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Thank you for sharing your experience. HB 3208 proposes a two year moratorium on Oklahoma Cannabis business licensing for dispensaries, processors, and commercial growers . Conduct your inspections using this checklist to evaluate if employees wear hygienic clothing and if food is properly handled. If you want a medical marijuana business license, marijuana compliance auditing, or need legal representation in the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800. OMMA launched a new licensing portal, Thentia, in January 2022. All OMMA licensees are required to be compliant. She usually writes about safety and quality topics, contributing to the creation of well-researched articles. Metrc is Oklahoma's statewide seed-to-sale inventory tracking system. Implementing SOPs help prevent this scenario by helping to standardizing all critical processes and reduce work variations. All owners must be over the age of 25. Common hotel SOPs cover tasks such as general housekeeping, bed making, dining, and performing pest control treatments. Catch solid waste management issues early using a mobile app to ensure better compliance. This template can help guide kitchen staff in delivering efficient service and performing their kitchen duties in a timely manner. 4 0 obj It helps in evaluating if the processes of waste segregation and disposal are properly implemented and followed by the organization. These documents, whether physical or digital, are also useful in managing the scope of HR compliance audits. Checklists aid in the creation of conformance reports. A solid waste management plan checklist is a tool used by officers in charge to guide the planning and implementation, A waste audit checklist helps to ensure the effectiveness of the waste audit process for the organization. 0000018669 00000 n Absolutely nothing to be worried about. 0000010408 00000 n Last Modified on Mar 02, 2023. SOPs also assist with improving the, and can prepare the organization to pass relevant, Common food manufacturing SOPs cover tasks such as handwashing, cleaning and sanitizing food contact surfaces, and proper packaging process. 0000012025 00000 n 0000149711 00000 n Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries can find their application ID in the license approval email sent to primary applicant upon approval. OMMA is responsible for conducting an annual compliance inspection and an annual audit for every licensed business. endstream These checklists are by no means all-inclusive; but they are an excellent start.. You should add to them or cross out portions or Learn About Oil Storage & Related Regulations. There is currently a moratorium in place and you cannot purchase a commercial marijuana license until 2024 What is a Medical Marijuana Grower License? It includes fields covering safety programs, first aid and medical services, fire protection measures, and PPE provided by the employer. 2011, Why IndicaOnline POS Is The Best Solution For Dispensaries In Ontario. Complete the fumigation report with digital signatures. 0000042204 00000 n Washington, D.C. 20201 <. A solid waste management system helps ensure solid wastes are properly handled, managed, and disposed of to protect the environment and secure public health. Yes. Theyll need to login with their OMMA ID and their application ID before uploading any reports online. All owners and growers must undergo a criminal background and residency check. The steps below illustrate how to use this standard operating procedures template: Standard Operating Procedure Template | SafetyCulture. Compliance Review Form Template 4. What are the tools and materials needed to ensure successful completion of the procedures? Other instances may apply. Dispensaries that fail to submit their monthly compliance report will receive a written notice from the OMMA. To find out more, read our updated Privacy Policy. This should cover who should be following the SOP and list the relevant duties and responsibilities that the SOP covers. Just wait for ODAFF they are over your scales! Or what do you want to accomplish with the use of the SOP? 337 0 obj 0000002816 00000 n 0000041102 00000 n - This checklist is used by the applicant to indicate that the center is in compliance with all applicable requirements and to present the results of the pre-licensing technical assistance. 