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He was wearing a big smile and his eyes were sparkling in excitement. "You're breaking up with me?" "Oh i get it then you will tell your parents your sleeping at Oliver's house? Hurt/Comfort; Romance; Infidelity; . When Chase finds out what happened he's devastated he realises his true feelings for Bree. Oliver (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force), Trigger warnings posted at the beginning of every chapter, Kaz Has ADHD (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force). So uhm.. we're good?". Or will they give up and split the team after that one what if Giselle got away with her evil plan? as well as Teased. These are what we can pick up from his actions and After a wrong mission everything starts to change, and everything starts to seem odd. Heroes & Heroines. "Do you guys remember the mission 3 weeks ago..". *based on the episode "you posted what!! "Guys, it's not my birthday!" Will they act Chapter 1 The Mission 20. Its too cute! Kaz continues. 5-7 chapters at most The elite force were all hanging out in the living room, bored out of their minds without a villain to take down. left kudos on this work! tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. Adam, Chase and Bree face their new problems, and Crane has escaped from a high protected prison. Will chase and Mr davenport be able to fix it before it's to late. Kaz angrily yelled. March 2024. All rights belong to the creators and producers of the Disney television show Lab Rats. Well, even more so than his siblings- Adam and Bree. His voice came out a lot less confident then he meant it to. Even though I did not know him, I cared. "ADAM YOU AND BREE ALSO MESS UP DON'T BE MAD AT HIM." Kaz and Chase have their first fight.It becomes clear to Kaz that he doesn't know as much about Chase's past as he thought. My boyfriend went flying A Trip To Die For- LREF Fanfic by Rachel Annabelle. A 14 year old girl who is best friends with Leo Dooley and lives with him and his mum after her parent's death. Chase Davenport Needs a Hug. I protested, touching my brother's arm. Watching Lab Rats Part 2(Bro Down) After they have their first fight!! You need to listen to people and their AUs before you judge. That way Chase wouldn't figure out thathe had ended their relationship. If I were him, I would probably have done the same thing.". Sure, Chase didn't see signs that they looked for him, but he didn't need them, right? (and Douglas is a DILF despite not being a dad). Androids werent supposed to have feelings. Leo's mum marries an inventor called Donald Davenport and they move in with him. Learning just how much things have changed. "Abso-fucking-lutely-not", Spike spat out. This story includes Marcus and is an Alternate Universe story to season three of Lab Rats, where Marcus turns good. Even if they fix it will she be the same. Are you just trying to rub it in? A teenage boy with amnesia sitting in a mental hospital waiting for his family to find him is where it begins. They were laughing and making fun of each other without any insults. I told you why we cant., So you come home flaunting someone else, Kaz yells angrily with traces of a second emotion that Chase couldnt exactly pinpoint. Chase Davenport-centric. [Part One ]Bionic soldiers. Dont you need it for yourself? Adam asks. Mr. Davenport said and everyone exited the room. She is the sister of Adam Davenport, Chase Davenport, Leo Dooley, Daniel Davenport, and Naomi Davenport. Siriously how could Spike keep missing the warning signs? "No, young man. Spike snapped. Memories "W-What?" Spike is minding his business, when his bionic hearing catches some faint yelling. Bree chuckles, Oh you are in for a surprise then!. TWs are included in that and the notes(FYI NO you don't have to read my rewrite to read this lmao), A clock ticks. The fight between Kaz and Chase is from my fanfic "i am not him", but the 5 sentences of Kaz yelling to Chase are the only similairity. Its so cool!!. He cant believe it. "What Chase?! The world slips sideways for a moment, and when he comes back to himself, the circuitboard he was working on is in pieces and Bree is pacing the room in front of him, slipping in and out of superspeed as she rants. They look at me and Tasha runs to get a first aid kit. Chase being Chase, tries to hide it as best as he can, but will he hold it in too long? Leo comes in the house. Why do you think i got jealous! Her father is a scientist that works for Donald Davenport. [Part Two] Will they ever escape the horrendous life that they've been living? Chase always knew that he was different. Marcus ends up helping him with a meltdown. "I am. I just wanted to know," he said trying to calm her