what did kakashi do as hokage what did kakashi do as hokage

When Naruto revealed to the others Mitsuki was in fact Orochimaru's son, much outrage followed from learning that Naruto would permit an offspring of the man who killed the Third Hokage live in Konohagakure, let alone keep it a secret. Naruto decides that the only course of action left is to speak with Sasuke himself. There, they found annual festival/competition where a town was split between two beliefs on its origins; some believing that it was a cat spirit and others believed it to be a dog spirit. While he does so, Sakura approaches from behind to kill him, but ultimately cannot and Kakashi, tired from using Kamui, can't reach her in time to save her from Sasuke's retaliation. Kakashi decided to watch Boruto from afar, intrigued by how the genin seemed to have found an alternate solution. They stay at an inn nearby while deciding what to do, where Naruto is confronted by Tobi. [73] Kakashi loses his Sharingan during the Fourth Shinobi World War to Madara Uchiha. The second reason is that Naruto was only 17 at the end of the war and he was underage and immature to take the position of the Hokage. Main article: Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison Needing to separate Hidan and Kakuzu if they're to have any chance of victory, Shikamaru takes a vial of Kakuzu's blood that Kakashi secretly collected and leads Hidan away. EX, Naruto Shippden: Gekit Ninja Taisen! A small face, emerald from her hair, eyes to her gown. Kisame is stopped by Might Guy and they retreat, at which point Kakashi passes out. He holds this title for many years before finally passing it to Naruto, as revealed in the epilogue. Shikamaru is able to trick Hidan into using the blood to curse Kakuzu, destroying a second of his hearts in time to stop him from stealing Kakashi's. Team 7 eventually arrives to lend assistance and helps them escape, but while going after Guren they come across the Three-Tails. Kakashi asks Obito why he never returned to Konoha, to which Obito replies that it's because Kakashi allowed Rin Nohara to die. When they emerge, they find Madara has bound the world's population with God: Nativity of a World of Trees and trapped them all within perpetual dreams. [99][100] In an interview in Shnen Jump's, Kishimoto said that if he were to make an extra story from the manga with a different character, such character would be Kakashi. However, Kakashi had no real interest in fame or power while he was alive so becoming the Hokage didnt matter to him. This creates an opening for Naruto to take Gaara back, which Deidara responds to by creating a Suicide Bombing Clone to cover his escape; Kakashi uses Kamui again to warp the explosion away. He always had a high IQ, perfect strategies, and decision-making ability which was independent of any kind of emotions. As he himself admitted he hated the paperwork. No, Kakashi isnt the strongest Hokage by far! Naruto ultimately succeeds, using the Nine-Tails to carve a "mission complete" message into the Moon's surface. Kakashi's eyes blurried from the emeraldness he saw when he enter the apartment. 1 He Released A Prisoner Just To Test Boruto. Boruto Strongest Character Ever Revealed [Shibai Otsutsuki], Japans FIFA Team Features Blue Lock Kit [Fans Surprised]. Kakashi began his own investigation. Kakuzu, who has more than one heart, fends Kakashi off and uses the elemental masks of his Earth Grudge Fear to put Team 10 on the defensive. Kakashi, meanwhile, volunteers to help Team 10 avenge Asuma; Shikamaru Nara, having previously come up with a plan, modifies it to take Kakashi's presence into consideration. Main article: Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax. With his status as Hokage and Naruto's testimony, Kakashi pardons Sasuke and releases him from prison. [10] Before they could leave, one of Orochimaru's snake experiments escaped its test tube and attacked the duo. Kakashi agreed that it would also explain why he was after the scroll. Kakashi wakes up, surprising those nearby. He was already prepared for that day. Even with sharingan, Kakashi was a rather crappy teacher and leader. Kakashi wore several different outfits prior to Part I. Kaskashi was also one of the member Hatake clan and a wise character in the Naruto. Moreover, Kakashi is one of the most experienced Jonin presents in the village and his contribution to the 4th Great Ninja War gave him a great reputation. He returns to the battle just after Obito's defeat, prepared to personally finish him off, but he is stopped by a reincarnated Minato Namikaze. What? Later, having listened to the nature of Kakashi's words