what the bleep do we know debunked what the bleep do we know debunked

As the movie did, this book compels listeners to ask themselves Gre. William Arntz has referred to the film as "WTFDWK" in a message to the film's street team. Gripping stuff, but nothing to do with our daily lives. According to Joo Magueijo, professor in theoretical physics at Imperial College, the film deliberately misquotes science. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for What the Bleep Do We Know? We're always being told we don't use our brain to its full capacity. I suggest to read him if you want to know how QM is perceived in the SF community. Next factoid: Crime in Washington, D.C. was reduced 25 percent by prayer--and made believers of the D.C. cops! It is true that quantum mechanics is extremely strange, and on extremely small scales for short times, all sorts of weird things happen. Where were we now? 5.Miceal Ledwith a clergyman with a rather dubious past (see http://unison.ie/irish_independent/stories.php3?ca=36&si=770458&issue_id=7565) is the one chosen by the film makers to be the theological spokesman. We all know most parts of the ocean are still undiscovered but there's plenty of theories. In addition to the films three directors, there were actors and others involved in the production who are long time students of Ramthas School of enlightenment. One other area where quantum mechanics works on a macroscopic scale is in superconductivity and superfluidity. You can renew your subscription or The quantum world is intriguing, but unless you're a particle physicist it's got very little to do with the world's reality. Your subscription to The reason you should be suspicious is because we don't even understand classical consciousness. The movie features other proclaimed scientists who . To accomplish that, you would have to invoke "new physics," Dr. Schumm says, in which the explanation can be verified or falsified through experiment. 2. He claims the drop was achieved. In fact, "you are God in the making," which explains why Shirley MacLaine is a Ramtha fan. was heavily criticised for being "a documentary aimed at the totally gullible". Everyone said that you have to see this movie! So I did. continue to use the site without a 19802023 The Christian Science Monitor. The idea that our own perceptions can't be trusted is not new, of course. While the movie "What The Bleep" has some flaws from a science point of view, science of this type is so foreign to most people, that they feel they have to "jazz it up" to keep people interested. There are also controlled, double-blind prayer studies out there much more interesting than the D.C. crime study cited in the film, though not necessarily more convincing. There was some sort of plot involving a woman photographer (played by Marlee Matlin), who wanders around and has anxiety attacks. It's there. But how are ordinary mortals to judge its assertions about the nature of matter, mind, and the universe? Knight's compound outside the town of Yelm has been built over the former horse-breeding grounds: The estate consists of JZ's present home, a white 12,800 square foot French chateau styled 4-bedroom house, her original home (a 1,600 sq. [16], David Albert, a philosopher of physics who appears in the film, has accused the filmmakers of selectively editing his interview to make it appear that he endorses the film's thesis that quantum mechanics is linked with consciousness. He also invested over $10,000.00 in an infamous scam that infected RSE and was touted by Ramtha as a vehicle to gain fabulous wealth and many of the schools membership lost substantial sums of money. It's hard to say where Candace Pert got the low-down on what the Native American Indians did or didn't see when Columbus and the gang hit the horizon. And any Cognitive Behavioural Therapist can help us to change the way we see things by changing our thought patterns. 3. Z. Knight and heavily features commentary from 'Ramtha', an ancient Atlantian general who is apparently speaking through Knight. Hidden Messages In Water Hidden Messages in . The sub-atomic particles that make up the atoms that make up the rock are there too." Often, people who are trying to sell whatever it is they're trying to sell try to justify it on the basis of science. With Marlee Matlin, Elaine Hendrix, Barry Newman, Armin Shimerman. https://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2005/06/30/2839498.htm? John Hagelin was obviously a good phenomenologists. Extreme quantum mechanics could be the name of the speciality of SF writer (and physicist) Greg Egan. 8. If you wanted to study the impact of spoken, drawn or written sentiments on the formation of crystals in freezing water, you'd have to do a slightly more rigorous study. And most thoughtful members of the "spiritual but not religious" camp would take issue if you chopped off their big toes and then responded to their complaints with a lofty "it's all in your mind." Awash in New Age theorizing, real world science and the intellectually unfathomable notion of quantum mechanics, What the 'Bleep' Do We Know!? It sounds reasonable, and familiar. [3], Work was split between Toronto-based Mr. X Inc., Lost Boys Studios in Vancouver, and Atomic Visual Effects in Cape Town, South Africa. Unfortunately, it also completely misunderstands it. If anyone has any information to refute any of the facts laid out here, I will be more then willing to retract them. Filmed to promote a new age philosophy based on a very, very broad interpretation of quantum physics, the movie was funded by J. Pingback: Not Even Wrong