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A later rebuilding was begun in 1884 and was opened 19 May 1888.[11][45]. Through the ages people have lived in houses, building them according to the climate, topography, the material available, and the social and cultural ideas of the time. I would say about 90% of them never stayed in the winey they probably stayed kintra st, briton st, brighton st or clynder st etc but never the winealley. I can remember having to use the toilet on the landing using a massive key to open the door. Next thing, I found myself lying on the ground. Young Young Winey (Govan) (G51) (Moorpark) 'Republican Wine Alley' . sau. Glasgow Braendam Link, aims to support, empower and enable all those involved in the partnership to gain more control of their lives by encouraging self-belief, growth and development. Only neighbours I remember were children Mary and her younger brother James Haggerty who lived in same close which I think was 95 Golspie Street. Lots of memories too many to say here. No1seems2care. 2 Markus, 1993, p. 148 The spin put on the regeneration programmes of the past have put too much emphasis on bricks and mortar rather than helping people deal with their own problems themselves. 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday . Loved going into Amy's Cafe after coming out of Mackays for my Easter outfits. Then the area - close to Rangers home at Ibrox - had a reputation for deprivation and poverty having been built in the 1930s to relieve overcrowding in the Gorbals. Scots: Gouan; Scottish Gaelic: Baile a' Ghobhainn) is a district, parish, and former burgh now part of south-west City of Glasgow, Scotland. In 1975 the sociologist Sean Damer went to live for six months in Britains most notorious housing scheme, Moorepark, or as it was known to all The Wine Alley of Govan in Glasgow. He and his pals jumped out and I ran back up three stories screaming. In 1901 Govan was the 7th largest town in Scotland. When I got married I moved to Arden, I now live in Clarkston in the South of Glasgow. At the end of his stay in the housing scheme Damer wrote a report on the area entitled From Moorepark to Wine Alley in what was a damning indictment of officialdom for its arrogant neglect of Moorepark and the people who lived there. There were two other sporting venues for local residents and workers located in the south of Govan (with no space available in the industrial northern area at the Clyde): White City Stadium and Albion Greyhound Stadium, both now entirely demolished. I was born in Govan, at home, on Luath Street in 1935. NGR Description Centred NS55416 65081. I was born in Broomloan Road Ibrox in Govan in 1958. Govan Old Parish Church was rebuilt in 1762, 1826, and again 1884-1888. I married in Glasgow, Scotland in 1974 and emigrated to Canada that same year, I have lived in Canada ever since. Create New Account. My dad gave my a slap for not fighting them, god was only about five years old. I went to St.Constantines Primary School. Synopsis When Damer returned to the area in 1989 he found that his earlier report had had two outcomes. I remember a little dog who was hit by a car and people brought him straight in to us. A friend called called Alison Galbraith. [23], It was parodied by the BBC sitcom Rab C. Nesbitt. Does anyone remember the shop or have a picture of it in the background? ; Scots: Gouan; Scottish Gaelic: Baile a' Ghobhainn) is a district, parish, and former burgh now part of south-west City of Glasgow, Scotland. I would like to know if anyone remembers these times. Therefore, the purpose of this Reflection is to make a contribution to the discussions on community planning and have the thoughts of people who have lived through other Hi there, just wondering if anyone has any info or stories on the Slaters, Mckechnies or Hutchisons, hope to hear back. I don't like to think what might have happened if they had been discovered.''. The partnership works by: At the time this article was written in the local Southside paper, prices for the projected apartments were going up dramatically among the speculators.14 A few hundred yards east of this development, one-bedroom apartments at the newly built QE3 (Clydeside Festival Park) in Govan were selling for 129,995 while two-bedrooms at the same place will cost you 199,995. The following year in 1966, the yard was again reorganised as Fairfields and guaranteed by the government in response. Not Now. We also have a great selection of craft beers! Does anyone remember going out the back courts and jumping over them? I was searching for Harry Lauder pictures and came across this interesting site. Tel: 0141 440 1999, Fax: 0141 440 1367 , I now live in Scotstoun but attend same dentist at Water Row Govan! If I could I would have bought many! These incomers earned the contempt and resentment of some disgruntled local inhabitants, who focused on problems of anti-social behaviour in the estate, which acquired the nickname "Wine Alley". Yet, there is still much to show that community power is not only real but can work effectively. Registered in England & Wales | 01676637 |. In 1975 the sociologist Sean Damer went to live for six months in Britain's most notorious housing scheme, Moorepark, or as it was known to all The Wine Alley' of Govan in Glasgow. Ther were many menswear shops such as Jackson the Tailor and John Collier. The SNP won another by-election victory in 1988, this time with Jim Sillars as candidate. Lesbian actress Raven-Symone showed off her high top fade and her unique backpack at the Los Angeles Premiere of Fox's 'Empire at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, California. Other Sundays maybe Helen and I would visit the graves of our mothers at Cardonald Cemetery (her mother died when she was 5). Media/news company. 