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2022 by Mary Hallberg, Proudly created with Wix.com. It was originally built in 1911 to function as the Denver Tramway building, it later hosted the University of Denver and the Denver Center for Performing Arts before being retrofit in 1997 to became a hotel. Most people have heard of the Unsinkable Molly Brown, as she was a survivor of the Titanic tragedy. Lumber Baron Inn BOOK NOW 2555 W 37th Ave, Denver, CO 80211 John Mouat was a lumber baron in Denver in 1890. The abandoned town of Caribou near Denver, Colorado. On some moonlit nights, the outlines of the old graves can still allegedly be seen. If you are looking for your own ghostly experience at Denvers haunted Byers-Evans House, head to 1310 Bannock Street. Electrical interferences and eerie baby cries from empty rooms were also reported. It was bought by the city of Denver in 1908 and is now the Montclair Civic Building. Denver Colorado United States of America North America Place 29 comments Best TillMyEyesBleed 4 yr. ago One of the problems with exploring abandoned places, is that their explorers like to keep them to their selves, I've found. Some people attribute these potential hauntings and the airports construction to the land on which it sits. Local legends tell of a school bus that was caught when one of the tunnels collapsed, and there are stories of children's screams being heard in the area. The lover murdered Jessica, a chambermaid, and then committed suicide. A security guard there reportedly quit after working a shift in the basement and getting too scared. You can check into the haunted Brown Palace Hotel at 321 17th Street. The cemetery was transformed into a park when people stopped caring for the cemetery. Phantom voices and, Dunklee Hall, in the Lamont School of Music, is. The land was converted to the park in 1907. While some of the old mansions remain, new contemporary apartment complexes and condos have joined the once elite neighborhood. With the towns extensive history there would be doubt that the reclaimed wood would be centuries old and as authentic as one could get. Photograph courtesy of Legends of America, Location:300 Bennett Drive, Cripple Creek, CO 80813. To add even more to the odd ghosts in this hotel, witnesses have seen and heard a string quartet practicing their routines. *Free shipping on most orders. Haunted Denver, Colorado. What most do not suspect is that the park has some very dark secrets lying just beneath its surface. Molly has been sighted by many while J.J. usually makes his presence known by the wafting scents of pipe tobacco filling empty rooms of the now smoke free museum. Where: Black Forest Regional Park, 12630 Milam Rd., Colorado Springs (address of trailhead) Hike: This 2.9 . At one point in time it housed two of the citys most important and prominent families. People also visit the city so that they can check out different places that are supposedly home to paranormal activity. Or just cool places in town to check out. Come along for the ride! I even contacted, Flying is already pretty stressful. Many have also reported sighting a man dressed in an old-time train conductor uniform hanging around the area where a train ticket booth once sat. Other entities exist within the Peabody-Whitehead Mansion, including a depressed bride who hanged herself on her wedding day named Elloise and a gentleman who smokes in the female bathrooms. Psst The Stanley Hotel offers its guests Night Ghost Tours that take you tothe basement rooms of The Concert Hall and the famous tunnel after dark, where Flora and F.O. Molly Martin is a Denver-based freelance writer who never hung out in an abandoned missile silo when she was in high school. People go into abandoned areas all the time, and there are probably a lot of surgeons in Denver. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Is this what the ghosts of Riverside are so upset about? Located on Colorados Million Dollar Highway between Ouray and Silverton the Red Mountain Ghost Town stands abandoned as a result of the closure of the National Bell Mine. The hotel itself has embraced its paranormal past and states that ithas become renowned by specialists and experts in the field of paranormal investigation as one of the nations most active sites. He has written over 27 books on the history, crime, and ghosts of Denver. Visitors can tour the buildings and see the possible reclaimed wood first hand in the Summer months. That's right. Abandoned buildings in Nevadaville ghost town, near Central City, CO. Photo by: survived through decades of economic challenges, a fire ravaged everything in the community, historically significant and storied destinations, abandoned mining community south of Pikes Peak, Dining Guide at Denver International Airport. In the first story, the male politician was caught in an affair but chose his wife over his mistress. Mrs. Patterson is said to mess with the fire alarms and turn the lights on in the Biltmore suite her old room whenever couples staying there start getting, umromantic. HauntedPlaces.org claims that the hotel was built on old railroad tracks and is believedto be haunted by many apparitions. 