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Laboe also didnt appear to judge listeners who asked for dedications for loved ones in prison, Alcaraz said. When Elvis Presley came to Hollywood, Laboe was one of the few to get an interview with the new rockabilly star. Join Art as he takes your requests, Live, Monday through Friday. "We want to hear from people that are like us. Although our competitor purported to be one, theyre more of a rhythmic station that plays some hip-hop.. Thats more than I can say of Power 106, which has banished classic rap almost entirely to its throwback hour. 3:18. Art Laboe and rock n roll musician Chuck Berry pose for a portrait in circa 1975. He has a collection on permanent exhibit at Clevelands Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Laboe maintained a strong following throughout the years and transformed into a promoter of aging rock n roll acts who never faded from Mexican-American fans of oldies. KOST 103.5 FM - Your Feel Good Station and Home of the Ellen K Morning Show. ], Like us on Facebook at LAWeeklyMusic Teen listeners soon identified Laboes voice with the fledgling rock n roll scene. Laboe died Friday at his home in Palm Springs, following a bout with . But though the station has distanced itself from gritty rap, its bread and butter continues to be high-calorie, hook-glazed Top 40 hip-hop, blended with the occasional Calvin Harris track. Laboe, who hosted a show on Los Angeles radio station KDAY, died Friday of pneumonia, according to a statement on his Facebook page. He later received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His second passion is travel: he's currently on a mission to see all 193 countries on the planet. He is credited with helping end segregation in Southern California by organizing live DJ shows at drive-in eateries that attracted Whites, Blacks and Latinos who danced to rock n roll and shocked an older generation still listening to Frank Sinatra and Big Band music. Eliana Perez covers the eastern Coachella Valley. Pirate radio may be most common on the East Coast, but the problem isnt isolated there. Laboe was also known for his live concerts that attracted top acts, but were beloved by audiences simply for seeing the famed DJ in person. and can be heard Sunday-Friday nights 7pm-12am on HOT 92.3 KHHT Los Angeles CA and nationwide on iHeartRadio.com and parts of the show also air on several other stations in the Southwest including Magic 92.5 . In 2015, the nonprofit online radio station DubLab turned the tables on Mr. Laboe, the man who was a conduit for so many on-air dedications, giving his fans an opportunity to call in and dedicate . Laboe, who was known for coining the phrase "oldies but goodies," produced his last radio show after 75 years on the air last week, which broadcast Sunday night. As a DJ for KXLA in Los Angeles, Laboe bought station time and hosted live overnight music shows from drive-ins where he would meet underground rockabilly and R&B musicians. With more than 860 live broadcast stations in 153 markets across America, there's a local iHeartRadio station virtually everywhere. Art Laboe hosted an annual Art Laboe Valentine's Super Love Jam concert for his radio fans. The new station deserves time to find its own voice and tone, but it would be wise to dig deeper than Truffle Butter. Plenty of regional stars with mainstream potential are out there. Like us on Facebook at LAWeeklyMusic Then Art comes out and they just melt. Art Laboe, the pioneering DJ who became one of the first to play rhythm and blues and rock-n-roll, also credited with helping end segregation in Southern California, has died. Luna emphasized how the Mexican American community in particular embraced Laboe, his work becoming part of lowrider car culture, prevalent in East Los Angeles and other parts of California, also in the '50s and beyond. Live from Los Angeles 24/7. Art Laboe, the pioneering DJ credited with helping end segregation in Southern California, has died. Alex Nogales, president and CEO of the Los Angeles-based National Hispanic Media Coalition, said generations of Latino fans attended Laboe-sponsored concerts to hear the likes of Smokey Robinson, The Spinners or Sunny & The Sunliners. "And this tough, hard-nosed guy burst into tears.". But if Real 92.3 wants to creatively thrive rather than play Pepsi to Powers Coca-Cola, it must nurture local talent and break records from rising stars that have yet to hit Top 40. Art was the first Disc Jockey to play Rock and Roll on the West Coast airwaves, one of the first DJs to play both black and white artists and the first DJ to have an "Elvis Hour," the . Listen to top radio stations, news, music, sports, talk, and comedy. Thank you for supporting LA Weekly and our advertisers. Laboe was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2012. Listen to thousands of live radio stations or create your own artist