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Sign in or register here to comment. has whispered in his ear. He later vacated the Welterweight title and won the France Middleweight title in 1945. After the Zale fight Marcel returned to Europe where he had a couple of non title fights stopping Dick Turpin and Lucien Krawczyk. Robinson won by a technical knockout in the 13th round, when the fight was stopped. Feb. 14, 1951: Sugar Ray Robinson TKO13 Jake LaMotta. 7. LaMotta, slipping, ducking, dodging, but taking plenty. Clarence has divided his career between public relations and retail. When they squared-off most expected a one-round bout. July 16, 1947: Rocky Graziano TKO 6 Tony Zale. one of the biggest upsets in boxing history, Canelo vs Golovkin Stalemate: Lee Wylies Take, Top 12 All-Time Greatest Muhammad Ali Performances, Top 12 All-Time Greatest Heavyweight Punchers, Top 12 Reasons Why Muhammad Ali Is Forever The Greatest. [Also See: Top 10 Middleweights of All-Time Where do LaMotta and Cerdan rank?]. 6. LaMotta won 83 of 106 paid bouts, was world middleweight champion between 1949 and 1951 and made two defences. The 1949 World Middleweight title fight between Champion Marcel Cerdan and The Bronx Bull Jake LaMotta. And they landed with devastating consequence. The first five rounds were close, though Reeves was struggling in the fourth. The champs eyes are blackened, dark as a coal miners. LaMotta, slipping, ducking, dodging, but taking plenty. He is a member, along with LaMotta and Zale, of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Cerdan grows in confidence. LaMotta won the World Middleweighttitle on June 16, 1949 in Detroit, Michigan, defeating FrenchmanMarcel Cerdan. Marcel Cerdan on a 1969 UAE stamp Cerdan began boxing professionally on 4 November 1934 in Meknes, Morocco, beating Marcel Bucchianeri by a decision in six rounds. LaMotta had a lot going for him as a fighter. Round-by-Round coverage: How Tommy Fury vs. Jake Paul played out, Inside the creation of Jake Paul's 'Stardust Warriors' trunks, Women's boxing divisional rankings: Thorslund, Fundora solidify spots after dominant performances, Divisional rankings: Matias, Jack make big moves after impressive wins. A bad mistake, but one he wont repeat. LaMotta made his first title defense against Tiberio Mitri on July 7, 1950, at Madison Square Garden, New York. After suffering his first loss in boxing, what now for Jake Paul? I know from personal experience the agony of a dislocated shoulder (a pain dreamed up by the Marquis de Sade himself), and its nothing short of jaw-dropping that Cerdan continued the fight for another eight rounds one-armed and in terrible pain. By the fifteenth round, Dauthuille was ahead on all scorecards (7268, 7466, 7169) and seemed to be about to repeat a victory against LaMotta. Jake LaMotta vs. Billy Fox. Commentators could be heard saying "No man can take this kind of punishment!" The family lived briefly in Philadelphia before returning to New York and settling in the Bronx. All Rights Reserved. He made little use of his left hand and took a bad beating before retiring in his corner after the tenth round. He can take it, but he isnt dishing it out. His injury aside (and he always had a ready excuse when he lost or looked bad and LaMotta injured his hand early in the fight as well) I dont see it happening. LaMotta vs. Cerdan. Butwhat if the plane hadnt crashed? I think Lamotta still would have won, the guy cant be knocked out, he has the power, and a lot of heart as she showed against laurenthill dauthillle. When Turpin of England had defeated Robinson for the world title in front of a hometown crowd the previous July, it was one of the biggest upsets in boxing history. As the result of a shove more than a blow, the champ and his challenger tumbled to the mat. 11. An opponents defense, however able, meant little to him. The Algerian-born Frenchman wasnt nearly so lucky, dislocating his shoulder and rendering the arm useless. Cerdan spent most of his career at welterweight fighting nobodies in Europe, was past his prime, and had never faced anyone as good as LaMotta and when he did he lost in lopsided fashion. Hes freshand his blows sting. His last defense of the European Welterweight title occurred in 1942 when he TKO'd Spain's Welterweight Champion Jose Ferrer (26-1-4) in the 1st round. Suspecting the fight was fixed, the New York State Athletic Commission withheld purses for the fight and suspended LaMotta. Until then, the thrown fight and a payment of $20,000 to the Mafia got LaMotta his title bout against Marcel Cerdan in Detroit in 1949, which he won when Cerdans corner threw in the towel in the ninth. He was ranked 52nd on Ring Magazine's list of the "80 Best Fighters of the Last 80 Years",[2] and also ranked amongst its list of the 10 greatest middleweights of all time. The realization dawns a split second too late, as the Bronx Bull unloads lefts and rights at the taken-by-surprise Frenchman. [10], LaMotta learned to box while in a reformatory in upstate New York, where he'd been sent for attempted robbery. Your email address will not be published. De Niro lived in Paris for three months, eating at the finest restaurants in order to gain sufficient weight to portray LaMotta after retirement. 