9. 1. Interestingly, the mist is said to come out of the ground in a spiral shape. It's easy to see why - many ghosts are said to occupy the hotel. The home became the property of Thomas Patterson two years later. During its hospital days, the Molkery was reportedly a site of patient abuse and those patients are still not very happy about what went on there. One of the more interesting Capitol ghost stories involves two serial killers who were killed themselves in a shootout in 1883. Get in touch if you would like more information! Hotel Colorado, located in Glenwood Springs, was built in 1891 during Colorados mining boom and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These are just a few of the historical places standing today that would make astounding salvage sites for reclaimed wood. After 74 years, its beet sugar production ended in 1977 as the industry faded from the Colorado landscape. As if everyone at once stood up and walked away, leaving open drawers and overturned coffee mugs amidst shattered glass and broken dreams. The Oxford is both the oldest hotel and one of many haunted places in Denver. However, based on an urban legend, Croke went into the home only once and vowed never to return. If the problems during the construction process werent enough, other unusual problems and situations have arisen. Like most of the other ghost towns in Colorado, St. Elmo was deserted after the mining boom. This paranormal entity is a bit of a schoolyard bully, One of the more interesting Capitol ghost stories involves two serial killers w. There are also a couple of stories about politicians engaging in infidelity that ended in tragedy. Mary Reed Hall is said to house the ghost of its namesake. The baby had seemingly died of unknown causes and her mother, in a cloud of grief, buried the baby underneath the floorboards. Be the first to know when we release new events, special offers, and discounts! on reports, this woman was murdered by her husband when he discovered her with her lover.Based. Some versions of the story said they found ashes, others said they found sand or nothing at all. Was there really a fire at the Denver Orphans Home that killed innocent children? A DU alumnus and assistant professor of English, she reportedly died in 1925 of a disease she contracted in Peru. Which has been restored to its former glory. Which ghost towns are near what Colorado towns? What hasn't faded (well, not completely) is the factory that's now decayingbrick by brick. Lets talk about 10 creepy haunted places in Denver. Brook Forest Inn, located in Evergreen, was built in 1909 and islisted on the National Register of Historic Places and the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties. Others say heartbreak has left some lost souls at the Colorado State Capitol Building. Well send you our daily roundup of all our favorite stories from across the site, from travel to food to shopping to entertainment. Denver, Colorado is known for mountains, snow and winter actives like skiing and snowboarding. PsstCCPI Paranormal Investigations decided to investigate these claims andrecorded high electro-magnetic fluctuations between the hours of 12am to 1am! An undertaker named E.P. The Stanley Hotel opened in 1909 and the hotel, and its surrounding structures, are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Photograph courtesy of Denver Public Library, Western History Collection. The ghost of Kate Patterson, Thomas Pattersons wife, appeared to a pregnant woman in the mansion. Abandoned Places In Denver: St. Elmo A partially abandoned ghost town located in Chaffee County still has an operating general store and bed-and-breakfast. Psst Since Maggie and her male companion are such a talked-about subject around the nation, the Colorado Grande Hotel & Casino have named their hotel restaurant Maggies Restaurant and their casino reward program is named Maggies Club! Its hard to explain why we love and are fascinated by abandoned places and urban decay. Woodglenn Park. These Abandoned Places In Denver Are Absolutely Haunting It's hard to explain why we love and are fascinated by abandoned places and urban decay. In the 1980s, some friends all came to this park together and played pranks on each other. Created by the silver boom of Colorado in the 1880s only to become a leasing home by a survivor of one of the most devastating maritime disasters in modern history, this enchanting manor has seen countless people come and go. Reports include those of a ghostly figure of a man in a white shirt standing on the railroad tracks and who vanishes suddenly,a railway engineer in period clothing walking through the hotel lobby, and that the hotel staff refuses to work alone on the upper floors! Most of the inns other hauntings are contributed to the original owners. Something