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Although it is only a relatively small Scottish sample (148 people out of 1702 polled in total across the UK), the results would see 23 Nats lose their seats to leave them with 25 MPs. This includes a majority of those who agree the people should be freely able to express their transgender identity. The current voting intention trend can be seen in the most recent individual polls: Delta Poll (27 February) which placed Labour on 46%, the Conservatives on 31%, and the Liberal Democrts on 8%. Topic . The Aberdeen youth product is training with the under-21s after falling out-of-favour on Tyneside. Most polling companies listed here are members of the . Todays poll found that, among those who expressed a view, 76 per cent of voters believe the Scottish governments plans to change the law on gender recognition would pose a safety risk in women-only spaces, such as prisons, hospital wards and changing rooms while some 24 per cent disagreed. The current voting intention trend can be seen in the most recent individual polls: Techme (10 February) which placed Labour on 47%, the Conservatives on 26%, and the Liberal Democrts on 9%. We haven't published any articles, trackers or survey results about Scottish independence. He is the co-founder of poll aggregator Britain Elects. In the latter part of 2020, the Conservatives lead in the polls diminished significantly. The latest opinion polling from outlet YouGov shows respondents relatively downbeat on the state of the US economy over the next six months, anticipating that inflation will rise, there will be further interest rate hikes, and gas prices will increase. Scotlands political landscape after Nicola Sturgeon? The pollster found Labour on 50 per cent of the vote an increase of three points from their last poll. Please check you have typed it correctly. Please read our privacy policy and terms of use before signing up. In terms of translating these election poll findings into a projected make up of the current House of Commons, has used the Butler method to calculate the current swing between the parties compared to the 2019 General Election. Can the public identify the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party? "Yes to an independent Scotland", "No to an independent Scotland", "I will not vote" and "I am not registered to vote" were the options given. Two new UK-wide opinion polls have added weight to the growing belief that Labour would be close to catching the SNP if a General Election were held anytime soon.. A survey for YouGov gives the SNP a vote share of 36 per cent, with Labour on 33 per cent, the Conservatives on 19 with the Lib Dems just ahead of the Greens on seven and five per cent respectively. Exclusive: Scottish Labour blasted the Scottish Government for their inaction in trying to get rid of dangerous Grenfell-styling cladding on buildings across the country. Again, the Scottish sample is even small (103 out of 993 once don't knows are removed) but the survey puts Labour in the lead north of the Border on 40 per cent of the vote. Last updated Nov 16, 2022 View all Trackers (4) Support for creation of a new English Parliament along the lines of the existing Scottish Parliament politics Surveys Data collected from extensive surveys and snap polls about or relating to Scottish independence. The other tables reflect different ways questions around Independence can be asked, they may produce different results. The latest Panelbase survey. Click here to sign-in and subscribe via a link sent to your email. Access the latest polls, survey results and articles . ((__lxGc__=window.__lxGc__||{'s':{},'b':0})['s']['_222513']=__lxGc__['s']['_222513']||{'b':{}})['b']['_680898']={'i':__lxGc__.b++}; Never miss the day's key interactions and exchanges in parliament. Prince Harry's popularity in the UK has decreased by 35 percentage points over the past four years, a new survey by IPSOS has found. Two new UK-wide opinion polls have added weight to the growing belief that Labour would be close to catching the SNP if a General Election were held anytime soon. This means that we may include adverts from us and third parties based on our knowledge of you. YouGov poll, reported in the Telegraph on 31 Jan 2023Full results, The Times poll, conducted by YouGov, reported on 21 Jan 2023, Wings Over Scotland/The Times poll, conducted by Panelbase, reported on 19 Dec 2022: Why do SNP voters hate women?, The Times poll, conducted by Panelbase, reported on 17 Dec 2022, The Times poll, reported on 16 Oct 2022Full results. That opinion poll lead so far appears unaffected by Nicola Sturgeons announcement that she was standing down as first minister in mid February 2023. When Johnson announced his resignation on July 7, 2022, YouGov polling showed Labour on 40% and the Tories on 29% an 11 point lead. "If the SNP did campaign on the next General Election as a 'de facto' second Scottish independence referendum, which of the following parties do you think you would vote for, or would you vote for another party?". In doing so the Lib Dems would