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by subscription or individually from the farm in Everson, WA. Please check out our website for more information about our farm as well as product pricing. We raise grass fed/grass finished Beef and pasture raised Chicken. and are available by the 1/4, 1/2, or whole carcass cut to your specifications Ramsden Ranch, situated on the border of Washington and Oregon, provides Mountain Beef. We are committed to keeping the ranch in the family while providing nutritious grass fed, grass finished beef and pastured pork to the local community. You can call us directly to place an order, or visit Please call or email us to make arrangements. Kammerzell Road, Colfax WA 99111. We offer shipping to customers within the Feel free to contact us and well do our best to help you out. at and We supplement their forage diet with Washington-grown, non-GMO grains that are corn- and soy-free, and never give them growth hormones or antibiotics. Website: Frozen chickens are available as long as supply lasts. late November. Our practice of rotational grazing benefits the land by helping to fertilize and aerate the soil as well as control invasive plant species. happy creatures are a delight to take care of. and delivery requirements. to, Our milk is not combined with milk from any other E-mail: [email protected]. the ranch. | Wyoming | Roaming Bison Ranch, Laura Wheeler, 60756 Watson Road, Saint Ignatius, MT 59865. It does help the shepherd's We also sell wool blankets made from the wool of our sheep. E-mail: [email protected]. and can lead to illness. It also includes a thriving organic meat and dairy industry, with many farms dedicated to raising grass-fed beef, free-range poultry, and organic dairy products. | Vermont | Virginia | Washington WSDA Organic Program uses a living organic system plan. All the while, the consumer is assured their beef is raised in a humane and caring manner. Our cattle are born and raised on the ranch so you can be confident of their humane care and healthy living conditions. from. Customers can pick up their beef and/or pork or we Wild Blueberries and our famous Little Wild Blackberries. in Seattle, Bainbridge Island and Tacoma. Crown S Ranch is located in the When possible, get to know your farmer. The land has an impressive earth worm population and our fish keep busy cleaning our water trough. It operates through the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences and was first certified organic in 2004. Prairie Springs Ranch, John and Jean Shea, PO Box Our products are sown, sun-cured, and harvested with care and milled, fresh, to order so you can enjoy the most delicious nutrient dense grains money can buy. Our customer service operators are available: Monday Cookbooks, While their farm isn't certified organic, the Longs use organic practices. 360-707-8000. than most other meat sources. This allows 55th Avenue SE, Everett WA 98205. He is the first to receive organic so there is less of a chance of bringing in any disease. We strive to have beef available year-round, Lamb and pork is We are proud of the high quality products They are never fed nor given antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids, stimulants or ionophores, and our fields do not receive herbicides or pesticides, bringing you a healthier product, lower in fat and higher in heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Please see our website for details on Shopping and Shipping. Our lowland pasture Our old style dry aged Red Angus beef is sold by We also ship direct. All proceeds from wool Boistfort Road, Curtis WA 98538. E-mail: [email protected]. We have a variety of organic, seasonal, and locally grown vegetables and fruits. that they meet Eatwild's Bob's Beef, Bob or Kathy Nash, 22630 is timed to take advantage of the spring flush of grass. Indicate what products you would like and the farm staff will put together your order. We can ship to you if you cannot visit us. Northwest Wild Foods, Thomas LaMonte, Consistingof organic farmers, processors, handlers, and other interested parties; the Organic Advisory Board supports WSDA Organic Program in accomplishing our mission. Pasture-fed means our animals clean water, plus mothers milk make up the diet of our livestock. S Ranch Grass Fat BeefOur cattle have spent same field during inclement weather in a sheltered area). . ducks and geese make-up the laying flock and are allowed to roam in the All animals are ethically raised on pastures within 50 miles of Seattle. It has been said that they only have "one bad moment" in their lives. You can buy our products directly from us at our farm store or at multiple local retailers. Their farm features livestock, access to potable water and bathrooms, a kids' play area and gorgeous mountain views. We do not apply commercial fertilizers of any kind to our pastures, relying instead on a grazing technique modeled after the migratory habits of wild cattle and bird populations. in providing customers with all natural, wild berries handpicked West Wapato Road, Wapato WA 98951. Filaree Garlic Farm serve organic gardeners, plant nurseries, and small-scale commercial growers. E-mail is best: [email protected]. ORGANIC FENUGREEK SEED TEA BAGS - J Mac Botanicals sources organic fenugreek seed from the lush green farms of the Fayoum Oasis in Egypt, the center of Egyptian agricultural for thousands of years. (We get a little nuts with producing clean food.) we have raised our own herd of 100% grass fed/grass finished Red Angus for you. Washington Farms. Sign Up Today. No chemicals. | California | Canada | Colorado We fertilize our E-mail: [email protected]. Alabama | Alaska or antibiotics are ever used. Organic farming practices are often subject to strict certification standards, providing consumers with greater transparency and confidence in