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As weve shared before, some of 2022s missing mega deals stemmed from growth-stage digital health companies reluctance to raise in this market environment for fear of the dreaded down round. At-home diagnostics, digital biomarkers, and remote patient monitoring innovation continue to improve the virtual care experience, however, telemedicine isnt a complete replacement for diagnosis or treatment that requires an in-person visit. In addition to dealing with frontline priorities, 2022 saw key health systems continue to carve out brainspace to expand and explore new businesses that would diversify revenue streams in years to comean important balance even as tough times bias toward short-term solutions. An overview of Bellevue Healthcare Strategies. There are some companies we can point to that are similar in how they generate revenue, who their customers are, as well as their growth rates and margins, but it is almost always impossible to find the perfect pure-play comp. For example, our portfolio company Folx began selling to employers as LGBTQ+ employees requested these services. The answer is valuation. Medly Pharmacy, which operates a full-service digital pharmacy, saw . Mobile privacy updates gave way to rising customer acquisition costs (CAC); for some D2C digital health startups, CAC is estimated to have rocketed from $150 in 2018 to $500-$1,000 in 2022. Let's do the math with a real . The multiple has been sliced over the last year. We recommend individuals and companies seek professional advice on their circumstances and matters. That number is still much higher than pre-pandemic . Many Digital Health companies are now at a much more advanced stage of business maturity, their business models have been firmly established, and their path to profitability has gained visibility. Adopting a more conservative mindset, Q4 2022 saw Big Tech players recenter digital health strategies within their tried-and-true operational fields. Growth stage of the business. Further information on investor rights can be found on the Management Company's website ( In the absence of cheap cash to purchase consumers or a captive audience of pandemic-time buyers, D2C companies were forced to look hard at operational efficiency and customer lifetime value. Fund documents Bellevue Funds and Bellevue Healthcare Strategy, Prospectus, Key Investor Information Document (KID), fund contract as well as the annual and semi - annual reports of the Bellevue Medtech and Services fund established under Swiss law in the category "Other Funds for Traditional Investments" are available free of charge from : Switzerland : Swisscanto Fondsleitung AG, Bahnhofstrasse 9 , CH - 8001 Zrich or Bellevue Asset Management AG, Seestrasse 16 , CH - 8700 Kusnacht. In 2022, the strained supply of clinicians in healthcare is likely to be exacerbated. As risk shifts from health plans to providers, we will continue to see digital managed service organizations (MSO) serve as the chassis of digital health. . You can also find us on twitter and LinkedIn. We recommend individuals and companies seek professional advice on their circumstances and matters. A tech-enabled renaissance for the independent clinician, 6. Revenue is increasing, so why are stock prices going down? HealthTech the use of technology to deliver or improve clinical health services to patients was one of the most active and growing industries of 2020. For digital health insights targeted to your needs, drop us a note. I was slightly curious regarding whether or not equity research analysts believed that the operating environment would deteriorate over the coming 12 months. Several D2C digital health equities including Peloton (-78%), Owlet (-79%), and Beachbody (-78%) ended the year at fractions of their 2022 opening prices. In the second half of 2021, the trailing 12-month median EV/S multiple was 5.6x up from from a 3.6x the previous period and 3x the year prior. Braff said that services-based businesses, like the mental health segment, would normally sell for a valuation range of 4x to 6x of EBITDA, earnings . Further information on investor rights can be found on the Management Company's website ( For D2C startups, 2022s Achilles heel was rooted in larger economic forces, rather than sector-specific factors. Disruptive Healthcare Valuations Decline. Nothing in this website is intended to be or should be construed or taken as accountancy, investment, tax or any other kind of advice. Q4 2022: How did the Swiss valuation parameters and the European M&A volume develop? The financial products mentioned on this site are not suitable for all investors. Health systems strategizing for the years ahead are coming to realize that their beyond-the-hospital care offerings must stand up to a growing pool of competitors. While we may see some of the valuation gaps between public and private markets narrow in 2022, we continue to be optimistic that the IPO market will remain open and create more opportunities for M&A in