2 months after that, Cerdan would cause an upset in the boxing world by beating the tough and talented Tony Zale (67-17-2) for the NBA World Middleweight title when Zale's corner threw in the towel after 11 rounds. Giacobbe "Jake" LaMotta (July 10, 1922 - September 19, 2017) was an American professional boxer, former world middleweight champion, and stand-up comedian. [21] LaMotta won the first round (in which he knocked Cerdan down), Cerdan the second, and the third was even. [41], LaMotta: The Bronx Bull stars actor William Forsythe as LaMotta, while Paul Sorvino plays his father. He returned to the States to make the first defense of the title against Jake LaMotta on June 6, 1949 at Briggs Stadium in Detroit, Michigan. The Algerian-born Frenchman wasnt nearly so lucky, dislocating his shoulder and rendering the arm useless. I also don't think come forward fighters were Zale's problem ,it was cuties he could struggle with. ). French boxer Marcel Cerdan and Jake LaMotta. He was only once sent to the canvas in 106 fights. Almost 40 000 crowded into New Yorks Yankee Stadium to see welterweight world champ Basilio challenge middleweight champ Sugar Ray, the fight also broadcast to 170 closed-circuit theatres. His favorite boxer is Tony Galento -- despite training on spaghetti and meatballs, and beer, Two Ton Tony still managed to knock to the canvas the greatest heavyweight of all time, Joe Louis. He doesnt care about the pain. LaMotta landed a right to Robinson's head and a left to his body, sending him through the ropes. Victory would supposedly have earned LaMotta a shot at the new world light-heavyweight champion Archie Moore in a title fight in February in St Louis. La Motta, Jake with Carter, Joseph and Savage, Peter (1970). Jake LaMotta in training for his 1949 bout with Marcel Cerdan. Cerdan's first defense of the belt, would be against Jake LaMotta.Although the footage above doesn't clearly show it, both fighters were injured at various points during the bout vastly affecting their performance. In the third, Cerdan drives LaMotta toward the ropes, planning to deliver the kind of massive uppercut that finished Zale in the 11th round of their championship bout. He also became a stage actor and comedian. The historic match-up more than lived up to the anticipation with Sugar Ray and The Onion Farmer staging a magnificent, back-and-forth war that saw Basilio take a close decision after 15 brutal rounds. Cerdan can be seen only throwing right hands for a majority of the footage, while LaMotta didn't appear too concerned about his injury it was affecting how hard he could throw his lefts. On February 14, 2021 Of all the most memorable rivalries in the long history of boxing, that between Sugar Ray Robinson and Jake LaMotta stands apart. He gets up slowly, awkwardly, like a marionette guided by an inept puppeteer. It also features Joe Mantegna, Tom Sizemore, Penelope Ann Miller, Natasha Henstridge, Joey Diaz and Ray Wise. Discussion in 'Classic Boxing Forum' started by Melankomas, Jan 31, 2023. LaMotta's autobiography was adapted into the 1980 Martin Scorsese film Raging Bull. World Middleweight Champion. Tottering, he falls on his face. At that point it became clear something was wrong. Cerdan's corner threw in the towel after 9 rounds and the World Middleweight title awarded to Jake LaMotta.A rematch was scheduled between the 2 boxers however in October 1949, Cerdan died in a plane crash on his way back to the USA. LaMotta was awarded a win by TKO and the Middleweight Championship of the World. Zale vs Cerdan. Marcel Cerdan, French boxing legend, KO'd the supposedly unbeatable Tony Zale in 1948 to win the middleweight title, but a dislocated shoulder forced him to surrender it to Jake LaMotta in 1949. Hell, Sister Regina of the Child Jesus could throw a better left. LaMotta won the first round (in which he knocked Cerdan down), Cerdan the second, and the third was even. Jack Lamotta parle de Cerdan. A native New Yorker, Clarence George is a lifelong aficionado of the Sweet Science. LaMotta was finally Middleweight Champion of the World. [Also See: Top 10 Middleweights of All-Time Where do LaMotta and Cerdan rank?]