williams, 13, lost a lot of blood during their murders with an unspecified weapon and were not killed in the same location where their bodies were discovered close to a trail where they had set off on a fun day out together just hours earlier. The incident was nicknamed the "Snapchat Murders" after Abby took a photo of Libby at around 2:17 p.m. and put it on social media. Neither Brittany nor Kathy is suspected of having any connection to the killings, and there's no suggestion either woman knew of Allen's alleged links to the murders. We also dont know what he was doing searching down there that night. On March 5 th ,1987 Shirley Bailey went to visit her . I find it interesting that you stated he told the girls that he was a railroad policeman so that audio must have been on one of the girls cell phones? Its a farce! This is simply because Ive dared to question if its possible that he was involved in any capacity or if its possible that he made misleading statements. No. And I appear quite harmless, too. In a press conference on Monday, the state police took the first step towards providing justice to the brutally killed juveniles. Thats what we want to talk to him about when our investigators go out there again. These people are from all over the country and have expertise in all sorts of different areas. Phallic objects, specifically a log and a doll, placed next and perpendicular to the genitals of the girls to give the impression that they were being sexually penetrated by these objects. The Monon High Bridge trail attracts hunters, fishers, campers and kids hiking or just taking photos of the popular spot. Conceivably, perhaps ~10% of men might have those nine markers. Theyve been doing this from the very start, so this is nothing new. Weve been proven correct on eight different things that only the police could have known. Neither he nor his father have been arrested over the Delphi Bridge killings. I am sure the person you and Mr. Lindsay are speculating who BG is, is spot on. Of course, there are trolls saying that the information Ive given is info thats already known. And possibly even other rapes and homicides. We have no idea why the order was issued. However, there was one little problem. Indiana State Police said in February they knew who killed the girls, but that they had insufficient evidence to make an arrest. Anyway, even if there was PIV sex, the victim would have died soon after the sex and the tiniest speck of a fetus, the size of a pencil dot on a sheet of paper, along with it. While we see a giant plush bear, thats too weird, so we will defer to the search party lady and agree with her statement. The full clip is reportedly 43 seconds long, but its contents are believed to be too disturbing to share in full. He was married to Becky Pattys sister at the time, and I believe it was about a week afterwards that she posted on social media her husband was a monster then deleted it. Mr. X was a senior in high school at the time. He lives in an ivory colored mobile looking home within the country. Find these clothes, they will be what solves this! The 50-year-old from Delphi was taken into custody on Friday and booked into Carroll County Jail. This will dispel some rumors. I saw the picture and while I could see the "face", I didn't see the rest of what people were claiming to see. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, This is a community where we can speak openly about the Murders of Libby and Abby in Delphi, IN, Press J to jump to the feed. At least two prior marriages. You mentioned a pic of CSI workers with a doll a couple of days ago did anything come of this? We know he had binoculars with him and he told the girls that he was a railroad policeman who had spotted them with binoculars. And although hes no no saint, I dont think he has it in him to commit a crime like this. LE doesnt have much in the way of good, solid evidence against Mr. X. He is one of the first and only witnesses in this case!!. The rumor is that his alibi is a Delphi police officer, Nate Allen, who committed suicide in December. How do you know that LE has someone they believe is BG? BG is obviously a middle-aged man around 50. When I was young I would take off till late evening, and it was ok. In September of 2020, messages started flowing on the web that were purportedly between the one who discovered the young ladies' bodies and his companion. We dont know about you all, but when we go visit our friends, we generally dont park a quarter mile away and hike in. The investigation continued, and Kline was arrested in 2020 on charges unrelated to the Delphi murders. 9) He has killed before. Im sure there are instances where its been used as an effective tactic in helping to solve crimes. Thanks. Theyre swarming all over this crime scene, and the killer is standing right here under their noses in the midst of the chaos for hours, and these coptards cant figure this out. We think he likes to fool and troll LE. Have you been in contact with her at all? . I guess Im not sure when he graduated. 242? The warrant, filed by an FBI agent investigating the murders back in 2017, was to carry out a search on the home of Ronald Logan. How do you know that LE has someone they believe is BG? He uses all kinds of weird aliases. I am not sure. Where did he get the food and what was the food? That could be why they referred to BG as a creepy guy and still following us. Otherwise, and putting myself in their situation, if I saw someone at a distance on the bridge, I would have thought it was just another hiker and would not have been concerned that he was still following me. She cited instances of abuse and alcoholism. For five years, the murders of 13-year-old Abby Williams and 14-year-old Libby German have hung over Delphi, ghosts that couldn't be put to rest. So I would definitely hang the jury and let Mr. X walk, and in all probability, BG would be free to walk the streets again. The state has to prove it. However, he was one of the searchers who found the bodies, and he was also known to have searched the area in the dark the previous evening. One thing I always have to remind myself of is that LE is allowed to lie to the public. On the day the girls went missing, Libby had posted photos on Snapchat of her and Abby walking along the trail. Lets call this the intuitive hunch of an MI veteran. In my experience, this points to chicanery. Suspect: Ok, you got me. I want you to know that your comment is no longer there. Keep sleuthing, youre on point to what I see. Didnt he at the time live down the street from Logan? The Indiana State Police on Friday made progress in the 2017 cold case, commonly known as the Delphi murders. I think cycles finally straighten out at age 15. There was some sort of a large object, apparently of toy, at the crime scene that was too large for BG to have had it with him on the bridge. 