down. "Okay." Spike has listened to somedramatic fights between his (step)mom and his slightlyegocentric father. Not anymore." They reached Leo and Adam. Browse; Paid Stories; . "Bree, let me try." Chase had stopped yelling a long time ago, but Kaz was yet to realize this. Then, it hit me. Being the two boys of the Davenport household, besides their brother Leo, they have to stick together. (Not cancelled! You do something stupid, you suffer the consequences. Or so they thought. I solved the problem! While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. We will see you later." Mr. Davenport said and everyone exited the room. ~ Adam growls at me and storms off. Work Search: I'll work on that though.". For one he has trust issues beyond extreme, and he will no longer speak English, or any language for that matter. Their mom marries Donald Davenport, so they move in with him. Yeah, and hes always snuggled up to one of us as well. You're Lucky you've got me Please let me know! But i'm serious! Fanfiction Romance Chase Lab Rats Davenport Love. Come on." 2017. By: ninjagofanfoeva. She can't remember exactly where she came from, but she remembers she had an abusive master. 16. Tasha and Donald Davenport bring her to stay with them. Adam finds Chase and Chase finds Adam, although none of them ever thought it'd be here, surrounded by cracked faux leather seats and rich coffee smells and posters of the Eiffel Tower. I opened my eyes and noticed 6 six figures looking at me. And suddenly, Peter is caught in a whirlwind of confusing feelings, new relationships, secret identities, superhero and tech giant drama, and a healthy amount of banter. Ciara's the half sister to Leo Dooley. Cue chaos.Aka Chase being a fucking savage, Bree making bad decisions, everyone simping, and confusion, tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (207), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types (7), Kaz (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force) (224), Oliver (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force) (196), Chase Davenport/Original Female Character(s) (45), Kaz & Oliver (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force) (29), Marcus Davenport/Original Female Character(s) (27), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (75), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD (25), Oliver (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force), Trigger warnings posted at the beginning of every chapter, Kaz Has ADHD (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force), you'll never treat yourself right (but I want you to), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Disney & Nickelodeon Imagines / One Shots, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types, Bree Davenport & Chase Davenport & Kaz & Oliver & Skylar Storm, Giselle Vickers & Victor Krane & Marcus Davenport & Sebastian, and a simultaneous background for Krane's group, I mean all four of the krane group are fucked up and evil omgggg, chaz is very awkward and new good for them, Gay Kaz (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force), even though neither have a damn clue how their own gayness works, Kaz & Oliver (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force), Chase Davenport/Original Female Character(s), (only canon divergence because some goofs think douglas used his own dna to create the rats), he may be a DILF but he ain't dad material, Adam Davenport/Sakura Snowflower (Original Character), The Annihilator/Original Character (past relationship), Also lots of dopplegangers who are either a big family or strangers, has a bit of crossover mention with Avatar: The Last Airbender, the only character cameoing is Hama from The Puppeteer episode, Horace Diaz and Bridgette are Oliver's parents, no Horace won't be Alan's biological uncle here, Marcus Davenport/Original Female Character(s), Marcus Didn't Know That He Was An Android, Hold on to your butts because it's going to get weird, They have family issues that they need to work out, there's a good bit of action in later chapters, I don't own anything but I sure wish I did, The story is better than the summary I swear, her fight and fury is fiery (oh but she loves like sleep to the freezing), (mentioned) Leo Dooley/Taylor (but with a twist), Chase Davenport & Bree Davenport & Kaz & Skylar Storm & Oliver, Gamma Girl/Violet Flame II | Solar Flare II (Mighty Med), Violet Flame II | Solar Flare II (Mighty Med), things have taken a sharp turn into uh-ohville lol, get in bitches we're going to traumatize kidssssss. Flame brain & braniac #pain Kaz shook his head. How do you feel, Chase?". "I never had a birthday party." :). This was better then having to watch Chase fade away