but also to the encouragement of his friends, Boruto conceived a plan to save the captured classmates and pass the test, realising the true nature behind it. 9 Kakashi Hatake By the end of the war, he was 31 years old and he became the Hokage within a year of the war's conclusion. Unable to contribute, Kakashi only watches as Naruto and Sasuke fight Kaguya, Sakura and Obito (once he wakes up) lend support, and Kaguya keeps shifting dimensions in her attempt to defeat them. Kakashi reasons with Kahy and convinces her to let Sai take the child to a doctor. Kakashi tries to corner the Deva Path so that he can destroy it with his Lightning Cutter, but it repels him with Shinra Tensei. He could have become Hokage at an earlier date, but Tsunade woke up from a coma and continued to execute her duties. I am slowly expunging all unedited drafts for posted and unposted fics I have accumulated for the past 6 months this exact thing is loosely based on (tumblr)@crescentmoonrider's root!ob idea because it is gorgeous and I am feasting on it like a self-proclaimed shit-ass king I am liberally splitting this fic into two massively uneven parts . Kakashi asks where Tobi acquired his Sharingan, to which he replies it was on the same mission to the Kannabi Bridge that Kakashi got his own. She wants Team 7's chakra as well, so she transports them to one of Kaguya's Dimensions: a sea of lava. Having already decided to train Sasuke, Kakashi refers Naruto to Ebisu instead. Yes, Kakashi becomes Hokage. Minato did encourage them to improve their teamwork afterwards, a message that Obito and Rin took to heart, but fell upon deaf ears with Kakashi. His time in the Anbu enables him to suddenly approach enemies from behind, unnoticed by even other Anbu. He also noted that regardless, one must always decide on goals if they wish to grow as individuals Later, talking to Iruka in his office, Iruka suggested that Kakashi not be too hard on the students come the final exams. Guy takes Kakashi back to his home and puts him to bed, where he remains comatose until Tsunade, the new Hokage, comes to Konoha and heals the damage to his mind. Kakashi leads one of Konoha's attack forces against Mry's army of stone warriors, a stall tactic while Naruto and his team help Shion reseal Mry. While seeking out an Akatsuki force, they notice and heads towards one of the Surprise Attack Division's distress flares. Kakashi is sent to Amegakure to invite its ninja to participate, a mere pretext for him to investigate rumours surrounding the village. I jus. A prodigy with skills inherited from Konoha's White Fang,[43] Kakashi is one of his village's strongest shinobi produced, and has earned recognition on sight by various high-level ninja. It was explained that while Shino Aburame, Anko Mitarashi, and Konohamaru Sarutobi would be evaluating the students' respective performances in a 24 hour field combat, ultimately only one student could pass; that student would be the one who takes the single bell from Kakashi's hip. He always thought before acting and never jumped to conclusions, which proved to be of great use to him as Hokage. Kakashi was a great mentor and caretaker to Naruto and he saved him when he was in danger. Kakashi warns Sasuke that he will be disqualified if he uses the cursed seal during his match. After Kakashi loses his Sharingan, his body is temporarily inhabited by Obito's spirit, allowing him to use both of Obito's Mangeky. Realising the culprit planned to unleash Nue on the village now that it was nearing completion, Kakashi went in search of the rogue student. However, his successes were owed to his cold behaviour and his ruthlessness in combat, signs that he was still upset by Rin's death. Naruto rationalised this on the grounds that Orochimaru's conduct has changed from before and for his aid in investigating the tsutsuki. Kakashi's taijutsu can take various approaches in close combat. As they near Sasuke's location they are intercepted by Akatsuki member Tobi. Kakashi also possesses the traits of an intelligent person. Main article: Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission Kakashi carried out his duties faithfully, monitoring Kushina from the shadows whenever she left her home. Just before he hits Zabuza, Haku steps in front of him and takes the attack instead. Kakashi can use all five basic nature transformations, as well as the Yin Release and Yang Release. Kakashi requests additional assistance from Konoha and, once it arrives, they attempt to seal the Three-Tails. Yet another reason is that the Land of Fire might have been in a more vulnerable state after the war, so a more experienced Hokage was in