43 seconds of audio. Police found the girls' lifeless bodies a short distance from the bridge the following day, near a trail close to the bridge. Since Libby and Abby were young, and the perpetrator is between 18 and 40, according to the statistics would that indicate a possible attempt to thwart the investigation? Theyre generally unusable. You cannot keep your own story straight. There is a rumor that LE has a partial DNA sample from an unknown male from one of the girls. Specific mention is made that the girls were abducted at exactly 2:13 PM. Number 5 was told to JM, an excellent local sleuth, and then to us by an Indiana detective who works in Narcotics based on crime scene photos he had seen. He went away for a bit and came back a while later with proof from LE that some of the things we have been reporting as rumors here are absolute fact. BG was dressed in clothes similar to what Ron wore, and he took the girls to Rons land and killed them there. As far as my theories, I made a video (see here: that outlines the visions held a couple of days upon learning of this crime. Can you spell out the name? Allen, a 50-year-old Delphi man, was arrested last month. Offers may be subject to change without notice. The girls bodies were discovered on his . I dont get that vibe at all with everything I know, but then again I know very little lol. Too many opinions and he cannot control them. I read your recent blogs about the Delphi murders, and you have a ton of info. We believe him. Im not sure I understand what covered means. A press conference is expected Monday morning. Yes I thought the suspect had been recorded walking on the raailroad tracks on one of the girls phones. He killed a woman. And if Mr. X was being tried today and I was on the jury, I would certainly vote to acquit. A serial killer has a narcissistic personality and will not be able to cope with so many opinions that are different from his, such as on a forum. This means that they have at least one fired cartridge. Also we have excellent sources inside the police with officers who are very close to the investigation. He thinks it is Garrett Kirts. Multiple, multiple deep stab wounds.. Today a true-crime podcast released documents that shed new light on the unsolved crime. Some insist that this is merely a coincidence, but apparently LE do not think it is coincidental. We have almost no information about the cause of death or what the crime scene looked like. I think what you meant to say is that the Supreme Court ruled that if the police lie to a suspect during an interrogation, his eventual admission of guilt can be considered by the jury. The crime occurred on February 13, or 2/13. I dont know if the bridge was within eyeshot of the spot where the girls were found. The judge would say you dont even have enough evidence against this man to take this case to court and throw it out of court. Thank you I came here after being directed to you. The suspected pedophile - who is heavy-set and pasty-faced - used an image of a ripped and muscular young man to trick underage girls into speaking to him. Shout out to anyone else who feels the same. It doesnt seem reasonable to stay out there all that time for no good reason. As CrimeOnline previously reported, 13-year-old Abby and 14-year-old Libby were murdered in 2017, but the killer remains elusive. Investigators have long suspected that this man is the girls killer and have praised the girls for documenting the video as evidence. She described his eyes as dark and evil. David shot that down, and he then explained how what he saw differed from these images. The Delphi Murders: Four years later Libby & Abby's killer is still out there. Apparently he planned this abduction to occur at precisely this time, which is shocking. It's crazy some of the stuff people will make up for attention. Even after the arrest of a suspect on Oct. 26, police have declined to answer most questions about the case, saying they don't want to jeopardize the prosecution. Im the one who did it. At least some people like me. Delphi Murders Update April 13, 2021: Stunning Rumors about the Murders and Related Matters Now Officially Proven! You will see below where we regard certain things as Proven. Welcome to the site! Consequently, the accuracy of our statements should go up a lot too. Lists a factory as place of residence. I 100% agree about Mr X, and I recently seen a pic of his stepson which I think looks similar to the YBG sketch. There was a helicopter/drone photoset going around in a FB group in the last few days (don't remember which group). He concurred that a high error rate is normal early in the investigation and he also said that by 4-5 years later, you may well get a much clearer picture of the crime. What do they mean hes just a decoy? Liberty "Libby" German, 14 years old, and 13-year-old Abigail "Abby" Williams were both perfectly normal and sweet teenage girls. In the more than three years since the girls' tragic murders, very little evidence has been released about the case including the cause of death. In these cases, we have 4-5 separate sources, usually vaguely referred to as inside sources, testifying to the truth of something. I dont get it. The bodies had been staged and the killing would likely have caused the killer to get . They told us that Kegan Kline was not involved. Photo by LIBBY GERMAN / FACEBOOK I read 1 of them is still in grief counseling for it- so im pretty sure she doesnt wanna talk about it. Press J to jump to the feed. He detailed other information about the crime scene, and the differences in the girls' apparent injuries.

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