was terry hobbs ever found was terry hobbs ever found

"I was yelling for Terry to get out, and ultimately Terry ran out of my home and ran downstairs into his unit. Several years back there was a rumor that one of TH nephews said he was in a room with TH, DJ and some others as they smoked weed and did some things to each other sexually. and our And for two, David claims to have seen the three boys in front of his house at 5:30 when he opened the door to let Terry and Amanda inside. I agree with that assessment but believe there were additional reasons. Both teens allegedly confessed that on the late afternoon of May 5th, 1993, they had been walking around Lakeshore trailer park when Terry Hobbs and David Jacoby pulled up next to them. It is completely illogical to believe that LG would have driven nearly ten minutes away to get the phone number of someone who was in walking distance from him. Privacy Policy. Terry Hobbs grew up in a strict fundementalist pentecostal home, with his father actually being a pentecostal preacher. If you read this report, it discusses threats Damien made against his parents, and they say they do not want him in their home because they are afraid of him and afraid of what he would do to the other children: http://callahan.8k.com/images/500/1/150.jpg. I rewatched the paradise lost docs and in the last one, just before the murders, Pam had "kissed a Mexican" and Terry said that years later when he brought on the lawsuit with Natalie Maines. I said, well the mommy is a liar aint she. Furthermore, the time the boys were seen doing this is also around the time that Aaron Hutchinson claimed they had first seen the men in the woods. My question is this: If you are of the opinion that the WM3 are guilty, how can you be sure? If they had focused on what the evidence at the crime scene really revealed, in addition to the details from Aarons interview, they would have been looking for a male or males who knew the victims well, were rumored or known homosexual or bisexual men approximately aged from 20-30 years old, and a person(s) who was free to frequent the woods in the afternoons from 5pm- 8pm at night, Monday -Thursday. According to the ME, Chris did not drown like the others, he died before entering the water. I know there was a warning but the warning wasn't clear enough. I believe at this time, Terry directed his attention to Stevie and bit him repeatedly on this face. When Narlene was interviewed she claimed to have dropped LG off at his home. He died before he was finished being tied up. Problem is, many of the things he says about him are also true for the WM3, at least Damien. Pam begins making dinner and getting ready for work (source). In March 2022,Damien Echols said in a tweet that hell be back in court on June 23 with his law team as they try to get access to DNA, found in the case evidence, to a lab for testing. A bitemark on Stevies face would lend credibility to the statement that another bite occurred on Chris genital area. Why would he ask Terry where Stevie was if he literally had seen Stevie riding in the street with his friends a few minutes prior? In my opinion, it shows that this theory is actually exactly what happened. I allege that Terry came home right after 5pm and Stevie was headed to the house at this time. First of all, she claims that her husband, her three children and her sons girlfriend were all in the car that night and two of her children even testified in court about the sighting. Hobbs was sentenced to six months in prison for aggravated assault. David Jacoby claimed that Terry said that Stevie was out riding his bike and that he told them to be back before dark. Within a week of that delivery, I also delivered marijuana, cocaine, and crystal meth to Mr. Hobbs in Memphis, Tennessee, on Madison Avenue at a gay bar called J-Wags. Mark on Stevies leg, possibly made by edge of the board found at crime scene. Dixie stated that she knew Richards car and that it was not his. thirty minutes to clean up the crime scene before it got dark. Then, I believe the men left around 5:45 and headed out of West Memphis towards Lakeshore trailerpark where Terrys alleged drug dealer lived. According to Bennies statement, Terry stopped for a moment to yell, Im going to teach your fucking ass! I have recently taken a huge interest in this case, and found that there is misinformation literally everywhere. Otherwise, there would be no reason to hide these items. His alibi for the night of the murders was shaky (the friend he says he was with says he left for a while) and he acted strangely towards his wife when he went to pick her up from work, walking past her and not saying anything, just calling the police to report the boys missing. Buddy Lucas lived in Lakeshore Trailerpark in May, 1993. The most severe injury to Stevie came from being stomped on the back of the head and its very likely that this injury was the very last thing to happen to Stevie. Vicky Edwards, a writer and teacher, has announced the release of her first book, "Boxful of Nightmares, Terry Hobbs' Personal Memoirs on the West Memphis Three Murders." He had a history of crime and domestic violence, and he shot his brother-in-law, allegedly in self-defense. Terry's father became a skilled butcher while in the military and used this knowledge to open about thirty restaurants. Its possible. Flashback to 1993, 4 months after the murders, Pam said that Terry told her he didn't get mad, he got even. Whats peculiar is that Michael Moore was somewhat further away from Stevie and Chris, and that the location of the bodies was actually around 20 feet south of the suspected murder location. I