our industry. Today, we are seeing a crop of new platforms that are viable partners for us.. 4 Abs. May 9, 2022 2. Paying and information agent: atl Capital, Calle de Montalbn 9, ES-28014 Madrid. But the principle driving revenue multiples is that startups of a particular industry operate in similar . In 2022, many more infrastructure companies will blossom to support the virtual care ecosystem. Therefore, particular importance is attached to ensuring that these sites are not intended for legal entities or natural persons, who have their registered office or who reside in such countries, their territories or dependencies or who, on account of their citizenship or similar status, are subject to the law of one of these countries. Digital health companies must rethink incentives to recruit and retain the best clinician talent. While twelve months ago there was a relatively stronger emphasis on top-line growth or 'growth at all costs,' we now see a stronger focus on profitability. : In 2023, the average EBITDA multiples for software companies also plummeted compared to 2022 . Last year we predicted that the commoditization of telemedicine would unlock holistic virtual care. This holds true within the mental health space and largely within the digital health startup landscape. When we broadly examine what we call the Disruptive Healthcare peer group to get a sense of what is happening in public markets, this may translate into insights about our market, which is at the intersection of digital health and mental health. The most impactful findings of the "2022 RIA Deal Room" report include: Eye-opening valuations and a flattening curve. Health systems 2022 innovation grace under pressure is noteworthy and sets a precedent for other major healthcare companies facing less difficult, but nonetheless challenging situations. We hope 2022 is a turning point for the digital health industry when it comes to clinical outcomes and would encourage all companies to make these necessary investments even from their earliest days. The management company may decide to cancel the arrangements it has made for the distribution of the units of its collective investment undertakings in accordance with Article 93a of Directive 2009/65/EC and Article 32a of Directive 2011/61/EU. And while these companies did not perform as well in the public markets in 2021 as in prior years, we are confident that the overall basket of digital health assets is more mature and valuable than ever before. More than private market valuations, this trend will pressure the amount of capital available, and even more so if the public markets continue to contract and investors can find yield in less-risky public securities. These can be obtained free of charge in German from Bellevue Asset Management (Deutschland) GmbH, your advisor or intermediary, the paying agents, the responsible depositary (UBS Europe SE, Bockenheimer Landstrasse 2-4, D-60306 Frankfurt am Main) or from the management company Donner & Reuschel AG, Ballindamm 27, 20095 Hamburg, These entities provide outsourced management functions, including not only administrative and financial but also care management services. After an astonishing $45 billion poured into new digital health companies in 2020 and 2021, and an early 2021 peak in market valuations of publicly-traded digital health providers, valuations and multiples have collapsed. Providers like nurse practitioners, physician assistants, health coaches, nutritionists, counselors, and pharmacists have served as critical providers in the healthcare system given the physician shortage and the high cost of hiring a large physician team. Nothing on this page is intended to be or should be construed or taken as accountancy, investment, tax or any other kind of advice. Despite differences in patient population, specialty focus, or go-to-market strategy, these care delivery companies are digital-first: they have multidisciplinary expertise across business, engineering, and medicine, and iterate and build consumer-centered products in a fast and agile way. 2022 Public SaaS Valuation Multiples. 80 people interested. By clicking on "Accept", you confirm that you agree to the legal provisions. Austria: Paying and information agent: Zeidler Legal Process Outsourcing Ltd., SouthPoint, Herbert House, Harmony Row, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2, Ireland. They are beginning to place a premium on benefits that support diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as employee satisfaction and productivity. Since that time, our industry has quickly matured from the infant stages of technology adoption (think: EMRs, HIE, PHM) to its current teenage digital health self. These companies will focus on different steps in the value chain of virtual care: For example, (1) communication and remote patient monitoring with companies like Memora Health and Avon Health, (2) EHR, data storage and analysis with companies like Zus Health, Healthie, and Canvas Medical, (3) provider workforce management and