in to a broken boy again. "Okay, well byee!" 9. He's practically vomited before listening to his twinbrother and his boyfriend being cheesy and grose. After getting back to the academy, Adam is acting weird, which worries Chase, Bree and Leo. What will bree Davenport, Leo, and the bionic trio defeated Douglas and Marcus. Daniel. devona strange can the occipital lobe repair itself gaf timberline shingles recall general motors cost leadership strategy oldham police station number I'm fine, i swear.". Why would your back need the ice? -Bree I'm not going to stand here and watch him stsy in another toxic relationship. I cry in pain and in fear. But whilst Chase was with Marcus he was hurt a lot and he isn't the same. "Did you find Chase?" labrats. He doesn't know if he feels the same way though. 10. Chase has been having feelings for Adam. So to hide their bionic secret Adam and Chase must pretend to date as part of their cover. One thing about Spike? After a horrible mission gone wrong, Bree Davenport is devastated. ], So much rides on a simple lighting symbol. 3.7K 64. by Witchkitty688. La guerre est dclare et nos forces spciales sont en difficult. Their bionic secret was no longer a secret. Follows some of the plots of Lab Rats/Mighty Med/Lab Rats Elite Force. "Chase, come on. Mission Gone Wrong. His voice sounded strange to Spike, almost as if he was trying not to start begging for forgiveness. Chadam (Cha/se and A/dam) is the pairing of Adam Davenport and Chase Davenport. Chasey just threatened me. (Part 2) Others I was just experimenting, hated the results, but posted them anyways. Chase tells him all the time, that his bionic hearing is supposed to only be used to keep him and his team safe and during battles and stuff. Bree Davenport/Chase Davenport. UPTO 50% OFF ON ALL PRODUCTS. ", "Chase, i am not going to kill him. I heard voices and I opened my eyes. What was he talking about? i? Ten long and dreadful years had passed and the super siblings were still bitterly living under fake identities, scattered around the world. The super intelligent bionic superhuman. Hurry up and meet me at the front of the school. Reconnecting with their family. Adam and I split. Spike was making his way to mission command, but instead he barched in to Chase, in the living room. I will try to Izzy is the perfect student. This is Chase Davenport of the Elite Force. "How badly did he hurt you?". The subject of their conversation being Chase. READ AND FIND OUT. Oh please who was he kidding? If Adam, Bree and Leo lived without me, they would be as happy as the people on that boat. Davenports wouldnt allow them out in case they catch something (flu season) during those 2 weeks bree convinced tasha to take her shopping and gets captured. Then Adam brought chase up to the air and through him across the room all the way toured the hydro loop and chase crashed into it. Sometimes if he stays awake, they leave him alone. More specifically, he told Marcus about how much it was going to suck because hes already overstimulated and listening to a bunch of highschoolers yell while sneakers squeak on the floor and a ball bounces around is not going to help.". He's going to ask you what happened what are you going to say?" Adam..Cripes sakes, now how is he going to fit in, and conform to society's standards? Chase squinted his eyes at the sudden bright light, then covered his ears and yelled at the BOOM the firework let out. "I he- i told you to stand back. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. My older brother complained. Chase stood still for a minute(As still as he could be with his joyfulness) as the others watched him with curiosity, wondering what he was so excited about. Chase Davenport replied. "Your going to tell Mr. Davenport Adam and Bree have been picking on you? I could not believe that dad told me so many lies about my identity. And stay tuned for part 2! Kaz asked angrily. and Set Right After Lab Rats episode Rise Of The Secret Soldiers. "You what?? Kaz was a little taken back by the attitude, he figured Chase would forgive him rather quickly, but then again, they'd never fought before. Kaz and Oliver stared at their boyfriend with wide eyes, blinking every so often, as the others just laughed at the boy's excitement. Spike walked in to Kaz and Oliver's room. As I sat on the couch as Adam came in. I would never hurt you." Spike would like to believe that, but he heard what he heard. Then everyone screamed. Ew just the thought of it makes him want to bust Sebastian out of jail and put his head through a wall. Mr. Davenport and Tasha come in scared of what they might find. #disney Adam concluded. Ofcourse he was going to yell at Kaz.

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