stations and playlists. Laboe, who was twice divorced, was preceded in death by two sons, three sisters and a brother. The story also said Dick Hugg better known by listeners as "Huggy Boy" began hosting a call-in . Laboe began his career in San Francisco in the early 1940s, then bounced among a host of stations across the state, primarily in Southern California. Because a lot of the times the party was over by Sunday night, I remember the hour or so drive back home, listening to Art Laboe on the radio, Silva-Torres said. Tyler Boudreaux, who goes by Boogie Boudreaux and started her work as a DJ at KCRW in 2021, said that although she is a Black woman, her job didn't seem like something that was groundbreaking as she was forging her way. Laboe hosted dances at the El Monte Legion Stadium; in 1960, he teamed with Dick Clark to stage an unprecedented rock n roll show at the Hollywood Bowl that sold 18,000 tickets.. Art Laboe, a pioneering voice in radio who created one of its most famous phrases, is dead after battling pneumonia. News Bites: Art Laboe, ValenTime Machine Playlist, Dick Smothers. Radio Legend Art Laboe on Doing Business with Bob Hope, Hanging with Elvis and Today's Talk Talent (Q&A) On Nov. 10, the man who first played rock 'n' roll on a west coast station will be . . After serving in the Navy during World War II, Art landed a job at KSAN in San Francisco and adopted the on-air name, Art Laboe. I mean, they look scary," Nogales said. KDAY is the 1st Hip-Hop station in the nation! Watch this informative interview led by LA newsman Tony Valdez and find out how he got his first job in radio, how his dedications started and when he started a drive in show in 1955, right as Elvis first records came out. iHeartMedia America's #1 Audio Company Reaching 9 out of 10 Americans every month. He produced his final episode last week, and it aired on Sunday, October 9. Luna had some knowledge of the work since she'd taken broadcasting classes at College of the Desert. Listen to Jennifer Jones Lee on Wake Up Call, Bill Handel Morning Show, Gary and Shannon, John and Ken, Tim Conway Jr, Coast to Coast AM, KFI News and more on KFI AM 640! Art Laboe, a pioneering US DJ credited with coining the phrase "oldies, but goodies", has died, aged 97. . He's been facilitating these dedications for decades, says McNeill, and we thought it was fitting to now dedicate songs to him., Leave a dedication to Art Laboe at 323-412-0681. Its a role Laboe said he felt honored to play. By 1956, Laboe had an afternoon show and became the citys top radio program. McNeill and the Dublab crew are interested in sending the finished piece to iHeartRadio, which controls 92.3, to show their support for Laboe as well. By 1956, Laboe had an afternoon show and became the citys top radio program. Imagine succeeding someone who'd been at his job for 79 years. This story was updated on October 11, 2022 to correct that Laboe did not coin the phrase oldies, but goodies but popularized it. After all, the old Hot 92.3 doubled as L.A.s lone funk bastion and home of the legendary lowrider Casanova, 89-year-old Art Laboe. But he started gracing the airwaves at age 13, when he started an amateur radio station from his bedroom. I don't think people understand how significant it is as far as communication goes, says Garay. ", "It was the first time he had heard his babys voice," Laboe said. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Listen to Jennifer Jones Lee on Wake Up Call, Bill Handel Morning Show, Gary and Shannon, John and Ken, Tim Conway Jr, Coast to Coast AM, KFI News and more on KFI AM 640! When folks call in to his radio show, he listens to them. She is the audience.. Through his Original Sound Entertainment, he released Oldies But Goodies and Dedicated to You collections that helped preserve a host of West Coast one-hit wonders such as Angel Baby by Rosie and the Originals and the original Earth Angel by the Penguins. [An L.A. native, L.A. Weekly columnist Jeff Weiss edits Passion of the Weiss and hosts the Shots Fired podcast. Broadcast Monitoring by ACRCloud. Laboe is said to have landed the first radio interview with Elvis Presley during his first trip to Hollywood. 