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The Cooper Institute and Cooper Clinic were both founded by Dr. Cooper, but they are separate organizations. At the end, patients can expect an hour-long sit-down with an internal medicine physician to discuss findings and craft recommendations. Join our community of people focused on health & well-being. Whether you need a full-spectrum health exam, nutrition counseling or a targeted diagnostic review, we offer a broad range of options that will fit any need. Suite 101 Please review. Findings from the CCLS established the links between fitness and heart disease, dementia, healthcare costs and more. But the program is popular: Admissions to EHP have grown from 10,887 patients in 2011 to 17,667 in 2015, Grobart reports. Menu. Fantastic experience with skilled and compassionate doctors. But executive physicals can be valuable for key employees further down the corporate ladder, too, including rising stars you want to retain and individual contributors with a unique skill set that is hard to recruit. 5 stars Get the latest exclusive associate discounts, Walmart stories, and more delivered right to your inbox monthly. Productivity: Healthier employees are not only happier, but they are also likely to be more productive in their roles. It usually includes a comprehensive exam, extensive blood work, vision and hearing tests, and checks for. Your submission has been received! 5 stars For instance, patients dont have to come in beforehand to provide blood for testing. 866.906.2667 (COOP) COOPER CLINIC 972.560.2667 (866.906.2667) Comprehensive Preventive Exam 866.906.2667 (COOP) Appointment Request Form. Executive Health Our unique Executive Health Program provides executives with advanced preventive care designed to identify health risks and detect diseases at their earliest stages. She takes the time to get to know you and remembers personality details. It will be staffed by College of Dentistry students under the supervision of licensed faculty. Its not that were anti-scanning or anti-radiology, Ansell says. Throughout the United States, companies are looking for ways to keep their most important employees at peak productivity. All users of our online services are subject to our Privacy Statement and agree to be bound by the Terms of Service. Dr. Camron Nelson, MD is a Family Medicine Specialist in Dallas, TX and has over 38 years of experience in the medical field. During this time, I have experienced exceptional in person and at a distance communication and follow-up. Business Cards View All Business Cards Compare Cards Corporate Card Programs For Startups For Large Companies Payment Solutions International Payments Employee Spending Vendor Payments Automated Payments View All Payment Solutions Business Class Business Class I've been told they are in process of hiring an additional doctor in this area ) The organization and process was impressive. He also performed all of recommended evaluations for my age and gender. Thank you! He must have got me in a tight spot on my muscle. Personal EDGE assessments provide busy individuals with the knowledge and skills essential to continued personal success and healthy living. Concierge practices see far fewer patients and offer a more intimate atmosphere when compared to the larger hospital systems, while still providing the benefits of an advanced executive physical exam. Or maybe your company has a key person risk problem and losing just one person with an indispensable skillset will severely limit the company. Cooper Clinic Dermatology patients receive Texas Head-to-toe assessments provide CEOs, senior business leaders and health-conscious individuals with specialized care focused on restoring and preserving health. We believe that the potential of a community lies in the health and well-being of its members. SCHEDULE AN EXECUTIVE HEALTH PREVENTIVE EXAM. If you are an executive whose company has an Executive Health account at Cooper Clinic, complete this form or call 972.560.3227 to schedule your preventive exam. The Executive Health Exam, done by expert physicians dedicated to preventative medicine, identifies . . Donate Today. There are several executive physical providers, from smaller, boutique options (like PartnerMD) to regional health systems and even mega-hospitals like the Mayo Clinic. Depil Brazil Waxing Studio - Dallas Preston. The person who administers the stress test is great. Explore Map. Cooper Clinic | Dallas, Texas Dallas Texas 75230 Mon - Fri: 7:00AM - 5:00PM Sat - Sun: Closed Read reviews Learn more About Cooper Clinic in Dallas provides patients an individualized, in-depth picture of their health, an action plan to improve it and their test results--all in less than a day. Contact: 919.660.6606, 972.560.3227 The University of Pennsylvanias executive health program is modeled on concierge services. Executive physical programs are typically billed directly to the individual or their employer, and not processed through insurance. Time to complete this education training is 2 weeks. Typically, executive physicals range from $1,000-$5,000, depending on how comprehensive the specific physical is. We dont have a package. The cost of an executive physical is best considered an investment. *Are you interested in setting up annual Cooper Clinic exams for one or more of your company's executives? An indispensable guide to finance, investing and entrepreneurship. Share Save. Cooper Aerobics | 4,380 followers on LinkedIn. We inspire others to live long, healthy lives by advocating for resources, programs and laws that place wellness and healthy aging within reach. With more than 30 customization options and three different levels, we customize your physicals to meet the needs of not only each individual but each company. Most business owners and their employees have always gotten the same $250 annual health checkup, which typically consists of spending a few hours waiting for the doctor, then having your vital signs checked before you have a 10-minute chat about test results and your overall health. I had an excellent experience this year at my annual physical with Dr. Lilly and his team. Executive physicals are offered by three types of medical providers large hospitals, regional health systems, and concierge medicine practices. As an executive