order. At the end of the series, after the Fourth Shinobi World War, Tsunade retires and bestows the title of Hokage upon Kakashi. His nearly perfect knowledge of ninjutsu and Sharingan allows him to use any Jutsu or tactic used against him. In conclusion, Kakashi was a good Hokage who did his best given the lack of resources and time on his hands; rather than blaming him for the state of affairs in Hidden Leaf. He is brought before the Fire daimy, but before anything can be made official they receive news that Tsunade has woken from her coma, therefore rendering the proceedings unnecessary. Unable to get free and knowing his injuries were too serious to survive, Obito decided to make his last act giving Kakashi the present he forgot to give him earlier: his Sharingan to replace the eye Kakashi lost. Team 7 arrives at the Akatsuki lair shortly after Team Guy does, who were sent as backup by Tsunade. After a prolonged exchange, Kakashi pierces Obito's heart with a lightning-infused kunai. However, Kakashi switched the fireworks around, taking everyone's heart out of the rivalry when they realised they were mocking their own display, allowing the two sides to make up. During this mission, it was mentioned Hidden Grass Villages Hozuki Castle/Blood Prison needs a new warden after Muis demise so Kahryo was suggested by Kakashi to the Leaf-Cloud-Grass higher-ups. Upset with himself for not spending more time defusing Sasuke's angst, Kakashi goes after him, fearful that he and Naruto may kill each other. EX 3, Naruto Shippden: Gekit Ninja Taisen! When they arrive in the Land of Waves they are met by Zabuza Momochi, a former Kiri-nin. Seeing what his father went through and determined not to make the same mistakes, Kakashi decided that following the Shinobi Rules must always take priority. Sasuke is surprised and puts up less resistance, so Kakashi tells him that taking revenge for those that he's lost is not worth also losing those he still has, namely Naruto and Sakura. Kakashi Hatake became the Sixth Hokage at the age of 32, succeeding Tsunade in the role. The Sharingan is usually only available to members of the Uchiha bloodline, from which the Keke Genkai descends; however, Kakashi's access to this power occurred under certain circumstances. [74] When Obito died with both his Sharingan, his spirit briefly returned from the afterlife and inhabited Kakashi's body, during which, Obito channelled both his eyes' djutsu power into Kakashi, granting full usage of their abilities. V. Funny Anime & Manga memes . Similar Post:Naruto Shippuden Filler List. [25] During his time off, he would visit Rin's grave and Obito's engraving to tell them his regrets and how life was going without them.[26]. A decade passes when Naruto becomes the 7th Hokage, calculating from Borutos age at the time. Boruto voiced his envy of Kakashi for having such experience-building missions from childhood. He could only use the Lightning Cutter four or Kamui three times per day. As he snuck into the crowd, Kakashi realised that he went underground in the sewer. Main article: Mizuki Tracking Mission Twenty years in the past, Kakashi is waiting in line for the grand opening of Ramen Ichiraku when Minato invites him on a mission. When the stadium is attacked by Kinshiki and Momoshiki tsutsuki, Kakashi helps rescue spectators in the arena. [28], From investigating a series of disappearances, Kakashi provided a lead and it was discovered that Orochimaru was behind the Wood Release research that produced Kinoe. Realising that Kara had spies throughout the world, the question of whether or not to close the gates to the village came up. Why did Kakashi become Hokage? Obito refused to go along with this and went off to save Rin by himself. So how did he know his secret? In addition to the long-range Kamui he'd originally had, he becomes able to use its short-range variant, allowing him to make his body intangible so that attacks phase through him. Upon becoming genin, he and his classmates, Rin Nohara and Obito, were teamed together under the leadership of Minato Namikaze. Apparently, it's both a yes and a no. Even his ninken have seen his face so sparingly that most of them don't remember what he looks like unmasked. He neglects to tell them that they must enter as a team, not wanting any of them, especially Sakura, to feel pressured to participate. "She was my sensei!, now. [70] Other techniques of this nature include lightning hounds that he can manipulate to attack with, lightning clones that paralyses opponents on contact,[71] and lightning cords that are even capable of cutting through Tailed Beast Chakra Arms. At the start of Part