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Its not possible for Lyrans to ever return to their original home as it was destroyed. The Feline star ancestors had a hand in humans origins including in the ancient civilization of Atlantis. Being a Lyran Starseed means being a very strategic thinker. Could you share where you had your readings done? The Earth is part of one solar system, and Lyra is part of a separate one. Now, I know what you might be thinking. Active, Energetic & Adventurous. The content is based on a combination of the authors life experience and years of knowledge gathered through online research. If you want to know if youre a Lyran Starseed, you need to know what characteristics are typical of them. They are also linked to the lion-sphinxes so prominent in Ancient Egyptian history and mythology. What is a Lyran Starseed? That the ancient races from the Lyra constellation may actually be our earliest ancestors who seeded us on this planet. You accept that there is good and bad in the world, but believe that humans have the potential to be much more than they are currently. Starseeds incarnate on Earth for their own reasons. In their mind its a very small price to pay! 1. may have Lyran starseed traits, particularly cat-like or lion-like traits; . You might feel a sense of connection when stargazing, a deep spiritual bond that is difficult to express through words. Lyrans also founded Lemuria, and are thus master healers, and blended with Atlantis and Egypt, thus being knowledgeable about math, healing with crystals, tone and . And then again, the same happens. I have found peace with being alone. I was stargazing via an app called Night Sky (great app btw) and came across Vega. He was off to a difficult start very early in life, yet was always a force of some type. Now that youre familiar with the common characteristics and traits of Lyran starseeds, its time to do a little self-reflection. Lyran starseeds are often the kind of people who play multiple sports all through their school years. Although being a Lyran starseed can mean some feelings of loneliness and sadness initially, these introspective traits are likely to evoke an awakening of some sort. What type of starseed am I? I agreed to what you said that we knew we have a purpose Youre likely to prize the flexibility, freedom, and opportunity to see new and exciting things. While everyone is different, there are a few consistent trends that we see among those of this origin! Theyre sociable, but can also seem quiet and mysterious. You might even have a career in one of these fields. The most common Lyran symbols are the Lyre and the harp. I would like to know the bigger reason why we are here. You may find that you dont even really need help or encouragement here. You love to travel, and youre able to adapt to different environments quite easily too. Theyre very smart and believe in their abilities. They cohabited with two other ancient civilizations, Felines and Avians. Youre probably a self-starter, able to have a goal, formulate a plan, and do whatever you need to do to pull it off. I just feel very connected to Lyrans can i have more information. You get excited when people succeed, or try to better themselves. You have probably been labeled as an introvert or loner. planet .doesnt have any $$$$ on it. Im 28 yrs old right now and I am still seeking for my true identity. You teach humans the right balance between the physical and spiritual parts of life. The Spiritual Meaning Of Sneezing 2, 3, 4 Times & More! Lyrans are here to show others that their inner state is the only thing that matters, and through transforming that, they are able to move the planet Earth toward a new plane of existence. Throughout your whole life, youve always had a fascination for ancient history, civilizations, and lost lands. Even in their human form, Lyran Starseeds are encoded with Lyran DNA and ancient wisdom that will unlock after their starseed awakening. Whats your relationship tally so far? Lyran Starseeds are activating their Law of One Spiritual Ascension. Check yourself thoroughly, as Lyran starseed markings may be anywhere on your body. So imagine how difficult it is when youre an advanced spiritual being! I have been doing some research now and feel very connected to the Lyran Starseed! You can wait and eventually figure out how to use them on your own. It all helps. I dont have little ones but have a very paternal and protective nature . I thought I might be sirian, but the cat mention has changed my mind to lyran. When identifying starseed origins and incarnations there are typically three main methods of doing that: 1. But these skills may only become apparent after youve fully awakened. Lyran starseeds are adventurous people who often have a rebellious streak starting in childhood. That perhaps humans arise from a mixture of evolution and creation, of sorts. Any kind of change always has to start from within the self. I was told I was a lyran starseed and everything it describes is me to a T. I read everything that u had written about it on here n I was really surprised..Im really glad to know this..thank u for this information.. Oh my if I hadnt been more understood.. this was such an interesting read thank you so much for sharing sending so much love and light, Youre welcome! They traveled to other realms in their minds first, then manifested new realities. Ages ago, they came to Earth to help human culture advance. Learning how to connect with your dreams, dream symbols and cycles as a Sirian starseed is an invaluable skill. Lyran Starseeds tend to have type B-/B+ and A-/A+ blood. I have characteristics of all three. The main reason that Lyrans have such a strong sense of purpose is because they have recently reached a higher plane of existence, and are here to