dont know. For the rest of the night the families, neighbors, friends and police search for the boys. Hobbs was the stepfather of Steven Branch, one of the boys found murdered in 1993, in West Memphis, Arkansas. Thats four hours. Was there anyone else who knew how to clean up blood better than Terry did? Have you had a drug dealer named Ray? By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. VICKIE: ANY TIME MY CHILD DIDNT COME HOME ON TIME THATS WHERE I WOULD LOOK FOR HIMRIDGE: OKAY, YOU HAD BEEN THERE ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS? I learned about this case 3 years ago. She has since expressed her belief that her ex-husband was involved in the murders, citing the discovery of her son's favorite pocket knife in Terry Hobbs' belongings. Narlene interjected herself all over this case. This is a big deal. RIDGE: OKAY, WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED TO THEM? The teens wouldnt have minded being asked to wrestle initially and its even likely they would have removed their shirts to do so (especially if LG was wearing a shirt and tie at this time). [5], In 2003, Hobbs was arrested for possession of marijuana and found guilty.[6]. The West Memphis Three are Damien Echols, Jessie Miskelley, and Jason Baldwin. David Jacoby claims that Terry showed up and the two played guitar for an hour, which also doesnt add up when you know all the details. If the boys truly had interrupted the men in the middle of a sex act, then it would be understandable why there were sexual overtones to their murder. And the 90s. At the time of the murders, Terry and Pam had a 4-year-old daughter. What stands out to me, is that no one has ever suggested before that the injury to Chris began as a bite. With what we know about Stevie and how much he feared Terry, it seems impossible that Stevie would have been the child who kicked Terry. This theory is corroborated by Bennie Guys statement (here) You can see in this photo where Hobbs and Jacoby could have parked, giving them very easy access to the location that the boys were most likely killed and later found. It isnt difficult to assume that Terry was told by his parents for most of his life that homosexuals were sinners who were going to hell. Then he changes his story again and said that Narlene did give him a ride home around this time. (3) She claimed to have seen them near the spot they were murdered somewhere between 6:00 and 6:30. The reason why Chriss skin was removed but his penis remained, i.e. He then told the others that all three had to die for what they had seen. Misskelly later recanted and claimed he was tired, ready to go home, and said what the detectives wanted him to say. Why didnt Terry search for Stevie at the Moores? Additionally, Stevie had what appeared to be bruises on the back of his head. And, according to Buddys cousins, Rex Heath and Charlotte Bly, not only does Buddy not have an alibi for the night of the 5th, its a possibility he lied to police about what he did that night. What are the chances that boys would act out the way homosexual men have sex, in addition to one of them saying they watched homosexual men have sex, and it not be true? Which means that when Natalies lawyers dug into Terry Hobbs past, there were obviously some people who made similar allegations to the ones Billy made 4 years later. After he allegedly hit back, he thenreally had a motive to kill. DO YOU THINK THEY WERE CRAZYAARON: THEY WERE SMOKINGRIDGE: FOR DOING WHAT THEY WERE DOING?AARON: THEY WERE ROLLED UP UM, CIGARETTES THERE WAS ALL KIND OF WHITERIDGE: KINDA WHITE CIGARETTES?AARON: ALL WHITETHE KIND YOU ROUND UP YEA YOU PUT THAT GREEN STUFF IN THERE. When Stevie was pulled from the water, the left side of his face was terribly mangled. (1). Why else would *Chris* have patterned bruises on his thighs(could be finger marks)? Now Im back to believing it was TH. RIDGE: IT WAS EARLY IN THE MORNING OR LATE AT NIGHT OR LATE IN THE EVENING? Also, he may have searched for the boys in the woods around 5pm when he dropped Pam off at work, also when Terry was unaccounted for. I allege that he ordered the three to tie up the boys and explained that they should all be tied up in the same manner. I learned from Roy Taylor that Mr. Hobbs was bisexual. in fact the first one to be attacked. When suspicion was surrounding Buddy and he was interviewed by police about allegedly having a pair of bloody shoes, Buddy turned the attention to Jessie Misskelley. That makes sense to me. 9pm at night looking for a phone number when all he would need to do is call numerous people and he could have gotten it? LGs whereabouts that night are equally suspicious, if not more so. 9 Q. I'm a parent now and that's why this case has been glued in my mind. Instead, defense attorneys say, the tests found DNA from Terry Hobbs, the stepfather of one of the murdered boys. They believed something inappropriate may be going on between the two, who practically lived together. I dont know what L. G. is capable of, and I am not saying that he would do it, and I am not saying that he wouldnt, but I know Damian. Currently, Hobbs has not been charged with anything related to the murders. In Terry Hobbs daughters own diary she talks about having dreams about having sex with her dad and that she is sure that he didnt molest her from age 15 years old to 19. 