physical provider since 2003, weve worked with countless executives to deliver a complete picture of their health through our executive physical program. Patients are paired with a doctor who is local to you, and who can typically offer same-day, extended appointments, chairman and CEO Bret Jorgensen says. A healthy workforce is not only a happy workforce but a productive one, too. Life-Changing Diagnosis for Fort Worth Executive. Nothing more. And you leave with the peace of mind that precious time has been saved. Check out all opportunities here. Our goal when patients call in is, if they have a unique problem, we reach out to our resources everywhere in the clinic., Contact: [email protected], 507.284.2288, We offer the most customizable, cutting-edge executive physicals on the market. Research shows fit students perform better inside and outside the classroom. "Executive physical" can be a misleading name because access to this type of service is not limited to corporate executives. Chief Human Resource Officers (CHRO) & HR Directors: At mid-size to large companies, Chief Human Resource Officers and HR Directors are often given the leeway to build their benefits programs in ways they see fit. The Cooper Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that specializes in life-changing research. By keeping business owners from getting sick and improving their health, he explains, the comprehensive exams can improve a companys performance and bottom line. Patients can trust the tests indicated are individualized and exactly what is needed. Cost: $1,800-$4,000 Duke Executive Health Program Location: Durham, NC Program: 1 day Approx. A lot of these tests end up not telling you much, she says. There are several executive physical providers, from smaller, boutique options (like PartnerMD) to regional health systems and even mega-hospitals like the Mayo Clinic. That gives you time to review the information and discuss next steps with your physician. Accepting new patients. Learn how simple, easy adjustments you can make that will give you meaningful tools you need to maximize your future health and keep you looking and feeling years . All of my test results were discussed and explained. The Cooper Clinic provides and excellent place to work with a focus on healthcare and client satisfaction. Michael G 5 stars The Mount Sinai program in New York connects its clients with the most experienced medical professionals from one of the nations top hospitals. Everything we share at The Cooper Institute is grounded in research. A key reason to choose the Cleveland Clinics program is the relatively long-term executive health experience of its doctors. This school offers training in 3 qualifications, with the most reviewed qualifications being Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Correctional Officer, and Personal Trainer Certification from the Cooper Institute. Cooper Clinic Executive Health in Dallas helps executives improve their health to improve their productivity. Since 1970, Cooper Clinic's reputation for providing comprehensive preventive exams spans the globeconducting more than 265,000 exams for more than 100,000 people. Emerging Disease Resources & Visitor Guidelines, Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth. Contact: 610.731.1429, It was in the top three most painful jabs I've ever received. READ MORE: 7 Top Executive Wellness Programs for Women, Contact: 866.320.4573, Dr. Cooper, known as the "Father of Aerobics", founded The Cooper Institute in 1970 to explore the relationship between fitness and wellness. Even at the highest end, healthcare can be frustrating,,, Cooper Clinic Executive Health 12200 Preston Road Dallas, TX 75230 972.560.3227 866.906.2667 (COOP) Send an email Facilities such as the Cooper Clinic, Scripps Health in San Diego, and the Cleveland Clinic offer "executive physicals" for $2,000 to $3,000 depending on the extent of the exam. Accepting new patients. Instead of vague recommendationslose weight, get more sleepwhich are easy to ignore, Elliott says Northwestern patients leave with a bulleted list of specific actions to take to improve their health. The Executive Health program offers two examination options specifically geared to provide high levels of care for busy professionals. Instead, the Tisch Center treats screening as a springboard for ongoing care., Contact: 646.754.2000, Jerralyn M It would be difficult to find a sane and rational person who disagreed with the statement that regular exercise is good for you, and that more is better within reasonable limits. 972.560.2667 (COOP) The only other non-positive was the vaccine jab I received. Here's why: The allure of the executive physical stems partly from its sheer breadth. This information can change frequently, so be sure to contact your facility to see if there are any updates that could affect your stay. In a variant dubbed concierge medicine, doctors charge patients a $1,500. At PartnerMD, our executive physicals range from $1,000 for a Classic Physical to $4,000 for a Signature Physical. By: Cookies help us improve your website experience. Each EHP visit costs $5,000, and the cost doesn't include food, lodging, or airfare. Read our full story here. Rebecca T This means that beyond being experts in their fields at a top national medical center, the clinics doctors also understand the stresses and pressures that executives face every day, notes Dr. Richard Lang, department chair of preventative medicine and a staff physician in executive health. And if it wasnt before COVID, it sure is now. We're looking for great new physicians to join our team. For an individual, the ramifications to an executives long-term health are clear: Every dollar an executive spends proactively avoiding health care costs saves them many dollars in attempting to repair larger issues that could develop down the road. Our premier executive physical, the Elitra Exam, is conducted by world-class longevity doctors who provide a comprehensive health roadmap, which will improve your executives' overall health and longevity. For practical reasons, executive physicals also often dont include tests, such as colonoscopies, that require advance preparation or sedation. But that depth comes at a cost of $2,500 to $10,000, depending on which tests are conducted. Last fall