show the human of Earth how to do the same. They also prefer meaningful connections over shallow or trivial ones. Thank you so much for this article. I finally got really freaked out and went outside and heard my mom driving off so I stayed outside unitl she got back a half hour or so later. If youre ready to find out what your soulmate looks like, get your own sketch drawn here. Of course, each Lyran Starseed is different and unique in its own way. You wouldnt be here if youre not going through a spiritual awakening I have made a video how you can know for sure which starseed you are here: Oh, and theres something else! You often find yourself getting lost in your thoughts. Starseed Sister Angie. The Psychic Robot then tells you exactly what to do. Be sure to set an alarm to bring yourself back. The Lyrans are some of the oldest souls in our galaxy. A common characteristic of Lyran starseeds is their adaptability. You might even be a bit of a daredevil and feel drawn to skydiving, climbing and other extreme sports. I remember when I saw the original Star Wars movie as a teenager in 1977, I felt a profound sense of loss and sadness upon seeing the death star blow up planets without knowing why. When Atlantis fell, the Felines moved to Ancient Egypt along with Avian and Sirian star beings. Through their many incarnations, often as different starseeds, they have adjusted to being in different galaxies and dimensions. They have been adding intense knowledge to me. Starseeds are said to be alien souls who incarnate as regular human beings. Nor can NASA travel all the way to Vega in the Lyra constellation. The truth is, it can be hard to get to the bottom of our identity and spiritual background. Lyrans are some of the oldest souls in our galaxy and have incarnated into several other star systems including Arcturus, Sirius and the Pleiades. They are often drawn to careers in the arts, such as music, writing, and painting. As far as I can remember, since when I was 15 yrs old I started recognizing my zodiac which is Leo. 2. The first word that comes to mind is one of awe..WOW! I appreciate every one of you and hope you decide to connect with me further by commenting your thoughts and f. Thank you very much! Lyran starseeds are some of the most complex beings out there, and there are many more traits that you can use to identify yourself as one. You are assertive, and feel comfortable giving orders. You stay away from junk food, stay active, and work little healthy habits into your daily routine. This can even become a problem at times, especially if they want a different kind of connection than you do. While others might panic, Lyran starseeds stay level-headed. Known to be the original custodians of ancient wisdom, Lyran starseeds came to Earth from Lyra, a small constellation in the northern sky containing a few stars from the Vega planet. Modern mystics, magical practitioners, and witches are drawn to Lyra. They also tend to have rare negative RH blood as well. So you might have more qualities than are mentioned here. I would like to add that there is a deeper reason why we are here. You dont want to miss out on anything that feels good and exciting. There is usually a good reason why you were provoked. And you feel as from the same blood type very interesting. Hope to take to you soon, Sooo I have been deeply compelled over the yrs of my life that I just felt as if there was something more something greater that I had some sort of great reason of being here well the last few yrs Ive gotten into this starseed thing and things pointing to the stars and just great feelings of beings not of earth and I read up on starseeds last couple yrs and more in-depth this yr of the different starseeds such as this one lyran starseed well I was on fb and someone asking if people needed help finding there planetary family and told me to check out the cat family as my last name is gatto close to cat in spanish lyran starseeds and reading this right now is litterally me to a tee not a note off I am in to astrology and usually fits my but nothing like this this is insanely me crazy thank you for the article, Im so happy to hear it was helpful, thanks for sharing, Samantha , I sent an email aswell, looking for more information on the bird kind of lyraeans. You dance with the ebbs and flow of life. If you have a problem, theyll solve it. But all this variety can mean that you constantly need more of it. This could mean that Lyrans feel alienated from the masses. This is for good reason people tend to see you as a leader, and your advice is also generally pretty solid! This intelligence can manifest in many different ways. In the pivotal times which we face on our planet today, its become clear that we need help to navigate the unknown territories that change thrusts us into. After reading the information in this article you will have the answer to this key question. Below are 15 signs that you are a Lyran starseed incarnated as a human being: Lyrans have an adventurous nature which makes them lack the fear of change. Some say that this is because Lyran starseeds naturally have very high vibrations. Lyrans. They dont feel supported by routines that they cant easily break. cat deities call to you: Bastet, Sekhmet, Freya, etc. Lyran starseeds are adventurous people who often have a rebellious streak starting in childhood. They stay active throughout their whole lives and take joy from moving their bodies as much as possible. After reading this article Im not feeling well with my first name anymore It just missed the L then it could resemble the word Lyran. The Feline star beings who aided in the creation of man can be seen all over Ancient Egypt. I wonder how rare are we lyrians. They often have unconventional cuts, colors, styles, or all three. People are drawn to them