productivity with companies like our portfolio company AspenRx, and (4) billing and payment pipes with companies like Candid Health. The information and services provided on the sites are not intended for offer to or use by legal entities or natural persons in legal jurisdictions or countries in which the offer or use thereof would violate local legislation or legal provisions, or in which business units forming part of Bellevue Group would be subject to registration requirements in such jurisdictions or countries. However, we are certainly preparing for any outcome. As a16z. Excluding COVID-19 and behavioral care visits, patient encounters were 6.2% lower compared to early 2019, suggesting that some patients permanently forwent pandemic-delayed care. Drivers toward this cycles crest in mid-2021 have been well documented. What is the right multiple? This marked a reversal in capital concentration (a funding environment where late-stage companies attract a disproportionate share of total dollars invested), a phenomenon prevalent in digital health from 2019-2021. The multiple has been sliced over the last year. Digital technology has the potential to capture huge value in healthcare systems around the world, with the benefit of improving care while also driving down its cost. The S&P Healthcare Services Index decreased by 13.4% in January compared to the S&P 500 Index, which decreased 5.3%. The EBITDA multiple will depend on the size of the subject company . While this may sound like a hefty cohort, it pales in comparison to the volume of mega-rounds raised in 2021 (88) and even 2020 (43). In Q4 2022, FinTech companies in the SEG Index recorded a median EV/Revenue multiple of 5.4x, less than half compared to pre-pandemic levels. For example, Amazon now has built an omnichannel experience between online, prime delivery, and wholefoods shopping experiences. We expect to see a record number of acquisitions as large digital health companies, both public and private, recognize the need to add mental health to their offerings to deliver comprehensive care., There has been much debate about the tension between DTC companies doing good by expanding access or doing harm by scaling irresponsibly. Healthcare Software (relating to hospital management, patient analytics and pharmaceuticals) was the most active sector, accounting for 65% of transactions. You can reach the Healthcare team via Steve Kraus ([email protected]), Sofia Guerra ([email protected]), Andrew Hedin ([email protected]), and Morgan Cheatham ([email protected]). Health, Safety & Fire Protection Equipment: 10.52: Healthcare Facilities . 5 paragraph 1 and 3-4 FinSA and Art. Later Stage VC: 22-Dec-2022: $2M: 00.00: Completed: Generating Revenue: 4. Lifestance Health Group is the only pure mental health comp that I can find. The management company may decide to cancel the arrangements it has made for the distribution of the units of its collective investment undertakings in accordance with Article 93a of Directive 2009/65/EC and Article 32a of Directive 2011/61/EU. Employers have begun to acknowledge that increasing access to care requires both a refactoring of existing insurance policies, coupled with investments that quantify and deepen LGBTQ+ specialization in provider networks. Numerator / Denominator = Ratio = Business Value / Business Metric = Multiple. The indications for the new year are good. We ended 2021 reflecting on the rise of digital health solutions selling direct-to-consumer (D2C), as increased out-of-pocket healthcare spend gave startups consumer dollars to aim for. As an investor, Im starting to anticipate that great deals will once again be available, at better prices. By Steve Kraus, Sofia Guerra, Andrew Hedin, Morgan Cheatham, $14.6 billion across 464 companies in 2020, we saw a drop in the number of visits and declining satisfaction across consumers with telemedicine in 2021, has increased wages for per-diem and travel nursing and Allied Health 3x in 12 months, Roadmap: Enabling entrepreneurship in the creator economy. | The more restrained digital health . In 2021, there were eight completed IPOs and 15 SPAC mergers in the digital health space, which was by far the . Something went wrong while submitting the form. 1. The performance data are calculated without taking account of commissions and costs that result from subscriptions and redemptions and commissions and costs have a negative impact on performance. In this article, we provide an overview of the digital health . Health systems werent the only ones facing uphill battles in 2022. Take a look at the above chart which shows the average EV/NTM Revenue multiple for the peer group. Further information on investor rights can be found on the Management Company's website ( Understanding a company's role in the ever more digitised market and how well positioned it is to take advantage of the recent changes can help both shareholders and investors gain a deeper understanding of valuation drivers.

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