Canyon Ranch in Tucson hooked up with the Cleveland Clinic to offer a $3,700 four-day executive physical. The center's 30-acre Dallas campus caters to busy executives seeking a one-day preventative screening, as well as individuals who want to focus on improving overall fitness, diet and health habits through a stay at the center's hotel. Are you retaining your top talent for the same reason? Our patients receive expeditious comprehensive preventive health examinations from doctors who study, teach, and are trained in the latest advances in medicine and patient care. Contact: 312.926.1300, *Please select the Cooper Clinic service (s) you are requesting for an appointment (may select more than one option). Contact: 212.241.8000,, The mantra at NYUs Tisch Center for Mens Health is competency and compassion in medical care, says Dr. Steven Lamm, medical director of the New York facility which, as the name implies, focuses on mens health. Dr. Cooper returned to Dallas in 1896, after finishing dental school, and opened an office on Commerce Street. Companies often provide executive physicals as part of their benefits package to key employees (or all employees). Large hospitals attract patients from all over the world. Our programs provide convenient, private and comprehensive health exams specifically designed to fit into your busy schedule. And the ability to identify hidden vulnerabilities while only having to schedule a single appointment is priceless. How much do executive physicals cost? The photo was taken of Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, Founder and Chairman of Cooper Aerobics at Cooper Clinic in Dallas in the 1970s. The entire staff could not have been more attentive and skilled. How Much Does an Executive Physical Cost? Please answer the following three questions so we can further direct your weight loss inquiry. The CCF, led by board chairman Dr. Daniel Cooper, helps with care, prostheses, orthotics, juvenile joint replacements, and whatever the extraordinary young folks they serve need to thrive. Legal. 12330 Preston Road Dallas, TX . Typically, executive physicals range from $1,000-$5,000, depending on how comprehensive the specific physical is. Cooper Wellness Strategies - Dallas. Instead, samples are collected in the morning when they arrive and test results are available later that same day. These are world-renowned facilities like the Mayo Clinic or the Cleveland Clinic. And just like with anything else, one common question we get is about price. Its a preventive exam unlike any other. For a business, there are four ways to measure the ROI of an executive physical program. Please toggle the snapshots that you want to view. READ MORE: 6 Outstanding Wellness Retreats to Escape to in 2019, Contact: [email protected], 410.955.9819,, Our program is built around prevention and wellness and healthy lifestyles, says Dr. Kurt Carlson of the Rochester, Minn.-based center (Mayo also has programs in Florida and Arizona). Yes, most companies do get them for at least their CEO, if not the entire C-Suite, and it can often be a comfortable starting point when just dipping your toes into the world of executive physicals. For instance, if a radiologist interpreting a mammogram indicates the need for an ultrasound or even a biopsy, the extra test will usually be done that day. My nurse for the evening was very helpful. ; and And his patient advocate, Susan, will set up the appointment once Ive recovered from the surgery I was having in late December. 972.560.2667 (COOP) After all, your businessand your lifedepends on it. Our most comprehensive exam, the Platinum Exam includes a thorough review of patient medical history along with a physical exam, extensive diagnostics and blood profile (such as genetic factors related to cholesterol levels), a cardiopulmonary evaluation with vascular screening and a chest X-ray, and an in-depth nutritional and lifestyle evaluation and a physician consultation. Every day, they balance their leadership role within the company with their personal life at home. off a single service. Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program 13400 E. Shea Blvd. They have everything you need: Dining, pool, fitness center, spa, tennis courts and a walking/running path. Executive Physicals: What Are They? Cooper Clinic Location: Dallas and McKinney, TX Program: 1 day Approx. Scottsdale, AZ 85259 Phone: 480-301-8088 Florida Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program 4500 San Pablo Road Jacksonville, FL 32224 Phone: 904-953-2907 Minnesota Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program 200 First St. SW Rochester, MN 55905 Phone: 507-284-2288 London, United Kingdom Executive Physical, Cooper Clinic. Who is your registered dietitian nutritionist? Your apps and work related links will be available next time you're back on. Health and wellness is a focus for millions of people and countless companies. Cooper Fitness Center. To make an appointment call 1.800.235.6733 Temple's executive health and wellness program Personal EDGE in Dallas A comprehensive medical examination, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle evaluations and a personalized fitness programall in one luxurious setting conveniently located in Dallas, Texas. Advanced labs, lipid panel, inflammation markers, and genetic testing from Cleveland HeartLab, Advanced imaging including a CT Heart Scan to know your exact calcium score, Assessments of cognitive function and emotional health particularly under stress and conflict, Multiple specialty consultations with physical therapists, dietitians, and certified health coaches. Alicia King, Executive Health on January 26th, 2023. Business executives lead busy lives. Cared for by Cooper Clinic's team of preventive medicine experts, you receive an unparalleled level of personal care and attention. Executive health appointment began like any other: health screenings, a treadmill stress test and a head-to-toe examination, but it concluded with a discovery that led to a life-changing diagnosis. Text BETTER to 88408 to get started. They all obviously have their differences and one of them is cost. While our preventive exam is among the most comprehensive youll find anywhere, its also among the most efficient.

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