0000138852 00000 n Unmanaged infectious waste disposal can cause negative ramifications like serious health risks and disease transmission. Thank you! It helps in evaluating if the processes of waste segregation and disposal are properly implemented and followed by the organization. This is vital to maintaining a safe work environment and to prevent any minor or major incidents from occurring. Use this comprehensive SOP checklist to easily assess pass/fail criteria in the facility and grounds, warehouse, receiving, powder filling, liquid filling, packaging, maintenance, quality control, quality assurance, and documentation. Who are the people responsible for performing the procedures? When they come for an initial inspection, this is the report they fill out. YES NO The political subdivision has no applicable codes for which to certify compliance at this time. endstream endobj 0000054323 00000 n This also checks if kitchen facilities are cleaned and sanitized properly after use, and waste materials are segregated and properly disposed of. Are windows spot cleaned with appropriate glass cleaners? This procedure applies to anyone who is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the self-service food bars. Outlines what specific tasks are covered for the intended audience. Lol). These procedures are designed for: When creating an effective and comprehensive SOP, steps to consider include: Below is a simple standard operating procedure outline and sample sop format: Paper based SOP documents make it challenging to track whether staff are following and completing the procedures in their daily duties. Are food contact surfaces cleaned with appropriate cleaning materials? 0000013645 00000 n After finishing the task, affix a digital signature for confirmation. All public facing ICT and internal official agency communications must conform. They checked no more and no less than what is on that list. +j;K* Dispensaries that fail to submit their monthly compliance report will receive a written notice from the OMMA. To anyone out there that is worried about the inspection don't. 0000031848 00000 n If located in a municipality, a business license is also required. This is the OMMA inspection checklist they are using. A kitchen SOP template is used to check if kitchen staff adhere to standards and best practices designed to maintain a safe, hygienic kitchen environment. 0000009761 00000 n Common food manufacturing SOPs cover tasks such as handwashing, cleaning and sanitizing food contact surfaces, and proper packaging process. These procedures help reinforce strict compliance in safety protocols to prevent unforeseen accidents and fatalities. %PDF-1.7 % A proficiency and authorization statement is also included in this mobile-ready SOP template. Edit digital MOC templates according to the needs of the organization. endobj SafetyCulture is an effective digital SOP tool to make it easier for staff to use and provide visibility and record keeping to trainers and managers that tasks are being completed properly. 0000004417 00000 n 0000021459 00000 n With SafetyCulture, you can: A solid waste management plan checklist is a tool used by officers in charge to guide the planning and implementation of waste management improvements. Notify safety managers if problems occur during the inspection for immediate actions and resolution. @/doAlmp+5D 0000138884 00000 n Use this self inspection checklist to ensure preparedness in case of an OSHA inspection. N @ Z } v ] v ( } u ] } v u ] v ] v ] v Z o ] v } v o ] v All licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Oklahoma must submit their compliance reports no later than the 15th of every month. NGa`~k8fNH2uiSf$NOJOK/. J60w` i'eK " :;0~/&wd2'8|a\ tmK(;,`b`tSI`IQl:HQ]C'CUgl8w0f|dPn{ d|cnh`^A$rF"/$:R @T New Requirements Can Be Added for Renewal 0000017699 00000 n > Accessibility Conformance Checklists. The OMMA may require more information, additional documentation and even further background checks for renewal of an already-granted license. The following are examples of ICT and internal official agency communications. The checklist constitutes one part of a complete application, and failure to submit it to the department may result in denial of your application. 0000004191 00000 n You may add some photo evidence for each task that you completed. 0000138948 00000 n *(-*,iljkhilns PQUSWPTRfdcgaed:!U_$F& ea This office SOP template can be used by Human Resources (HR) professionals to implement standard operating procedures for employee offboarding. A solid waste management checklist is used by facilities teams to inspect waste management, sorting, and disposal. 0000010203 00000 n How to Build a Solid Waste Management Program, Streamline Solid Waste Management With a Mobile-ready App, Featured Solid Waste Management Checklists. Compliance inspectors and/or law enforcement officers from the Enforcement Department may follow up on complaints for further investigation. It helps improve and maintain brand standards and customer satisfaction. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Please provide as much information as possible, with specific details. >> Talk to your OMMA compliance lawyer early and often. 0000034070 00000 n If they havent shown up yet, they will! In addition to a tax permit, Oklahoma dispensaries must also register with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control. It is used in minimizing the amount of solid waste produced and improves the efficiency of managing solid waste. 