3:15 Michael Moore shows up and asks if he and Stevie can ride bikes together. And keep in mind how high the possibility is that Narlene lied about dropping LG off and what that might mean. Terry had returned home from his job and accompanied his wife to work. THAT HAD ON THE WHITE TANK TOP. Todd Moore, father of victim Michael Moore, found the evidence against Hobbs unpersuasive. I theorize they then cleaned up the blood from Chris injuries by scraping up the mud, grass, leaves and blood and throwing it into the drainage ditch. THEY UM. Another coincidence? I actually believe there is a good possibility that at least LG already knew the two men. However, according to Billy, one of the boys kicked Terry after he was caught and brought to him. The question about Terry having a drug dealer name Ray could also possibly be significant. In his first interview, taken shortly after the murders, he claims he went home in the early afternoon but then changes his story and puts himself in Lakeshore at 4:30. The most significant of them all, was the specific act of taking the bikes to the bayou, which were very likely with the children inside the Blue Beacon Woods. I wonder if Michael and Chris knew that one of the men was Stevies stepdad and that is the reason they never told Stevie what they saw in those woods. We know this because it appeared as though Stevie had struggled while he was restrained. AARON: UH-UH (NO), BECAUSE THEY NEVER SEEN US. In the autopsy reports, it, As noted earlier, the autopsies revealed that Michael was quickly incapacitated with a few defensive wounds to the hands, which implied to the Medical Examiner that Michael. AND HE SAID BECAUSE WE WERE SCARED, AND THEY WERE SCARED I GUESS OF GETTING CAUGHT THEN AND AH HE SAID MICHAEL KEPT TELLING ME THAT IT WAS AN INDIAN THING THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO DO AND CHRIS SAID NO THEIR GETTING READY TO HAVE SEX. At first she claimed that this happened at 4:30 and at the murder trials, she claimed it was sometime after 5pm. On the night of the 5th LGs aunt Dixie told police and her sister, Narlene, that LG was dropped off at the Laundromat where she worked in a small, light colored car. Two of the childrens clothes were found inside out, implying that they were very quickly ripped off, and most likely ripped off of boys who were still moving. RIDGE ALRIGHT, DID SHE KNOW WHERE HE HAD BEEN? So why didnt Terry return to the Moores house in the four frantic hours he searched for Stevie in their tiny neighborhood? This report http://callahan.8k.com/wm3/shadi.html details an incident where Damien got into a physical fight with another student and made numerous threats against him and his family. Stevie would have then gone home, eaten some dinner and asked if he could continue playing with Chris and Michael. Hair found at . RIDGE: THESE MEN. The use of hobbling helps to quickly control the animal as well as making transportation of the animal more easy. Video footage of the crime scene also shows the boards: AARON: YES SIRRIDGE: OKAY. The clubhouse was a spot where Aaron, Chris and Michael would go play in the Blue Beacon Woods. NO, UM I WENT DOWN TO THE MOORES HOUSE TO SEE TODD AND DANA MOORE AND YOU KNOW JUST TO SEE YOU KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON, AND UM, TODD ASKED ME VICKIE DO YOU THINK MAYBE AARON KNOWS WHERE THEIR AT? And that is extremely significant. According to Clemente, suspects who have something to hide, such as evidence, or signs of abuse at the home, will not want police to search their residence and will attempt to put distance between themselves and where the abuse took place. I believe that certainly Buddy, and perhaps LG as well, participated in the crime because of The Bystander Effect; they partook in the crime out of fear and/or compliance, but they did not have intentions to murder. During a special presentation at CrimeCon 2022 Las Vegas, former New York State prosecutor Jim Clemente joined Truth & Justice podcast host, Bob Ruff, and investigative journalist, George Jared, to take a deep dive into a conversation Jared previously had with Terry Hobbs. As Michael was carried back to Terry, he allegedly kicked him. I believe I ask where Steve was ask. While searching through the evidence, their lawyer and private investigator found a letter written to prosecutor, Scott Ellington in February 2012. Apparently, David initially hit Chris in the face and head with his fists until Terry came over and ordered the boys to be stripped. He was still wearing the same shirt and tie when he was spotted at approx. We know from multiple sightings, including Michaels mother, that the three boys were on two bikes riding on 14th, headed to Goodwin St. at 6pm. Buddys version of events would match up perfectly with what LG would later tell Bennie Guy when they were locked up in the county jail together. He was also a minister in the Apostolic Pentecost Church, a fundamentalist group. Again, Ill let you decide. As he jumped up from the fall, he grabbed Chris and apparently hit him with force as well. If anyone might know where the boys were going or what their plans had been for that day, it would most likely have been Aaron. According to statements, and as noted earlier, after Terry hit the first boy a few times, he stopped long enough to yell at him. When reading her first statements to police, it raises serious doubts about her alleged sighting of the three boys. We know that the boys clubhouse was right next to a pile of 2x4s which again supports the notion that the boys were discovered right by their clubhouse.). Memories of events are easy to remember, specific times when events occurred are much more difficult to pinpoint. He did not say anything to me. He then told the others to Get them, fuckers! Now newly released evidence implicating Terry Hobbs has Pam Hobbs raising her own doubts about the man she once trusted.

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