will congress win 2024 astrology will congress win 2024 astrology

So don't waste your vote on inflation and higher gas prices. Mr Lichtman, however, did say he was surprised by several aspects of the election. American astrologer predicted, Modi will win with so many seats in 2024 election! "True" answers favour the re-election of the incumbent, while "false" answers favour the challenger. After March 1, 2022, all Trump investigations will move forward at lightning speed. WHEN: Neptune will pay a brief visit to Aries from March 30, 2025 until October 22, 2025. Then we can get the average of polls to understand what is going on. Many simply lost their jobs. Early voter turnout is very high, 36 million Americans have already voted by November 4, Republicans should be worried. So let us hope for a good surprise and pray for the success of our American Democracy. President Biden's "Inflation Reduction Act" raises taxes on Americans making more than 400K per year. There could be a war like situation during this time. It seems like we may see the Georgia grand jury indictment first for Donald Trump and the Special Counsel indictment next. Next, I take each states political trending into consideration. More embarrassing information will come out for the Republican party in these public hearings that they will find it difficult to explain. Vice President Kamala Harris's astrology chart also indicates challenging time in Jan, Feb, March and first two weeks of April 2022. Climate It is scary when you see the level of ignorance in the country. Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images. McCarthy's time is very bad from Oct 24 to Nov 13 this year close to the midterm election. I am getting same answer from his astrology chart also. My response is that I had already answered this question in July 2021, almost 2 years ago, that Trump will be indicted any time before May 1, 2024. 2025 House 119 th Congress. Thus, my model assumes 2024 will not be drastically different from 2020. Interactive Map Contested 2024. I am back again. 2024 will be the best year in President Biden's first Presidential Term. 25th December 1991, 20.45 Moscow AS 25 Leo. Opposition / enemies will be strong between February 2023 and February 2024. By John F. Harris. You can make your own predictions in the Dashboard and see the results at the bottom of the page. The ETG-Times Now poll predicted BJP would get 24 seats, Left-Congress would get 21 seats and Tipra Motha 14 seats. This astrology article is based on A rating birth time, which is further rectified by me, appears to be accurate. Joe Manchins stubbornness could cost Democrats 2022 mid-term election. I repeatedly reaffirmed this prediction, including when the votes began to come in and it looked like Donald Trump might be re-elected, but I understood that no election was final until all the votes were counted, and in most states the mail-in ballots, which were overwhelmingly Democratic, would be counted last.". Because of Donald Trump Republicans lost the Georgia Senate races in 2020, and Mitch McConnell is Senate Minority Leader. You guide to the past, present and future. Get this comprehensive guide. Drivers? Now they will pay the price at Ballot Box.The overturning of Roe vs wade could also be to change the news cycle away from Jan 6 committee's public hearings. If we see the past US mid-term election history, we will find that the President's opposition party usually wins the mid-term election. Apr 1, 2022 Rahu and Cancer disease Mar 27, 2022 Future Prediction 2024 UP state will be divided and 2 states will be formed Yogi Adityanath will become Chief Minister again in 2022 Navjot Singh Sidhu will not be able to become Chief Minister even in 2022 Biden will not be able to complete his term in America and Kamala Harris will take over power. It shook every country in the world, not just through fatalities, but by changing the habits and rhythms of everyones daily lives. These errors are due in part to numerous issues, including sampling error and unpredictable turnout. Yet there have been two notable exceptions to this predictive guide: the successful election of Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932 when he whisked away 'the crown' from the head of one-term Republican Herbert Hoover, and the election of Republican Ronald Reagan in 1980 who finagled 'the crown' from one-term Democrat Jimmy Carter. This does not mean that temperatures and sea levels will not rise, but international agreements will slow the process and make it manageable. During December 2021, January, February, March 2022 opposition / enemies will be strong. Stationary retrograde Saturn from Capricorn sign is powerfully aspecting Bidens natal Mars in Libra sign by its 10th aspect. (Note 1) The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius sets the scene for a new socially-conscious style of government ill-suited to the narcissism of Trump. The midterm election is on the day of the eclipse on November 8. Solve your problems, discover your unique gifts and get pressing questions answered, Become a proficient Astrologer with Adrians interactive Video Courses, Let Adrian show you how astrology is the worlds best guide to Current Events, https://www.astrowow.com/blog/45th-president-united-states/, Basic Principles for Mundane Astrology Using USA chart, Government intervention to support those who no longer have jobs, Massive investment in infrastructure projects like charging stations for electric vehicles, Revolution in the banking industry through blockchain and cybercurrency, Acceptance of artificial meat products to counter climate change, Battle to break up social media (with results coming after Pluto enters Aquarius), Social confrontation with financial elite, Home working using Zoom and other media becomes a fact of life. The world is now going through a huge transition presaged by the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at zero Aquarius on the winter solstice in December 2020. In my 2022 astrology predictions for President Biden, I had predicted, more than a year ago, that July 2022 will be a good month for President Biden to get things done. So far President Joe Biden's astrology predictions for 2021 /2022 are coming correct. Please read the last few lines in my 2022 astrology predictions for President Biden in this astrology article. This can be adjusted by altering the weights used in Adjustment 3. Perhaps the curse was only effective for the period when Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions were in Earth signs. And that also goes for Midterms 2022! Adjustment 1. I had also indicated in my 2021 Biden Astrology predictions that President Biden will face further decline in poll numbers and