2022 IndicaOnline. t Z v ] v P u ] o u ] i v } Z o ] v ( } o o ] v o ~ } u } v v M Contact an OMMA compliance lawyer today. Once they obtain a sales tax permit, they will need to submit monthly report on sales tax and the 7% gross receipts tax to the Oklahoma Tax Commission. MANIFEST This document must include Client Information (license number, business name, address, phone number) Lab Information (license number, business name, address, phone number) Inventory of product to be tested (including batch number for all and lot number for edible products) Date and Time of . To make sure that your compliant with OMMA regulations, call Tulsa medical marijuana attorney Stephen Cale at 918-277-4800. This USDA SOP template is used to prevent foodborne illness by ensuring that all food contact surfaces are properly cleaned and sanitized. 0000140783 00000 n This Bathroom Cleaning SOP Checklist can be used by housekeepers and cleaners as a step-by-step guide to the proper process for cleaning bathroom tiles, mirrors, and drains and ensure SOP compliance. Do they call first? What to Include in Your Standard Operating Procedure Template? 219 126 Consider asking these questions: Most SOPs contain general housekeeping questions to ensure a clean, safe, and organized execution of tasks and activities in the place. Infectious wastes usually include used sharps, expired pharmaceuticals, and radioactive items. Refer to the office incident report SOP for those tasks. This standard operating procedure template contains sample categories and information as examples to illustrate and serve as a guide in building your own SOP template based on your business needs. 200 Independence Avenue, S.W. /Filter /FlateDecode "h ( c=cbgE 48fhbXVXy ~`' l\{#=@8_Z?! That is exactly the same checklist she used when they where here. 0000005650 00000 n Sample templates make your experience a lot more pleasant since most elements are already premade. sAn 0000011216 00000 n This SOP template is used by Australian Drilling Contractor, Coughlan Drilling, as their general standard operating procedure guidelines prior to operational tasks. The license number is considered the OMMA ID. Press J to jump to the feed. SOPs are an effective tool to supplement classroom and supervised training as workers can follow steps at their own pace when performing their duties. 0000004496 00000 n Omma's New Rule Change Could Have a Major Affect On Your Business. The elements of an SOP vary according to its industry-specific purpose. This inspection aims to evaluate if LOTO procedures, This SOP template is used by Australian Drilling Contractor, Coughlan Drilling, as their general standard operating procedure guidelines prior to, Management of Change (MOC) Procedure Template Checklist, A management of change procedure template helps safety officers identify and control occupational health and safety risks brought by organizational, Office Standard Operating Procedure Template, This office SOP template can be used by Human Resources (HR) professionals to implement standard operating procedures for employee offboarding.. Oklahoma City, OK 73126-2266, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (455), Physician Recommendation Form (Adult Patient), Physician Recommendation Form (Minor Patient), Authorization to Disclose Patient Information Form, Physician Termination of Patient License Form, Example County Certificate of Compliance Letter, Municipal Setback Distance Objection Form, Transportation Agent Employee Verfication Form, Foreign Financial Interest Attestation Form (via OBNDD), List of Licensed Businesses (OMMA Verify). A tablet compression SOP template is used to ensure that the correct steps are taken by lab personnel when using the tablet press. Download Free Template. /Type /Stream This applies to all the employees working in the facility to maintain food safety standards and prevent contamination of food, ingredients and packaging materials. Provide your recommendations and overall assessment after the inspection. Use mobile devices to create notes (and take optional photos) on corresponding issues to be addressed. 0000009599 00000 n Recently, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority changed the regulations requiring medical marijuana dispensaries to obtain a certificate of compliance from their local jurisdiction. 0000035645 00000 n startxref Using SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor), a mobile-ready inspection app, you can avoid the hassle of using traditional pen and paper systems, re-entering the findings on a computer, and manually handing over reports. (Identity) I just looked it over and wow thats quite the check list for growers congrats. Sign-off with a digital signature from the inspector or assigned housekeeper. Track performance of standard operating procedures and improve workplace efficiency. 