knocking in the door. Here are the ten most haunted places in Colorado. The collections size is so great that not every book can be on display in the library areas accessible to the public. The Denver Public Library is a wonderful place for books, media, and all kinds of educationbut it's also home to a violent ghost who supposedly pushes and hits staff. Though dwarfed by recently built skyscrapers, the Brown Palace Hotel remains well known throughout Colorado and proudly boasts a fierce reputation as one of the most haunted places in Denver. The sounds of footsteps, hear disembodied voices, and tables moving on their own are rather common. At this time, families were given a short window of time to claim the bodies of their loved ones, or theyd be removed less than ceremonially. Fortunately, though, Photo by Brian and Rita Burke (CC BY-ND 2.0), The 14,000 square foot Croke Patterson Mansion, The most well known Patterson ghost is that of a baby girl reportedly buried, Most of the inns other hauntings are contributed to the original owners. When the Buckhorn Exchange originally opened back in 1893, it was a trading post. People have also reported seeing Mollys ghost as well as other apparitions in Victorian era clothing. Molly Brown was an eccentric personality known for surviving the sinking of the Titanic, but remembered for her humanitarian work, which dominated most of her life. Is the butler upset because he feels robbed of an afterlife and just wants to be able to rest in peace? Molly Brown House, Denver 1340 Pennsylvania St, Denver, CO 80203 It does seem like poor Molly Brown can't catch a break! (Another version says she exhumed her babys body and re-buried it in the basement walls.) When the bartender attempted to retrieve the empty bottle, it wasnt there. Hotel Teatro is a beautiful boutique hotel in Denver, Colorado. Cowboys, miners, railroad builders and more, passed through the doors of the popular Buckhorn Exchange. Rumor has it that Croke sold the mansion so quickly because hed angered nearby spirits by building it and had experienced some terrifying supernatural activity as a result. The most famous are the hotel's original owners - Freelan Oscar Stanley and his wife Flora. Late-working secretaries and cleaning personnel report seeing her all around the building, gliding silently down the corridors and staircases. Location:2032 14th St, Boulder, CO 80302. Still, I couldnt resist sharing the story of a creepy old hospital, a timeless clich of horror. The future reclaimed wood is from the mine and the original jail. The structures that are there today have had little to no repair so the existing wood would be some of the most sturdy and durable original reclaimed wood in the area. Denvers oldest operating cemetery was founded in 1876 and has a lot of paranormal sightings typical of cemeteries. The 1892 wooden powerhouse is not only incredibly well-preserved, but it also happens to be among the most photographed places in the Rocky Mountains. Whats so special about this cemetery? At these spots, mysterious footsteps, voices and even apparitions and figures have become the norm. But another version of the story says Margery was killed by her husband, who wanted her money. Margery Reed Hall today (Photo by CW221 -- CC BY-SA 3.0). They're usually seen in the public areas of the hotel, conducting business and trying to assist guests as if they're still alive. The Hotel Colorados originator, Walter Devereux, spared no expense in the creation of the Grande Dame, and the resort served Colorados wealthy elite. Rumored to be built on Native American burial grounds, the airport has been rumored to be the site of everything from Illuminati headquarters to secret underground bunkers for alien experiments. Today, it contains over two dozen branches across the city, but the haunted one seems to be the Central Branch, located at 10 W. Fourteenth Avenue Parkway. Maude purchased a gun across the street from the hotel and shot herself. 1. And some of its former students may have never left campus. Best Tours of Denver. Supposedly many of Whiteheads patients died whilst under his care and may have returned to haunt his former dwelling. Although these buildings are amazing abandoned places in Denver (and surrounding areas) are cool to see, they could possibly yield some of the most beautiful and historical, The Benefits Of Investing In Reclaimed Wood Flooring, Projects With Reclaimed Wood And Epoxy Resin, Small Reclaimed Wood Accents To Get In The Holiday Spirit, Unique Areas In A Home To Add An Accent Wall, The Top Most Asked Questions About Reclaimed Wood. 10 CREEPY haunted places in Denver, Colorado, Also spelled Molkeri, this building was constructed in 1898 as either a. Many bodies were never exhumed and moved, and the park was built right over the top of their graves. Dunklee Hall, in the Lamont School of Music, is said to be haunted by the ghost of a student who took their own life there. Paranormal activity within the home lied