defeat both the deputy prime minister, Dominic Raab, and the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt. However, following the Scottish parliament election of May 2021, one in which Nicola Sturgeon continued in government albeit in coalition with the Scottish greens , there have been signs of a slight drop off in enthusiasm for Scottish independence. excludes 16 and 17 year-olds and did not ascertain likelihood to vote. Week-in-Review: Covid sleaze is back and more politically potent than ever, Former Conservative party chairman: Sue Gray appointment proves Starmer is man of the establishment. This drop off appears to dovetail with a growth in support in the opinion polls for the Scottish labour party under Anas Sarwar. NewsNow aims to be the world's most accurate and comprehensive aggregator of news about Scotland opinion polls, which are carried out by various polling companies, including members of the British Polling Council (BPC), such as YouGov, Ipsos MORI, and Survation. We do not charge or put articles behind a paywall. In early November 2021, the furore over the resignation of the Conservative MP Owen Patterson saw the trend Conservative vote share fall by a further 3%. backed Scotland becoming an independent country. on public opinion. YouGov: The Times: GB 2,003 23% 46%: 9% 4% 7% 8% 3%. However amidst mounting pressure on Boris Johnsons position in late June, and the drawn out nature of his resignation in early July, the Labour party once extended their lead over the Conservatives in the polls. The use of this format has been criticised by pro-independence politicians. Latest opinion polls news, commentary and analysis, including political and voting intention polls, by polling companies including YouGov, Ipsos MORI and Survation. Any variations that might have an impact on the poll result, such as excluding 16- to 17-year-old voters, are recorded in the 'Notes' column. Excludes 16 and 17 year-olds. Elsewhere, the Lib Dems have 9 per cent of the vote (-1), but could be well placed to pick up vital seats in the Blue Wall, where voters would sooner pinch their nose and vote amber over red. (Excluding Dont Knows the margin is just shy of 70/30, very similar to the margin by which people in polls oppose self-ID generally. The result of an IndyRef today 2 March 2023. The Conservatives continued to record significant poll leads over Labour almost consistently throughout 2020 and 2021, with only a brief interlude in autumn 2020 where this narrowed. A YouGov poll in March of last year found that 55% backed keeping the monarchy . On 23 November 2022, the UK Supreme Court ruled that the Scottish Parliament does not have the power to unilaterally hold an independence referendum without the consent of the Westminster Parliament. You can unsubscribe whenever you want. ", 2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, COVID-19 vaccination in the United Kingdom, Opinion polling for the 2014 Scottish independence referendum,,, Scotland should become independent, separate from the UK and the European Union, Scotland should become independent, separate from the UK but part of the European Union, Scotland should remain part of the UK, with its own elected parliament which has some taxation powers, Scotland should remain part of the UK, with its own elected parliament which has no taxation powers. The new offer will see teachers getting a 12.3% increase by April 2023 and it will rise to 14% by 2024. This once again reaffirms how sleaze and scandal remain the most potent political weapons in British politics, ones which can quickly and easily cut through to voters. Humza Yousaf blasted as he promises to spend taxpayer cash on more independence prospectuses, The Scottish Government health secretary, and front-runner to replace Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister, used his speech in Arbroath to claim that he was going to 'kickstart the independence campaign', Ange Postecoglou hails Reo Hatate Celtic impact as he makes 'another couple of levels' claim. The date range for these opinion polls is from the previous Scottish Parliament election, held . CalMac warns of further disruption to ferry service due to lack of backup ferries, The ferry operator is facing frequent issues as it has to constantly repair the aging fleet which is blighted with problems due to the lack of back ups, Scottish lags misuse 4.1million taxpayer-funded mobile phones more than 7,000 times in three years, More than 4,082 inmates have been caught out for using mobile phones paid for by the taxpayers to commit crimes while in prison, Iconic Glasgow bakery Mortons Rolls 'ceases all trading' after 58 years. Journalism in Britain is under threat. Polling conducted before the 2014 Scottish independence referendum can be found here.. However after the Scottish National Party (SNP) formed a minority government in Edinburgh, support for Scottish independence started to grow again after 2007. In the case of Wales, has drawn on the most recent YouGov poll produced on 27 February. Conservative support then fell by a further 6% as the first Downing Street party allegations emerged. The new offer will see teachers getting a 12.3% increase by April 2023, and it will rise to 14% by 2024. 