2 People lived with the inconsistency in the records. I went to Greenfield then Govan High left school in 1975 and worked in Govan shipyard canteen my mates wee Calum McLean, Brian Lavoury, Billy Cameron, Tam Reid, Jim Reynolds and Stephen Gourley now living in England. 125m Harley's ice cream parlour . But then officers were based in a more forbidding Victorian building about a mile away in Orkney Street. It would also mean long hours of up to 18 hours day in unpleasant conditions. Will they be full participants at setting the agenda for their locals or are these just pie crust promises?11 Will the same old story of the past three decades resurface where members of local communities are merely informed or consulted about changes in which they have no say?12 Perhaps one of the worst errors that the new regeneration policy is now making is that of ignoring the potential of local housing organisations as important instruments for inclusion and social capital, and their spill over effects of wider social and economic developments and issues. We all went to Harmony Row school because that was where our mother went and she wanted us to have the same teachers she had, and there were a few left from when she attended there. Replies. A similar uncertainty existed regarding the nearby lands of Pollokshields and Westends. The Version table provides details related to the release that this issue/RFE will be addressed. She had two brothers James (b.1924), Michael (b.1928) Agnes (b.1930) and Kathleen (b.1932). Her name was Mary Murray. However, the local paper still remained hostile, hypocritical, and unhelpful about the whole idea. Of all the memories that I hold dear as a very young boy, was the guy pushing a barrow every Saturday afternoon selling bags of whelks! This was around 1954ish. Henry (Harry) Knop was born in Govan in 1902, he married Susan Bowie in 1924, they had at least 5 children; Harriet, Frederick, Arthur, Helen and Henry, Harry Knop died in 1976. Socialites Karrueche Tran, left, and Christina Milian attend the Los Angeles premiere of Fox's 'Empire' at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome on January 6, 2015 in Hollywood, California. Post moderation is undertaken full-time 9am-6pm on weekdays, and on a part-time basis outwith those hours. This was the catalyst that led local Govanites into despising the peoph of Moorepark, and considering them as different and alien. I was born in 1952 and lived in Golspie St until I was 10 when we moved to Garthamlock. Little did we no that years later I would be living above that very shop. Following decades of decline, with existing residents experiencing prejudice and only those with little other choice willing to move to the area, Moorepark was named by The Independent newspaper in April 1994 as one of the worst areas in the United Kingdom, with drug abuse being a widespread problem and unemployment standing at nearly 30% (up to three times the national average at the time). As for our childhood and growing up in Govan we would never change a thing, there was everything in Govan any child wanted and we never ever suffered from boredom after school, we were outside playing peever, rounders, climbing dykes, swimming at the pool and rolling our Easter eggs down the hill at Bellahouston Park. For Margaret Gibson - I saw that you lived in Kintra Street until 1960 and wondered if you knew my grandmother Mary McGill/Johnston who lived at 110 Kintra Street in 1956. I went to St.Anthonys then St.Gerards, great days, I went back in the 70s and hardly recognized anything, even the people were different, if anybody has any info. Their powerlessness in this matter soon became clear when Moorepark was deliberately targeted as a dumping ground for Glasgows homeless, those on low incomes, and people with few housing points who were enabled to jump the waiting list if they accepted a house in the scheme. Great times. My father was called up at the beginning of the War and my mother died when he was in Europe, I went to live with my grandparents on Wee Logie Street, I was 2years old and spent the rest of my childhood there until 1956 when I came to Canada with my grandmother to live with my uncle (my mum's young brother). It is situated 2.5 miles (4.0km) west of Glasgow city centre, on the south bank of the River Clyde, opposite the mouth of the River Kelvin and the district of Partick. [21], The area has had a reputation for deprivation and poverty, partly due to the construction of housing estates in the 1930s to relieve the overcrowded slum district of The Gorbals, Glasgow. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Encouraging families to participate in the community and to use local facilities and services Ensuring that the voice of those living in poverty is heard [7] It is now kept inside the church, as part of the Govan Stones museum collection. Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company Ltd. Glasgow Govan (UK Parliament constituency), " - Land Area (based on 2011 Data Zones)", " - Population Estimates (Current Geographic Boundaries)", "How Glasgow annexed Govan and Partick 100 years ago", "BBC NEWS | Election 2007 | Scottish Parliament | Election Result: Glasgow Govan", Ian Jack: Problem Families (review of From Moorepark to Wine Alley: The Rise and Fall of a Glasgow Housing Scheme by Sean Damer), "The real inspiration behind Rab C Nesbitt has finally been revealed", "Proposed Abolition of British Shipbuilders", "An aerial view from the south of the Fairfield Shipyard, taken around 1932", "An aerial view of the River Clyde looking down-river from the Yarrow's Shipyard, c 1932", "VT Group Seals Deal To Sell BVT Stake To BAE Systems", "Steve Bruce: Sir Alex is the best manager ever", "Sir Alex Ferguson's adaptability has made him the greatest of all time", "Guardiola on his way to becoming the most successful coach of all time", "The 7 Managers That Have Won All 3 Domestic Trophies in England", "James Kelman: 'Why is my work so upsetting for people? 9/1 This latter kingdom, established in the aftermath of the Viking siege and capture of Alt Clut by Vikings from Dublin in AD 870, created the sandstone sculptures known today as the Govan Stones. Has it always been a democratic, progressive authority and, is it so today? However, given the area's reputation there was also a large numbers of empty houses. I went to St. Anthony's Primary School and after passing my quallies I went to St. Gerard's. Galbraith shop opposite Elderpark, they sold us kids a bag of broken biscuits. Would love to hear from you. My grandmother's name was Mary Murray she had eight children one being my mother Helen who was born in 1927. Ai uitat contul? JEFF TORRINGTON Singing: No, No, Yuppie, Yuppie NO! Wineally for Wine Producers We make your wines shine by having them served with matching dishes in restaurants or at home. Comedian. 102m The Govan Shed . The School that was situated at the end of Cowie Street was the "Wee Lamby" or Lambhill Junior Primary. or. Also used to go for a bath there even though we had a bath at home. February 15, 2020 at 4:10 PM @ Anonymous LMFAO ! Somewhere, communication had broken down so completely, that while the latter felt powerless to do anything about the situation, the remedies of the former only made the situation worse. The church of Govan was a prebend of Glasgow. Beforesentencing, judge Lord Caplan told Burnside: ''You have been a significant dealer in a dreadful trade and the courts have seen the havoc it causes among young persons. Clyde News. [6] Govan is believed to have then been part of a kingdom ruled from Dumbarton Rock, known as Alt Clut, the rock on the Clyde. alebo. I always thought it was a listed building. Somehow the government cannot understand that external improvements can only benefit any dilapidated area by not only improving its external image but also by giving the local residents a sense of Well-Being. I would so love to hear from you if you do. Used to spend all summer there paying in twice, having to queue up for second swim with towel around yourself sometimes freezing and having to wait in line. Providing a family base with a family room in Govan, with weekly meetings in Govan and Easterhouse Providing consistent, non-judgmental support to families and individuals, and home visits to families in crisis Again, as happened in Moorepark in the mid 1970s, selective letting policies resulted in the housing of people who suffered not only from economic deprivation but had many related social problems of drink, drugs, and petty theft. I stayed in Govan in the early 60's first in a tenement at 118 Govan Road, we stayed in the top storey mum, dad, me, my sister, and baby brother. Although Govan was the stated setting for the show, episodes were seldom filmed there. I found this site by mistake while i was trying to find people that i used to hang around with in Govan, I lived in Rathlin Street, opposite the Elder picture house, my mum and dad were Mary and Eddie Mellon and brothers Paul and Ward. It brought tears to our eyes as they have destroyed a lot of the buildings that should have been refurbished. When the sirens went for everyone to go to their shelters, our grandfather had to come and help her take us to St. Anthony's school (our shelter). My Aunt Marg & Uncle Jack Johnstone had the paper shop on Govan Road. My parents lived at 49 Nethan Street and I was born at the Southern General in 1939. Unresolved: Release in which this issue/RFE will be addressed. Any way they started to ask us our schools and of course my mates answered Broomloan Rd, Bellahouston and Lorne St, but when it came my turn my truthful answer was Our Lady and St Margaret's Primary just up the road from here. First of all, they invited local and international designers to attend a three day team design effort to come up with imaginative projects that would redress the problems they had in their 3-storey, concrete block houses.7, The group then lobbied the City Council, the Scottish Office and finally Westminster, until they were eventually given the go-ahead to revamp one of the old blocks of 6 houses into model they desired. My granny Flora McFadyen was one of the oldest and longest residents in the Wine Alley. Living Dangerously in Govan by James McDonald. They thanked him for the work they had done in cleaning up Wine Alley and bringing Burnsides two-year reign of terror to an end. Did the papers for Maggie Slimmins and the milk for the coop this paid for my first real bike from Andy McNeil's, before that I had a clenny model. Lived there all the way through the 70's until we moved to