10:35 Tisto 10:35 2:17 AM. While the show records in the valley and is a recognized SoCal staple, it airs on 14 radio stations across California and Arizona. "Without Art Laboe, Im So Lonely I Could Cry," wrote essayist Adam Vine. They love him.". Just last month, Laboe, who was born Aug. 7, 1925, celebrated his 79-year anniversary as an active radio personality. Listeners can also stream his show online and through various apps. Here is someone who gave a voice to the most humble of us all through music, Alcaraz said. Email: [email protected]. The 20 Sexiest Songs of All Time. Laboe's reliance on cohorts of sound instead of race led to a subtle revolution: It helped to desegregate venues that featured rock and its sonic brethren. In 2015, iHeartMedias KHHT-FM dropped Laboes syndicated oldies show after the station abruptly switched to a hip-hop format sparking angry protests in Los Angeles. The new 92.3 snatched away Power 106s venerable morning host, Big Boy. Art Laboe, the pioneering Los Angeles DJ who championed the Oldies but Goodies format and was revered for sharing on-air dedications with listeners, died Oct. 7 in Palm Springs, Calif. Laboe was the founder of the Original Sound record label and the host of the long-running Art Laboe Connection syndicated radio program. Art Laboe, a disc jockey for more than 50 years, hosts his Art Laboe Valentine's Super Love Jam concert in Glendale, Ariz., on Feb. 13, 2009. California and Arizona inmates would send in their own dedications and ask Laboe for updates from family. He is just embraced and beloved by the creative community, says McNeil. Its a role Laboe said he felt honored to play. Mark Frosty McNeill, who co-founded the L.A.-based Internet radio station more than 15 years ago, surmises that Laboe is the common, influential link between both Dublab's roster of DJs and many of the locals who tune into their broadcasts. Enter to win a four-pack of tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain! I have one of the best jobs in the world, playing the music, interacting with our listeners, doing their dedications and connecting them with their loved ones! LAWeekly Instagram: Featuring the culture of LA since 1978 , Relationship with the Victim* His final show was . "Without Art Laboe, I'm So Lonely I Could Cry," wrote essayist Adam Vine. In doing The Art Laboe Connection on her own, Luna said she is not trying to reinvent or change it. She said plans for a memorial will be announced later. He still takes to the airwaves from a Palm Springs studio six nights a week from 7 p.m. to midnight, hosting The Art Laboe Connection a show broadcast on more than a dozen stations across . A permanent display of Laboes contributions resides in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland. On Tuesday, flowers will be placed on Laboe's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. One lucky, FAMILY AFFAIR: INSIDE SNOOP DOGG AND HIS BOSS LADY, By continuing to use our site, you agree to our, Tommy Lasorda: Part Of 5 Freeway Honoring Former Dodger Manager, Newsom Ends 3-Year COVID-19 State of Emergency In California, Vanessa Bryant And L.A. County Reach Settlement Over Kobe Crash Site Case, Ventura Countys Dirty Little Secret Is The Subject of Regenerate Ojai, San Pedro Fish Market Lives On And Oscars At The Hollywood Roosevelt Heres Whats Popping Up, Gallery: Bravos Top Chef Brings The Best Of Britain To Hancock Park, From CHIIILD to Queen the New LA Weekly Playlist is Live, Extraterrestrial Fans Orbit into AlienCon, Jim Gaffigan on Making us Laugh and Cry (Q&A), Blondes, Brunettes and Burlesque at Peek-A-View, Hakeem Rowe Talks Insane Career Arc and His Departure From No Jumper, ASTN is Happier Than Ever about his newest release Be So Cruel, RealestK Isnt Nearly As Toxic As TikTok Is, Erykah Badu Drops That Badu Cannabis Line, Becoming Riff Raff: How a White Suburban Kid Morphed Into Today's Most Enigmatic Rapper. Art Laboe has made legendary impactful news over the airwaves in L.A. and is a part of history in the radio and entertainment industry. Laboe died Friday night after catching pneumonia . We are sending our love, today, to the family of beloved SoCal radio host Art Laboe. The DJ is also credited with popularizing the phrase oldies, but goodies. In 1957, he started Original Sound Record, Inc. and in 1958, released the compilation album Oldies But Goodies: Vol. (Dublab even has a tutorial from Laboe on how to mimic his signature radio kisses.). In 2015, iHeartMedia's KHHT-FM (92.3) dropped Laboe's syndicated oldies show after the station abruptly switched to a hip-hop format sparking angry protests in Los Angeles. He doesn't rush them off the air. In recent decades, Laboe was noted for allowing inmates' relatives to send in dedications intended to be heard by their incarcerated loved ones. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, Kids dance to Bobby Darin's "Queen of th. 2,993 talking about this. iHeartMedia America's #1 Audio Company Reaching 9 out of 10 Americans every month. He started the show when he was just 16 years old. Laboe also didnt appear to judge his listeners who asked for dedications for loved ones in prison, Alcaraz said. Discover thousands of live and local AM and FM radio stations near you and from cities all over the world. February 15, 2023 at 8:55 am. Music, radio and podcasts, all free. Later, she'll sit behind the mic in the chair where Laboe once sat, and read song dedications from people of all walks of life. Legal Statement. I don't know any other radio program that really offers that. McNeil recalls his visit to Laboe's studio, where he saw family photos