because of their gentle nature, but they should be cautious not to be taken advantage of by others exploiting this loving side of their personality. If theres one thing you hate, its falling into a routine or getting stuck in a rut. Well, enough left to explore, I am a Lyran with characteristics from other Starseeds as well. Nomadrs is a space to explore your perspectives related to the more esoteric side of spirituality. You feel a strong sense of inner solidity regardless of your life situation. The crazy thing is Ive known them for years. In the case of a Lyran Starseed, this happens through spiritual evolution. We sometimes include products we think are useful for our readers. the last days I got some clues from the universeand this article was my confirmation. But these are the biggest personality hints that can tell you youre a Lyran Starseed. It also helps that they are extremely intelligent. So thank you for this. I mentioned them earlier. I feel that indeed, I am Lyran starseed. 1. But they share many commonalities: If youre a Lyran Starseed, youre probably curious to know more about your ancient roots. I feel very Lemurian and finally deducted I am Lyran and one who built and enjoyed Lemuria a lot. And they helped me uncover an incredible psychic talent that I never would have even dreamed of having. This was just one of many confirmations Ive received. I remembered the syncronystic lion dream from my youth, and marveled as each Lyran characteristic you unveiled resonated like a perfect fifth inside me. So it is. Lyran starseeds are very solution-oriented and are good at getting things done, as you absorb information very quickly, like a sponge. What is the purpose of Lyran starseeds on planet Earth? If you think you might be a Lyran starseed, its crucial for you to understand their common traits and characteristics. You hate the idea of spending all your time and attention on just one thing as then youd have to give up all the others you love just as much! You may wonder why people get so upset about trivial things. Do you have any other information regarding Lyrans? Jokes aside, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed about finding your Lyran Starseed mission right now. Thoth says, the wisdom of the Universe can be placed on a single feather. Most Lyrans tend to be very confident and self-assured. The vastness of the universe and all of its mysterious galaxies fascinates you. I really enjoyed it, so much that Ive decided to leave a comment. Lyran Starseed Lyran Starseed: Traits and Characteristics. This often makes them into a bit of a generalist. You always come back to the truth that you create your own happiness. Thank you for your service, love and light dear one. Ever since you first heard it, you cant shake the feeling that youve hit upon your truth you might be a Lyran Starseed. Lyrans are incarnated into other star systems also: Pleiades, Sirius, and Arcturus. They love novelty and freedom. Starseeds from the Lyran constellation pursue their dreams fearlessly. I began working with Thoth back in 2012, when I first had a starseed awakening. What is the physical appearance of a Lyran starseed like? If not, its @isthatphill This article is as amazing as you are! Lyran starseeds are similar. They are not from the same planet as us, but rather a different star system. You do not understand why some people around you seem to live in a state of constant fear of what tomorrow will bring. The Lyra constellation is also known are Falling Eagle or Falling Vulture. This process of connecting with source energy allows them to fulfill their Earthly purpose and bring chance to the reality of the planet, through action, compassion and teaching. This a good article which Im resonating with a lot , so Ill research further . Its said the Avians dreamed up ways to travel to other universes. As a Lyran starseed, you have a deep self-assurance which means you have no interest in boosting your self image or making yourself popular among others. You probably enjoy learning new skills and the obstacles that come with such a process. Recently have had some spiritual awarenessthat I have witch traits, dealing with the paranormal and a Lyron starseed with green cats eyesI think Im scared of myself. These ancient humanoids are very humanlike in appearance, although many of the Lyran race have cat-like features and air about them. As such, theres no way to give a clear answer without knowing more about your unique background and spiritual journey. How are you? An energy that's serious and wise and everybody knows to respect. It might even be in the lines on your palms. The advisor I spoke to was kind, understanding, and genuinely helpful. Id love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Though Lyran Starseeds are generally down-to-earth and collected, there are moments when their temper will flare up. So even if youre tall, short, thin, muscular, dark, or light-skinned, it doesnt define or change who you are in your core. The reason Lyran starseeds are confident and fearless is becausethey have a deep understanding of the transient nature of physical reality, based on their ancient wisdom. Lyran starseeds are believed to originate from Vega, within the constellation Lyra. I have reason to believe there was a great sacrifice involved and wondering if you have any insight on that? Heres one area that Lyran Starseeds often struggle with in their relationships. This confidence also means youre not afraid to speak your mind and stand up for your values. Lyran starseeds tend to have a high forehead and eyebrows that are well-defined. Our souls are thousands of years old. Lyran Starseed Emotional Traits Lyrans are almost always able to sense the emotions of those around them. Life is Duhka which translates as suffering or stress. You might