Cardonald in 1980. I screamed blue murder, he wanted to pull my pants down, but no way I letting him do that to me. If you have a complaint about the editorial content which relates to This is a small family owned and operated place. I remember the following; sitting on the kerb at the mouth of the close playing with the soft tar on the road in the summer with a stick and my mum using melted butter to get the stains of our clothes, playing peever with a shoe polish tin, making up little shows which we all performed in the high backs ,climbing over the pailings, and often getting our knees impaled on the sharp spikes at the top, playing balls against the wall singles and doubles too, climbing onto the steamie roof and jumping onto the pub roof dodging the barbed wire spikes, playing ropes singles and doublers, and swinging on the telephone wires above the low back steamie roof, Summertown Road steamie and baths. inaccuracy or intrusion, then please Pauline Belkadi: Thanks for the name of the shop 'Bobby's'. The Old Govan Fair. Although the scheme had a bad reputation for crime, drinking and violence, as a child I never felt unsafe or deprived in any way and knew only kindness from my family, friends, relatives and neighbours. Forgotten account? They were friendly and knowledgable, it was a great experience. With its bad name, many people from Moorepark could not get jobs while those that could often disguised their addresses and, if they a they moved away because of its bad reputation Gradually, the decrease in services, coupled with, a by now high turnover of tenancie let house, led to the accretion of demoralised families coming into the scheme and all the stories about Moorparks good-for-nothing population seemed to be justified. I had never seen one before. 124m Freshair Salon . I try and tell my grandkids what a fanfastic place it was to grow up, no money but lots of pals and never bored. I was a deckhand on the TSS Shleldhall sewage ship that sailed down the Clyde every day Monday to Friday to the tail of the bank, there we discharged the load then made a circle before heading back up home. Otherwise, unless there is agreement between authority and community, issues like social segregation will never go away unless something is done is because the housing system (and the way it operates) encourages the separation of the rich and the poor. I lived at 2 Robert street, Govan, we moved there from Tower Street, Kinning Park, I went to Harmony Row school (1959/60) then moved up to Hills Trust primary and after that went to Broomloan Road secondary school, that was shut down and we were moved to Govan High comprehensive around 1967/1968. My grandparents on my mother's side were McElhinneys and attended Plantation Church while my dad's side and myself attending our Lady and St Margaret's Chapel. I considered that I did a real job and that what he did for a living was nonsense. Community Centre & Play-Park in the Wine Alley, Govan. pigella miraculous ladybug power. I lived in Elderpark Street and the Wine Alley. Reading the posts recognised a few names. I still have a picture in my mind of your father Guido, a very handsome man. He also allowed naval officers in training to visit the shipyard to familiarise themselves with the new vessels. [9] It had also been parodied by the BBC Scotland television comedy series Rab C. Nesbitt, with Wine Alley and the wider Govan area the stated setting for the show, though episodes were seldom filmed there. I agreed and the result is the Report, which you now have today which is meant for the October 17th World Poverty Day. Used to jump the dykes with my brother Kenneth. We had and still have such a loving family even although our parents and grandparents have passed, but Govan made us that way because it was a great community and you knew who your neighbours were. I was shown the door and advised to join the cubs, which I did, but I would have enjoyed being the 1st Lifebhoy. From 1815 onwards, a total of 67 men and four women were hanged at the Glasgow Green site, which was once known as Jail Square. Impressed by what they had done, the European Community allowed an application for major funds, which matched by the City Council (and oth adherents), to such an extent that another 36 blocks in the estate were rehabililitated in the same fashion as the prototype.8, At this point, some may ask, if the residents of such a community could do so mutch themselves, why is authority necessary for community planning? Again, where were the democratic, caring authorities when the 1987-1990 Glasgow Housing Condition Survey found that in a third of the citys houses suffered from condensation, dampness and mould and did little about it? The barbers shop was called "Knop & Joyce" and was at 26 Langlands Road, it opened in 1929 and Harry Knop lived in the next close at 34 Langlands Road. Jimmy's was our local shop and Ruby's was out local bakery which fed the Fairfield's workers. He wanted to discover how and why such places came into being and to see if remedies could be found. So, has Glasgow and other cities always been in the hands of comprehensive planners who take an overview of all the parties involved? Mother has an excellent memory and I am attempting to write down stories about; the old shops; events streets and everything. Newsquest Media Group Ltd, Loudwater Mill, Station Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

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