4th October 2022| Week-in-Review: Covid sleaze is back and more politically potent than ever, Five missions focused on fixing the fundamentals, says Starmer ahead of major speech, The decline and fall of the one nation Conservative. YouGov found . If you can afford to contribute a small donation to the site it will help us to continue our work in the best interests of the public. ), Lord Ashcroft poll, reported in Holyrood on 13 Feb 2023Full results. Scottish NHS staff reject latest pay offer and threaten 'unprecedented' strike action, Nicola Sturgeons SNP government blocking Scotlands 'success in the UK', says Sir Keir Starmer, Met Police in London urged to investigate the SNP's Covid 'crime of the century', Campaigners believe longstanding failures in the Scottish healthcare regulation were exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, leading to up to 30,000 avoidable deaths and they won't stop until they get justice, Prince Harry feels 'stuck' with Meghan Markle in America as biographer claims he wants them to come home, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex quit the UK in 2020 but observers reckon the move has not worked out for them, Tax authorities 'destroyed' Rangers, former chairman Charles Green tells court, Green also spoke of his dislike for Craig Whyte, telling the court 'if we had a collection in this court we would have more money from that than Craig Whyte would ever have', Prince Harry set to lose Dukedom as King's eviction is block on him 'deputising', More rejection for Prince Harry as experts reckon his UK eviction is a tactical move to stop him from being able to step into Royal roles in the event of King Charles's absence, Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell's joint bank account is key to resignation, says Private Eye, The outgoing SNP leader and her chief executive husband are urged to answer the question about whether or not they have a joint bank account, as the magazine says Operation Branchform was the 'game-changer' behind shock resignation, Teaching strikes reprieve in doubt as union blasts 14% pay rise as 'paltry'. The Boundary Commission is currently in the midst of a review designed to better equalise constituency sizes. Explore what the world thinks, discover our solutions, and join our community to share your opinion. Data collected from extensive surveys and snap polls about or relating to Scottish independence. Humza Yousaf takes the lead as SNP members swing behind Nicola Sturgeon's man, The 'worst health secretary in the history of devolution' is just ahead of his rivals in the SNP leadership contest, although a third of Nat members still don't know who to vote for, Ian Blackford 'looking forward' to end of police probe into SNP's 'murky' finances as he dodges Peter Murrell question. Non-standard question: Instead of the 2014 referendum question, respondents were asked "In a referendum on independence for Scotland held tomorrow, how would you vote?" Britain Elects. A new opinion poll has found that support for the Tories in Wales is in freefall. The historic oil recipe is based on what was used at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, the formula of which has been used for hundreds of years. Rather than experience a new prime ministerial bounce, in September 2022, the picture was not positive for Liz Truss. Indeed Conservative support appeared to have grown slightly after Rishi Sunaks October 2021 budget. Subscribe to our email alert of the day's top stories from the UK and around the world. Yougov (February 20) which placed the Yes side on 46.2% and the No side on 53.8%, post adjusting for undecided voters. /Which party are you most inclined to support? Support for Welsh independence has fallen back to its lowest level in three years, a St David's Day poll for Wales carried out by pollsters YouGov has shown. All Rights Reserved. Voting intention in the United Kingdom 2017-2023. All rights reserved. The latest voting intention survey puts Labour a whopping 28 points ahead of the Tories, with Rishi Sunaks party flirting with sub-20 numbers in what would be a historic low. In this case, Nicola Sturgeon has said that the SNP will treat the next UK General Election as a "de facto" referendum, campaigning on the single issue of independence. Relevance is automatically assessed so some headlines not qualifying as Scottish Opinion Poll news might appear - please feel free to contact us regarding any persistent issues. President has no right to express opinion on legality of LG polls: AKD Sri Lanka Daily Mirror 02:32 25-Feb-23. The YouGov poll of voting intention conducted over Wednesday and Thursday showed 54% support for Labour and 21% for the Conservatives. July 9, 2020 YouGov poll reveals vast majority (93%) of Brits don't wear real animal fur and do support a #FurFreeBritain; Government urged to end UK fur sales RT-Images/ Red fox lying in leaves LONDONBritish citizens overwhelmingly agree that the time