. The legendary St. Boston Sports And Shoulder Center Protocols, To make matters worse for LaMotta, the fight was screened live to millions on CBS in the first sports show to be telecast from Florida. Hornets Draft Picks 2021, Jesus Christ, a couple of jabs and he's going to fall down? And not only fought, but gave LaMotta a hard time. EXCLUSIVE: Lerrone Richards: Moving up the levels, One to Watch: Britains Rising Star Dalton Thunder Smith, McCarthy: Im ready for a world title shot, but not overlooking Jur, Billam-Smith: McCarthy knows Im not easy work, I can get him out of there, Hearn: We want to know by the end of this week if were fighting Fury, Back Stronger: June 5 undercard announced includes Tommy Fury. Jake LaMotta, who died earlier this year aged 95, had a headache before New Year's Eve 1952 was over after he was knocked off his feet for the first time in his career. LaMotta vs. Cerdan. Cerdan died in a plane crash on October 27, 1949. Among his list of achievements to date was beating a prime Sugar Ray Robinson back in 1943, the first man to do so. LaMotta defeated Cerdan of France to win the middleweight title in Detroit. Jake LaMotta won the National Boxing Association World middleweight title by a TKO 10. Many anticipated a crushing Hagler win, but instead the two veterans provided a highly competitive 12 round waltz and, in a huge upset, two of the three judges scored Leonard the winner. 7. LaMotta vs. Robinson I-V [edit LaMotta managed to knock out Cerdan in 10 short rounds, originally a rematch was planned, but Cerdan sadly died in a plane crash. LaMotta was one of the first boxers to adopt the "bully" style of fighting, in that he always stayed close and in punching range of his opponent, by stalking him around the ring, and sacrificed taking punches himself in order to land his own shots. Jake "Bronx Bull" LaMotta v Marcel Cerdan 1949-06-16.Location: Briggs Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USA.. National Boxing Association World MiddleWeight Title. One month later, LaMotta and Reeves fought again in the same arena. [22] The official score had LaMotta as winner by a knockout in 10 rounds because the bell had already rung to begin that round when Cerdan announced he was quitting. Both fighters take it to the center of the ring, Cerdan throwing punches in fluid motion. Cerdan got $51,124 and LaMotta was paid $19,171.50. Robinson was saved by the bell at the count of nine. The autobiographical details include his life as a young teenage criminal; his reformation in prison; his extensive career as an amateur and professional boxer; his struggles with organized crime who kept a boxing title out of reach; and his jealous obsession with his wife, Vikki. At that point it became clear something was wrong. LaMottas 89 th fight was his first title shot and he won the welterweight championship over Marcel Cerdan in 1949 when the champion didnt come out for the 10 th round. LaMotta has pretty much napped since the fight began. LaMotta then lost the world middleweight title to Robinson during a savage beating -- known as the St Valentine's Day Massacre -- in 1951. April 6, 1987: Sugar Ray Leonard W12 Marvelous Marvin Hagler. LaMotta won the World Middleweight title on June 16, 1949, in Detroit, Michigan, defeating Frenchman Marcel Cerdan. Gavilan vs Olson, Cerdan vs Zale, Tiger vs Fullmer, LaMotta vs Dauthuille, Fullmer vs Basilio, Hopkins vs DeLaHoya, LaMotta vs Cerdan, Monzon vs Valdez, Ketchel vs Papke, etc. Nicknamed "The Bronx Bull" or "Raging Bull", LaMotta was a rough fighter who was not a particularly big puncher, but would subject his opponents to vicious beatings in the ring. [9] One of LaMotta's cousins on his father's side was Richard LaMotta, who became an entrepreneur and creator of the Chipwich ice cream treat. At that point it became clear something was wrong. Either I lose the Fox fight or I dont get a chance for the title. LaMotta's record at the time was 72-13-3.Marcel Cerdan is a relatively forgotten fighter in the history of boxing which is a shame, because he was actually a very talented welterweight and middleweight competitor from France with an incredible 111 wins and only 3 losses, 2 of which were by DQ. Marcel Cerdan (111-4-0, 65 KOs), European middleweight champ, faced world champion Tony Zale for the title on September 21, 1948 (Ring Magazines Fight of the Year). At that point it became clear something was wrong. After boxing, LaMotta worked as a bar and nightclub owner and appeared in 15 films. Yellow Atlanta Braves Jersey, The referee looks at his eyes. Jake LaMotta, who died yesterday from complications due to pneumonia, was boxings oldest living former champion and a direct link to the Golden Age of prizefighting, a time when boxing gyms and fight clubs proliferated in every major city, when every division boasted a plethora of warriors worthy of the Hall of Fame, and when the best fought the best, and on a Cerdan floored him in the 3rd and Basilio counterattacked, putting the Frenchman down twice. LaMotta vs. Marcel Cerdan (June 16, 1949) LaMotta became a world champion for the first time on this day. has whispered in his ear. I agree Cerdan was a natural WW for most of his career. At that point it became clear something was wrong. LaMotta won the World Middleweight title on June 16, 1949 in Detroit, Michigan, defeating Frenchman Marcel Cerdan. In 1951, LaMotta again faced Robinson at Chicago Stadium on the 14 February. Due to his aggressive, unrelenting style he was known as "The Bronx Bull. The 1949 World Middleweight title fight between Champion Marcel Cerdan and \"The Bronx Bull\" Jake LaMotta.

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