of listeners that were clearly taken in prison. It's still hard., From Laboe, Luna said she learned a strong work ethic, business savvy and ongoing passion for the job. Around 9 a.m. on a Friday in February, the radio station 92.3 FM abruptly switched formats. Art Laboe, the pioneering radio DJ credited with helping end segregation in Southern California, has died. I mean, they look scary, Nogales said. . Take Laboe off the air and incur the wrath. The famous disc jockey who's widely credited with . His baritone voice invited listeners to call in dedications and request a 1950s-era rock n roll love ballad or a rhythm and blues tune from Alicia Keys. Audience members would attend the shows in person to request songs and dedications. The voices and stories that came from it enveloped him. Anthony Macias, a University of California, Riverside ethnic studies professor, said the music Laboe played went with the dedications, enhancing the messages. When asked what new L.A. rappers he was checking for, Wynter singled out The Game and Problem both longtime staples on Power 106. How the new iHeartRadio-operated station plans to differentiate itself from its direct competition, Emmis-owned Power 106, seems uncertain. In came The Real 92.3, offering 10,000 joints in a row of real hip-hop and R&B. This loosely translated to a playlist disproportionately comprised of Drake featuring Drake. Advertising disclosure: We may receive compensation for some of the links in our stories. (Celia Jacobs for The Times) For the record: 10:39 a.m. Feb. 17, 2023: An earlier edition of this story stated that Art Laboe started his radio career at KSAN 107.FM. 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. One of the anecdotes about the dedications he told centered on a woman who went to the studio to allow her toddler to tell her incarcerated father, "Daddy, I love you. And it wouldnt hurt to bring back Art Laboe, either. Out went old-school funk and R&B. (JC Olivera) In 1957, he started Original Sound Record Inc . He was born Arthur Egnoian to an American-Armenian family in Salt Lake City. Top Songs. She added that all the love and condolences coming in from the listeners and the artists and the people that knew him was also comforting. Joanna Morones, who went to work for Laboe as his executive assistant in 1995 . Art Laboe, a radio DJ whose career ran for 79 years, died Friday at his Palm Springs home of pneumonia. Radio legend Art LaBoe, left, records part of his show with his producer and executive assistant, Joanna Morones, at his studio in Palm Springs, CA, on Thursday, Feb 6, 2020. ``He has always treated people with respect and taken them very seriously -- not as a marketing demographic, not a source of potential advertising revenue, but he has taken them seriously as a community, and as individuals. Laboe died Friday at his home in Palm Springs, following a bout with pneumonia, according to Joanna Morones of Laboe's production company. "Art Laboe's legacy will endure as his team will continue to produce his current nightly request and dedication syndicated radio show, 'The Art Laboe Connection,'" the post said. By the mid-1950s, he was a staple on Los Angeles radio stations, broadcasting live from Scrivner's Drive-In in Hollywood. The radio legend is credited with pioneering industry standards such as audience requests and song dedications, and he is believed to be the first DJ to play rock 'n roll tunes on Los Angeles radio. All Rights Reserved. [Update: Art Laboe is coming back to the Inland Empire. Our Radio App allows you to listen to top radio stations, news, sports, music, talk and comedy. His show was picked up by Old School 104.7. Becoming Riff Raff: How a White Suburban Kid Morphed Into Today's Most Enigmatic Rapper. In 1981, the Los Angeles City Council declared July 17 Art Laboe Day. Initially, in 2006, the show was broadcasted out of Los Angeles, but according to Morones, Laboe grew tired of LA and began working more out of the Coachella Valley studio in 2013. Art has been very cool and supportive of Dublab over the years, says McNeill. or redistributed. Over the years, his shows were heard on stations including KFWB, KXLA, KPOP, KDA, KPPC, KRTH, KRLA and KFI. She said plans for a memorial will be announced later. Dick Smothers, best known as one-half of the Smothers Brothers comedy duo, guest-hosted mornings on Genesis Communications news/talk WWBA Tampa (820) on Monday, Feb 11. SpouseParentChildSiblingFamily memberOther, Sweet James has my permission to help provide a free police report, Art Laboe (seated, on the right) with DJs Bill Barlett and Paul Scrivner; Credit: Courtesy of Art Laboe (Artlaboe.com) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, Ciel Spa aka @CielSpaBH located the SLS Hotel i, Welcoming over 100,000 people every year, what beg, The holiday season is a time of giving!

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