dormant until it began to host bars and restaurants through the 1960s and 70s. The Oxford Hotel remains open today and caters to travelers from around the globe. The first homeowner of the mansion was William Riddick Whitehead, a questionable surgeon during the Crimean War. Cries and whimpers and the sounds of children playing are heard on a fairly regular basis. From 1890 to the 1970s, many people lived in the home after Mouat. Staff at the Brown Palace Hotel don't like to go into the basement, where a baby is often heard wailing. Location:605 Grand Ave, Del Norte, CO 81132. Once office staff moved in, equipment such as typewriters and telephones operated by themselves. After this, people went down to the basement to look for the babys remains. Denver is full of places that are supposedly haunted, with spirits that roam the streets, parks and buildings every day and late into the night. Guests hear a ghostly string quartet, and restaurant employees often ride the service elevator with a ghostly waiter who vanishes when the elevator reaches its destination. Some of the buildings still comprise an operating offshoot of the past biological laboratory that was running at full capacity in the 30s. And just a few years later the town of Teller City . The schools Mary Reed Building is said to be haunted by a ghost woman named Mrs. Dupont, an alumnus and major donor to the school in life. The home eventually became a tribute to Molly and her husband, becoming the Molly Brown House Museum. A delightful recreation area in Denver that is ideal for jogging, picnicking, and taking a stroll, Cheesman Park was established on what was once Mount . McGovern, an undertaker, was elected toremove the remains, yet utilized child-sized coffins instead of adult-sized ones,sometimes using as many as three caskets for just one body. Photo Credit: Carol M. Highsmith. One of the most fascinating abandoned places in Colorado that we can't get enough of is the old Wonder View Tower in Genoa. Year-round you can explore the best abandoned, old ghost towns in Colorado's Rocky Mountains and beyond. Denver is a great city to spend time exploring. So what really happened here? E.P. But seriously, theres something so utterly eerie yet oddly hopeful about industrial wastelands. Still, people will report crying coming from the basement. A ghost is often sighted on the main floor and on the staircase, and Mr. Patterson himself has been seen on the grounds surrounding the home. Location:215 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. Today, paranormal investigators insist that The Brown Palace Hotel is one of the most haunted hotels in Denver. Furniture which rearranges on its own accord and several other entities including a woman who appears in the servants window and an angry looking man who appears in one stairways mirror have also been reported. Albert E. Humphreys, known as the King of the Wildcatters after his profitable oil-drilling ventures in Wyoming, died in what is considered a suspicious shooting accident on the third floor of the mansion. Known as Molkerei, this historic Denver building is a tuberculosis center turned insane asylum turned private residence that is (surprise!) The building served as more than just a trading post; it was also a restaurant and bar. Another story of love and betrayal details a senators wife who discovered her husbands infidelity. Lions Ground News Publishing claims that the hotel is haunted by a woman named Maude, that stopped at the Windsor Hotel during her travels throughthe San Luis Valley. People have also reported seeing Mollys ghost, But are these stories true? He's often heard walking around the upstairs, and opening and closing doors. Phantom voices and the sounds of loud parties going on when the inn is otherwise quiet have also been reported. Cheesman Park - During the 19 th century, this park was a cemetery for decades. Youve got delays, security checks and worrying that you might get stuck sitting by a crying baby or a motion sick guy who vomits all through, Theres also a story of Native American chants being played on a loop at the airport, during which. Needless to say, the ghosts of Prospect Hill if ghosts do, in fact, exist are said to haunt the park, unhappy at the treatment they received after death. Thomas Pattersons ghost has been spotted in the mansions courtyard, and a child has been seen playing in the stairway. Colorado Daily reports that in the 1940s, George Paper, the then-manager of the Boulder Theater, accidentally hung himself whiledoing some rigging on the stage. If youve been looking into purchasing a little bit of history in the form of reclaimed lumber, get in touch with us! But some people believe the apparition is actually of Marys daughter, Margery. They were initially given just a few months to do this, and less than 800 bodies were removed. Many of the towns buildings were painted and after years of wear and tear the surface of the potential reclaimed wood is strikingly unique. Cheesman Park is a green oasis in the middle of urban Denver, a place of picnics and leisure for many. There are also a couple of stories about politicians engaging in infidelity that ended in tragedy. During a renovation in the 1970s, workers reported that construction projects that were completed were undone overnight. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. The Windsor Hotel, located in Del Norte, was built in 1871 and is one of Colorados oldest hotels. Please leave your valid email address below. The hauntings of Cheesman Park 2. If these buildings are ever salvaged for reclaimed wood, it will be bittersweet. Tour guides claim theyve seen her apparition on the buildings third floor. It's accessible via a narrow rocky road that requires a 4x4. The Denver Public Library actually has a large basement in its lower levels, which help to store these many rare and out of print books. But McGovern wasnt exactly an ideal employee; he used child sized coffins for adult bodies to save money, sometimes shoving two or three adult bodies into one casket. It is believed that the spirits and ghosts of the estimated 2,000 bodies still buried at the location haunt the place. Paranormal sightings include anelevator moving from floor to floor with no passengers, a young girl in Victorian clothing seen playing with a ball in various areas of the hotel, and a female apparition that peers over sleeping male guests. The Denver Public library has long been a place of education and escapism for book worms, usually seen trawling through the fiction section. Sitting at 8500 Pea Blvd, the fifth busiest airport in the country has more conspiracy theories than hauntings attached to it, but it was way too interesting to leave off this list. Margery Reed Hall was opened on campus in 1929, and people report strange sounds and whispers there that are attributed to her. OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article. The Stanley Hotel, located in Estes Park, was built in 1907 byWest, F.O. Families were given 90 days to remove the bodies of their loved ones to other locations, yetmore than 5,000, remained unclaimed. Well, I guess it doesnt matter that much. St. Elmo, a Colorado ghost town near Buena Vista By: Colorado.com Staff Writer Updated: May 10, 2022 But why is Riverside haunted? Despite these harsh conditions, nine of the original structures remain, making this one of the best preserved ghost towns in the state. Though many reports of being push and hit by staff and other visitors suggest that this ghost is not a pleasant one to interact with. The postal worker apparently was on his way to take Christmas presents to kids and never arrived. Denver, Colorado 1.1 miles from the center of Denver, CO In 1906 it was the Great Western Sugar Company, but now the historic building houses offices. The cemetery opened in 1858, and in March 1860, slain Denver gambler Jack ONeal and John Stoefel, the man who murdered ONeal, became the first two people buried in the cemetery. The second floor of the inn is haunted by a ghost named Carl, who murdered his wife after learning she had an affair, and the third floor of the inn is haunted by a little boy ghost, who can be heard running in the hallways late at night. Oh if walls could talk! However, the man contracted for the job botched it terribly. The Colorado State Capitol Building is purportedly haunted by several entities. One of the most photogenic structures in Colorado, Crystal Mill has remained standing for centuries. 1. One of the most commonly reported paranormal occurrences within the building is the sound of horses hooves trotting over the marble floors and up the main stair case. From $22.00. Guests looking for paranormal hotspots will be pleased to know that the Lumber Baron is a hive of activity. The hotel also includes historic outlets such as the world-famous Diamond Belle Saloon, anoriginal ragtime piano bar that dates back to the era of the Old West. Are their restless spirits just as miffed about McGoverns work or lack thereof as their Prospect Hill counterparts because thats where they came from? There is one story of two Doberman Pinschers who were left in the house overnight. Staff and others claim to have heard footsteps, whispers, and felt cold spots throughout the mansion. For a time, three were used for automobiles. Let me know in the comments if youve ever been to any of these places and believe you experienced paranormal activity. Located outside of Carbondale the Crystal Mill is privately owned so getting it approved for reclaimed may prove difficult. 