opposition / enemies will be strong after October 2021. Either she takes over here, or she is appointed to be the Democratic candidate in 2024. End of May and first two weeks of June 2022 will be somewhat difficult. You dont have to be a great mathematician to see that the next conjunction will be in 2025, which is the year Putins presidency officially was to end. The Astro-compatibility software that brings happiness in relationships. Why did I make this change? Bidens average approval rating is 55% and his average disapproval rating is 39% at this moment. -Source: Allan J. Lichtman, The Thirteen Keys to the Presidency, Beta V.1.0 - Powered by automated translation, Look, I'm 73 years old and I've been doing these predictions for 40 years, and I get butterflies in my stomach every four years, Every indication, including statements from Republican election officials throughout the country, indicate that this was a remarkably smooth, full and fair election, and Donald Trump's challenges are entirely baseless, frivolous and dangerous, It doesn't look like the Republicans have anyone who fulfils the 'challenge charisma key', the once-in-a-generation inspirational candidate, like Franklin Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan. However, to me the Venus Cycle seems one of the more basic influences upon who wins and who loses the coveted White House position. The present Maha Dasha is of Moon which is placed in her Neech Rashi in Lagna but gets a complete Neech Bhang. The pandemic precipitated the biggest economic crisis in modern history. This time around, using his 13 trends or keyssystem to predict the White House winner, he correctly predicted a Joe Biden victory. There were three vacancies. This is not going to happen. As Evening Star, her position is the mid-to-later degrees of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, sign of the stranger, foreigner, or outsider - someone different or 'other' who acts as the challenger and rival to the throne - such as a non-politician, or an Independent (neither Republican nor Democrat). I had mentioned in my December 17, 2022 astrology update that when we see Mike Pences Grand Jury testimony, we will know Indictments are coming. Results of the 2024 Presidential Election | Original Predictions, August 2021. Kevin McCarthy is going through very good period right now until October 24 this year. Because the election was on the day of the eclipse, we cannot see things clearly and we cannot know Gods plan for our country, but to wait patiently for the results to come. President Joe Biden is born on November 20, 1942 at 8.30 AM in Scranton, Pennsylvania. There is partial solar eclipse on October 25 and Total Lunar eclipse on November 8, the election day. All 435 seats will be up for election. COVID is still surging during this time. Conversely, if the poplar vote margin is 3.38 or higher, Democrats win Michigan and they win the entire election. Donald Trump's hold over the GOP party is slowly fading away. Another limitation of my model is that it does not account for a specific future candidate doing especially well (or poorly) with certain demographics. Although Mr Biden has not indicated whether or not he plans to run for re-election, there is ample speculation that he might not. I had predicted Donald Trumps indictment in my Trump Astrology update posted a year ago on July 3, 2021. Clearly often failing. Powered by renewable energy, decentralized, with every household delivering and receiving power from every other household. Otherwise, your on-topic comments are always welcomed in this Political Astrology arena, and are fully moderated when I have the time. The conjunction squares the 1991 Russian horoscopes Sun, so it is likely that leadership is completely undermined at this time. It is said that Donald Trump is planning to run in 2024. May not win the house or may win with a very thin majority. It is now August of 2022, and much has changed over the past year. Most energy will be generated directly from chemical or light sources, instead of burning fossil fuels. There will be a set of 6 of these trines from 2025-29, marking a vast change in Chinas social fabric. No Internet connection McCarthy had a disappointing election day night. No more chimneys. However, the economy is suffering, and the Democrats have not yet made any meaningful changes. PolicyPreview is a non-partisan blog which provides data-driven election forecasts, descriptions of national and international political races and governments, explanations of various voting platforms, and summaries of related academic research conducted by leading experts. The only astrologer who predicted Donald Trump will get impeached twice in his Presidential Term and will survive the second senate impeachment trial. Already, after witnessing the lamentable handing of the pandemic in the USA, Chinese people young and old are convinced their communist country is far superior, whilst the power of the USA is fading. The moment has finally come, Donald Trump will be indicted any time after March 4, 2023. Today is October 20, 2022, we are entering the time window (Oct 20 to Dec 14 this year) that I gave for Donald Trump indictment, if Trump will be indicted this year. This is not the final prediction for the 2024 Presidential Election. This is what I had predicted in my President Biden's Astrology article for the year 2023. There are some, however, who see Mr Bidens age, he is 77, as an obstacle to a second term. This is certainly not good news for Donald Trump. Series of six rare Uranus-Pluto trines from 2025-2028. Like Putin, President Xi also had the constitution changed to allow him to maintain power well into the future. Its a long shot, but its a possibility. The final astrology prediction we will make in the beginning of November 2022 before the election date. Neptune rules addiction, alcohol, art, compassion, enlightenment, fantasies, dreams, drugs, ideals . It doesnt matter. The only question is how peaceful the process will be. Kevin McCarthy according to his astrology chart, will enter difficult and challenging time between Oct 26 to Nov 15, 2022, just before the midterm election. It is the beginning of a new 800-year cycle in the Air element, and it marks the end of a 200-year cycle in the Earth element. Based upon these trends, I believe that the swing states of the 2024 election will be, in increasing order of how Democratic I think they will vote, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. We've seen this president's type before. For purposes of this map, only states rated safe by at least six of them are shown in the darkest shade. Many went hungry and are still hungry.

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