has come for Britain to be fur-free. Plaid Cymru on 1% Other on 2%. READ MORE: Scottish NHS staff reject latest pay offer and threaten 'unprecedented' strike action. A YouGov poll for the Times, reported today, found that nearly 50% of voters in Scotland who plan to vote Tory are doing so primarily to prevent a pro-independence majority in Holyrood. A survey for YouGov gives the SNP a vote share of 36 per cent, with Labour on 33 per cent, the Conservatives on 19 with the Lib Dems just ahead of the Greens on seven and five per cent respectively. The latest YouGov panel has shown a shift against independence in several areas. An existing account was found for this email address. Under any election held on this basis, the Liberal Democrats would also be on course to gain 22 seats from the Conservatives. Humza Yousaf 'should be anti-nationalist choice' for First Minister - because he's so useless, The Majority reckons the health secretary will create a 'raging bin fire' for the SNP if he gets the keys to Bute House when the party votes on a new leader, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 'OK' about leaving Frogmore Cottage following Buckingham Palace's eviction, The couple are said to have accepted that they were privileged to have a house in the US and the UK, Rangers XI v Kilmarnock as Michael Beale starts Nicolas Raskin and Todd Cantwell after Celtic final defeat, New January recruits return to the first team after their shock Hampden omission, Manchester United hero Nicky Butt 'hated' Aberdeen interview process as he admits 'sick' feeling of manager talks, The Old Trafford Class of 92' hero spoke to several suitors including Aberdeen in 2021, SNP blasted for 'dragging their heels' over dangerous cladding programme as they spend less than 1m of 97m funding pot. conservative party Labour Party Savanta (23 February) which placed Labour on 45%, the Conservatives on 31%, and the Liberal Democrats on 9%. tax was introduced a year early in Scotland by the UK government. First Minister of Scotland: Runners and Riders. For Women Scotland, conducted by Panelbase, reported in the Times, 18 Dec 2021Data, MurrayBlackburnMackenzie, conducted by Survation, Nov 2021Report I Data. Sturgeon Still Scotland's Most Popular Politician Despite 12% Margin Against Independence, Lesley Riddoch: A Nordic solution to Scotlands invisibility within the UK, Tories could be reduced to third UK party, shock opinion poll warns, Nicola Sturgeon responds to popularity rating drop amid trans prisoner row. Last updated Feb 28, 2023 View all Articles (514) Voting Intention: Con 23%, Labour 46% politics 1 day ago Trackers Data collected at regular intervals about or relating to Voting Intention, tracking changes over time. However, it follows two other polls published in the last 48-hours that have put Labour well ahead of the Tories. The pollster found. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, one in which the Scottish government took responsibility for the handling of the virus in Scotland, there were signs of sustained backing for Scottish independence for the first time. This time 12 months ago, the Conservative party was still just ahead in the polls. What next for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour left? This feed updates continuously 24/7 so check back regularly. A poll of more than 1,000 people . The rank outsider to become First Minister has only received the public backing of one serving politician, Joanna Cherry, amid struggles to get her campaign going. Please ensure your password has at least 8 characters, an uppercase and a lowercase letter, and a number or symbol. Slovakia's Smer back on top of opinion polls ahead of snap election bne IntelliNews 10:02 27-Feb-23. [1] Following that judgment, the SNP reiterated its intention to campaign in the next UK general election as a de facto independence referendum. The government is becoming increasingly authoritarian and our media is run by a handful of billionaires, most of whom reside overseas and all of them have strong political allegiances and financial motivations. With the Conservatives polling over 50%, this lead briefly surpassed 20% at the beginning of the Covid pandemic in March and April 2020. This Conservative poll lead coincided with the unusual event of a governing party winning a seat from the Opposition, as occurred in the May 2021 Hartlepool by-election. Education. It remains to be seen how support for independence will pan out now Rishi Sunak has become prime minister, King Charles III has succeeded Elizabeth II, and as Nicola Sturgeon steps down as first minister. Pollsters showed that Liberal Democrat voting intention during most of this Parliament has been constant at around the 9% mark with only temporary uplifts above this point. A Y We only ask you to donate what you can afford, with an option to cancel your subscription at any point. We use your sign-up to provide content in the ways you've consented to and improve our understanding of you. Six reasons Labour might not win the next election alone, Urban Flight A real threat to many formerly safe seats in the Blue Wall. At the end of the 1970s, support for Scottish independence was polling at little more than 10%. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine heavily dominating the UK news agenda, the position of the UKs political parties became somewhat becalmed during the spring on 2022 with no notable movements in the polls. This page will bring you the latest breaking headlines, and updates automatically and continuously 24/7. Dates. In all polls the dont knows are removed. This page was last edited on 4 March 2023, at 10:18. ", Nicola Sturgeon claims no laws were broken during ferry contract scandal, SNP's 'politics of division' does 'not change' people's lives, says Anas Sarwar, The SNP benches will be a LOT quieter in future according to these new polls. Support for Scottish independence has grown steadily over the last forty five years. The table also lists some events that may have impacted on polling returns, including the 2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, the Covid pandemic in Scotland and party leadership changes. Britain Elects deals in poll aggregation alongside analysis of upcoming elections and the state of British public opinion. Analysis pieces written by YouGovs data journalists based on data collected about or relating to Voting Intention. Scotland should remain part of the UK without an elected parliament. YouGov poll: The mental health and wellbeing of employees are not supported by legal firms Law News 15:47 3-Feb-23. Latest YouGov poll suggests many voters in Scotland have dismissed warnings about the economic impacts of a yes vote YouGov's opinion poll for the Sunday Times suggests the yes. A majority of Scots back same-sex marriage, according to the most detailed survey of public opinion since MSPs began moves to change the law. Nicola Sturgeon expected to resign as Scottish First Minister today But why? The latest voting intention survey puts Labour a whopping 28 points ahead of the Tories, with Rishi Sunak's party flirting with sub-20 numbers in what would be a historic low. Polling includes only those that explicitly ask how the responder would vote in a hypothetical referendum on the United Kingdom rejoining the European Union, rather than repeating the remain/leave question of the 2016 referendum. The latest YouGov/Times vote intention poll shows the Labour party on 54% of the vote, up nine points on their previous record high with YouGov on Monday. The end of 2021, showed how quickly politics can change. Glasgow bakery Mortons Rolls 'ceases all trading' in 'hammer blow' to city, Ken Bruce leaves BBC with veiled jibe after they ended his show early over concerns was free, The SNP is tearing itself apart and its delicious to watch, Dumbarton police stop 'dangerous' vehicle on A82 as driver fails cannabis test, Scots on alert for snow and ice as country prepares for coldest day of the year, Row over pupils who damaged Koran raises free speech concerns Braverman, Suella Braverman to issue blasphemy guidance for schools following Quran incident in Wakefield, Snow and ice warning as coldest day of year so far to hit UK as temperatures plummet, Met Office issues weather warnings with snow and ice on way with temperatures feeling as low as, How bad are the pics?: WhatsApps show UK health secretary Matt Hancocks reaction after CCTV, WhatsApp leak reveals Hancocks 41-hour battle to save job over affair, Hancock hit out at Sunak amid fears Eat Out to Help Out spread Covid, Hancock hit out at Sunak amid concerns over Eat Out to Help Out scheme, King Charles to get holy oil from Jerusalem for coronation ceremony, Oil for UKs Charles IIIs coronation consecrated in Jerusalem, 'Pincers are closing': Ukrainian forces under pressure as Russians shell roads out of Bakhmut, Ukraine latest: Forces under severe pressure in Bakhmut, says UK military, Thousands protest over economic woes in Tunisia, Tunisians take part in UGTT labour union anti-government rally, UN nuclear chief cites cooperation with Iran on issues obstructing nuclear deal, UN nuclear chief hopeful for 'important agreements' during Iran visit, Indonesians search charred homes after fuel depot fire kills 18, At least 15 dead after Jakarta fuel depot fire engulfs neighborhood, Australian and US police seize 640m of cocaine and swap it for fake drugs to catch smuggling, Australia's 'biggest drug bust' stops 500m of cocaine from entering country, Sport Utility Vehicle for sale in Scotland, Hatchback cars for sale in Central Scotland, Cars with alloy wheels for sale in Scotland, Used cars with alloy wheels for sale in Scotland, Forgot your password? Most polling companies listed here are members of the British Polling Council (BPC) and abide by its disclosure rules. YOUGOV has recorded a boost in Scottish independence support, with backing for Yes up four points in its latest polling. Latest news on Scottish Opinion Polls, including political opinion polls, voting intention polls, and opinion poll analysis. southwest airlines employee compensation compared to competitors,

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