I, Kakashi's score is 50 wins and 49 losses,[36] though even when Guy takes the lead the score difference remains the same; considering that their competitions range from eating contests to Rock, Paper, Scissors, the score isn't truly representative of anything. In the academy, he wore a long sleeved anchor-grey shirt with a zipper, a green scarf and slate-coloured shorts. Tsunade threatens to have her executed since she is the highest ranking conspirator to survive the failed jailbreak, but Kakashi requests that he be allowed to pass sentence instead, what would be his first act as Hokage: Kahy will stay at the Blood Prison for the rest of her life, acting as warden by using her Chains of Ice on the prisoners. [16] Team Minato would go on many missions during its career, but Kakashi's devotion to the rules often made him difficult to work with;[17] Obito, already jealous of Kakashi's natural talent and popularity, was frequently at odds with him about this behaviour. Kakashi attempted to resign from the Anbu afterwards for working against the Hokage, but the Third insisted his service was invaluable and made Kakashi his right-hand man. He therefore thanked Kakashi for his years of service and relieved him of his duty, returning him to the standard forces. After Tsunade hear. Once alone, Kinoe confided that Danz was making his own plans against Orochimaru and, with help from Yukimi, helped Kakashi get free. Kakashi easily defeated him, but chose to spare his life in the belief that he would become a valuable ally in the future. They split up to look for leads on either Uchiha, with Kakashi providing one or more of his ninken to those without any particular tracking ability. Kakashi must remain in bed while he recovers and therefore cannot go. His expertise varies from Alfred Hitchcock movies to Bleach, as he has explored a lot of fictional Universes and authors. Kakashi protected him, but his left eye was badly damaged in the process. Too exhausted to do anything himself, Kakashi stays behind with Sakura while Naruto and Sasuke leave to fight; the Sage of Six Paths uses his last moments to talk with Kakashi, remarking that the centuries of hate may be on the verge of ending due to the love Naruto displays for everyone. In the anime, about two years after Naruto leaves Konoha to train with Jiraiya, another Chnin Exam is held. Naruto in turn told him about the resolution of another matter, and Kakashi was glad for the successful outcome. When Konohagakure began a new holiday, Parent and Child Day, Kakashi discovered that the constantly-travelling Sasuke had returned to the village and was struggling to connect with his daughter. Sakura is saved by Naruto. Despite the travel limitations in place due to the approaching Five Kage Summit, Kakashi and Yamato agree to accompany him. This story is inspired by the works of The Omnipresent Sage and . A fight breaks out when Kabuto notices them, at the conclusion of which Naruto defeats the Nine-Tailed Naruto Clone. He is later part of the reinforcements sent to Sunagakure to help deal with the Four Celestial Symbols Men, only to discover that Naruto's team already successfully completed the mission. Knowing that they couldn't act hastily, Kakashi and Tsunade were sent to meet with the other Great Villages to get their support on engaging this personal matter. He becomes the Hokage after the 4th Ninja war when Tsunade Senju steps down from her position, and Kakashi is seen sitting in her place. [60] With this arsenal, combined with years of experience, Kakashi can handle almost any situation in various ways. Kakashi began carrying out the mission alone, but ultimately decided that Obito was right and went to join him. A Flicker in Time By: Myst Marshall. Although, you can skip the headings you already know about. Kakashi nevertheless feels guilty about not telling Naruto this - he feared Naruto would at some point blow his cover had he known - so promises to buy Naruto as much ramen as he can eat. [87] Later, Kakashi receives an apparent distress signal from Might Guy, who is escorting Naruto to the Island Turtle. While Ibiki was concerned by this, Kakashi promised to take full responsibility, and swore to keep his word to reduce Shojoji's sentence in the event he defeated Boruto. At the same time, he still believes that even in times of peace, no one should become a ninja without appreciating the importance of it. After they arrive back in Konoha, Hiruko projects himself to the world and claims responsibility for the kidnappings, whose kekkei genkai he has assimilated into his body with the Chimera Technique.

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