1600 17th Street, Denver Photo courtesy of The Oxford Hotel Located in LoDo, The Oxford Hotel is Denver's oldest boutique hotel. It's been abandoned since the death of its owner in 2014, and it's certainly quite unique (if not a little creepy). Pioneers Museum, located in Colorado Springs, was built in 1903, and was once home to theformer El Paso County Courthouse. Exploring the wilds of Denver, Colorado, and beyond. Kenosha Pass US Route 285, Jefferson in Park County The overgrown train tracks at Kenosha Pass hold deep history, beginning with. 5280 Magazine reports, that similar to itspredecessorGeorges Food & Drink, the newly opened joint pays homage to George Paper. Everywhere you look in Denver there seems to be something new being built, but away from the city, Colorado is filled with relics from the past: from mills that inspire urban legends about lingering ghosts, to dark tunnels that lead to the unknown, these are the eight most insane abandoned places in Colorado. Pisgah Cemetery, just to name a fewbut its Colorado Grande Casino and Hotel takes the cake when it comes to a long, sullied history of supernatural happenings. Perhaps the best-known centers around room 904. Stanley are still said to be seen. Their heads were then sent to the Capitol and stored there for several years. Today, the Byers-Evans House functions as a museum with the home being intricately restored to the time period of 1912 to 1924. The process apparently still wasnt finished by 1893, because an undertaker only known as McGovern was hired to move the remaining bodies. A memorial now stands at the location of the tent colony where the attack happened, and many of the towns original structures still stand. The website also claims that children have been seen playing in the park during the night before they mysteriously disappear and a woman is said to be seen singing to herself, before she too, suddenly vanishes. When the city decided to turn it into a park in 1890, the bodies were supposed to be moved to another location. In order to increase his profits, McGovern supposedly hacked up many bodies and stuffed them into children sized coffins to create the illusion of removing a greater number of corpses. Ghost towns in northern Colorado: near Denver / Boulder. Mary Reed Hall is said to house the ghost of its namesake. Few of those guests have apparently, decided they would rather not leave. As the years have passed and the city has grown, some of those citizens apparently never left. As if everyone at once stood up and walked away, leaving open drawers and overturned coffee mugs amidst shattered glass and broken dreams. Photograph courtesy of The Ghost BBQ & Spirit. The story of Margerys death is an odd one. The building was rebuilt and has continued to provide assorted services to the youth in Denver. We will inform you as soon as tickets become available. Another ghost is that of a long-dead railroad manager, who is seen walking across the lobby, then straight into a wall where he disappears. If youre looking for the haunted Denver Public Library, you can find it at 10 W 15th Ave. Parkway. John Mouat was a lumber baron in Denver in 1890. Ill be transparent with you guys Im a bit skeptical of these particular stories. Activity included sightings by several different people of a ghostly man, lights that turned on and off in the main bar,the mens bathroom door swinging back and forth by itself, and the sinks in the womens bathroom turning on and off by themselves. People visit the city to take in the beautiful scenery, the great mountains, and to go hiking, white water rafting, skiing, and of course to enjoy sporting events. Now the Inn is a beautiful bed and breakfast, countless people have been able to enjoy. Youll find the haunted Peabody-Whitehead Mansion at 1128 Grant Street. Denver is known for many great things. The Fox Theater Company purchased the building in 1935 and created theBoulder Theater. Though intended for everyone, it ended up being a cemetery for the poor, diseased, and outlaws. In 1889 a structure was built that would go on to become one of Denvers most haunted houses. The wealthiest citizens of Denver once lived on Capitol Hill. Others have witnessed the ghost of a former waiter riding in the service elevator and the sound of a baby crying in the basement, which is also rather common for guests and employees. Follow Amy's Journey: Peabody-Whitehead Mansion: Denvers Most Haunted House, All content is copyright 2019. And if this road trip to haunted places in Colorado made you thirsty for more, read all about the most haunted spots in Colorado right here. The hotel hosted the famous novelist, Stephen King, and his wife Tabitha. The schools Mary Reed Building is said to be haunted by a ghost woman named Mrs. Dupont. Let's talk about 10 creepy haunted places in Denver. The saloons, hotels, and gambling halls that were once a place of respite for travelers could be turned into some of the most interesting reclaimed wood. Follow her @mollydbu on Instagram and Twitter. Ghost hunters and paranormal experts from all over the country flock to these spots to see for. While most former mining towns around Denver went on to be major cities, some Colorado ghost towns still can be found outside the metro area. Phantom whispers and voices have been captured over the years via EVPs, and orbs, mists and apparitions have also been spotted.

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