find yourself straying from your path, trying out different things, and making some costly mistakes before you stumble on the truth. This was a great read. They now exist in several different galaxies and thousands of different planets on dimensions all the way up to the 9th dimension. As we've already mentioned, Lyrans are one of the oldest starseed races and originate in the Lyra constellation. Due to their ancient wisdom, Lyrans are aware that everything in life is impermanent except the soul, and so transcend the egoic state of human beings. There is no simple answer to this question. This is rare and rather curious for such advanced spiritual beings. But not a Lyran Starseed. I've ridden the rails, gone off track and lost my train of thought. They are empathic and seek their freedom in nature; as an example, you could think of how elves live in harmony with the natural world. , I have susoected Im Lyran because of a dream I had many years ago. A Lyran starseed can only shine their light and inspire others by being the most fulfilled version of themselves first. Even though they generally dont like drawing too much attention to themselves, they dont really have a problem with being viewed as leaders. As their descendants, one of the characteristics of Lyran starseeds is high intelligence. Embracing spontaneity is a big part of that. I hope everything is ok with you! Unfortunately, I do not get that back from them and I often feel that they want tojust to keep me down. I am a retired International Flight Attendant and recently a retired Registered Nurse, so I feel Ive done my duty, but I know I have more to give . Lyran Starseeds are ambitious, and they dont let anything get in the way of their goals. So rather than becoming an expert in one single area, you cultivate talent and skill in various activities and fields. They are said to have recently transitioned to this higher plane, which is one of the reasons they are interested in helping planet Earth evolve its consciousness. What is my starseed mission in this lifetime? The Lyrans have already pretty much accomplished their mission. Hello! However, that isnt to say theyve forgotten their heritage. I find this interesting, because according to astronomy, the stars in the Lyra constellation are younger than our Sun. <3. Appearances can be deceiving, and Lyran starseeds are more identifiable by their inner characteristics than the superficial way they appear to the human eye. Lyran Starseeds also make excellent athletes as they enjoy physical activities, pushing their limits, and competing fearlessly. Of course, you still use sound judgment but youre open to new ideas and dont limit your thinking with preconceptions. Many Lyran starseeds have cat-like eyes, and are often green. This connects with their intelligence, love of novelty, and problem-solving abilities. This is referring to physical life, but your spiritual grounding allows you to transcend these challenges. Peace and abundance Zaran , I am most definitely! All of this paints a picture of people who aren't afraid of change and different ways of thinking. Youre quite comfortable with the concept of exploring new things, both in the physical world as well as in your spiritual life. A weird, new way to figure out what to do next is to get advice from the Psychic Love Robot. If only there was a way you could avoid that risk, and know for sure if youve found the one. As such, Lyrans had to flee to other planets and star systems. Starseeds often distinguish themselves by having particular interests and talents. Put simply, Lyrans are a type of starseeds advanced spiritual beings that originate in other planets and realms. Thank you for the work you do. So maybe im not a crazy cat lady after all but lyran instead. Lyrans are the first to embrace the idea that happiness comes from within. As with their hair, they may use their skin to express themselves. This comprehensive guide will give you the real answer to all these questions. Lyran Starseeds are what we would call wary. Lyrans were technologically advanced intellectuals who gave their knowledge to early humans. And even now i have vivid dreams everytime i sleep and i have dream i guess realms i visif like a memories idk regular dream places that are like a mixture of my hometown mixed with my current area of living places ive been and places ive never been. They like the idea of the nomadic way of life, traveling, seeing the world. Before we get into everything you need to know about Lyran starseeds, what actually is a starseed? You trust your ability to achieve goals, and you arent afraid to fail and try again. I evennabed my new kittens Gaia and Lyra, not even connecting my Lyran self. You have a deep inner wisdom that everything will work out no matter what. You are able to detach from manmade constructs like money, status or possessions and instead derive your happiness from within. Youre willing to give many people a chance but unfortunately, very few of them can keep you interested for too long. Why as i was reading this i started to tear up. This article gives you a lot of insight into Lyran Starseeds and the signs that you could be one. I am happy to be of service to others in their awakening. If things change and they need to pivot at the last minute, they can do it with flair. Alongside their freedom, Lyran starseeds are also fans of spontaneity. Their knowledge is said to have contributed to Atlantis and Lemuria, as well as the element on fire. Im in the middle of my awakening, I believe, and I could really really use some guidance? Definetely, I am Lyran. You might find you excel at various sports, and you dont like to stay seated for hours on end. But its impact on our planet started long before time was invented.

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