Blog Archive Hidden Dimensions, Pingback: Rachels Musings Rabbit Holes and Other Oddities, Pingback: Not Even Wrong Blog Archive Philosophy of Science on Blogginheads.tv, Pingback: For "The Baby Goes Out With The Bathwater" Crowd - SLUniverse Forums. In the 1970s that abruptly stopped and moved to getting us off this planet. If we don't understand classical consciousness, how can we understand quantum consciousness? Q: You do see that in some science-fiction shows for example, last season on "Fringe." This will be revisited if any. The figures are a bit rubbery, but the idea that we're only 'aware' of a fraction of our brain's activity is both correct and a huge relief. You should be wary whenever you hear something like, "Quantum mechanics connects you with the universe" or "quantum mechanics unifies you with everything else." The year's most unexpected indie hit in American cinemas - a film about quantum physics - is about to open here. The point is, with quantum mechanics, everything doesn't go. And we are certainly not isolated from the rest of the world. [18] A BBC reviewer described it as "a documentary aimed at the totally gullible". You are free to comment as you wish. Guess that could not have been done to easily in the Catholic church. Since its release in April 2004, this independent film has become a cult hit, playing to packed houses and grossing over $7.5 . And if you're a modern thinker you'll know for a fact that quantum physics is wacky stuff. For starters you'd have to take a lot of samples from different parts of each ice specimen. Invariably only about half the people tested ever notice a woman in a gorilla suit walking across the middle of the screen during the game. Even though there's lots of proof that the Moon landing happened, some people don't . On certain scales, for certain times, in certain regions, everything goes and strange things happen. Thanks to Pylon Sentinel for pointing this out.A link to his Wikipedia page is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Alan_Wolf So you forgive the film's jelly-baby graphics, daggy storyline, and that Gabor sister channelling a warrior spirit from Atlantis. "What the bleep. "But that's two leaps beyond what scientists believe to be true.". The Christian Science Monitor has expired. The debate here is that we'll be able to use quantum mechanics to break codes, in particular to determine the big prime numbers that are at the basis of the security of your credit cards and your bank cards. But that doesn't mean that astrology is true. Beyond fear, beyond anger. extended versions of What the BLEEP Do We Know! Reality is happening in our brain all the time we're receiving it but it's not being integrated." 34 talking about this. It demands a freedom of view and greatness of thought so far unknown, indeed, not even dreamed of since Copernicus. Monitor journalism changes lives because we open that too-small box that most people think they live in. "[15], Bernie Hobbs, a science writer with ABC Science Online, explains why the film is incorrect about quantum physics and reality: "The observer effect of quantum physics isn't about people or reality. He points out that Gallo et al anounced that AIDS is caused by HIV at a press conference, without there being a single paper published in a scientific journal substantiating this. The movie contains interviews from such leaders in their fields as: Candace. I had it recommended to me by no less than three people. Interspersed with Amanda's woes and the pseudoscience are random attacks on organized religion. It comes from the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, and it's about the limitations of trying to measure the position and momentum of subatomic particles this only applies to sub-atomic particlesa rock doesn't need you to bump into it to exist. Not Even Wrong Blog Archive Hidden Dimensions, Rachels Musings Rabbit Holes and Other Oddities, Not Even Wrong Blog Archive Philosophy of Science on Blogginheads.tv, For "The Baby Goes Out With The Bathwater" Crowd - SLUniverse Forums. But I assume that's not quite right, and that sometimes quantum mechanics' name is taken in vain. A: Well, Roger Penrose has given lots of new-age crackpots ammunition by suggesting that at some fundamental scale, quantum mechanics might be relevant for consciousness. If I didnt know any better, I would have thought it was something straight out of a Cheech and Chong movie. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 3. We do, at subatomic scale, behave quantum mechanically. [13] The American Chemical Society's review criticizes the film as a "pseudoscientific docudrama", saying "Among the more outlandish assertions are that people can travel backward in time, and that matter is actually thought. mixed truisms with conjecture, interviews and dramatic "recreations" of the ideas being discussed, to form a kind of cohesive supposition on the link between mind and matter, biology and the Big Bang. Wertheim continues that the film "abandons itself entirely to the ecstasies of quantum mysticism, finding in this aleatory description of nature the key to spiritual transformation. The quantum world does pervade everything around us, but as Richard Feynman liked to say, "Scientific creativity is imagination in a straitjacket." His 73 papers are mostly about supersymmetric GUTs and considered quite respectable, with a total of over 5000 citations, including 641 citations for one of them alone.

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what the bleep do we know debunked

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