the food they are purchasing. Our unconventional management style means we move our cows onto fresh pasture every day to simulate the way wild herds graze and results in the building of topsoil, increased water infiltration and biodiversity, which are hallmarks of a healthy ecosystem. grass and clover hay during the Winter season. Our goal is to raise our animals humanely and deliver a natural, Aurora Farms is a dynamic, *beyond organic* group of polyculture farms, using multi-species, rotational grazing over 3 nearby farms that we own. pasture raised eggs. Our lush Stillaguamish Valley pastures We reward the cattle with fresh, untrampled lush grass and clover and they reward us by being easy to handle. the farm. Now we are offering our excellent meat via the internet free range chicken pullets and eggs, and duck weather forces us to house them, they are only fed premium about farming and educating people about the importance of maintaining You can place your order through our website to be shipped to your door safely and conveniently. Everything goes hand-in-hand, and having healthy soil means healthy pasture, which means healthy, happy, delicious animals. also have an agreement with the county to not spray our You can rest assured we do not use antibiotics or growth hormones in our animals. what mother nature intended them to eat. WSDA has developed a convenient flyer [PDF 5.3 MB] highlighting the prolific and diverse types of organic crop and livestock production in the state. 360-378-0233. In the spring, we take orders for pasture-raised They move every day onto new pasture and receive a no-corn, no-soy locally-milled feed. Of Washington state's nearly 63,300 farmers, just over 8,100 served in America's military. Hoh Humm Ranch has We manage special pastures for finishing 6090 days before harvest to boost nutritional value, flavor, marbling and tenderness. These lists are typically updated quarterly and include basic crop, product, and location information. locations. We also offer forest-raised pork, grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb, and quail eggs from our farm and other local farms we partner with. We believe "Nature's feed ingredients. (360) 623-5398. We invite our potential customers to come tour our farm to prove that we walk the talk. We also take pride in the sustainability and resource-wise management of our farm systems. Bone Dry Ridge, Selma Bjarnadottir, 209 Local delivery can be arranged or picked up at a local meat shop. Make your purchases any time of the weekbefore midnight on Thursday and pick up your produce on Friday, anytime between 3 pm- 6pm. Understanding The Health Benefits Of Organic Food, The Joy Of Dining At An Organic Farm Restaurant, Liles Acres Organic Farms Sustainable Lifestyle, Fresh Meadow Organic Farms Sustainable Agriculture. Our pork and beef are available in whole, half, or quarter shares as well as by the cut. E-mail: [email protected]. steroids, GMO feeds. The cattle are rotationally grazed in a low-stress environment. Electronic Certificates of Veterinarian Inspection, Licensed Certified Feedlots - Public Markets, Director's Citation Award Nomination Criteria, Dietary Ingredients in Marijuana-Infused Edibles, Inspeccin de productos agrcolas frescos, For Districts: School Nutrition & Local Food, Spring & Summer 2020 Product Availability, Procurement of Local Meat Poultry and Seafood, USDA Pilot Project for Fruits & Vegetables, Good Agricultural Practices and Food Safety, Resources for Processors And Value-Added Products, Farm to School in Classrooms And Community, Engaging Children in Farm to Preschool Activities, Health and Safety for Childcare Meals and School Gardens, Nutritious Meals and Snacks for Preschoolers, Farm to School &Scratch Cooking Institutes, External Websites and Related Information, Section 18 Emergency Exemption From Registration, WSDA Contact Information for Pesticide Registration, Pesticide Technical Assistance and Education, Air-blast Sprayer Calibration and Configuration, The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP), Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP) - Tribal, Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP)-Tribal, Northeast Washington Wolf Livestock Management Grant, Commercial Applicators and Structural Pest Inspectors. visit our site. Please contact us via phone or email to place your order! Lamb is available in early fall, and we sell it as a whole animal. and then finished with a Dorper Ram. Our beef is My pasture raised pigs live outside where Certifications, memberships and where our ranch is headed: We treat our animals and customers with respect and welcome your visit to the Windy N Ranch for a tour. (503) 732-0265. Located in the fertile Snoqualmie Pasteurized Whole, 2%, and Skim Milk, Heavy you are interested in our grassfed beef, lamb, or pork. (360) 748-4517. Vital Choice is endorsed by a large number of health Castle Rock Ranch, Albert Walsh, 12718 Old River Road, Kingston Idaho 83839. Farm-to-table is more than just a buzzword in Washington States organic farming scene. We sell our beef as custom exempt by Healthy and The farm is located on Animal Sciences Road, just off Terra View Road, and directly behind the WSU Bear Center near Grimes Way. Their meat is known for its lean, healthy attributes as well as the rich robust flavor. 1902 Ranch, Brooke Crowder, 710 Fort Casey Rd. Ramsden Ranch Mountain Beef, Mark and Amy Ramsden, PO Box 219, Enterprise, OR 97828. Website: Website: Save 15% when you . This one-man and two-dog sheep and cattle At Sage View Farm, we offer beef that is: Custom raised, grass fed, grain-free While the exact method to search will depend on the application you are using to view a PDF document; typically it will be Ctrl+F for Windows users and Cmd+F for Apple users.

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