0000014616 00000 n Confirm that hotel brochures, along with the hotels food and drink menu, is available. C.A. 263 0 obj Get rid of the arduous process of making compliance checklists from scratch. 0 Would love to meet one. They emailed us a week before then called the next day. 0000138628 00000 n 0000018303 00000 n <> Its important to remember that medical marijuana dispensaries need to register under the Distributor category, however if the business acquires multiple licenses for different locations or sectors they should contact the OBNDD to inquire how to register. Hazardous wastes are classified based on their physical or chemical properties, which may contain any of the following characteristics: a) reactivity, b) ignitability, c) toxicity and d) corrosivity. Checklists are available in Microsoft Excel format. This template has been designed to make it easier for crew members to: This confined space entry SOP checklist is based on OSHA standard operating procedure. When cleaning, are necessary protective gear such as gloves and goggles, observed? Additional permits and inspections may be required before acceptance of your MMCC application. HR staff can use this as a guide to: Conduct a step-by-step check on all offboarding procedures from required paperwork, knowledge transfer and recovering company assets, Complete the checklist by capturing electronic signatures of the employee and HR representative, The Purpose of a Standard Operating Procedure Template, Benefits of Implementing a Standard Operating Procedure, How to Write A Standard Operating Procedure Effectively. <>>> Unmonitored and unsegregated Municipal solid waste can cause severe environmental pollution if left unmonitored and unsegregated. This sample document is delivered via the purchaser's online subscription account with RIA . All owners must be over the age of 25. DATE: 0000013438 00000 n With the use of SafetyCulture, you can capture photo evidence of non compliance with the safety regulations while the lockout procedure is going on. Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries are required to submit OMMA reports beginning the first month after they receive their business license from the state. 0000093691 00000 n This is vital to discuss and evaluate high-risk tasks that workers will perform and develop ways on how to perform these tasks safely. Common pharmaceutical SOPs cover tasks such as dispensing, sourcing of medicines, and expiry date checking. I actually won't mind seeing them again next year. Depending on the source of solid waste, it can be classified into different types: Municipal solid wastes are generated from residential and commercial complexes. I've emailed metrc twice and both times the emailed back within 30 minutes and answered my question's perfectly. We use cookies to provide necessary website functionality and improve your experience. Read and perform SOP procedures on your handheld device, Capture photos for supportive evidence of SOP steps being completed, Submit your SOPs to your supervisor anytime, anywhere. Very helpful and encouraging to see this! Failure to follow SOPs can cause significant errors in production and operations, increasing unwanted work variations. Download Free Template. This is actually a really helpful post, thank you. Store managers or owners just need to login to their account via web browser and navigate to the statistics tab. Her 5-year experience in one of the worlds leading business news organisations helps enrich the quality of the information in her work. prevent serious health hazards associated with the respiratory system, as well as skin asthma, allergies, and more; and, Schedule your solid waste management inspections and add reminders, Capture significant information using a handheld device, Attach and annotate photo evidence of hazards, Easily assign corrective actions to mitigate risks immediately. Have been operating for several years and have never had an OMMA agent out. Use SafetyCulture on your mobile device to generate on-site reports and capture photo evidence of defective items. Gathered information from your audits provides valuable insights that will help you identify overall solid waste management improvement needs. pY'a!d IwDgfu(zB:d].DI{Fx1t+c"&eRWV>wR.Yvol>_66deV5R3{?LuW7q)oF6f2%fv/Oner^q+.e!ko_rk[Y?[)G~egK'&eK=Z^|-. For peace of mind, get a compliance audit with the Cale law office. 0000054753 00000 n The dispensary must pass all zoning, fire, safety, plumbing and construction codes before submitting a business license application. Submit MOC reports as PDF document or weblink. 0000036192 00000 n Ensure that doors, lights, windows, and amenities are working properly. %PDF-1.5 Metrc meets monthly reporting requirements and the template is no longer necessary for allsales, transports and waste disposal inside Metrc. Preview a sample solid management pdf report here.

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